Xperia Z priced in Russia; on sale end of February

by XB on 14th February 2013

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The Sony Xperia Z will go on sale at the end of February at a recommended price of 29,990 Roubles (£643, €747, $996). The price point is certainly not cheap, but it does include the DK26 Charging Dock, MH-EX300AP headset and EP880 USB charger and cable. All three colours of the handset will be available (black, purple and white) and the included dock will match that of the handset. You can check out the Russian SKU unboxing of the Xperia Z below.

Via Sony Xperia Livejournal.

  • banan37

    ?, ??

  • evolutionx1

    No way I’m gonna buy a phone this expensive.

  • Hell yeah, dock included!

  • 1000$ O_O

  • 1000 bucks whoa o.O

  • ProWeirdo


  • Raiden

    Relax guys, this price is for Russia, since they are rich bastards, they can afford it with no probs. The price in Europe should remain the same ~ 600 euro

  • ?? ????? ??? ? ????? ?????
    ??? ????? – ????? ???? ?? 400 ???????

  • roeshak

    The phone is expensive anywhere you find it listed. £530 isn’t exactly cheap. Quite a big ask in my opinion.

    I suggest waiting for the unveiling of the M7 and S4 before taking the plunge. Not necessarily to purchase either of those devices instead, but just because if either of those two devices are priced cheaper, the price of the Z will fall quite quickly in line.

    It would be a serious and needless handicap if the Z is priced higher than say a 16gb S4 because, like it or not, the galaxy s line is widely seen as the flagship of Android devices so it would make a tough battle even tougher, to go in higher than that.

    Dive in if money isn’t an issue but for the more conscious of you, I’d wait for a couple of weeks. I can see somewhere between a 10 to 15% drop in price..

  • FixMax => Official Sony from UK sells this phone with ~610 EUR.
    That’s right information!

  • Amazing buy!!! u buy a XZ and u get a free SRS-BTV5

  • DrazenDodig

    So now Sony is releasing phones too soon? Why arent people ranting on Samsung on being beaten to market?

  • DDD

    ?? ????? ??????? 1000$ ?????????? ????, ? ????????? ??????? ?? 8 ??? ??? ???????.

  • Well, do you live in Russia? If not, then no, you will not be buying it at this price

  • roeshak

    Personally I think MWC is the best place to launch a flagship phone. The Z in my opinion has spent too much time being compared to 2012 devices. Eagerly waiting to see it put against other 2013 flagships.
    Having said that, I thought the topic was about pricing and not time of release

  • Gotta bash it!

  • So how cheap is the Iphone 5? This phone is better in spec than iPhone 5. How much was S3 on release? The same price! Please stop complaining about price because this phone has nearly everything like LTE and NFC. You won’t get S4 or M7 for less than £500

  • Rich? What you call rich man? Fnd prices in Russia are very big. Here, in Russia you may buy an iPhone for 5000$ after it launches. People, who sailing phones on such prises are called “??????”. So you have no idea how do we live here!

  • testor

    don’t expect s4 to be less expensive. amoled is never cheaper than lcd. add to that the fact that they will be using amoleds with higher resolution. the battery is also said to be bigger on the s4. take that all on account and you’ll get a price higher than the xperia z. the m7 may be on the same price range since it is smaller but with higher ppi.

    still, i wish sony used a better display. is this all that jdi can provide them? sharp has developed an igzo display that looks better and consumes less power. why don’t they get displays from them? they’re the same jap companies. they should be helping each other.

  • ?????? ??????

    Is you bastard

  • Maximus

    “The rich bastards” have average salary 600$ per month or less

  • rickiking

    Meanwhile, in the middle east, while the blackberry z10 is heavily marketed and promoted virtually anywhere, there is no hint that the xperia z exists.

  • Raiden

    Comon guys, I’m not looking for flame, ofc you can find poor salaries everywhere, I’m from Romania so you can imagine :)

    Was just a joke, because there are a lot of millionaires in Russia


  • roeshak

    The16gb S3 was £499 on release. I wasn’t saying that those two phones would come in cheaper, just advising some to wait and see how they’re priced.
    Considering that we have a £300 beast in the nexus 4, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that those two might come in cheaper.
    There are already unconfirmed reports that M7 will be priced around the $600 mark.
    There really no point in these manufacturers carrying on as though there wasn’t a nexus 4 which has a spec sheet that’ll satisfy most

  • ? ????? “???????” ?? 12 ????? ? ??? ???-?? ????????? “?????????? ????????” ???? ???3, one x, TX ? ?.?.

    ? ??????????? 600$ ?? ?????????? ??????????, ??????? ???? ? ???????? ?????? – ??? ??, ????????

    ? ????? ?????? 200$ ?? ????????, ?? ?? 600

  • evolutionx1

    Well, I live in India and the expected price is around 46k INR which equals to around $852.13 which is still expensive, at least for me. I don’t know why I got downvotes but yeah, that’s my view. I’m not gonna purchase a phone with such a huge price tag. :] And I had built my own custom PC with a pretty nice specs. i5 2500k, GTX 560 Ti, 4GB of RAM and it had cost me around 42k INR. :]

  • Why is Nexus 4 £300??? You ever check that? It’s subsidised by Google! How come LG and carriers don’t sell it for less than £300??? Sometimes I wish people would get a clue!

  • No one wants to know and no one is advising you to!

  • ??????? ?????????? ?????? ? ????????????? ??, ?? ??, ??? ??? ? ????? ??????? ??????? “???????? ?????????”, ??? ??? ?? ????? ???? ????????? ???????? ??????? ? ?????? ?????????? 1000$, ??? ????????? ??????????? ?????? ? ?????? ?? 600€

  • evolutionx1

    Just ignore it then rather than giving me a reply. :]

  • PVV

    Thats the usual situation in Russia. For whatever reason some things here cost up to 40% more than in EU. This especially goes for new phones and cars. I think the only explanation is the greed of vendors. Many people in my home town (Saint-Petersburg) prefer to travel to Finland to buy a new phone, since it only 4 hours by a car and you save a lot of money that way.

  • and may have 0$….

  • does anyone know if the xperia Z has a notification light? I know the ZL has one on the bottom front, so what about the Z?

  • ??????? ????????

    Yeah! And your expected price is equal to 27300 rub. Is the package set the same in India? If no, I see no much difference in pricing. About $80

  • allan marinho avelino

    olaaa quero comprar ele para usar no brasil tem algum problema?

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