Xperia Z versus HTC One: Specs compared

by XB on 19th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

HTC has lifted the lid on its latest flagship – the HTC One. There is no doubt that the handset is a looker, with an aluminium body, stereo speakers on the front face, a unique home screen and what looks to be a very capable camera experience.

The HTC One will go head-to-head against the Sony Xperia Z along with other flagships from Samsung and LG in the Android space. If you’re wondering how the two beasts compare, we’ve created a little table for you to compare specifications. Everything cannot be captured in a table though and from initial observations it seems that the HTC One has some great things going for it.

The camera in particular stands out with the inclusion of a dedicated imaging chip and OIS (optical image stabilisation), much like the Nokia Lumia 920. Judging by the first previews, it also looks like the 4.7-inch 1080p display is one of the best around with its 468PPI versus 443PPI for the Xperia Z. It also has a slightly better chipset (Snapdragon 600 with 1.7GHz quad-core) than the Xperia Z which uses the S4 Pro APQ8064 (1.5GHz quad-core).

The Sony Xperia Z has the upper hand in other areas though. Obviously, the HTC One is not water/dust resistant and we feel this will be a major differentiator for the Xperia Z against any other flagship released this year. It also has a micro SD memory card slot, the HTC One storage cannot be upgraded. The HTC One has an aluminium unibody, which gives it a premium feel. However, the Xperia Z has an arguably nicer (OmniBalance) design and the chassis is slimmer at 7.9mm versus 9.3mm for the HTC One.

There is no doubt that either phone is very capable and at the end of the day it is us the consumer that benefits from this competition.

Xperia Z versus HTC One: Specs compared

PhoneXperia ZHTC One
Display size (inches)5.04.7 Super LCD 3
Screen Resolution1080 x 19201080 x 1920
Water Resistant?YesNo
ChipsetQualcomm APQ8064 + MDM9215MQualcomm 600 (APQ8064T)
Processor1.5GHz Quad-core1.7GHz Quad-core
GPUAdreno 320Adreno 320
Android version4.
Storage16GB32GB / 64GB
Expandable storage?YesNo
Size (mm)139 x 71 x 7.9137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3
Weight (g)146143
SIMmicro SIMmicro SIM
ColoursBlack, Purple, WhiteBlack, Red, Silver
Rear Camera sensor13.1MP Exmor RSUltraPixel: 1/3" 4MP BSI sensor, 2.0 µm pixel size, F2.0 aperture & 28 mm lens, Dedicated HTC ImageChip 2
Image StabiliserDigitalOptical
HDRYes (movie/video)Yes (movie/video)
Burst Mode?Yes: Unlimited shots at 10 FPS & 9 MP resolutionYes: Zoe Mode (Press the shutter to capture up to 20 photos and a 3-second video)
Video Recording1080p Full HD (both cameras)1080p Full HD (both cameras)
Front camera sensor2.2MP Exmor R2.1MP (88 degree wide angle lens with HDR)
Wi-Fi802.11a/b/g/n802.11 a/ac/b/g/n
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0
Battery capacity23302300
Embedded Battery?YesYes
PlayStation CertifiedYesYes
Proximity sensorYesYes
Ambient light sensorYesYes
LTEYesYes (UL model only)
LaunchEnd Feb 2013Middle March 2013

  • disap_ed

    I wish Sony would follow the “less MP > better IQ” way, if the One would be a Nexus device I would probably pick it up. Sense is a no-go though.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Thank you for the comparison Xperia Blog. And I completely agree with your post.So people can choose slighty better screen and speed. Or water resistance and upgradable storage. Oher than that these 2 phones are awesome..except I hate the sense ui.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    But holy shit !! I just saw the live photo album from HTC. I totally dig it. I hope somebody makes it available for all androids. >

  • lovebmw

    No thank you, toilet proof, and beauty… going for the Z.

  • I like HTC after Sony. This Phone is very good and has premium feel and look. I would definitely consider this Phone over any Samshit device! I will probably buy the Xperia ZL

  • The Z is the way to go. Launcher is of course subjective, but I prefer Sony’s to all.
    The 5″ screen better uses the 1080p resolution. The OIS has not yet been tested, and isn’t sure to be better than digital stabilisation. The “ultra pixels” are just gimmicks. It’s a 13 megapixel..
    It’s also quite a lot thicker. Even though it’s just 1.4mm, it will be noticeable.
    The only thing I miss is the screen tech. A 5″ Super LCD3 on the SXZ would be sweet. But the current one is a step up to all 2012 screens anyway.
    And of course, the Z is water resistant!

