The Xperia Z goes for a swim [Video]

by XB on 14th February 2013

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One of the big strengths of the Sony Xperia Z is its water and dust resistance. It is one of the key features that is likely to separate it from other flagships in 2013. Sony says that the handset is water resistant up to 1 metre and that it can be submerged for 30 minutes. Well if you’re wondering whether it is resistant enough to take to your local swimming pool then the video below has the answer.

It was taken from the team at SoyaCincau, where it was submerged in water up to 1.5 metres in depth. The phone wasn’t treated with kids gloves as you’ll see in the video, so it’s encouraging that you will be able to use it in the pool or the beach and take some great footage with family and friends. The handset cannot be operated under water, therefore the record button needs to be pressed before being submerged. The quality of the video is great all things considered and you can tell that the mic can pick up a lot of audio too. See the video below.

Thanks adip!

  • Nice :)

  • adsada_arc

    It’s a shame that Sony left out a physical camera button; if the screen really can’t be activated underwater then obviously there is no way to use it as an underwater camera, which is a real shame

    hopefully they’ll be a way to mod the camera to use the volume key, but then no auto focus…

  • Metallica

    maybe you could start the self-timer before dipping it in the water ..

  • adsada_arc

    yeah true, but that’s an effort especially if you want to take more then one photo. You’d have to resurface every time

  • Cool! Now this is what Sony need to advertise. Advertise these qualities and watch the phone sell! Screw all those over exaggerating the viewing angles bullsh… This is a quality handset and the screen is good! Try it yourself before you believe the nonsense! No one hardly ever uses a phone off centre!

  • Alaa

    Very Very Very Nice and Amazing
    But can I take a Vedio in 1.2 – 1.5 m ???

  • Coolkid

    Other top-end phones : We do this, we do that… Blah… Blah… Blah… What can you do…???

    Xperia Z : I can also do all those things, that you all do…

    Other phones : Then, what’s so SPECIAL about you… What’s the difference between you & us???

    Xperia Z : Ugh… I swim…!!!

    So much win….:D

  • Alaa


  • this vid made me want again to be a kid…with a xperia z phone!

  • you could use the burst mode. it can make many many pics so no problem there :D

  • Ben-Amie Lim


    Brought to you by SoyaCincau, my favorite blog. :)

  • HardyHarHar

    SGS3: You can’t swim you’re glass I can I am plastic. Glass doesn’t float on water plastics do.
    Xperia Z: Ok my advance codolences to you…

  • HardyHarHar

    If sony does this other fanboys would say audio quality is bad underwater. Hah!

  • HardyHarHar

    Burst mode is like steadily pressing the camera button. So still won’t work on Z since you need to hold the on screen camera button to do burst mode.

  • webusermy

    Self-Timer poses its own problem.


    These are all done upon the pressing of the button usually.

  • FlowXT

    Pools are boring. They should try something like this –

  • FlowXT

    No. If it was able to it would be certified IPX8, which the Z isn’t. As always, you will come across anecdotal evidence of people being able to do that, but that’s outside the device’s tested abilities.

  • In a firmware update they could quite easily use the volume rocker to snap a pic.

  • Freestylar

    haha easy, solved ask how their phone audio recording quality is underwater the, theyll be like, uhh… dam it. instawin.

  • Freestylar

    dont quote me on this but i think i read somewhere it uses the same/similar tech as the xperia actives wet finger tracking where it responds to touch input even when wet and the camera has touch capture.

  • testor

    there are camera apps that can make the power button or the volume rocker the camera shutter button.

  • jag

    I SO WANT TO DO THIS!!!! cant wait to get my xZ

  • IStillHaveMyXperiaX10LOL

    you can replay video and take snapshots right? like the one in OneX+?

  • pavel

    GUYS,help me please!)Who know where i can get apk. files for messaging and phone from android 4.0 for TX or T??Thank you!)

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  • MR.X

    epic win to be exact :D

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  • Lars

    The video never actually shows a Sony Xperia Z, which drastically reduces its credibility. This could have been filmed with anything. Or am I missing something? :)

  • Choaib Kanouni


    This is swagger l love swagger with this ZZZZ

  • DrazenDodig

    lol, it is not an under water camera, its a phone.

  • How… In the world… Would you be able to film the device itself? I mean, you would need a mirror for that. -.-

  • Coolkid


  • FlowXT

    The acro s had a camera button though.

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  • I’ve used my Sony Acro HD to snap pics in the pool so I’m sure if this phone can do it the Z will have no problem!

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  • Lars

    You do realize that there are other video cameras in the world besides the one in the Xperia Z, right? :P Are you actually trying to say that there’s no possible way that footage of the Xperia Z could have been included in this video?

  • Yes they could have but as I mentioned I’ve tried my Sony Acro HD in shallow end of pool. Why would anyone go to all this trouble to fake something the phone is easily capable of?

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  • Gary Aramayo

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  • IStillHaveMyXperiaX10LOL


  • Aquaman

    wow, so cool being able to shoot underwater with a phone! If you love the underwater world, and have an android phone, check out realfishes live wallpapers

  • I can’t find any of these apps..?

  • tariq

    Use Aqua Camera” app.. It’s best app for xperia z devices

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