Xperia T Jelly Bean update (9.1.A.0.489) now rolling out

by XB on 1st February 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update has started to roll out for the Sony Xperia T (LT30p), just a day after we saw it hit the PTCRB website. The firmware is the same that was certified i.e. version number 9.1.A.0.489 and runs on the 3.4.0 kernel. We’re not sure exactly which regions have the update, but it appears to be live in the Netherlands at least. If you have received the update let us know which region you are from and please give your initial impressions below.

Xperia T Jelly Bean update

Thanks Sharaz and Silas!

  • supercow

    do you know where we can download the stock ROM I would like to get rid or my operator ROM. regards

  • UK Generic JB update is available now. :D

  • Xlash Andraid

    Check XDA for Flashtool, latest firmwares, etc.

  • Aokde Gharra

    wow that was fast lol

  • anything for tx yet?

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  • lovebmw

    Best knows for this week if not month

  • Andrew D

    How about the Xperia S? WTH? It should have gotten it first as it was the first Sony Phone without Ericsson and let us not forget flagship! C’mon! Bring it on! I’m sick of listening that other Xperias are getting updated and Xperia S is still on the waiting list.

  • Alex

    is jelly been nice?

  • Keon Fraites

    Xperia S is expected last (late march mid april) I’m patiently waiting for I hope to get all the goodness the Xperia T and Z are getting since its qualified for the updates. Yes it should have been first but I’ve done all my quarreling last year seeing what we’re getting from the leak images of JB on XS. I don’t mind the wait :)

  • Keon Fraites

    Someone posts the FTF file link in this forum also.

  • Wow! That was fast! Hopefully the rest of the 2012 Xperia phones that are getting Jelly Bean will get it faster than planned. Xperia Ion (LT28h) owner here.

  • M Usman

    Bloody hell talk about quick. Bring it on for the S

  • this !

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  • i mean official.. this is for t only,,
    if anyone with a tx got the update, let us now :)

  • That was quite fast. Wasn’t an incredibly low functioning version released for developers like a week ago?

  • adsada_arc

    hey just wondering, did the jellybean update bring any new camera features such as burst mode etc. as seen on the xperia Z?


  • KHDD

    I haven’t yet received it. Could it be a network thing? I’m on O2. Would a power cycle do the trick?

  • WOOOW it is a worldwide rollout…. just checked EMMA and ALL countries and Branding free Firmwares are updatet to 9.1

  • Ok not ALL countries… UK and Taiwan are left behind :-/

  • what Country do you Need? German and Swiss Firmwares are available here…

  • UK generic is not available through Emma… and also Taiwan is missing… all other countries seems to be at JB already

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  • Rimas

    same here ?

  • Rimas

    Do you know when it will be in UK?

  • Also available in Germany for T-Mobile – Screenshot are here:

  • yes but it is supposed to be “europe” but a europe Region does not exist ;) so if somewane wants to debrand and Needs a Special Country Region just ask ^^

  • don’t know nothing about release Dates sorry. I just can download every wanted Country Version if someone needs…

  • Moisis Xperia


  • UK is still not released and branded Firmwares everytime Need longer…

  • Vadim Katznelson

    I didn’t receive the update pop-up YET in PC Companion (Romania). How do I use this FTF to install it on my Xperia T? It’s not rooted, international version. Is it possible?

  • KHDD

    How annoying. I got all excited. Ahh well, it wasn’t due for a while, can’t complain. It will get here when it gets here. Android 4.0.4 works just fine.

  • Babylonbwoy

    I confirm for France ! It came sooner than expected, hope they had time to test it correctly and that there’s not much bugs…

  • Rimas

    can you download uk firmware ? please

  • I can only download available firmwares, Independent wich Region or wich device sorry.

  • xperiaT

    Its great

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    does this work on xperia ion?

  • Thanks . My xperia T crash when update.
    Now is time to Flashtool

  • Black Side

    Upgrade arrived here in Saudi Arabia .. via PC Companion
    simply , Xperia T turn into an 2013 device =)

  • Fraulein

    Why can’t people get this strange idea about Sony vs Ericsson out of their heads. The company “Sony Ericsson” is renamed Sony Mobile, Ericsson just sold their economic share. Parent companies don’t interfere on such a low level as single handsets.