  • Guest

    Htc One is better, but i need to see more shoots to finish.

  • feres13

    The One tapers down to 4mm on the edges and it feels really thin and the curved backside is really comfortable in the hand, i know that because i tried the DNA witch has a similar design, much more comfortable than a flat back. Also i think that the on screen buttons are wasting the resolution, and from what i tried with the DNA 5″ is too big, 4.7″ is a sweet spot.

  • AlexBurnout

    HTC One is not amazing. The Xperia Z is so much better.

  • xperiancer

    Good for you. These two devices will trade some blows, but it all comes down to self preferences. HTC’s camera is new, for a 4MP camera, it’s alot better than some 8MP even, so Sony’s 13MP will be able to go against it head to head. So in the end it comes down to screen/design, as both devices’ processing power is beyond most people’s daily use anyways.

  • EnglandFlick

    The XPERIA Z IS STILL THE WINNER, much better Image Sensor using STACKED Image Sensor and very high pixel counts means higher detail and enhanced contrast, I doubt Xperia Z image quality is lesser than HTC ONE, the thickness and expandable memory slot is always a plus and the quality of the screen in Xperia Z with Bravia Engine 2 is top notch, BTW I love the design of Xperia Z than any other phones its always a head turner.

  • EnglandFlick

    Yeah I might agree with you in 4’7″ If the the size of the phone build like in Samsung Galaxy S3 4’8″ screen having larger built than the Xperia Z even with a 5″ screen, Xperia have larger display yet smaller built and more compact than most 4’7 ” and 4’8″ feels good and feels comfortable in the hand.

  • Asunder

    They both look good to me and the 4.7 screen would suit me better you can’t tell until you have them in your hand. i also like the 2 speakers of the HTC, my Arc sounds terrible, will be a hard decision to choose.

  • z is the best,,if only they release it immediately..

  • seb

    The back of the HTC reminds me oft the xperia s with the white stripe at the lower end and from the camera up to the top

  • HTC One is PlayStation Certified??

  • pavel

    Never HTC and samsung can be compared with sony style and quality!!))May be just on paper))

  • Basharca

    When watching the design, style and built quality for both HTC ONE and SONY XPERIA Z, does any one blame me for considering samsung products overrated ugly and cheap??! I mean like seriously there is no comparison what so ever.

    enjoy the video!

  • Hopefully both phones will do well! But they need to be advertised well! Sony are showing clear signs of improvement in the way that they are bringing updates out much faster!

  • afzal

    The ultra pixel surely just a name to make it sound good.. Just like nikon n canon names their sensor. But at the end both will produce image that very nice to view. Well its depend on consumer which suit their need and budget.

  • There will always be something better. Purchase what you like and forget about what is coming out later.

  • twit

    well you have to remember that the 4.7-incher HTC One is only 2 mm shorter than the 5-incher xz. they’re almost hte same size with the latter possessing a bigger display. if only sony could duplicate the same clarity, vividness, and vibrancy of the htc one display.

    i have to admit, as a sony fan i was really feeling down when i saw the first actual videos of the htc one. definitely shows how inferior xz’s is. hopefully, sony starts realizing that they can’t grab a greater market share if they continue to only try pleasing sony fans who already understand the unnecessari-ness of wide viewing angles. it is important to consider what those buyers who go to galaxies and htcs prefer to finally catch their attention and make them go sony.

  • ethanhunt

    htc the best!!! wow this product is wondeful !!! htc you are big!!! sony make shame!!!

  • jag

    yep, but id still go for xZ. the design of HTC One doesn’t even came close to xZ.. and those speakers are horrible. why put them in front? IMO, i really dont like it. sorry ^^

  • Guest

    The problem with the “upgradable storage” point is that it will be 16+32=48 vs 64 (if you are willing to pay through the nose for the 64GB variant). Unless Sony gives proper 64GB SDXC support (no need for fuzzy steps to format as ext4, etc.).

  • arena

    let’s admit it. it’s good especially the dispay and new homescreen. still won’t trump water and dust resistance, though.

  • turner

    it’s a hodgepodge of iphone5, blackberry, and xperia s/oppo design after all.

