Xperia Z heading to Singapore on 1 March for S$ 988

by XB on 7th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Mobile has confirmed launch details for the Xperia Z in the Singapore market this morning. The handset will launch in the Xperia Store, Sony Stores and Sony Centres on 1 March for a RRP of S$ 988 (off contract), it will then hit telco operators from 2 March. All three colours (black, purple and white) will be available, but the purple variant will arrive one week later.

Pre-orders open on 15 February at the above stores and all pre-orders will receive an “exclusive gift”, although we’re not sure what this may be. Online pre-orders can also be made at Starhub, SingtelShop and M1.

Thanks jag!

  • any news for Philippines launching?

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Cm’on Sony, get real, who will BUY XZ for 998 !! Gain some market 1st will lowering the prices then try to s**k money !!

  • Guest

    Hey dude, try to be so learner. Its 988 Singa dollars, Not US dollars…… Its roughly 800 USD which every one offers to their flagship. HAv some look at world prices and then comment……..

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I have never said its cheaper outside SG, XZ price is quite high IMO and I know it will touch grounds after 1 month that’s why Sony should learn to gain the people and market by reducing the profit margin, in Singapore Galaxy Note 2 is selling for SGD 800, who can argue that XZ is better than Note 2 !!!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    not yet !!

  • DragonClaw

    @XB: Links down

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Pre-Order in Ukraine for 820 USD

  • Strange

    I can foresee that the ZL will be priced at SDG$888 (same launch price for XArc & XS), if Sony mobile SG kept their promise to launch it.

  • DragonClaw

    What was Note 2 priced at when it launched?

  • xperiax10.awesome

    SGD 900+ but Note 2 is monster in front of XZ !!!

  • No its not pricey. Its a respectable price for this Handset having much more premium than Gnote2 and features too. Jus dont only look at Galaxy’s Screen size.

  • pavel

    GUYS,does any body know,when i am gonna upgrade my TX to JB,can i install ice cream massaging and phone app,because white back ground is so ugly for me????))Please help!))

  • amsaKANNA C

    Note 2 is a comedy piece.

  • PRo

    Note 2 has a price for its value, and XZ has its….. Note 2 has only advantage of Screen Size and nothing more, Check out HTC butterfly or LG optimus G price and nw compare it pal….. You will definately see the difference. Also i want to add to say that this product will be a hit of the year !!!

  • PRo

    Lolzz yeahh :D

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Now you all are blaming me :-)
    Guys I am NOT against Sony, its just I wanted them to lower the price so that more n more people can buy the device !!!!

  • It’ll cost you near about 35000 Philippine Peso

  • Loken


  • exden

    It should come with dock n headphone or bluetooth speaker at such price……….

  • yeo wee kian

    ok!! i will pre order mine next week!!! my contract with starhub already ended in oct, i been saving it for this phone…. finally have news on it!!! pity sony didnt release it before chinese new year though, but 1 more month of wait!! i can endure it!!

  • yeo wee kian

    go XDA forum ask?? the people there are very talented, and they helped me with my problem for xperia s

  • Chee Siong Lee

    Expensive in my opinion

  • acehkita

    Hi, it was Singapore dollar, not USD. The price S$988 is seem about IDR 7,58 million, USD 804.45, EUR 594.93 or MYR 2465,97.

  • prnohft

    Yet no one brought up the price of an iPhone 5 16GB on launch day. Mind you, its in the thousands with wayyy lower spec than this.

  • Guest

    it is same as apple marketing strategy (first selling expensive …. )

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Did you checked with Starhub, when one can pre-order?

  • If it costs about 35,000 pesos, it will be at par with the price of HTC Btterfly, which is also priced at around 36k (through MemoXpress), HTC stores sell it by almost 33k.

    I’m really excited for the Z. No matter it climbs above 30, I would definitely buying this masterpiece of technology.

  • if XZ wil have the latest JB version, it will be the best Android phone..

  • maybe the same price as iPhone 5. (16GB)

  • owl

    RRP SG$998. For recontract it was about SG$648 with ~SG$40/month plan.

  • This is where I purchase all of my Xperia’s from. Overseas Electronics has it for $799 Unlocked

  • jag

    Me too!! Going to pre order it next friday! Haha! Excited kid here!

  • jag

    Really? That expensive for a recontract? Where did u get the info? It should be around 200S$ only

  • jag

    Note 2 is a great phone but still lacks the wow factor.. I mean yeah it has the specs but still it lacks something that makes me dont want to get it.

  • phoney s

    wow,pricey make me having a hard time to decide. I hope that the pre order gift is the headset like uk .

  • well guess what..mwc is almost set lg,htc,and samsung is ready for something innovative..i hate it when sony introduced a product ,but they release it way tooo looooonnngg,,sony is gaining values on their recent phones specially the xperi z/zl but their selling strategy is still way behind..

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Not possible !!!
    648 upfront cost.

  • jake

    I don get it ……
    A few months ago everyone is asking sony to make a flagship which include all the things inside and they don care the price.
    Then fan make up “xperia chaos” which have s4 pro , 5 inch , 2gb ram , 1080p screen , 13mp exmor RS , sd card slot , big battery and it become true . They even added dragontrail x2 and waterproof .

    Now they whinning for alittle bit more price than xperia v . I cant get it.

  • Guest

    think will be SGD568+- with SGD40/month..

  • think will be about SGD568 with SGD40/month.

  • Whyane

    first world problem

  • owl

    S$648 was when it was released I think. Currently S$568 with S$40/month is the correct price, as mentioned by Ficus.

    Check Singtelshop.;jsessionid=bvThRJwG92xNf8bthfd43mGw2vjmyWJfPF1WfmvS9WK7frncTvfP!596061564?brandId=102&modelId=G_NOTE_II_LTE#plans Hope link works.

  • Strange


  • elpollillo

    are u fxckin kidding me?!! monster?
    have you read the Z specs?
    give me a pill to stop laughing…

  • jag

    pre order is from feb 15-24.. This is for singtel, starhub and m1

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  • Xperia Midnight

    note 2 is not even worthy enuff to be compared to XZ. That phone is super ugly plus it’s plastic. Did i say it’s ugly? yeah it is and it’s not even scratch resistant and water proof.

  • yeo wee kian

    pre-orders started, and different tele cooms provide different gift. starhun and m1 provides the new MDR-BTN200M headset, while singtel provide the wireless speaker. common thing is that all the gift is nfc enabled, and just introduced at CES

  • Twiddly25

    Any news on Xperia zl? Whenis it coming out in SG?

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