  • Flash it thru flashtool.

  • silasje1

    Trying with my other account.

    Here are my Screenshots:

  • Alan Liu

    Any news for Xperia V?

  • Michele

    nothing to Italy yet

  • lol… i said “this!” to bump up your comment :D

  • Cerunnos

    Taiwan only sells the TX.

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  • Xperia s Jelly Bean update????

    Xperia s Jelly Bean update????? What are you doing sony? (late march mid april)WTF?

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  • I purchased my XT from Clove Technology.

  • Looks great!

  • This is strange. I’m based here in Qatar but I purchased my XT from the UK (Clove). And so I assumed it’s UK generic…

  • Baz

    Sony have worked their socks off to improve supply, we are a long way from the days of the x10 2.1 debacle, kudos to Sony.

  • where can i changelog for new release?

  • ze_raketes

    I need Xperia T Vodafone Portugal firmware please :)

  • ze_raketes

    No Stamina Mode?

  • Hows it over all? Any improvements from ICS? What about the extended notifications etc. Please.., somebody who tried the ROM is welcomed to share their experience.. :)

  • APai

    Finally! that’s great work from Sony! Keep surprising us like this!

  • I’m a Xperia S user too. Imagine if you’re a Xperia T user, you bought a new phone but you got your update later than those with older, what’s your feeling :D
    Just wait :)

  • APai

    yeah, nothing for the UK as yet, sadly.

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  • Now SONY Bring JB for US Xperia S user :(
    How much we have to Wait?

  • Hope So cuz I can’t wait for JB for my Xperia S

  • JB 4.1.2 for Xperia T from T-Mobile Poland!

  • till April. no matter how many times u ask that WONT CHANGE

  • Wn will it come for xperia tx

  • Wt new feats did this bring…

  • innocentbaba88

    hi i have o2 xperia T .havent find update :(((((((( me from pakistan.any one knw when i come in here…..and new in jelly bean i wana knw,,staminamode????

  • silasje1

    No sadly.

  • when xperia s update????

  • fredericcollinss

    No stamina mode. so dissapointed

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  • Vadim Katznelson

    Nothing in Romania (Orange) yet. Maybe stamina mode is still a bit buggy considering it has to cooperate with ton of apps that use data to send info back and forth and sync, and that’s why it’s not in yet. I’ve seen demos of Stamina Mode even on the Xperia E (lowest-end), so there’s 99,99% chances Stamina Mode will make it on the Xperia T in a future update, and I believe quite soon. Till then I’m still waiting for the JB. I don’t get it, why don’t they launch it simultaneously worldwide? At least for the non-carrier branded (global) versions? Even though I bought mine from Orange with a contract, it has no software or hardware skinning/branding, so wth is the global version update?

  • Nixo

    Slovakia-Orange branded JB still didnt show up in pc companion.

  • No! Release for Ion will be with Xperia S! If you flash this ftf your phone will softbrick.

  • maxiobor

    Did it delete all your data when updating from 4.0 to 4.1, or it was like an update for Xperia P from 2.3 to 4.0 that didnt delete anything?

  • silasje1

    It didnt delete anything. Although i did factory wipe to be sure It will be running good.

  • Norocosule :))

  • What SI-Number do you have? so i can watch what region it is

  • again: i can download updated firmwares that are RELEASED… if you don’t get your Update ofer PCC, i can not download it ;) i just can give you the unbranded Portugal Firmware if it is already released für Portugal

  • hmmm but i have also a Taiwan Branded Firmware for Xperia T in EMMA

  • chrisphillers

    And the V??

  • nagu

    can somebody check, bluetooth voice dialing bug is there in this JB?

  • customization version is 1265-1626

  • Wt abt bravia engine 2???

  • LOL?! This is Customized CH so, Generic Switzerland :D

  • ze_raketes

    Can’t understand why…it’s just software :(

  • Didn’t receive it yet through PCC in Portugal. Can you please check if you already have the unbranded one for Portugal?