  • I dont like the fat curving back of HTC One

  • ultrapixel is just marketing gimmick coz if its really a nice feature,why would the dslr cameras didnt use it or a digicam atleast? well lets just see how itll perform in actual

  • Cheng

    If you have seen the back of the HTC One, you will feel it looks similary to Xperia P~~ also with alluminium unibody~ lol…talk about “creative design”…

  • how about Z plus? comin’ this May…?

  • Atics

    Htc one looks like bbz10 with a windows os.. But the aluminum makes it great and speakers. Oh well xperia z all th way!!!!

  • APai

    sony, 6MP is plenty to print a poster. so, please follow the quality rather than quantity. the only case where I see “MEGApixels” is when I need a closeup crop from an image, but given how horrible individual pixels are from a typical phone image output – i’d rather prefer the image binning like nokia / foveon like htc technology or something unique from sony – but high quality. we’ve had enough megapixel race already!

  • Guarulhos

    The One Is The Way To Go !

    Design And Construction (Aluminium Unibody), Better CPU, Better Memory Ram, Better Display (Insanely Pixel Density), Better Camera (Better Image Sensor, OIS, Better Pixel Size, Better Lens), Better Camcorder (Better Image And Sound) And Better Android UI !
    Xperia Z Is Excellent Smartphone, But Is Lower In New HTC !

  • APai

    true, it does look like the bb10 (whch looks like a modified iphone > which looked like something else from another time :) the phones have very little leeway in terms of making it unique – it’s a glass slab after all. but , microsoft’s tiles is hardly new – it also follows earlier paradigms. actually, the interface reminds me of the google play store :)

  • APai

    true – but someonw who is careful with his phone, but needs good audio output will appreciate the htc. i’m glad we have choice and the companies are bending over to accommodate the needs of users – only possible when we have competition

  • The design is nothing new and inovative

  • IMO design of the HTC sucks. Of course this is very subjective.
    “Better memory RAM”… They have both 2GiB. What’s the point!?
    “Better Display”… Yeah, in terms of ppi. But the Z’s pixel density is allready in a region where you will not see any pixels… If the display is better in terms of color reproduction etc. can’t be told yet.
    Same goes for the camera.
    For the HTC vs. Sony launcher… I haven’t had any HTC android phone so I don’t know if it’s any good. But I for sure would miss some of the awesome sony apps (e.g. Walkman and the gallery app). Plus, you can install any launcher you want anyway…

  • “Good audio output”!? From the speakers? Sorry, but it doesn’t make any difference if there are two speakers… they will suck just as all speakers suck in phones.

    And I don’t know about other countries, but here in germany there are some people – especially non-educated teenagers – annoying other people with their handset’s speakers in public, e.g. subway or train or bus.

    If I want to listen to music, I’ll use headphones/in-ears.

  • King

    Yes so true, i like the z.. But iwant to wait for a smaller device like 4″3 beast xperia phone. I hope sony will understand that not all want a huuuge screen. For this htc one it is smaller yes but still big

  • Ashua

    How is the Z lower? it is water and dust resistance! 13 megapixel camera and expandable storage and in terms of audio quality Sony is excellent especially compared to beats audio and also the phone is made of tough glass and metal that would be used for cars compared to HTC and the best part is Sony was able to make a sleek and great design all in one combined to make a superb device compared to HTC and other companies. ! So really all in theory. Sony out does HTC in majority of key features and its own interesting features! :)

  • Rod

    I have a Xperia Ion and I have 64GB SDXC in it that I bought for $55 and works just fine.

  • Why surprised, lots of manufacturers use Sony technology in the products. Sony has always been an innovator.

  • APai

    agreed, but i was thinking of the tinny/ crackling useless speaker that I have on my xperia T. frankly it sucks goatballs, I’ve had better speakers on an age old w810i or phones from those times. the speakers these days simply aren’t good enough. probably because the phones are super slim . but, I will commend anyone – Sony, HTC or nokia or anyone else who will try and make things better on the phone. we the customers will win if there’s choice. I’m pro-choice :)

  • Cheng

    LOL agreed~~ short and sound~

  • HTC one is very cool. I’m really wanna see some review of the camera and the Dual Speaker also got infared(can be use as TV remote) but I still think xperia Z is better.
    I just hope Sony will make an Xperia with Dual Speaker S4 800 SoC and a Better Camera.

  • both of these two beast are perfect … well htc defeat xperia Z in terms of performance benchmark.. but i still prefer xperia z for design, waterproof and audio.. the good thing is customer have many good choice not only samsung and apple but htc & sony too. and sony can take one or two features in htc to improve xperia flagship.

