Sony ships 8.7 million smartphones in quarter ended December 2012

by XB on 7th February 2013

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Sony has released its latest quarterly statement for the three months to December 2012. The company reported sales of Y1,948 billion and operating income of Y46.4 billion for the group as a whole. On the smartphone side of things, Sony shipped 8.7 million handsets compared to 8.8 million in the prior quarter and maintained full year shipment guidance of 34 million handsets.

The Mobile Communications division was one of the few areas not to see shipments downgraded for the full year. Most other parts of the business saw downgrades, with the PSP/PS Vita seeing a heavy 30% downgrade from 10m to 7m forecast for the full year. Sony Mobile has done relatively well on a year-on-year view with quarterly shipments up by circa 45% over the prior year and revenues of $1.9bn, up by around 20% on the prior year.

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  • Arthur

    Well done Sony… I hope you will break the 10 million barrier in the first quarter this time :)

  • With Xperia Z…. Deal :D

  • saif

    0.1 for anticipation of xperia z

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    with the Xperia Z, it will be an intense climb on sales (according to the chart) ….. ;)

  • Feanor

    Sony did well for two consecutive quarters. Please someone correct me if I am wrong but I remember that the initial target for this year was 25 million handsets, but this number is already greatly exceeded. And all this was managed with the 2012 lineup which received a rather lukewarm reception by the tech world. Which the overwhelmingly positive reception that the Z enjoyed, I think that Sony Mobile can do very well this year. Again I’m not sure but I think the target for 2013 is 50 million units, but I think this target will be very easily achieved and surpassed.

  • Feanor

    I think that Samsung created a very strong fan base and it will be hard for Sony to crack through it. It may happen in the forseeable future if they manage to deliver in a raw a couple more of successful devices like the Z. I think that the manufacturer that will suffer the most from the Z will be HTC which has seen its loyal fanbase wavering even before the Z was presented.

  • SonyFan

    Sony promised to sell 50 mio smartphones in 2013… no problem… Xperia Z is going to be a hit and also it will be selling like hot cakes… Sony will break the 50mio line :D

  • ZeroCool

    Samsung has create a Apple like fanbase IMO, it’ll be hard to crack but it is possible. A lot of people have been praising the Z/Tablet Z we have to wait and see.

  • Marcel Hanna

    SONY you still have long way to reach other brands. As one of most loyal and big fan of SONY, really frustrated awaiting Jelly Bean, yet, this is not only the point, other brands are protecting customers from prices fluctuation, while once you buy SONY, prices goes down like a hell. I am sorry, I am no more your fan … bye

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    you are not wrong in your comment, but I doubt that Samsung fan is not tempted by this Xperia Z …… or they prefer to continue with their galaxy “toy” ….. Xperia … because Z is well, nothing that affected “a feeling of luxury product” ;)

  • They’ll do.. They combine al their successful technology in one handset with great specs. Just said farewell to my iPhone and pre-ordered the Xperia Z

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    you made ??the right choice, and thank you for your comment :) ……….. Just now I was going to ask for a comment just to say that posseseurs Iphone will be ready to release their Iphones to get the Xperia Z, you are indeed a person who proves that :)

  • pan9

    Sony Lost FOCUS!

    Dont release numerous models.

    Just release few low end models & two Premium handsets & pls give FASTEST software Upgrades so that you will WOW your customers rather than keep them in WAIT!

  • sony

    Q4 2012 sony Shipped 8.7m xperia

    Is it make a profit or not?
    Anyone answer me plz

  • afzal

    The sales getting increase cause most of xperia device are friendly to modding. And sony takes a good step ahead being a good oem to all dev. The built quality are getting better and come with a good price taq to offer. Good job sony.

  • Atix

    Go sony goodluck this year!! Xperia z is ur primary weapon

  • 34

    Not a good performance,i wish sony exceeds 15 million in the Q1 2013

  • jxPerience

    Sony has more strong fan base compare to samsung. The problem with Sony Mobile last year was too many confusing phone models and late arrival on the market. But now with Xperia Z alone i am 100% sure Sony will have good market share with XPeria Z if it will hit the market 1 week ahead of MWC. Otherwise people will get confuse again for the newly announced handsets that will happen on MWC

  • jxPerience


    Actually samsung android phones are nothing until the iphone 3gS copycat arrived on the market that was the most controversial copycat SAMSUNG GALAXY S

  • jxPerience

    Now i already feel the ONE SONY strategy.

  • jxPerience

    GB is the most stable version of android.

    ICS close to stablity but GB is better

    JB i dont know about it yet hopefully it is better than GB

  • roeshak

    Slow down and hold your horses chaps. They are a long way of the 67 million units sold by Samsung in the same period. Let’s leave all this talk of taking on Samsung for now. Sony still have quite a bit to do especially in software development before they’ll have something good enough to tempt users away from samsung.

    There’s been a good reaction to the Z but don’t forget that’s because it’s primarily been compared to 2012 devices. The battle is very much still ahead against the M7, GS4, and optimus g pro.

    These sales figures are most probably made up of the discounted sales of xperia S’s.

    It’s also a very expensive phone considering until now most Android high end devices have been under the £500 mark so that too could deflect users away from it. I think it’s a big ask for a company trying to make a comeback. I’m not sure Sony have the the clout to command such a price.

    Expensive hasn’t really worked out too well for them with TV’s and other gadgets so was rather surprised to see such a high price for the Z. Imagine a £479 HTC M7 or a £499 16gb S4. The Z will struggle against such opposition at it’s current price. To be honest I expect the Z’s price to fall to around the £450 not too long after it’s release.

    In short, I think Apple have more to fear from Sony than Samsung does. The iPhone user is more likely to ditch his phone for a Z than a GS2 or 3 user would.

    For one, the iPhone user is already used to paying such prices and the Z has the same premium look and feel that they prize above all else.

    The Samsung user on the other hand isn’t likely to leave Samsung at such a very price and is also less likely to be swayed by the Z’s aesthetics as they are presumably quite happy with plastic. Well I presume that because they chose that in the first place.

  • shanefalco

    Q1 2013 8 milion
    Q2 2013 7 milion
    Q3 2013 6 milion
    Q4 2013 5 milion
    it’s because do not upgrade xperia U and Sola!

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  • Procurement ReadyMix

    Sony please please do not take tooo looong time for updating the phones. We know you are the no1 in electronic.

    More ADVERTISEMENT in the internet

    Be the 1st in update the phones.

    Give me One Xperia Z for free because i LOVE YOU.

  • angpet d angpet

    sony sold 8 million in just 40 days? 8 million units or 8 million dollars worth of units. anyhow so ever viewed, americans and apple should be saliva envious because iphone 5 did not even reach one thousand sales in over a year of display. but don’t worry apple trolls, if you want your cheap iphone 5 you can come to asia and you will see lots of it being sold in the sidestrett and alley for just US$30.00 but no takers even as paperweights because even the cheapo nickel cadmium battery leaks so bad.

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