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  • dyepnoodle

    for those who keeps on asking “how is it compared to ics?” a big F YOU to you guys. buying an android device and not knowing what is the difference in every version. try asking GOOGLE dumdshits! type your answer and youll get your answer. everybody knows that jb is a big improvement over ics (project butter assfuck!) even if u have sense, touchwiz, nxt ui as long as u have jb it will make your phone perform much better/smoother. jb will improve the responsiveness of your device. say goodbye to ics lags

  • roeshak

    Looks like Sony have just killed of the last remaining vestiges from the Sony Ericsson days by finally replacing timescape ui with their new custom flow ui for all devices with the Sony logo.
    The good news for the xperia z is there will probably be aa host of features added to the 4.2 update for that later this year. I was a bit disappointed in the feature set as it is but seeing them give a lot of those to 2012 line up gives me hope that 4.2 will bring much more.

  • Hmm no it is still at 7.0.A :(

  • Thanks :(, mine is still running the 7.0.A.3.195. Is the one you saw more recent?

  • silasje1

    don’t understand either. No 3D camera or stamina mode. Such a shame, even the Xperia S has a 3D camera :S

  • silasje1

    yes there was

  • silasje1

    no stamina mode, and if your phone is bought from an operator (e.g. tmobile) you have to wait longer because they first test this update!

  • silasje1

    yes, notifications are nice, you can make notifications bigger or smaller with 2 fingers (swipe down or up). looks good

  • Ooops!

  • Sorry not yet. Portugal is still at 7.0.A :-/

  • nope it is the same… i just have direct download Access to the Database, where also PCC and SUS get their firmwares from ;)

  • Does the UI (launcher and the over all navigation) has that minor stuttering still?

  • silasje1

    Haven’t seen lags. Maybe some small UI redraws but else it works good.

  • Asa

    Funny, mine started lagging just after te update. Only on the homescreen though..

  • Sony is keeping their word! :D

  • Yes! Wait! :D

  • Keon Fraites

    Has anyone updated if so anyone has ss or a list of what has been ported? I’d like to know other than the ones that I’ve already known. Mainly would like to know if BE2 / HDR has been ported over.

  • Vadim Katznelson

    So…how much is supposed to pass since it was rolled out initially and till most of us get the update? still nothing

  • Ninetiles

    Looks Amazing.
    Its like having a totaly New phone!

  • Nasty

    LoL… Sony is great…. Xperia S come first and need wait….
    Sony is poor….

  • Finally de-branded my AT&T TL to Jelly Bean! Awesome feeling even though I still hate Sony’s power button and Volume rocker feel. They just hurt fingers and the placement makes it hard to use universal car mounts.

  • is it in english :S

  • innocentbaba88

    i conect my phone to emma and it says my phone locked ?????i dnt understand..

  • Great!

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  • ze_raketes

    If you de-brand your Xperia T, do you lost your warranty?

  • ze_raketes

    Is this the Euro generic fimware? Can I use it on my Vodafone Portugal Xperia T to de-brand it? Will it void my warranty?

    Sorry for so many questions, I’m new at this…

  • truthhurts

    Thankx mate. Just flashed it. My xperia T feels so new :P

  • truthhurts

    For all who are asking too much questions listen, it is defo better than ICS and is worth flashing/upgrading it :) My Xperia T feels so new now :D
    It is just a breath of fresh air and have to say SONY did a very good job, but keep in mind, it is still early so cant say much about bugs and stuffs….

  • ze_raketes

    I would like to do it but don’t know if will void my warranty :(

    The phone has 3 days…

  • ville

    Sony FFS! Hurry up with the XS JB instead!

  • Official updates are completely in warranty.

  • Ambroos

    3D camera was dropped with the Xperia T since I think MHL doesn’t support 3D over HDMI. It also just didn’t work very well :P Stamina Mode is one of the few unique selling points of the Xperia Z software-wise, so they won’t be backporting that. Understandable in my opinion.

