Who plans on buying the Xperia Z? [Poll]

by XB on 8th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

When a company announces a phone that everyone is going gaga for, there is a strong impetus to release it as soon as possible. This is a situation Sony finds itself in with the Xperia Z, having received some rave reviews since the unveiling at CES. Luckily, Sony is looking to fulfil its end of the bargain by releasing the phone in a matter of weeks (unless you’re in Japan, where the phone is released this weekend).

This is important as the MWC tradeshow is taking place in Barcelona at the end of February and with it the announcement of new flagship phones, at least from HTC. Then there is the likely separate announcement from Samsung about the next iteration in its Galaxy S series. This got us thinking, who out there plans on buying the Xperia Z regardless of competitor announcements?

Do you feel that the Xperia Z has everything you need in a phone that you’re not bothered about other phones? Or are you being cautious and want to make an informed decision once you’ve seen what the other big manufacturers have in store? Perhaps you like the Xperia Z, but think it is too expensive right now, so you’ll wait for the price to come down? We’d like to hear your views in the comments below: do you plan to buy an Xperia Z and what are you reasons either way?

Do you plan on buying the Xperia Z?

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  • arifwalkman

    i’ll buy that phone if the price is going down :B

  • m sacha

    ive already ordered mine through clove, paid for it aswell, just waiting on delivery! so excited

  • xperiax10.awesome

    All is good in Xperia Z except the fact that its still lags while screen transitions, which is not acceptable for 2013 device. Note2 S3 n Nexus4 are much much smoother than XZ..
    I like the design n thats why I will buy but not at current release price..

  • I’m not a heavy user, and 5 inch is big for my hand.. i’m waiting till Xperia L announcement at MWC this month..made a fb fan page too :D http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sony-Xperia-L/157989471018902

  • Sure I will without a doubt.


    Seriously dude?

  • DragonClaw

    Samsung, never.
    HTC, errr, Xperia Z is too cool.
    LG, umm, it’s LG.

  • No thanks, if I would want a tablet, I’ll buy a 7″ one.

  • Yeah, I’ll wait till the price go down

  • Trafalgar

    I wish Sony would hype the ZL too. If Xperia SP is also going to be IP57/67, then I might go for it.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    YES, used the demo set at Sony Stores, it was laggy..saw some videos as well on youtube, its not smooth…lets see how the actual device performs.

  • fsfsf

    You asked for Xperia Z. I’ll go with the ZL. So no vote but an additional point for Sony.

  • when is the u.s getting it?

  • truthurts

    It is just too big for my lil hand :(.. Its not that i hate it, i loved every bits but just lil too big.
    If Sony releases similar phone with 4.6″(at max) i will get it without any question!!

  • Dejan

    I’m not planing to buy a phone this year, what answer do I chose?

  • Trafalgar

    I guess the Xperia SP will be perfect for you if the ZL is still too big for your hands.

  • I’m going for the ZL. The size suits me better.

  • mobiousO

    I chose “No, it’s too big/expensive/don’t like the design”.
    Which is why I’m going for the ZL.

  • Xperia Z is Awesome but for Now I’ll stick with my Xperia S.
    I am waiting for an Xperia with Qualccom 800 ;)

  • turner

    i have plans on buying one but not in the immediate future. will wait for the price to lower.

  • Just wait its price is down

  • jali

    I’m waiting for sony to released Xperia ZLZ. So no vote

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    I’m undecided between V, T and ZL as my next phone. Z is just way too big for my taste.
    Obviously, V is the smartest choice when it comes to budget (it will drop even more by the end of the year when I’m planning to buy new phone), and also, display size + design + replacable battery is something that attracks me about Xperia V.
    But, it’s unquestionable that ZL is one sexy beast, so if my budget allows me I will maybe go for that one.

  • The Z is a bit big, but I’m getting it. Had the ZL been water and dust proof, I would have got the ZL.

  • jxPerience

    i will buy Xperia Z NXT QUESTION PLS!

  • jxPerience

    SP will features the NXT crystal design and Xperia P white magic display. Its the fusion of the 3 Xperia NXT Series.

