Xperia Z launches in Japan

by XB on 9th February 2013

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Today is the day that the Sony Xperia Z (SO-02E) will first enter consumer’s hands. The Sony Xperia Z goes on sale in Japan today through NTT DoCoMo. Word on the street is that demand is high and you’ll need a pre-order if you want to pick up a handset today. If anyone from Japan has picked up the Xperia Z, we and other Xperia fans would love to hear your impressions below.

  • Xlash Andraid

    I hate you, japanese people.

    Well, I really don’t. What I feel is envy. Anyway, enjoy this present of the gods.

  • Just picked up one, pre-ordered on announcement. Its seriously amazing, the screen is gorgeous, like the Xperia S, you need to see it to believe it. Videos dont really show how amazing this phone is, the design is flawless (btw, white is the one to get ;) ) – Opticontrast display works really well, colors are clear and vivid in direct sunlight, viewing angles are better than i have seen on any other Sony phone. Camera is honestly spectacular – I could just keep going on… Very happy with my little investment with this phone. Any questions about it, please ask.

  • Another

    How are the viewing angles??

  • Xlash Andraid

    I was thinking about giving up (because I’m dam impatient) and getting Xperia T, now that I’ve sold my Xperia Ray and I have a stupid lg optimus black wich is failing a lot and it’s a pure piece of crap… But reading your words made me to rethink things, now I’ll rather to wait for ZL. This is a sign!!!

  • Please upload system dump

  • TK

    Don’t need a review…just need the syatem dump…

  • TK


  • lovebmw

    Seriously, they still make people like you?

  • PowerSonic

    I think its up in xda..

  • Can you talk about Sony TV and Car apps. What is it they do, features etc…

  • Strange

    degeneration X indeed

  • Quark Gluon

    LOL. Till Kruspe!

  • APai

    DON’T get xperia T – be patient and go for a Z or ZL

  • hey hey hey! how about video recording? is it as good as other current camcorders?!!

  • really nice to see that :D hope to see nice good reviews and i really wonder how the battery life with this phone using stamina mode :)

  • could you please test you phone’s battery on Stamina mode to see how with it and try also without stamina mode just to see the difference?? ohh yah do that after you install all your apps :)

  • jag

    Is white better than the black? and why? Please give me some enlightment before I preorder mine hehe! Tnx ^^

  • DragonClaw

    LOL. :P

  • Chris Brown

    where is the US announcement?!?! this is so frustrating. Sony could have handled this better for US customers. I really want to buy one (even going to break my current carrier contract) but its looking less likely so I may have to just end up getting a Nexus 4 instead. :-/

  • turner

    the US has been ignoring sony. they don’t seem to find it viable to market their products in the US yet. they didn’t even prepare any superbowl commercial.

  • nazira

    How many xperia z unit sold so far? any idea ?

  • JG

    LOL.. Reading through all your comments and opinion make me want to spend my savings to the XZ… damn you people.. I love you guys!!! I just upgraded my laptop to touch… :(

  • Trafalgar

    I sure hope this phone gets a review already…in English.

  • stitch

    as xperia z is cover with tempered glass, so it certainly will catch fingerprints, and getting a white one make those prints less visible

  • mike

    Hi Saad.. it is really sad.. u didnt answer any of question.. please answer..:)

  • jag

    Yeah, I think so too. But the black Z looks amazing also because of its blackness on every sides. Thats why im torned now between black and white

  • jag

    he’s busy with his new toy.. hehe ^^

  • SonyFan

    maybe already sold out ???

    just be patient soon we will recive such news…like “Xperia Z sold 10mio time” :D

  • jho_sa

    u want a nice review?and latest one? here’s the link

  • atb

    How is the camera to xperia v my xperia v runs on jelly bean 4.1.2 and also have BE 2 please let me know becourse i have ordered Xperia Z along time ago here in Norway they will launch the Xperia Z in march

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  • roeshak

    Seriously, they still make fanboys like you?

  • DonRox

    I envy you

  • Zaimi Saleh @ Yazid

    xperia blog, u should create a poll for which color of Xperia Z to be chosen either black or white? like u’d done in the past for Xperia S. thx

  • Marten

    Someone please update Xperia Z wikipedia page. On other flagship devices pages on Wikipedia there are lots of information and images. I was thinking of adding pictures but I didn’t know how. The other thing was adding reviews from reputable websites but I didn’t know how to write it. Xperiablog please do it.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Don’t forget purple ! When I reviewed the Xperia Z, purple was my favourite…. wish the Xperia Tablet Z came in that same purple !