  • ze_raketes

    Even if you debrand your phone? Because the warranty is provided by your carrier…

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  • Oh, that’s a little funky. May effect it

  • ze_raketes

    Thats my doubt…And can’t find any answer for this… :(

  • EvGe

    probably month ago new firmware was registered for 2011 xperia’s , so where is update for 2011 xperia’s?

  • ProWeirdo

    1/3 of Q1 2013 have already passed, and Sony didn’t release JB for Xperia S. Are they really gonna wait till the very end of their declared time?

  • I believe Sony already stated that the Xperia S wouldn’t get JB until April. It’ll be one of the last Xperia phones to get it.

  • The 2011 Xperias aren’t getting JB.

  • ze_raketes

    Sony already stated tha Xperia S, SL, Ion and Acro S were the last ones…in April!

    Try read some news before complain…

  • Xlash Andraid

    when Xperia Z comes out, I’m sure XDA will work in a port of stamina and 3D camera for Xperia 2012 line.

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  • Quark Gluon

    So presumably the launcher?

  • ze_raketes

    Can you explain me how have you done it? I have a Vodafone PT Xperia T and I want to debrand it with this Euro JB update…

  • Quark Gluon

    People who asked that most likely had experienced bugs and performance degradation after upgrading from GB to ICS. Of course project butter is promising, but bad experience may outweigh good expectation. Although sooner or later they will move to JB anyway.

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  • aakash

    well that escalated quickly

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  • is there anyway of changing the Phonebook and Messages back to BLACK colour? i dislike the new white

  • Keon Fraites

    Woot we got HDR now!? Now I definitely can’t wait for xperia S JB >.< Surprise us with an extra early update sony!~

  • silasje1

    No you can’t

  • truthhurts

    You will not void your warranty just by flashing a firmware. If u have doubts while sending ur phone for repairs, u can always flash back to ur stock firmware.

  • truthhurts

    Did u falshed it or updated via pcc?

  • truthhurts

    Yes, 99% :)

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  • EvGe

    I know it, but new 4.0.4(or maybe 4.0.5)) was registered on the PTCRB in december on my xperia ray((

  • innocentbaba88

    Does any one wirh O2 xperia T got update jb????

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  • TrixzD

    To all the people who have an Xperia T locked to a carrier (o2,vodafone, At&t, T-mobile etc) You will not get this update straight away as the carriers have to test it out first and decide what they think. The only way you can get it early is by flashing it to your phone but this will most likely void your carriers warranty. If you want to know when its likely to hit your phone go to your carriers website or blog and post it in the forum but for now you will have to wait a bit longer than people with debranded phones. Please also note that if you do flash it to your phone and you do something wrong it is your own responsibility.

  • Ziich

    coz the z needs software that lets it stand above and beyond the other older models. e.g. sgs3 n note 2 wit the split screen functionality

  • Carlos

    I live in The Netherlands but I still haven’t received the update! I have an Xperia T from Vodafone.

  • SebastianP.

    Branded Xpertia T from Orange in Poland did not get the JB update yet. I wonder how long it will take Orange to bring up this update :( Could anyone who got this update say anything about the speed of the system, I mean benchmarks such as Quadrant, Antutu or Vellamo ? What about the camera app? Are there more feauteres ? if yes, that please say what feauteres ?


  • ze_raketes

    I don’t agree!! Xperia Z stands out in every single aspect with its hardware…doesn’t need software for that…

    And if you include new software functionality in the existing models (which have lower prices) you can atract more costumers.

  • Ziich

    let me ask you this then would you still want the z if it ran the same software that the s runs? i.e ics

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  • silasje1
  • silasje1

    you must wait before Vodafone has approved the update

  • silasje1

    no you won’t

  • silasje1

    HDR yes, BE2 no, only BE1

  • silasje1
  • Vadim Katznelson

    Flashing the phone (more exactly MANUAL UPDATING it) is merely a way to force an official update (tft file). The device does NOT need to be rooted as long as the TFT you install is an official one (as the one a user posted here), and thus does NOT void the warranty. The only way you can vod the warranty is if you install a custom rom and the phone bricks, and in order to do that you must root, unlike the situation we’re talking about. While it’s rooted, the waranty is void, however you can always easily re-root it and thus “turn on” the warranty again. Just so you know.

