Which Xperia Z feature are you most excited about? [Poll]

by XB on 30th January 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z brings with it a number of firsts for Sony Mobile. The Xperia Z is the first quad-core smartphone from the company, the first with a 5-inch 1080p display and the first adopting its new Exmor RS camera sensor with HDR functionality for both videos and photos.

Add to this a striking design, a water-resistant enclosure and the inclusion of internal storage as well as a micro SD memory card slot and you’ve got a pretty complete package. In fact the only improvements we could think of are a higher capacity battery (the 2330mAh battery may be a weak point) and a dedicated camera button. However, that’s just us being picky.

What we wanted to know from you guys is what is your most valued feature? Which Xperia Z feature has you most excited? Please vote in the poll below, where we’ve listed the five main attractions in our view. We imagine for a lot of you, it is the package of all of these features that is driving your attention. Regardless, we’d love to hear your comments below.

Which Xperia Z feature are you most excited about? [Poll]

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Which Xperia Z feature are you most excited about?

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  • acey

    Ip55 and ip57 is very big + @ Z.

  • NSK

    glass structure, of course!

  • It can’t have two IP ratings. I assume its IP57 otherwise you couldn’t immerse it in water.


    Very few sites appear to get this information correct.

    And the features I am most excited about ? All of them.

  • littlezec

    Making calls obvisously !!!

  • Actually I’m more interested in the Xperia ZL :P

  • Asa

    People hardly care about the specs (talking about the processor)

  • acey

    my mistake.

    Z really is dream phone :)

  • Harsha

    Also auto mode selection in camera. Very smart feature that.

  • cherry

    funny how less people give a shit about the processor. :D

  • MoeJoe

    not many people are excited about the processor because the qualcomm announced newer and better processors

  • Else I would have bought a Samsung :)

  • Zendrix

    Its not because a new processor is out, I think its because those cores and numbers are pointless and what matters most is the experience and design

  • ARK GT

    I agree with the battery capacity, should be bigger, at least 3000

  • APai

    that’s because sony is using a commodity processor

  • lovebmw

    its actually the whole package that makes this phone Unique… it needs a little more, Conductive charging, camera Button, LTE for USA and a little bigger Batter and it will be everything i dreamed about in a phone :D

  • lovebmw

    its because aquad became the standard for a super Phone, change any other ONE feature and the phone still competes with the best super phones … reduce the number of processors BAMN your not in that catagory. I mean honestly if the Xperia T had 4 processors it would have been T vs Galaxy SIII…. Eitherway Glad SONY joined the Quad band wagon

  • APai

    actually, if they had plonked the adreno 320 + JB on T – that alone would have sufficed. like how lumia 920 did. the CPU on the T holds up to s3 just fine.

  • Herman

    And that’s how it should be!

    Phones are fast enough for usual tasks now. It’s time for companies to care about real innovation, making all phones water resistant and improving battery life for example.

    That’s why I choose Sony.
    Sony seems to care less about processor speed and more about actual product quality. Just like me. As long as my phone can handle anything with reasonable speed I’m okay with it. Didn’t mind buying the Xperia S knowing the processor wasn’t the greatest. At least I’ve bought a quality device.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Most of those features are standard in the Japanese market now.
    They are all ipx5/7 dust and water resistant, have 5″ 443 ppi 1280×1080 quality displays, all have reasonable cameras (many of them have Exmor cameras), and the exact same SoC.
    The unique point for the Xperia Z is the nice industrial design and less annoying skin.

    Still, waterproofing is the most enticing feature.

  • dereknobuyuki

    (at least in the Japanese market) or because nearly all other devices released alongside the Xperia Z all have same SoC =)

  • DrazenDodig

    New camera looks a lot better than old ones, it is probably the biggest change compared to everyone else. Night shot examples look a lot better than anything else on the market. As to same competition, not much out right now, I guess you are assuming what will be in few months?

  • dereknobuyuki

    No, I’m only really referring to the device that were announced alongside the Xperia Z by NTT Docomo for the Japanese market.

    I did hands-on reviews with most of the new batch of devices. Most of them have the same specs, more or less aside from a few outliers. I wrote up the full reviews and posted them in the comments on this site but basically I found that camera to be quite nice but none of the cameras were mind blowing.

    I posted some of the photos including some of the marketing materials
    And they do go to lengths (4 pages) to describe how the Exmor RS is an improvement over the R but the point is that the Xperia Z is not the only device to have the Exmor RS. So, we can’t really compare with previous generations of devices but rather to the batch of devices that were all announced together.