  • hans

    Actually i laugh at HTC 4MP Ultrapixel tech, it’s like we’re going back
    to Cybershot era of K770 and k800, While it does have superb quality back
    then, but it’s clear that at some point, more pixel is still better
    because from the looks of HTC pics, the noise is low but the lack of
    pixel hinders the end result too. There’s no denying that given a constrained space, improvement is hard to get, so either you have to go crazy like 808, or just software technique that needs to be refined, especially Sony’s own method.

  • xperiancer

    How exactly is XZ sooo inferior to HTC One? You saw the videos of HTC one, so all you saw was the screen. Period. There is no way that you can tell the difference in performance at this stage of processing power. So if other consumers were to walk in store, and same as you, saw just a dummy without able to tell the difference in performance, the rest comes from user experience and design. These “powerful” phones gimmicks are only attractive to a small percentage of all buyers.

  • xperiancer

    What a troll. Look at iPhone how Aluminum turned out. Better memory ram? You have got to be kidding me, they’re the damn same ram. Better Display because of Pixel Density? You do realize that they are aimed at different targets? You don’t take a 4.7 and fight against a 5 inch. Better Camera, apparently you don’t know much about camera’s. HTC’s camera is equivalent to an 8MP camera. Check out the sample pictures taken with it. It’s not that better than an iPhone 5. It’s on par. The rest are all subjective to just you, so if you don’t have enough facts to argue, go away.

  • Quark Gluon

    That 4MP sensor is equivalent to 12MP or 16MP sensor (depending on the interpolation) with bayer filter. I didn’t find it laughable, however it’s rather experimental than innovative.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Only thing I like about HTC One compared to Xperia Z is One’s DISPLAY – its seriously awesome.
    If One’s screen was in XZ – I would have never thought of any other phone atleast this year !!

  • Quark Gluon

    There’s nothing wrong with front speakers, it’s just the grille that mess things up.

  • Quark Gluon

    It makes a difference, it’s better. Remember those walkman series? They sounds better. Well, the manufacturers have to put a speaker anyway, so what’s so wrong with making it stereo? I’m not praising HTC One, I just appreciate it. (except.. the grilles look like hell).

  • still love Sony the best! :) problem?

  • Quark Gluon

    Right! I wonder if they can have a similar algorithm to Bravia Engine in the camera image processing. But with the ability to turn it off, or to choose the level of it. It would be nice, don’t you think?

  • twit

    come on. this comment is from someone who love sony. we gotta admit our xz display is really inferior. it looks washed out. i want to point this out because i want sony to target those sammy, htc, and lg customers who are thinking of moving to another brand. we cannot convince them to change if they have been so used to vivid high contrast displays.

    xz looks great when you look at its display head on and when it’s turned off. i want xz to look good all the time.

    of course, it goes without saying that i will still get me an xz because i still think it’s the better choice.

  • testor

    dust and dirt accumulate onto the grills over time.

  • arena

    formatting the 64gb sd card ain’t that difficult if you’re no noob.

  • turner

    and it’s not any smaller than the xz despite the smaller display. it’s even way bigger the xzl.

    if you really like the htc one, you can have a better option in zl with the IR blaster and dedicated camera shutter button.

  • Sony has lots of innovator, but they cannot hire a good number of developer. I think they use other company to make update for them as other company use Sony’s innovations :P

  • APai

    that IR is an interesting inclusion. frankly, having an IR port is SO useful! used to be too much fun controlling TVs at shops and messing up with sales people :P

  • iceO

    Im getting HTC One this time

  • oldie

    So’s the Xperia Z

  • jag

    yep.. it’s the grilles im talking about. they should have made it smaller maybe. because it looks too much. >.<

  • APai

    absolutely, having flexibility is nice, as in advanced users should always be able to eke out that extra 10% of control. I actually, do not like the default output of sony cameras – it turns up contrast a bit too high – so sometimes details are lost. but, for the vast majority – it just works I guess with punchy pictures, and not having to tweak the results back on a PC or with another software.

  • xperiancer

    Yeah, I totally agree that the screen on the XZ would be a problem to a few who came from SLCD or AMOLEDs, but then we can’t just call XZ inferior just for the screen. For what it is, it’s not a perfect phone, yet not a bad one at all. For daily uses, the Z is more than plenty (I’m using Acro S right now, and it already is enough for me). In anyway, I would still get the Z just for design alone…

  • You made us allll laugh! Xperia Z trashes all the other phones in the game you kidding me ?!