  • lovebmw


  • Vadim Katznelson

    I concur with silasje1 scores, and as for Vellamo, I got a combined score of 2299 (as opposed to about 1750-1800 in the past). I would also, gladly, like to confirm that most benchmark scores I tested (such as Quadrant and Vellamo) give decisive scores that are much above the Galaxy S3 (tested in real time vs a friend of mine’s S3, running JB). Quadrant 5904 (in my case, below it even passes 6000, but Quadrant usually has a variation of up to +/- 200 points in my experience) VS 5345 ; Vellamo 2299 vs 1946. CONGRATS SONY!! Also, when running from 5 to 7 screens, Xperia T is a bit smoother, staggers less, with a few exceptions, of which I’ll write in a separate post about my impressions thus far.

  • SebastianP.

    Thanks Vadim Katznelson and silasje1! What would You say about the camera app ? Are the photos better? Is the stabilisation in fHD improved? And how about the focusing ?

  • silasje1

    great :)

  • TrixzD

    Yeah I know this but i also know people who have flashed (Manually updated) official firmware onto their carrier locked phone and have been turned down for repair under their warranty because they forgot to re flash the carrier branded firmware onto their phone. Its like my phone before i flashed it it had an o2 flash screen now that its on official firmware o2 can easily see that i have removed their firmware and put my own on. So I only mean if your phone is carrier locked it it is not carrier locked then flashing will not void your warranty unless of course you rooted or put on an unofficial rom of course.

  • Vadim Katznelson

    Why is the moderator deleting my posts? There are people here asking about how the Xperia T works with the new update, I posted an extensive review of features, plus and minuses thus far, and now it’s gone…What;s worse, user SebastianP asked questions about the functionality of the update that he could have easily found out about by reading my post.

    Why are the comment moderators deleting a post such as mine? Makes no sense.

  • Vadim Katznelson

    An hour ago I posted an extensive review of my experience with all new features (and minuses) thus far after a day an a half of usage by myself. The moderators of this comment section decided for no reason to delete it. I don’t get it. Anyways, photos are better, HDR, less noise, you can take photos while filming. Focusing also seems to work better and fail less.

  • Vadim Katznelson

    Yeah the good thing about my Orange (Romania) phone is that it’s not software branded. At least it doesn’t have a logo at the beginning. It is carrier locked though.

  • TrixzD

    Yeah all of my carrier branded xperias (Xperia x10 Mini (O2), Xperia Play (T-mobile), Xperia Arc s (3) and Xperia Go (O2) Have had those silly brand logos and before they start up but a quick flash of official firmware soon got rid of them :) Just glad they hardly stick them on the phone cases anymore over here :)

  • SebastianP.

    Big thank You for You! :)

  • ze_raketes

    Thanks guys!

    Another question…I tried flashing using flashtool but when I plug it in (pressing the volume down), the instructions screen disappear and I release the button. And the flashtool says ERROR and nothing happen.

    Am i doing something wrong? Do I need to press it longer?

    I’m new at this and I don’t want to brick my new phone (only 4 days)

  • FRKD

    Not available for the TL yet. Thinking of rooting to get the global version.

  • ze_raketes

    Off course not!
    But that wasn’t my point! In that case you were reducing functionality in the Xperia Z.

    My point is making all the phones attractive in terms off software with the latest versions and they can be distinct with their hardware…

  • ventage

    How you can use Google Now in Netherlands?

  • silasje1

    you don’t need to root to get latest version. Flashtool can be done without root

  • silasje1

    how you mean? You just open it by pressing the google search widget or hold the home button and swype upwards

  • Keon Fraites

    Anyone posted any reviews on youtube or such about this JB upgrade I’d love to see :)

  • Ziich

    and you are missing my point. Hardware is not enough. I am all for newer feature on older phones but the xperia z should have functionality that differentiates it from previous xperia devices. just putting in better hardware is not enough.What would justify me buying an xperia z when the xperia s will do everything that the z can do(but slightly slower)? It is all about the entire experience. The overall phone experience should be improved compared to an older device for example take a look at the sgs3 compared to the sgs2 has a lot more features in addition to better hardware despite both of them being able to run jelly bean. Hardware is important but unique device only feautres matter. it os what will make the xZ stand out

  • Ok,Vadim,sunt tot din Romania,am un XTX,poti sa_mi scrii pe un mesaj?

