Xperia V Jelly Bean update (9.1.A.0.490) starts rolling out

by XB on 4th February 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia V

The Sony Xperia V (LT25i) Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update has started to roll out according to reports. The update brings along firmware version 9.1.A.0.490 (this compares to firmware number 9.1.A.0.489 that started to hit the Xperia T last week).

The update appears to be available in a number of European countries including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Switzerland right now. If you too have received the update, let us know where below.

Thanks to Datagubben for the image!

Thanks JD & Xiatian!

  • Dave

    I’ve just installed it on my LwW and it works great! :-D

  • I’d suppose that it’s not an update for Germany and Switzerland; I think they were released there already running this firmware? Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • lovebmw

    Good Job Sony, you are redeeming your self!

  • David Guillot

    Yay !! Does anyone know if this firmware fixes the SoD issue ? If it does, the Xperia V could finally be released in France !

  • Xperia S Jelly Bean

    Xperia S Jelly Bean?????where????

  • kumar

    waiting for update for my xperia tx

  • Keon Fraites

    Be patient they said we’re not supposed to be getting it till End of March – mid April. I want Jellybean on my XS also but we have to wait. Theyr’e rolling out on schedule be happy its not “We’re postponing again”

  • TheLoyalist

    march/april as stated earlier

  • Since they found the cause for it I’d say chances are high the fix is in.

    Or maybe this firmware doesn’t even need it.

  • XperiaBlog

    If anyone has the ‘About Screen’ with the new update, send it our way and we’ll include the image in the post. Thanks!

  • Andreas

    Got it in Sweden

  • Wooooooooooooooooooooow , so quickly , Sony Rocks

  • Yes, give ore Xperia S JB now.

  • nimit

    Jelly bean after the whole world gets 4.2!!! WTF SONY!!!! Cant You Keep up? Or should we switch to google instead…

  • Whole world as in that 4or 5 phones?

  • Erachter


    Say what new features bringed 4.2, coz I don’t see anyone.

  • David Guillot

    I didn’t know they found the cause, that’s good news !

    In France Sony is really secret about the Xperia V, they say “Release end-January”, then they say “Release when the SoD bug is fixed so we don’t know”, then they say “Release is not sure”…

    Thank you anyway ;-)

  • There was a fix for SoD released for Xperia AX, which is NTT docomo’s own version of the V.

  • ProWeirdo

    You’re right, that’s shitty. End of March is the last moment of giving JB as Sony declared. They care more about their new flagships.

  • Datagubben

    Its Swedish, but maybe its ok? I send it now

  • Bva

    Has it been released in Singapore?

  • Roman Potter

    Estonia, my V has been updated.

    ** i don’t like new Revamped UI (white phonebook, messages)

    ** ugly launcher (laggy, white borders such a 2000 year ) terribly..

  • fuckinslow

    got the update on my X10

  • SonyFan

    me too it is 4.1.2 right?

    here my screenshot

  • Aokde Gharra

    if someone has updated, please upload a photo of how the lockscreen behaves when there is a pattern lock (or a pin lock or a photo lock, whatever lock there is..)
    thanks :)

  • maxiobor

    I bet it will worth thr waiting so just be patient!

  • Kawmi

    I guess the Xperia V is never coming to the U.S. ha?

  • Shenzay

    Jelly beans for Xperia S, When in UAE ?????

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  • Cerunnos

    GS2 and the first Note are only getting 4.1 now, for the Note its March. The S3 only received 4.1 in December. Comparing the size of the two companies, Sony is already much faster than before and is catching up. What are you complaining about? Only Nexus devices are updated as soon as the new versions come out. If you fancy stock Android, you should get that. Otherwise, I don’t see any other manufacturers rolling out 4.2.

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  • atb

    I just updatet my XV to 4.1.2 jelly bean and i must say i like this update its with new lookscren very simple and i didnt experience any bugs or issues i must say so far sony did a good job with this update

  • When Xperia SL JB available ..?????

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  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks for sending that through! We’ve updated the post.

  • Jaouad El A

    Probably within the next 2 months.

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  • Yes me too :(

  • cherry

    my xperia s didnt get an update yet. currently its status is the same as public phone. non upgradable. ‘~’

  • same here :(

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  • daniel

    Are u kidding me? 4.2?? Which device has it ? Googke nexus? That only one device.. does it come with sony walkman, sony audio + , auto superior mode, mirror sharing and playstation? Get real dude unless you are modding type of person.

  • is that a official update? :O if yes ,that’s weird. Sony left behind the 2011 Xperia lineup and update 2010 model with a 384MB of RAM to jelly bean :S

  • fildza

    still no update from ASIA country (Malaysia) ..waiting >.<

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  • Sanjaya, You just went full retard.

  • afzal

    does someone have xperia v FTF? care to share?