  • skimpychimpy

    Hmm you obviously havent had the problems with the Xperia S that I have. Sent back as part of the recall, had for a month and then sent it back and the same thing has happened! I like it but the quality is not great!

  • skimpychimpy

    Hmm you obviously havent had the problems with the Xperia S that I have. Sent back as part of the recall, had for a month and then sent it back and the same thing has happened! I like it but the quality is not great!

  • DrazenDodig

    But what other announced phones have HDR support for video and photo’s? Cool for the report. Since most of us use phone cameras at night, this is the first one that looks OK even for normal usage, not actual printing… so far whatever i tried looks awful at night at auto mode.

  • DrazenDodig

    btw, food in your pics look good :-)

  • kakooli98

    hard… to… choose…

  • wtf

    after i voted i realized that i could choose more then one option lol so im choosing all :D

  • complain less Xperia z on point

  • Sami Dawood

    One word:

  • As Xperia V owner , there isnt so much new features , only HDR video recording , nothing more , and some photo mods , ( which i believe will be aviable in jb for all v owners )

  • roeshak

    Please let’s leave all that talk about nobody cares about processors. People are naturally picking the features unique to the phone. The attributes that make it standout from the crowd. The s4 pro cpu is the minimum requirement for 2013. It’s hardly surprising that it’s got the fewest votes. It’s one of the more bogstandard aspects of the device.

  • BrookG

    The Xperia Z will be my fourth Sony mobile (I have been with Sony since the T610). I always keep looking at the competition, but my primary camera is my phone, I have a busy life and don’t have a spare pocket for a dedicated camera. And Sony always has one of the best cameras. Plus their industrial design rocks (most of the time).

  • ?? ?

    Price of the big Z in mainland China is 4999CNY = 804USD

  • Herman

    Well I have sent my phone to Sony for a screen replacement the month I received it and I didn’t get it back until two months later…

    But somehow I forgot about those times. You’re right though. Sony isn’t perfect but I believe no company is. One takes too long to release updates while the other’s UI just doesn’t work quite well or looks ugly.

    And no, I don’t think Sony takes too long to release updates now. Come to think of it, the Xperia S will get most of the Jelly Bean features of the latest devices (like Small Apps to mention one). [-> Source: XDA Doomlord leaks]. That’s what I call quality updates from Sony. Take your time to make it work perfectly for our devices.

  • Actually, it can. IP55 menas it can handle waterjets, 12.5 litres per minute (more than the average tap). IP57 means it can be submerged 1 meter for 30 minutes.
    IP56 however means powerful jets of 100 litres per minute, which is alot! This is something Sony can’t promise.

  • Quark Gluon

    No, it can’t. It’s the level of protection, not an item of a list. When Sony says IP55/57, it means it may come with different level of protection in some regions.

  • Cheluo

    Finally a phone from Sony with enough RAM… no more task killers

  • Cheluo

    Hopefully the sound will be great also… right now installed acid audio engine + using Fiio amplifier… otherwise sucks

  • FlowXT

    To be fair, while there are many advantages, there are also downsides to the Xperia Z when compared to its competitors on the Japanese market.
    – Doesn’t have the new type of headphone jack that is both open (doesn’t require a flap) and waterproof.
    – No retractable Seg or NOTTV antenna. Need to attach antenna to 3.5 mm jack in areas of weakened signal, which prevents waterproof use.
    – Made in China rather than in Japan.
    – Manufactured at a contractors plant rather than the company’s own facilities.
    – Fujitsu adheres a higher standard of waterproofing with IPX5/IPX8.
    – Sharp may have a stronger selling point with its IGZO display and promise of 2 day battery life on a smartphone.

  • They might be giving it 2 ratings, IP55, with the flaps open and IP57 flaps closed. Unlikely though. It’s a common mistake, if it’s IP57 it’s automatically better than IP55. As long as the dust and water stay out so I can make calls in my desert oasis I’ll be fine ;-)

  • Quark Gluon
  • Faizal Mohd

    Wow. Had send to sony repair center to replace the yellow tinted screen. And it only took me 3 days.

  • Herman

    After a month I was told they didn’t have the screen in stock…
    Probably due to most people experiencing the same issue.

  • Baun

    Being waterproof! now i can go kayaking without the worries! and my iphone buddies can still be pansy’s on the water!

  • InspectorGadget80

    Is that a stupid question to ask? DUH WATER PROOF FEATURE & HDR Recording

  • Purnama

    newer, but not out yet…

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