  • ze_raketes

    I understand your point but the hardware (not only CPU+RAM+GPU) is totally different which makes the experience totally different!

    Much bigger screen, a lot more pixels, BE2 (and this is software but makes sense to be exclusive since the GPU and the screen is different), the new RS sensor, HDR video, burst mode, water prof, more compact and beautiful design…and so on…

    I agree they have to have some differences but Stamina Mode is a software thing that (supposedly) improves battery and I don’t think this should be a differencing feature!

  • Probably 4.0.4 I don’t think there is a 4.0.5

  • Ziich

    It is one of the major selling points of the device that Sony is pushing it as such. for example when Apple brought out Siri on the 4s even though it is just software and the older devices are more than capable of running it Apple never pushed it to those devices because it was a major selling point. The same thing with s voice and the other ‘smart’ features like pop up play and smart stay on the s3. It is software that you will not find on the s2. I think Stamina Mode will be the same case here. It is something that has not been seen on any other phone.

  • Vadim Katznelson

    Xperia TX ?

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  • Pavel

    I dont how about you guys,but for me white background in phone book,dialer and sms it is the worst,maybe there is option to change it!!!

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  • I think you should read the XS xda forums. They are pretty much self explanatory. You will get all the details there. :D

  • Nah XDA won’t. Did you see any port of the power management thatwas there for the XP users? I so hope it happens but for now being pessimistic is the right thing.

  • 6108????? :O What the fuck have they done? AMAZING.

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  • Darshan More

    I tried updating to JB and it failed now I am not able to start my phone.

  • Laci

    What phone you have? In xperia T alredy exist an option for extend your batery’s life, named “extended standby mode”, use it, Its almost the same as Stamina mode.

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  • Sandun Siribandu

    Thanks for the Screenshots… Now I can’t wait anymore… C’mon SONY bring it to my TX…

  • Puru Dwivedi

    i saw the pics and can conclude that xperia jellybean is most beautiful out there among others………and thanks for the pics,also i liked one status bar one very much…

  • Puru Dwivedi

    i arrived in Oman too….yeaaa

  • Puru Dwivedi

    did u buy it on a contract???

  • nolongersammy

    can anyone upload a review for the phone with jellybean……………pleeeeeeeeeeease

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  • Sor

    I have a similiar feature on my Xperia V called “extended standby mode”. It’s just not as advanced as on the Xperia Z

  • Ziich

    i am well aware of it. my s3 has a power saving modes as well but it is not as extensive. neither of them can dramatically increase battery life like stamina mode claims to do which is why i said it has not been seen on any other phone

  • ryq24

    what about TX? is it included in upgrade?

  • Babylonbwoy

    Sony Flashtool is for unlocked bootloader, use PCC if your BL is locked.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Flash a generic rom and you’ll get the update.

  • Babylonbwoy

    It is safe, flashing or even rooting your mobile (not unlocking bootloader) won’t void warranty. I took several time a mobile that was rooted or have been flashed to customer service without any problem.

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  • ze_raketes

    Great answer… :/

    I did that! If you read my post I also tried it…but without luck. :(

    Am I doing something wrong? When the phone is off, I press the Volume Down and plug the cable, or do I turn it on pressing the Volume Down and them plug the cable?

    Also is there any problem with the last version off flashtool? Is it safe to use it on a Mac?


  • ze_raketes

    Extended standby mode doesn’t kill backgroup apps like Stamina mode!

    It’s not even close to be the same….

  • Did you install the fastboot drivers in your pc?

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  • ze_raketes

    In Windows? I have PCC installed and also flashtool! And I ran some drivers package and intalled the TX driver, fastboot and falshsometing (can’t remember)

    Anything missing?

