New Sony headsets priced: Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20 and Wireless Headset DR-BTN200M

by XB on 11th February 2013

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The two new NFC-enabled Sony headsets announced at CES in early January now have a price tag in the UK. The Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH20 will probably be of interest to most of you as it’s an in-ear phone with a clip-on headset. It has a 110mAh battery capable of six hours of talk time and weighs just 12.3 grams. The SBH20 will set you back £35.90 according to the official Sony Mobile UK site and comes in five colours (black, orange, pink turquoise and white).

The over-the-ear Wireless Headset DR-BTN200M is a lot more expensive, as you might expect, priced at £79.00. This headset can answer calls by pressing a button on the right headphone. It also has controls on the headphone to navigate your music collection. The DR-BTN200M has a 145mAh battery capable of 40 hours stream time and is available in black and white colours. No launch date is set right now as both headsets are tagged ‘Coming Soon’, although expect them to release around the same time as the Xperia Z.

  • lander

    I hope they sell spare ear phones of this length…

  • ZeroCools

    It would be nice since I’ve gone through maybe 3-4 earphones of this length for the headset that came with my Aino and it’s weird using full length earphones now.

  • Trafalgar

    This’ll help prevent wear and tear of the protective flaps.And with the charging dock, I’ll never have to open any flaps ever again.

  • Cloud_Connected

    thats an issue for me too – I hate worn out flaps. NFC and BT helps, as you state correctly, to prevent that… I’ll go for the bigger headset…

  • OriginalFire

    Hmm…not sure if I should go with the SBH200 or the jaybird bluebuds x.

  • AlexBurnout

    Amazing as always.

  • AsadMulla

    Wow Aino. I dont know anybody who owned that phone. I had it for a week and then gave it back.

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  • i know about 3 People still using their Aino ;)

  • if it was upgradable version of Headset Pro it will be perfect with NFC ….

  • Emil Traykov

    aino 1 2 :)
    great headset btw

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