Xperia Z heading to the Middle East in March

by XB on 06/02/2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony is well on track for a global launch of the Xperia Z. The company’s Middle East social team confirmed that the Sony Xperia Z will be landing in the region in March. We expect the HSPA+ model (C6602) to hit the region, pricing is an unknown for now. Only the Xperia Z will be launched in the Middle East, rather than the Xperia ZL.

Thanks Abdullah!

  • y

    Whst hspa version?!?!? Crap iwant lte version plz

  • Nguyen Eazy

    why can’t Sony just release the phone a week or 2 after CES? it’s always months before the release.

    1. the wait sucks

    2. people attention might be drawn to other devices like Z&Q 10, S4,…

  • Ashish Romea

    its me ashish kumar romea , i ve also got information that sony will release the phone in india by end of march. and verizon wireless has told me that they have “no information” regarding xperia Z. so we cant expect Z to come states via carriers mostly :/

  • Ashish Romea

    almost all manufacturers from android takes 1-2 months to bring it to market

  • Yasser Syed

    How do you have info on Indian launch date?who gave you this info. So many other Sony centers are taking pre-orders. It will come by Feb end.

  • Ashish Romea

    indian sony centres ? as far as middle east goes , i ve got conformation. Indians get Sony phones 10-15 days after ME people get. and morover local Sony reps have told me march or march end .

  • Aokde Gharra

    HSPA+ gets to speeds like 4G/LTE.

  • DennisDD

    No, you are wrong. HSPA+ is not = 4G.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Anything regarding its pricing ?

  • Billy De Fretes

    any information release date for Middle Earth? :D

  • dayuum

    will the xperia zl come to the middle east? ….. really want to buy tht phone instead!!

  • Sanjaya Kanishka

    it’s not 4G true..but it can reach to near speeds as 4G LTE ,see this speed test results,

  • ray

    what about t and v,and . when will they gonna release in india???

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    Saudi Arabia has 4G coverage and that was marked on the map revealed before too. So I believe that Xperia Z (C6603) will be the one hitting KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kwuait, Bahrain and Oman.

  • Nguyen Eazy

    you can announce the device shortly before the actual release date instead.

    Xperia Tablet S will be available this Feb 4th in Vietnam. Do you remember when it was first mentioned about? 5 months ago, while Tablet Z is going to hit on April (and I do hope it the real release date of tablet Z!)

    I do love Sony, but I f***ing hate the wait they always make, hopefully Xblog can feedback them about this

  • Abdullah Robben

    woooooooow finally i am waitting for it
    but what about the price????

  • Ashish Romea

    T and V may not land up in india , but we never know . we can expect TX as it was released in Middleeast too :)

  • Manuel Maldonado Turcios

    I believe Fourth age(FA) shire reckoning year 253 october the 24th for frodo’s anniversary arrival on Rivendell. Under the reign of Eldarion king of the reunited kingdoms of gondor and arnor.

  • lovebmw

    I think so too, I can’t imagine Sony is stupid enough not to send such phone to such rich countries without LTE

  • nameofthewind

    i thought he wants to be hit by Xperia Z XD

  • jag

    it will be available by March 1 here in Singapore.. oh yeah!!!

    preorders starts by next week but dont know the free gift. sad ;<

  • arda

    i asked sony center about the price of xperia z in Turkey and their answer was 2000 (TL) (835 €; 1130 $). absolutely overpriced in my opinion. iphone is so populer around here and is about the same price. sony is doing a big mistake.

  • Ujas V U
  • Procurement ReadyMix

    SONY for me i am planning to change my xperia s to xperia z but i am afraid from your update you take long time to update the phones.
    another issue most of the games & your software not available in Google play market for middle east.
    we are your loyalty customer please take care of us.

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