    I’m on Windows 8 x64…Is this the problem?

    I also have a Mac with Mountain Lion? Should I try there? Is there any driver for Mac that I need to install?

  • Okay i don’t wanna be a misguider here. So try posting in the XDA forum. I’m well versed with the procedure for XS! For XTX not too sure! Sorry!

  • ze_raketes

    I have the Xperia T! I installed th TX drivers just in case because there were no drivers for T in the package… :(

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  • When an update for the Xperia S?

  • lovebmw

    anyone loosing signal after the update? i have noticed it 4 – 5 times so far!

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  • lovebmw

    GUYS, my phone is dropping the signal after the update! am i the only one?

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  • Kent

    Denmark is updated to jb,m Experia V

  • evan

    Hey guys , i updated my phone apparantly my battery was on 35% at that moment, si now my battery drains quickly, Any help please!?

  • Evan

    Hi guys, i kinda got a problem, i updated my xperia t on low batterys 35% and now the battery is draining quickly please any1 ideas how to fix this?

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  • APai

    does it at least have the old power management that was on T (extended standby mode)?

  • Just wondering why Sony didn’t announced the JB update for xperia t in there official website?!

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  • freddell meister

    My xperia T reboots into a zombie state from time to time and lotus traveller crashes constantly. All free games in playstation store and play now are crap or costly. Unfortunately I have an UK labelled phone and would love to understand if JB helps. ;) Speaker is better than arc and arc s. WLAN not perfect.

  • silasje1

    nope. not yet

  • Robe8691

    well they said it could not be done, but i have the Xperia T (LT30a) Model and have successfully flashed it (With a locked Bootloader) To jellybean using the LT30p FTF File. Works great :D

  • Mart11

    How did you flash your phone? I have the Xperia T (LT30a) too, and I would love to flash it. :)

  • Pavel

    GUYS,does any body know,when i am gonna upgrade my TX to JB,can i install ice cream massaging and phone app,because white back ground is so ugly for me????))Please help!))

  • APai

    yeah but, the S/ T/ V were all a bit of a flagship at some point of time. so is sony terribly confused with their strategy ?

  • Kalyan

    What do u mean by ” even the xperia s “?? Xperia S is a great phone…

  • silasje1

    yep it has

  • silasje1

    that this phone is released later, so you can expect to be at least at good or have the same features from previeus phones

  • APai

    just got the jb on my T. looks decent. gotta check out the features and how it works overall

  • SebastianP.

    Mine Xperia T reaches between 6500-6600 points :D Full stock, without root.Pretty amazing. On ICS I had between 5700 Points, so it is quite a difference!:D

  • MiguelQ.

    when chile, peru and brazil receive this jelly bean update for unlocked xperia’s devices?

  • APai

    also, upto 7 home screens, and you can cut it down to one too.

  • karam

    after upgrade not all app worked any help. the phone is 2x faster

  • DAG

    I’m an owner of the S3, but I’m falling in love with the Xperia T… Should I buy The Xperia T?

  • Sean

    I just updated last night and there is so many great new features including the camera which has had a major overhaul. Everything runs buttery smooth except when you use the weather widget. the wethaer widget seems to make the home screen judder and also battery life is worse

  • freddell meister

    Now my UK keyed phone recieved the update and lotus traveller no longer crashes as frequently. Biggest dissapointment for now is that Walkman application still refuses to play FLAC files even thought the stock android music player can since ICS. :) But overall a massive and positive update.. Not like the ICS on ARC/S.

  • freddell meister

    After the update my phone reverted from GSM only to WCDMA/GSM as a
    default and hence would get lower signal and faster
    battery drain. (But unlike ICS on ARC/ARC S the GSM only button is still

  • freddell meister

    If I unlock the phone so I can use it for flashtool, what keyed software licenses gets revoked? I suspect TrackID, what else??
    Also valid for “rooting”? What licenses gets missing? How do they return once I reroot it?

  • bill

    is there any option for burst mode?