  • xps to xpv

    last time.. when sony release ics for 2011 device line up.. all complaint why xps not receiving it first. but now when sony release it for new device also facing a same complaint. wow.. hard to please everyone.. :)

  • Coollead

    I feel terrible for Xperia Blog… it must be annoying as hell to see all these brats complain constantly about the WHERSZ MY XPEIARA S UPADATE?????!1111ONEone. Like he can do anything about it…

    Calm down people. You’re getting the update. You’re getting it in the time frame already announced by Sony (March-April). This post is about the Xperia V. Go away.

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  • Fotbollsgräs

    Did Xperia V get the burst mode for the camera after the update?

  • Oscar Mark

    Why haven’t I got it in Sweden yet?! :(

  • nikko

    can anyone confirm this?

  • fuckinslow

    you serious dude? WTF!!

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  • jmx2012

    same here.

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  • Carlo Lim

    Just wanna share this new firmware update for myXperia acro S. I dunno if it’s new though..

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  • kubilaiweb

    It’s nice to now that we in Switzerland recive the update, but at first the Xperia V needs to released in Switzerland!!!

  • dimos

    i can confirm this statement juan

  • dimos

    may i tell you something sir? 2011 device line up users payed 150-300 euros to buy those phones..but i paid 600euros….iPAID The premium price i want my updates faster than the others…lets get our facts straight..their update plan should be
    Xperia t,xperia tx,xperia v,xperia s,xperia p go…….but sony hates xperia s..
    i got last the ics and i will get jelly bean last (cause i will wait for p and go users to get jb first)but i gave sony my whole savings

  • rex

    Thank you Sony. You Rock!!!! My V is purring like a lion :)

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  • Dime

    It’s ok what you are saying, but for xperia s was made some mistake , it wasn;t the same politic to sony as the other phone xperia arc ,t,v , shortly i ll tell you first xperia s get ics after update to xperia arc s which was not the same as xperia t,v also xperia s will get JB after all sony phones and nexus, samsung will start to import their JB 4.2.1 and also we even dont now what is going on with xperia s in future with the updates it could be forgoten like arc s so don’t say like xperia s be patient there will be update march-april…

  • Dime

    So sony with it’s own software is catastrophique :) i like sony but about my next phone ill think twice if i want to buy a sony phone because this with xperia s wasnt fair at all… now you can complain dont write about xperia s but first own an xperia s … :)

  • Dime

    So sony about it;s own software is catasrophique… :)But for my next phone i’ll think twice if i want to buy a sony phone because what was made with the xperia s updates it wasnt fair at all and now you can complain about that don’t write ” WHERSZ MY XPEIARA S UPADATE?????” but first own an xperia s

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  • akshay

    waiting eagerly!!!

  • Mariano

    Not new dude

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  • Kaleys


  • Ganman

    Got the update – Denmark

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  • afzal

    Wow.. just update my xpv.. very sleek and very nice ui… very matured.. i like it.

  • xps to xpv

    Well i own xps and xpv now… and i purchase my xps without any contract and directly from sony. Even it late to recieve JB still the current os running smooth without any problem. its already a year now. Sony warranty already invalid for xps. Why dont you just root and playing with custom rom people in xda makes for xps. My xps now run xperia z custom roms with be2, superior mode capture abd ui similar to xpz.

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  • fildza

    anyone have the new fw update from the ASIA country?

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  • xperiaVest

    Check this out – video of xperia V jelly bean…it has the features of xperia v like the camera settings – can capture still shots while video

  • XperiaVest

    It has the same lockscreen as xperia z..i saw a video on yotube

  • afzal

    After updating to jelly bean.. my xpv facing back focus image capture. Hurmm….

  • Mode

    Last I checked, yes :)

  • I’m in Denmark. I upgraded yesterday and the background on tlf. contacts, telefon, sms/messages, spotify, calendar are white – making it almost impossible for me to read or write….. Very frustrating and I can’t seem to get help anywhere………

  • Ali Yus Isman

    Just got a notification, Xperia V Jelly Bean update it’s availabe in Indonesia. Downloading now.

  • jelly bean has been landed at Singapore, just updated :D

  • Guest

    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 already available in the Philippines!

  • KenshinH

    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for XV is already available in the Philippines. Synthetic benchmark (Quadrant) has shown a significant improvement in the overall performance.

  • KenshinH

    JB for XV available in the Philippines!

  • Cedric

    Xperia v got it in holland couple of days ago

  • just got my Jelly bean update 4.1.2 for xperia V in the Philippines yesterday… thank god finally… :)

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  • Jan E. Riis


  • M.Agoz

    i wanna bys this decice xperia V , but i`m afraid of battary life
    i herad it only working about 5 or 6 hours a day ! could it true ?
    please advice me all !!!! thanks aftar all :)

  • M.agooz

    i wanna buy this one xperia V ,but i`m afraid of battery life !
    i heard it only working about 4 to 6 hours a day !! could it true ?
    please advice me .. :(
    thanks after all :)

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