  • jag

    no.. it looks more like of a xperia ION to me.

  • Cheng

    lol yeah IOn or P, still Xperia~ HTC just used Sony’s design for the back at least. Front they say its based of Iphone 5’s back lol~~

  • oldie

    I respect SE design more than just sony. Z is just a square piece of glass. Blind fanboy is blind

  • jag

    haters will always be haters.

  • Quark Gluon

    Just because someone has different taste, doesn’t mean he’s a fanboy, let alone blind. But it’s true that SE was richer in design.

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  • Jobe83

    The screen should be better on the One, not because it has higher PPI, but because of the poor viewing angles on the Z. Some might argue it doesnt matter, but for some (me included) it could be a deal breaker.
    Other than the screen, it’s a very close race between the two. Both are very nice handsets with edge tech.

  • jag

    Go get it. ^^

  • DragonClaw

    Just hoping there are more people like you and me. The buzz One created soon after Announcement. Sony might just loose it once again.

    A big list of the countries where the One will be available. Sony needs to do the same. Make the phone available everywhere. They must make their presence felt. And they need to hurry.

  • roeshak

    Well what can I say but it’s a beauty. Looks like the Z has got a serious challenger in any prospective beauty pagent.
    The fact that it’s also got the 600 series cpu is impressive. Preliminary tests on quadrant shows results over 12000. That’s more than twice the score of all 2012 flagships. The Z is the only device that isn’t completely blown away but there is still aq gap of about 4000 between the two. I haven’t seen any tests that show the Z scoring higher than 8000.
    I just feel that the 4.7 inch display lets it down somewhat considering that it’s only very marginally smaller than the Z.
    Sense 5 also seems like it’s going to be very divisive. A love it or hate it feature especially the whole blink feed idea. SE learnt the hard way that aggregating so much info in one place isn’t always a good idea. Having said that it’s by far and away a better implementation of the idea than Timescape ever was.
    In summary, it’s done enough to make me pause and think. I was 70% sure of getting the Z but that’s now down to 50%. I’ll wait to test out both devices in person before moving.
    Looks like I’ll be using the S until late March then.

  • james

    its copied from iphone 5 !!!!!

  • Zong Sien Ho

    Z for me, pre-ordered mine already!!

  • turner

    you’re calling people blind? what about you? dumb? you can’t even distinguish your polygons.

  • prashant

    if this comes before xperia z in india ill definitely get this one.. hate sony for ignoring india …

  • going to get the ZL, dont give a crap about benchmark as long as it runs the OS smoothly and don’t crash thats all I need.

  • xperien

    Yea I also think Sony designs are very blend since the S. HTC looks more like the designer have given more thoughts on the design.

  • Lucian

    sony xperia ZL is 6mm smaller than htc one and with 5″ display.

  • GabenBFG

    Well, HTC convinced me, bye bye Sony…

  • Lucian

    agree with you that 6MP is enough for poster. But have in mind that on phones there is no optical zoom. So I rather have 12/13MP and be able to zoom or crop a bit without loosing a lot of quality, than have 4MP and NOT be able to zoom. Have you seen photos taken with HTC One? They are not sharp enough.. And while they put three small stacked sensors it would be better if they would implement the same technology with 8MP sensors. This would be a great game changer for HTC.

  • That’s why I’m patiently waiting for the ZL. I will buy it as soon as its released in Germany!

  • By all accounts the speakers are very good but don’t forget they will drain the battery quicker!

  • Nothing wrong with that because its a nice phone!

  • roeshak

    I know I said earlier that the One made me only 50% sure of getting the Z. I’m back up to 95% and here is why.
    when I ask myself the question, putting the specs to one side, which phone would I rather own? Repeatedly and quite honestly, the Z wins out. Even my girl after looking at it said she couldn’t see me with it.
    I accept that the one is also a beauty but it’s beauty for someone more stylish than myself.
    I prefer the more bland, bold, masculine design of the Z. Straight lines over curves for me any day. That says more about me than the phone itself I know.
    The one is obviously higher speced but the Z has plenty enough.
    I’m not sure too that I’m happy with blink feeds being so dominant over the ui. It would have been better as an app with a large widget so you don’t have to have it if you don’t want it. Also making android look like WP8, don’t knowbut You can readily piss off a lot of android fans that way.
    Also the smaller screen looks to me like a wasted opportunity. Considering that it too is quite large in dimensions, there really isn’t an argument to be made in favor of the smaller display. Higher ppi at this level is meaningless. The 440 of the 5 inchers is crazy enough.
    the one aspect of the HTC I’d miss is that super LCD 3 ips 3 display. It’s the best display possible right now but at 4.7 I think I’ll pass.
    Having said that, tft would be a deal breaker for me if Sony dare use that cheap crap again. Don’t give a damn how good they make it look head on. Tft is old school and it’s had its time. No more!

