Both Xperia Z and Xperia ZL to launch in India?

by XB on 9th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Mobile has kept quiet on if/when the Xperia Z will launch in India. However, it has offered a glimmer of hope to customers after both the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL are now tagged as “Coming Soon” on the official Sony Mobile India website.

It’s not definitive proof, as handsets have often appeared on different regional Sony Mobile websites, before being removed. However, we’d be very surprised to see neither launch there, especially as it is listed at some Indian retailers as Coming Soon. We’ll bring you further information once we have definitive pricing and launch details.

Thanks Manas!

  • Nwodu Tochi

    Xperia blog… guys are yet to make a preview of xperia t jelly bean update
    Cuz I want to b sure am not the only one having the bug with walkman not being able to skip to the next track with headphones

  • ravi kanyal

    if they don’t then I never go back to any xperia, india is totally ignorent country by sony. still there is no sign of xperia tx and v. outdated ion is still a flagship phone by sony here which cost nearly at the same as s3.

  • Sony’d be really stupid not to release Xperia Z on a very large market in India and indian subcontinent

  • APai

    wait on until the fw is stable. it’s wise to look at problems that’s occurring and also listen up to people who have had a successful upgrade.

    in my case – the touch screen response is horrible with Jellybean. i have to press one corner of the homescreen icons to get it working, if I press the rest 3/4th of the icon it just does not respond.

    however, very oddly the appdrawer icon works perfectly well. sony has to stop releasing too many models and start working on a few.

    I am crossed with sony. no sony handset for me for the foreseeable future. bought 3 phones recently for me and family, after i shifted camp from nokia, and all i get is a slew of headaches – no update for sola. borked T.

  • prashant

    True thats the only thing i hate about sony . and this is one big reason for sony falloff believe or not here in Hyderabad and in delhi i usually find samsung smartphone more then any other brand just because there is no competition.

    ill move to samsung if sony delayed this time

  • lalalala

    Did u updated via pcc or flashed it?

  • MoeJoe

    that doesn’t mean that it will be coming to the US (anytime soon atleast). the xperia e says new, but is not available for purchase from or the stores. sony phones are available in June/July in the US (past experience).

  • If sony ain’t releasing Z and ZL in india then it is for sure sony will loose its loyal customers in india…
    sony u r the best,stay best…dont be a pussy…..

  • aks316

    Sony is releasing Xperia Z in india and it will be available 1st week of march..

  • aks316

    Sony Xperia Z price in india will be 45900/- rs.

  • Finally Both phones are comes to INDIA we are happy to hear this.

  • V

    This is very sad that by the time Sony launches some overpriced phone in Indian market, other brand such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia has there Next Generation phones are available in the Indian market and people go for it. Also local indian mobile brands are providing Much better configuration at very reasonable price.

    Even though If we purchase the phone from abroad Sony will not support in India.Leave a message…

    The problem is that we keep our hope to Sony for so long time and at last we found that other brand are launching there next generation flagship in India.

    Sony Very Well Disappointed XPERIA INDIA FANS for sure.

  • In Portugal is the same! :D »

  • ravi kanyal

    and what is your source

  • Rahul Joshi

    I have been seeing this Coming Soon status the day it was announced..

  • mirajkaraniket

    I read somewhere on xda that z will be 37k and zl will be 35k. But I am not sure about that.

  • mirajkaraniket

    All smartphone manufacturers have realized that India is one of the biggest smartphone market and I am sure Sony will release one of the models (if not both) in India :)

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  • DragonClaw

    And you will regret it

  • i have got confirmation from SONY CENTRES tht Z is coming on 1st week of march

  • Flashed it

  • ryq24

    sony xperia Z also coming soon in the philippines. it has been appearing on its facebook page this past few days..

  • Love the ZL

  • prashant

    regret for what. i hate samsung design as much as you guys but spec wise they are good. and about sony i dont think you aware from indian market these idiots still sell xperia sl in 28 k, ion 29.5 k and these are the latest xperia here. no xperia v,t,tx …

    lets see this time

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  • jumbo

    Sony should make the xperia zl global too… it’s an amazing phone and should come to the middle east

  • phillip

    while in new zealand, we only have 3 models here, s, p and u.

  • prashant

    and top of that yesterday and today i went at least 15 local smartphone shops for sony headphones and guess what i got nothing huh they all have samsung, nokia even HTC ear plugs..

  • APai

    after using it for a couple of days now – sony has done a great job with jellybean update, I believe the jb will fly on the Z.

  • yea….let’s see what happens…I dont know about the ZL(cause they might update it in future or not.Ex : previous phones and 2011 phones)
    I jus wanna see Z in the market !

  • dude says it’s ‘In stock 21 days’ at a price of 29999
    Can anyone confirm this?

  • available in kaunsa for 29999

  • Rishikesh Palekar

    Yes Can Confirm I too saw the Website!! but the catch line is its a Sellers Warranty not Company Warranty! Its being Imported and Sold and Sellers Warranty is Never Reliable as per My Experience In India

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