  • jxPerience

    Seriously? or you’re just a trolling fantard of the fruit or plastic copycat company?

  • jxPerience

    ok go ahead and check your eyes dude. You obviously having serious problem with your eyes.

  • Adam S

    If none of the major competitors will be waterproof and of such premium build quality, I’ll definitely go for Xperia Z. So it’s 99,99 % certain ;)

  • Zendrix Darren

    I am getting mine tomorrow (Feb 9) from NTT DoCoMo. I am using MNP (switching from another network) so its is going to be free with 2 years contract plus I get 30,000 yen worth of gift certificate from Yamada Denki (Japanese store). I am going to use that to purchase the Sony NFC speaker and other accessories.

  • aks316

    I am buying Sony Xperia Z but i am confused which color to buy? white? black?

  • Trafalgar

    You have a source on this? If this is the case, then they should have named it Xperia UPS or Xperia SUP or Xperia SPU. I’m skipping Xperia PUS ‘coz it sounds disgusting.

  • Trafalgar


  • Ron

    I’m using Xoeria S since March last year and I’m still waiting Jelly Bean by April for my XS. Definitely I’m going to buy Xperia Z but maybe around Jun/Jul as I wanted first to enjoy my Xperia S with Jelly Bean.

  • Yeah finally convinced my parents to buy me one but I have to wait till price goes down not a lot but may be in month of may so basically after my exams

  • boosook

    There’s one important option missing from the poll which is: “No, I want the ZL”!

  • weeeeooo


  • gregosor78

    Already pre-ordered the white one at the Paris Sony Store.
    Don’t mind the competitors except for the X phone thing

  • Burnin

    …and just got mail that i will have for free with my pre order a set of SONY Wireless speakers, they didn t say the model but mybe that NFC… they confirm that the phonne its going to be abilble on 28 Fev

  • Ashua

    Does anyone know if the Xperia SP will be playstation certified? and water and dust resistance?

  • JG

    How to vote? I want to buy too, but we don’t have a launch date here in the Philippines!

  • Ashua

    And any news on the Xperia Dogo /doga.?

  • roeshak

    Still undecided, I’ll wait to see what other manufacturers have to offer. It’s too expensive a phone to buy and regret buying. Another thing I’m waiting to see is if the Sony logo is still etched onto the screen protector. I hate those things and if I can’t remove it, then i”ll probably go with M7. Yes you right it’s a dealbreaker for me. Don’t want any manufacturer dictating to me how I use my phone.

  • arenaflour

    it’s the americans’ fault. they are not supportive of sony. why would sony sell in a market where they are not being taken seriously.

  • Andrew D

    No,…. Xperia S is my last Sony phone.
    The late updates they give their users.
    I aint saying their devices are crap, but I got friends with older models and they have 4.2, forget the 4.1… and im stuck like so many others with 4.0 still. Thats a No-Go for me.
    Sorry Sony,…

  • Too BIG.

  • Sausalito

    I prefer also ZL white, so no vote… Still no news about ZL release?

  • bonbon

    i’ll buy it now! so please release it already

  • lander

    wait long long ah..

  • truthurts

    Yeah, xperia SP will do great for me :)

  • its a big one for my hands :P

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    I’ve learnt from my experience with the xperia S wait till November before buying a cellphone all announcements are done :) I’m expecting another xperia flagship this year too.

  • unfortunantely, Z couldnt even compete with xiaomi mi2 because mi2 is THREE TIMES cheeper.
    bought mi2.
    Of course, there is no 1080 (I dont need it at all), LTE and best design, but sony must think about dropping its prices.
    800 euro is totally unacceptable.

  • Also eager for the PH launch. It’s going to be roughly priced at PhP 30,000 plus.

  • Already ordered. Paid as well ;) will c

  • One thing that i do not understand with SONY making really nice looking phone with cheap old TN screen. so its no for me i will not buy it or any sony till they use ips or whitemagic i mean tn era passed long time ago what marketing gimmick opti contart there isnt much of it with any TN panel i dont know why sony insist on TN

  • EnglandFlick

    I’m buying this phone, I don’t care about the price I can afford one. Status symbol for the rich and tech savvy. Samsung freebies anyone?