  • EnglandFlick

    Yeah, I think it will take time the Americans to have one, however it only a matter of months or so, so kindly wait.

  • Okay so Ive installed quite a few apps, whilst putting music and videos on the phone. Watched the full movie of Avengers on this, browsed the net, listened to music, having Stamina mode on, and after 12 hours from 100% the battery went down to 87%.

  • Theyre good, real good.

  • :)

  • Its good, its seems Sony has changed the processing of the compress rate to the image so it doesnt look as choppy close up. Theres sh*t load of options with the camera this time round, I have an S3 also, and in comparison to that, its amazing.

  • Whites better cause it just looks so allegant. With black its easier to see the thumb prints etc.. white doesnt show those as much, but aside from that its just pure beauty.

  • Im really suprised at the HDR video recording. Its really good. And normal video recording is also great, still better than my S3

  • Xlash Andraid

    Actually that ain’t any problem for me, ’cause I love custom ROMs and projects like CM10, AOKP, AROMA, etc. As far as I can install custom ROMs with a lot of tweaks and improvements and I’m not tied to SONY’s official updates, it works for me.

    But I rather to wait until Xperia ZL is in my town because what Saad McJager said is amazing. I want a high end device that is really spectacular in its performance and beautiful at the same time.

  • Ali

    oh i envy you…. everybody is excited about your experience about xperia z… your busy with your new toy i know… can you try to make your own review if u have time? thanks anyways where will u post your own review? hehe

  • m
  • thanks for replying :D nice nice 12 hours and still got 87% left it’s really nice to see that with updates and new kernels we will see much more improvement on battery life :D

  • Lewis Chiverton

    It’s from the lack of advertising from Sonymobile in the US that Sony phones don’t do very well in the US market. They need to take some advertising notes from samsung & apple, I see at least 4 commercials per-day from both.

  • hi saad do you think screen is ips or tn

  • jag

    I see..tnx! Maybe I’ll go for white too but I wish I could see one first before I order.. I’ll try to go to our sony stores here and check this amaZing stuff.

  • Coollead

    I hope you get punched in the face.

    1GB of RAM is plentiful. If that’s the case, even the Galaxy S 3 won’t get the next version of Android, and that’s not going to happen.

  • Coollead

    I don’t like the purple… the rim around the phone is a weird brown. I was so sad, because before going to the Smartphone Lounge, purple was my choice.

  • APai

    well, I just got shafted by sony – they say 512 is not enough ram for jb. so go punch yourself in the face or ask sony why is it not ported to a device they barely released a few months back.

  • There are so many reviews out there, that mine will just be as generic as theirs. If theres anything specific you need/want to know please let me know.

  • rycycle

    Hi, I read here that you tested/turned on stamina mode on your xperia z and was wondering how? Sounds like a stupid question, but I’ve firstly tried and can’t find it and second, I’ve read all the Japanese literature on this phone and they make no mention of it so I’m thinking the Japanese model might not have come with that option…but then, assuming you have a Japanese model, you seem to have done it. The only option my phone seems to have is a regular power saver option, which just turns off everything with very little options and nothing like any of the English literature….any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Ps – Awesome phone!

  • rycycle

    Sorry all, bit new to this. I was intending the above message to go to Saad McJager but I guess I managed to start a new thread…*roll eyes*. None the less, if anyone else has information on the supposed stamina mode I would appreciate it. Cheers.

  • rycycle

    Ok, I’ve been reading a few Japanese sites and it seems there is in fact no stamina mode for the Japanese release. Not sure why, but it is a little disappointing. It does have a standard power saving option which just turns everything off, but it’s nothing different to any other similar feature on other phones/apps. None the less, the phone is AWESOME! I hope they give it in an update at some point.

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  • APai

    it’s nice that you tweak your phone and get it to work exactly like how ou want it to. not many can do it. but i do feel that ZL is going to be a different beast that T. T is cheap right now, it’s priced good around $450, for that price its okay. however ZL brings a number of good things to the table, namely cpu performance & oodles of ram.

    I have a T, while its good, if I had known Z was around the corner I would have waited for a few months!

  • APai

    wow, thats impressive. the biggest powerhog is the screen. so have they optimized the screen ? is it a new gen screen ?

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  • dereknobuyuki

    not that you need a new smartphone =P You already have a good and great looking device =P.

    The black and white versions were fine but a little bland since such a huge % of smartphones are black and white; Purple was a great touch of subdued colour.

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