Who plans on buying the Xperia Z? [Poll]

by XB on 8th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

When a company announces a phone that everyone is going gaga for, there is a strong impetus to release it as soon as possible. This is a situation Sony finds itself in with the Xperia Z, having received some rave reviews since the unveiling at CES. Luckily, Sony is looking to fulfil its end of the bargain by releasing the phone in a matter of weeks (unless you’re in Japan, where the phone is released this weekend).

This is important as the MWC tradeshow is taking place in Barcelona at the end of February and with it the announcement of new flagship phones, at least from HTC. Then there is the likely separate announcement from Samsung about the next iteration in its Galaxy S series. This got us thinking, who out there plans on buying the Xperia Z regardless of competitor announcements?

Do you feel that the Xperia Z has everything you need in a phone that you’re not bothered about other phones? Or are you being cautious and want to make an informed decision once you’ve seen what the other big manufacturers have in store? Perhaps you like the Xperia Z, but think it is too expensive right now, so you’ll wait for the price to come down? We’d like to hear your views in the comments below: do you plan to buy an Xperia Z and what are you reasons either way?

Do you plan on buying the Xperia Z?

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