  • ProWeirdo

    46% are blind people. They buy without any customers opinion or review.

  • Loken

    im forcing my mother to buy it and exchange it with my nexus 4

  • Babylonbwoy

    I really don’t know if I’ll get it or if I’ll wait for 2013 second semester Flagship.
    Bought S in July I’m not satisfied with it, and got the T last November which is a great mobile.
    I think I’m going to wait a little and see how Sony is going to act in 2013…

    Edit : The V is still not in sale in France, I wonder who is gonna buy it with the Z annoucement ?

  • jag

    Yes!! Going to pre order it next week. my only problem now is what color should I choose? Black or white? Any suggestions guys?

  • René

    Pre-Ordered the white

  • Babylonbwoy

    Where did you see 800 euros ?!! It’s 650 euros here in france !
    And the Mi2 are hard to get (even ticket to buy one from Xiaomi) as they are sold only in China, you know that.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I will wait for full review, price reduction and first firmware to solve any problems.
    The only thing I’m worry about is the display brightness. Will it be the same on each colour, or it will be like Xperia S, where white phones had gray instead of black colour,

  • Sony Mobile User

    Btw, Sony Xperia Z will be launched in Malaysia on March 6, 2013 =)

  • Oh yeah, you not buying phone from Sony would make a big difference, the company is going to fall down into pieces… Why are you still here if you’re not interested? Still mad?
    What are the “older models” anyway?

  • Children of the year right here :)

  • hamboy

    Beautiful design, great specs but too big for me personally.

  • When will it be released in the US?

  • SomeBody

    Waiting for Nokia’s announcement first. Then decide which one to go for:

    Nokia 808: the best camera (by far), microphone (by far), built-in speaker and awesome audio quality (also Symbian now supports FLAC) + low price

    Nokia EOS: Nokia 808, but better as a smartphone (Screen resolution, CPU, OS etc…) + High price

    Xperia Z: Awesome screen, awesome design, water proof, fast SoC, best camera for an android phone

  • xperiax10.awesome

    U guys are mad fan boys it seems..m also going to buy XZ but seriously its performance is NOT better than Note 2 !!! So u go n chk ur brains..

  • xperiax10.awesome

    M not trolling..n m not fan of iFail or Sam, the truth is XZ is not as smooth as Note2..I have tested with actual phone at Sony stores so dont reply like a small kidd..

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I’m going to Wait for PS4 :D but other wise I would buy this one on a monthly plan

  • jam

    COOL. But the price. :(

  • Hadi

    xperia z very nice Meets almost all my needs.

  • Ziich

    kind of want to see what competitors will bring out. with the motorola/google x phone, samsung s4, htc m7. i wanna see how they will stack up. will probably still get the z after it has been out for a week or 2 in the states

  • came from a Xperia S on to Xperia T and now Xperia Z…. <3 sony!!!

  • get your facts straight 1st,… 1080p is a big deal… and the price is 750 here in Australia where AUD is less than EURO

  • surethom

    I am waiting for a 4.7″ screen phone. I will be getting the Sonxy Xperia Tablet Z though when it come to the uk!

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Hurm too expensive for me…

  • Babylonbwoy

    Can’t believe a demo phone not running “smooth” ! There’s no apps in it, no root, nothing else than OS ! How is it possible ! 4core and 2go ram to only run the launcher or Album app, walkman, etc isn’t enough ?!
    I think the one you tried was defective maybe…

  • TonyMerryfield

    I appreciate mobile companies like to get a feel for what consumers want by announcing products earlier, but I don’t want to have to wait 2 months for a phone to come out.

    I don’t dislike Apple products I just happen to prefer Android, I do however like how Apple announces products. Usually you can buy said product shortly after whatever announcement has been made, though I note this hasn’t so much been the case recently.

    I do like this phone very much but I don’t know that I want a 5″ screen, I’m also unsure I will benefit from such a high PPI compared to say the Xperia T? Surely the point in ‘retina’ screens was that the human eye sees at about that resolution so anything more is wasted?

