Xperia ZL to see April launch in Canada; coming to all carriers

by XB on 14th February 2013

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Sony Mobile has confirmed that the Sony Xperia ZL (C650X) will launch in Canada in early April. The phone will land on pretty much every major Canadian carrier including Bell, Mobilicity, MTS, Rogers, Videotron and WIND Mobile.

The Sony Xperia ZL is the sibling handset to the Xperia Z offering pretty much the same hardware specs, but is not water & dust resistant. Pricing remains an unknown for now and judging from the press release it will only be launched in black (no mention of white anywhere). We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

  • Lewis Chiverton

    So this pretty much means that’s it going to launch mid to late march in the US to compete with the likes of the HTC M7, Samsung GS4 & the LG Optimus G Pro. May the best phone win!!!

  • oh nooooo~ Want the Xperia Z !!! :(

  • Jan

    “Z relase india” “ZL canada” “Z pre-order germany” articles which are totally crap, what are going with xperia blog?? Better be silent than massive spam about aviability of phones. Who preordered will take phone and thats all. Price little too high, i wait for JB for S, so write to Sony to make these moves quicker then i will be bored quicker then quicker i buy next phone. i have new launcher and messaging app but i miss google now. Where the hell is AOSP for XS now? Waiting repeats like big X10 times. JB for T relased? not in poland, im waiting too to upgrade my brother phone.
    LAZY LAZY LAZY SONY! i know there some limitations but i have in ass this Z until i recieve JB for S… Anyway Z is “wow” but its not Xperia Play 2 which i want more badly!

  • whats the plan sony? try to compete with samsung and htc for their upcoming flagship phone? prepare for keep your cstumers waited so long..

  • testor

    unfortunately, sony may not be able to compete. i am really a big sony fan but why are they not using better displays? or if it’s just something like a technical glitch (demo/pre-prod units), why are they allowing the media to get hold of those not so worthy prototypes. if they want to promote their products, they have to show their best foot forward. they should be sending review units that don’t have problems.

    they’re pricing their devices with the typical sony premium so they should show something better. i’ve been trying to convince myself that the display issue is basically caused by poor cameras taking the shots but we can’t deny the fact that most review websites say the display isn’t really topnotch. sony is saying that the xperia z is the best of sony in a smartphone. now, i’m dreading to find out how the rest of sony products are really doing.

    more discerning consumers ignore poor viewing angles but we can’t deny that most look at the xperia z display as a drawback. if the viewing angles aren’t really that bad and the problem is only caused by the awful looking homescreen, who the hell decided to use those ugly faded looking homescreens in the first place?

    please sony rectify what needs to be rectified in your next release. the chinese are already taking over your share. i want you to beat ugly samsung devices. you can’t achieve that with the products you are releasing at present. they have really good designs but they never fail to include drawbacks.

    i really hope sony releases another smartphone after samsung releases the s4. sony should start with something that will beat samsung specs and start doing the trend of releasing their new phones after every samsung release.

    samsung is the big gun now. sony can try playing the game samsung played with apple before.

  • Riyal

    I am really targetting ZL eversince announcement but what the heck is this? I didn’t know April is part now of the 1st season? I am actually planning on buying the ZL without any questions but making the release date inline with other flagships makes me change my mind. I mean come on! I wanna buy this device already why not just release it together with Z? Anyways you guys promised to release these device by 1st season. Releasing it together with other devices make me wanna consider HTC now. I only considered coming back to sony because they announced these devices just in time when I am considering an upgrade but what’s this? Trying to compete with others eh? Make sony slash 1/2 of all potential customers.

  • im a sony fan since s.e w800 and been using a lot of their flagship phone,.sold my xperia tx coz im dissapointed of what it performs considering that its 13mp cmera and walkman enhanced,,still the camera cant compete with s3 or even the audio output..the bass becomes faded when raised at hight volumes using using iphone 5 just my temporary phone planning to sell it when z or zl releases but after ive read all of these not impresssive reviews on most blogsites..nah! ive better keep my iphone i believe sony is only good at making phone commercials and looks very promising but the actual xperience is a total crap..

  • Quark Gluon

    Yeah! What’s up with JDI anyway? Did they drop WhiteMagic and start it all over again?

  • Quark Gluon

    Man, if you don’t like it just don’t read it, skip to another article or blog. Many people were like “What about India? What about the US?”, you can check previous posts yourself. What’s so wrong about availability news? Not everyone lives in Poland!

  • Until you’ve used the device and held it in your hand i would take what so called blog sites say with a pinch of salt. Some are clearly biased! They want Sony to fail or are paid by the competition. Why do people over exaggerate the viewing angles??? When no faults can be found on a handset reviewers start nit picking. I bet the viewing angles are nowhere near as bad as some biased reviewers are saying!

  • Rubens

    Any news about Argentina release?

  • Peter Griffin


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