  • freddell meister

    Despite switching to GSM only, battery seems to drain faster… :)

  • I can officially say my Xperia T is running 4.1.2 so far it seemed very smooth and very responsive… Will put it thru its pace and see in the coming days but… Camera BIGGGGGGGGGG improvement, was a lil disappointed I didn’t get to see the burst mode but all in all I’m very impressed with what Sony delivered…

  • I got 6500 on quadrant…ICS I scored 5600 I was like WOOOW

  • Gid

    there’s no update in Polnad :[

  • james

    how much free ram is available after updating to jb?

  • feasta

    jb ram usage details plz..??

  • danny conlon

    got the new upgrade here in the south of Ireland 23 feb and it has improved my xperia t oh so much better faster just like the bionic man to be staright just great

  • danny

    live in the south of Ireland got the new update on sony t wed 20 feb has improved my phone a lot camera so much better would be nice if sony gave the xperia 4.2.2 sometime in the future doe

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  • furbian

    No jelly bean for me, Xperia T unlocked, formerly on T-Moblie (UK). Two immediate family members who also have Xperia T’s HAVE received it over a week ago. At times like this, I miss my iPhone, all iPhones receive updates on the same day, Sony can’t even manage one single model of a phone over a month! Do Samsung have a unified release of Android updates?

  • Wustpisk

    I wouldn’t worry about it – I haven’t noticed any discernable difference at all, apart from an ugly white screen background (lots of complaints about that on the Sony forum), the camera is still rubbish, and the functionality is still poor (but I think that is just an android thing). In addition the battery goes down at a huge rate of knots. I can’t believe there has been so much hype about it.

  • Wustpisk

    Could you possibly explain how it is any better? The previous version was pretty awful, but there is little or no difference with this one as far as I can see, apart from the ugly colour scheme with no option to change it back. You also have to disable most of the apps (e.g. the one called ‘devices’) just so the battery lasts a reasonable amount of time.

  • slim

    4.2.2 doesn’t bring too much more to the T when it rolls out.. I’d rather wait for the next!
    at least the 4.1.2 is out atm which does do its job!! :)

  • daniel

    absolutely, this is on e of the worst layout theme changes. what a shame IT people. Ugly stuff. i dont care about all the amelioration , i just want back my original backgrounds colors layout.

  • furbian

    I am aware that the update isn’t great for everyone, and some people have had problems with it, but I get to see it every other day on my wife and son’s phone and quite like it. It does feel quicker, though I do hate the lack of consistency, with the white background after going black for ICS before.

    Obviously, now 3 weeks on, still no upgrade! Might have something to do with my phone having been on T-Mobile (Everything Everywhere) before it was unlocked, could be their fault.

  • Wustpisk

    I’m not an android expert, and this is my first android phone (but will definitely be my last) – I had an N8 before this which did (still does) exactly what it said on the tin without any fuss and no need to ask how seemingly simple functions work. It also has a fabulous camera and the coating didn’t come off the back of it almost instantly. I firmly believe I was sold a dud with this Xperia T, and I honestly cannot see any difference between the old software and the new with regard to speed or functionality. I’ve got this thing for another 18 months and I dearly want to like it, and make use of its functions, but nobody is able to satisfactorily explain them so I can’t :) I’m just mystified at the hype – when I was downloading the new version I was really looking forward to it actually working, but I’m afraid it was a damp squib. Ditching google chrome for Opera speeded up the browser, though, and it comes in useful as a spirit level – I’ll give it that. End of rant :))

  • Wustpisk

    I have noticed no difference whatsoever except for the ugly interface. No quicker, no better camera, continued poor functionality. This phone is, to all intents and purposes, a brick.

  • mriley09

    My phone won’t charge any more!! Help!

  • mriley09

    After upgrading to jelly bean this morning, my Xperia T won’t charge :-(

  • GiveMeMega

    Its beautiful!

  • on ics my playnow app isn’t working is it okay on jb?

  • I’m from Malaysia, Penang. I have also received a new update for Xperia v . Is it ok to update ???

  • I’m from Malaysia,Penang. I have also received a new update for Xperia v . Is it ok to update ??

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