    So here I am, I can go out and get the Xperia T for about £330 and probably be very happy, or I can wait another month and wonder if I am really benefitting from the specs of the Z for an additional £200…

  • TonyMerryfield

    Why is 1080 important on a 5″ screen – pushing something like 100 PPI more than the eye can mostly see…

  • Micheal Archer

    I’ll buy it assuming it’s available in my country at some point. The lack of clear availability in Canada is discouraging. I’m not that interested in the ZL. Then again, this phone isn’t for me but for my spouse, so ultimately it’s his decision. My next phone will likely be a 2014 offering, probably Sony but possibly another manufacturer.

  • Quark Gluon

    I’m waiting for Xperia ZS, you know, the overclocked version..

  • Bayhas Kana

    I love everything about the phone, and willing to pay more than MSRP for it, however, the lack of support for 1700Mhz AWS LTE (Band IV) killed it for me…

    The Z is not compatible with ANY LTE provider in the US, Tmobile/AT&T/Verizon/MetroPCS

    Hopefully Sony is considering releasing an “a” version of this phone for North America, C3306a maybe?

  • it´s too big for my taste.. :(

  • roeshak

    You my friend are nothing but a fool. I think you’re better off with the iPhone crowd.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    May be, but wat some videos on youtube…chk this

    M not saying its lagging like hell but man its 2013 device..

  • bkh

    Aswell as “Yes, if the battery life turns out to be reasonable when given a thorough testing.”

  • emedex

    So if they had the price down a bit (and I think it will be) more than 80% of us would buy for sure. A real success! Hopefully Sony is quick to bust the international market.

  • bkh

    Seems to me that the main additions that Google put in 4.2 were notification toggles and a swype-like keyboard – things which Sony Xperias already had anyway. When the Xperia Z is updated to 4.2, I don’t think most users will notice any significant difference (unless Sony adds more features at the same time).

  • James Field

    As I’ve mentioned before, the only thing preventing me from joining in the madness over this phone is the lack of a dedicated camera button. That’s a deal-breaker for me, so I’m going to wait & see what Sony comes up with next.

  • jxPerience

    dude have you heard what he said on the beginning of the video? “PRE” production model of XPERIA Z!!!

    do you understand what pre production is?



  • Jeff

    I’d love to but I picked up Xperia TL at launch and used up my upgrade (AT&T) for it. So as much as I’d love to pick this phone up there’s no way I’m going to pay full price for it. =/

  • gregosor78

    Personnaly, i have seen a lot of reviews and got it in my hands. So I belong to the 54% ?

  • xperiax10.awesome

    No point arguing with shithead like you !!
    I will see after buying it now..

  • sony_forever

    For those of you complaining about slow updates on your Xperia, have you seen the JB update for the Galaxy S?? There is JUST ONE WORD for it- DISGUSTING!!! Seeing that update has actually made my wait for the JB update for my SXS tolerable. Here seen it for Yourself-
    And here are the screenshots of the Official JB update on SXS-

  • lovebmw

    as much as i thought Sony was late, JB is now only on 14% of androids or something like that…. thats not bad at all, so i just would not call them late any more

  • kenw

    No, It’s big and as Sony does not have a “new” mid range phone and contract was up I’ve gone for a Razr I, had been with Sony’s since 2001 so they have lost my loyalty.

  • feres13

    i’m torn between the M7 and the xperia Z…

  • Luis

    you are right xperiax10. in my case im not buying an xperia phone again. thought xperia tx was snappy when it came out but now it feels like cheap one. Feeling that way and having last years sony Flagship for 2 months is bad

  • Really, you can see the difference?
    I suppose it is just a marketing and, of course, less battery life

  • Alex Ruiz

    I hate you.

  • silasje1

    where is the option: i already have a sony phone now?

  • I would buy this phone in a heartbeat but only two things are bothering with the device:

    No. 1: The price of the phone. It hasn’t been announced for the US market but considering what the prices for it in other countries… OUCH.

    No. 2: The OS. I’ve been owner to a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S and currently have a Sony Xperia Ion and the time the updates are released are ridiculous. Google is so close to announce Android 5.0 and Sony hasn’t been able to release 4.1 to most of their 2012 devices.

  • neil

    I’ve gone with the nexus 4. Xperia Z is just too expensive for whats being offered and my experience of the xperia S has left me bitter. Thats not to say that when I get offered an upgrade by my network I won’t take one, but thats a number of months away.

  • jjghj

    Its an amazing phone, from a great company! But its just too big for me, I prefer smaller size phones like the Xperia U, etc. (Hint hint, nudge nudge Sony, small phone like the Z)

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    m7 really????

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    which older model???care to elaborate pls..

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    *jelousy level——->tan90°(i hope u understand…asian are good in maths)

  • JB is about 40%+-..

  • feres13

    why not?? it’s a great device, i mean if you compare last lear’s xperia s and one x, the screen was bigger and nicer, design was alot better, Tegra 3> outdated qualcomm s3 and the xperia s shipped with an outdated os. I see that sony has made huge improvement with the xperia z, but would’t that be stupid to wait and see what the comptetion has to offer?

  • Where’s the option, for “No, I already have a great Xperia.” (Sticking with my good old Arc S)

  • Putakov

    Well, I want to buy 1, but there is no info for USA release yet. Time to emigrate…

  • hamboy


  • m sacha

    good choice :)

  • von

    GALAXY S! How old is that phone to even begin with the Android world and still Samsung had the decency to update it!!!!! Samsung’s newest is the S3. Would any 2011 Xperia be updated to JB??? Would any 2012 Xperia be even updated to as far as the JB version of the Galaxy S???

  • von

    How about “No, after every Xperia flagship there is always an issue that Sony doesn’t seem to know until it reaches the hands of its consumers. So I’ll just wait half a year for its REFRESH version”

  • DragonClaw

    He mean SII. S is still on GB. Compare this with the whole Sony 2011 line-up. :)

  • jag

    where is this phone demo you saw? specific mall? you live in SG right?

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I checked in Sony store at Bugis as well as another one at SimLim Square..both were little laggy, I hope final retail version be different, yes im in Singapore.

  • jag

    aah i see… i’ll go tomorrow and check it out too. i guess sony @ orchard will also have some demo models. did you see the OS version if its 4.1.2? because some videos in youtube also shows lag when scrolling through screens but the OS is not the latest one.. so i hope its only OS issues

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Version 4.1.2 I think..I really didnt remember coz settings were locked, he entered the passkey n shown the version. You try n lemme know.

  • jag

    alright. i’ll just check it out tomorrow and see if its still lagging. tnx ^^

  • Purusharth Dwivedi


  • pazzz

    * No I already have a Xperia S ;)

  • Guest

    abd with jellybean xperia s will rock..

  • Your comparing a s..t phone like the xiaomi mi2 to a premium handset like Z??? You stupid? Or just a troll??? How much is Iphone 5? Samsung S3 or Note 2? Compare like for like. You don’t compare a Ferrari to a Honda Accord!

  • Yes you can see the difference! When its in your hand and not on a YouTube video there is a difference!

  • ok I’m asian, yes I’m good in math. :) tan90°=sin90°/cos90°=1/0=super big. alright!? thank you.

  • Zendrix Darren

    So thats more than 1.6×10^16… Im Asian BTW but I think anyone can be good with math as long as they listen to their teachers back at the University

  • Cristian Grigorescu

    I don`t like it`s corners, but i`ll buy it.

  • kaldorei

    I used to owned a Lumia 920 in three weeks. And I hardly consider the WP8 is a smart OS. Poor Nokia. So I will wait for the Xperia Z.

  • kaldorei

    Any source? I am search for that information cause of curiosity. Someone on XDA state that it is IPS from Japan Display.

  • Julio Spinoza

    Yes, the Xperia T and V already have JB, but, its a shame that Xperia S is not! sony should put more effort on their updates,like samsung

  • xiaomi mi2 has NO issues at all! I have xperia tx at home. And xiaomi beats TX fully. It is faster and has better quality. And MUCH cheaper.
    You think that label makes your handset better? You are wrong.
    Even Iphone has tons of issues and not premium quality.
    Have you used mi2? I have.
    You are a slave of brands. That’s sad for you.
    You say about handsets you have not used.

  • Ok, I will try it, but I cannot see any pixels on my 341ppi xiaomi at all.
    So, what is the use of 1080 except of wasting handset’s battery life?

  • roeshak

    You’ll waiting until next year for that one kiddo.

  • roeshak

    Very well said. That quickly shut him up.

  • roeshak

    Sorry mate but you have yourself to blame. You bought a phone with specs that were many months old knowing fully well that there was going to be a proper new flagship released a few months later.
    I’ve had plenty of time with the T and I can confidently say that even the S is a better phone so I know how you must be feeling.

    But truthfully it was your mistake to buy it. I got offered the phone free for £18.50/mnth by my carrier and completely rejected it. That cold call took all of 15 secs despite the best efforts of the sales caller.

    The xperia s was the 2012 flagship, the xpeia t could very well have been the 2013 flagship if SonyEricsson was still alive. It wouldn’t have surprised me at all. Sony just
    got it out of the way last year to clear the way for it’s upcoming device this year.

    My advice, cut your losses and move on to the Z if you can. Your already unhappy with your T after 3 months, imagine how it would look and feel after a year knowing fully well that jellybean 4.1 is the end of the road for the phone.
    As you can tell, I really really hated the T, it encapsulated everything that I loathed about SonyEricsson.

    NXT line were a breadth of freshair despite being hampered by a very doggy ICS build especially in the case of the S.

    Comparing the Z to the S, you’ll find similarities in the design language. Not so much in detail but the narrative if similar. Blocky, monolithic, bold without any of that over stylish crap you’ll find with the Arc or the T.

    You’ll struggle to find anyone out there happier that SonyEricsson is no more than me. It was almost as if the company insisted on failure.

  • roeshak

    There is also the much improved google now which can do stuff like keep track of the delivery of an item you purchased online just from the tracking number sent in the confirmation email from the retailer. That’s just one example of the google now on 4.2.

    Upgraded functionality to the lockscreen as well as photosphere should manufactures wish to implement it. Put it this way JB 4.1 was an interim OS which brought performance enhancements improved voice search and control as well as an early version of google now. Think of 4.2 as the finished article with the full feature set google had on offer for 2012/13.

    The differences between 4.1 and 4.2 are not as minor as you suggest. By no means revolutionary but all the same, of some consequence.

  • roeshak

    Don’t expect a repeat of what happened last year. I don’t think we’re going to see another flagship released this year. If the rumours are to be believed, what we might see is the 6.4 inch galaxy note 3 contender from Sony. What happened in 2012 was a one off. I reckon Sony just wanted to get out all the SonyEricsson devices that were scheduled for production last year. I think this year we’ll see a return to normality. The most that’ll happen would be a beefed up version of the Z probably called ZS or something to that effect with a 1.7GHZ s4pro chip or possibly s4prime. The 800, 600 and 400 series chips will not make into any Sony devices until next year.

  • Burre

    Really hope you put in a high capacity battery , so it will at least last a whole day with heavy usage. I find it strange that phones that are waterproof and meant to be used on trips outside have such reduced battery capacity. Like xperia V.
    Other than that this might be my next phone!

  • Babylonbwoy

    I won’t buy anything else than Sony, but I’ll pay attention to what other manufacturers will announce for the specs of their phone, because in term of design I know that they won’t do something better than Sony. That said I will not buy this Z I think, won’t buy another smartphone until S2 2013, but a tablet who knows… if not too expensive…

  • Big fan

    I bought via tmobile Netherlands . It cost 50€ with 2 years contract plus Sony headset that cost 299€ for free!!!

  • Big fan

    I bought it via tmobile Netherlands. It cost 50€ with 2years contract and comes with Sony headset that cost 299€ for free

  • jag

    I ddnt saw the os version.. But it does seem to lag.. But only when u change the theme or put new widgets. I dont know if this is same case for other phones. The screen looks amazing! And it doesnt look that big also. And I guess white would be the phone to pick

  • pnu

    Xperia Z! GO!!!

  • Babylonbwoy
  • Richard France

    I Love my Xperia T it’s 3D capable has the 13 megapixels camera and is a better shape than the tomb stone z!

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