  • Cheng

    agreed. Love Sony’s design all the way~

  • hans

    but in the best light and configuration possible, 4Mpix is no match for 12Mpix, when you need that extra pixel, you’re out of luck. I will find it reasonable for HTC to try, if the result image is at the same resolution with the 12Mpix (Superior auto) from Xperia Z but generated from that 4Mpix module. Now that’s UltraPixel. but in it’s current state, i agree with you, it’s more like an experiment than innovative.

  • hans

    but in the best light and configuration possible, 4Mpix is no match for 12Mpix, when you need that extra pixel, you’re out of luck. I will find it reasonable for HTC to try, if the result image is at the same resolution with the 12Mpix (Superior auto) from Xperia Z but generated from that 4Mpix module. Now that’s UltraPixel. but in it’s current state, i agree with you, it’s more like an experiment than innovative.

  • surethom

    Personally I think HTC wins, better smaller dimensions, duel speakers, optical image stabilization. Htc looks better than the Sony. Sony style has hardly changed in years.

  • Totally disagree.

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  • jag

    Bye bye! ^^

  • and mobile bravia engine 2
    sensor on lens display

    xLoud™ Experience

    Battery STAMINA Mode

    xperia z is the best

  • Guest

    The specs for the Z only lists up to 32gb card support. Of course we will try 64gb, but it is not simple plug and play.

  • turner

    as a sony fan, i’m really sad and at the same time wishing that sony releases another device after the galaxy s4 release.

    these key issues should be addressed:

    1. display.

    2. latest innards (something to one up htc or samsung’s chips)

    the display is really awful. we need to admit that for sony to realize they are doing it wrong. if htc one can use the kind of display they have now and still be available at a lower price than xz, why can’t sony do the same? sony is supposedly more experienced when it comes to displays.

    please sony, try to listen. i still prefer you over any other manufacturer so i hope you won’t disappoint.

  • twit

    my problem is that the xz appears inferior and is actually priced higher. pricing details have already been revealed in the uk and the htc costs lower than the xz. i can’t really believe it. i though it would be way more expensive than the xz. now, it is actually cheaper. if you’re a buyer, wouldn’t you wanna go to that device with the more gorgeous display and lower price?

  • APai

    but I’m glad that htc took that decision. now they will have the race towards larger photosites and some actual imagery. yeah, the 8Mp “foveon” lens would be interesting.

  • applefans

    totally, htc one is better, but the design on xperia z is awesome

  • GB3

    DSLRs use “ultrapixels” too, you fool. They have about 4 mu sized pixels. The DSLRs can squeeze a lot of pixels (let’s say 25mp) because they have bigger bodies that can accommodate bigger sensors.

  • Great point

  • but they didnt market it as ultrapixels,,

  • jimmy ghinis

    casual user wont notice a difference but a photographer would. I take a picture for a poster which one will look ugly when its blown up? That was a total downgrade what htc did cheap camera electronics they couldnt offer Sony’s hdr sesnor or bravia style engine otherwise the smartphone would cost mores 4.3 vs 13mpixels is a no brainer. Smartphones if not cleaned once in awhile are worser hygenic than coins and money nice feature Sony included waterproofing also extra time in the bath with it. Sony should really market their smartphone as dishwash cleaner safe because there are also germ freaks out there. Casing is also nice now I find out 5inch 1080p is the minimum screen to see full desktop webpages without zooming another productive plus stamina is another good feature when you see android pop up that you got 5% battery left switch to standby not worry about not receiving phone calls for the next few hours til you get home no stamina within an hour the battery is dead even in standby mode. Sony gave less memory storage and slight less CPU power but now made up for it throwing in premium headphones they may up the 2gig extra memory to 32gig memory sd card if their preorder sales dropped also insurance wise drop tests which would break or would look ugly metal case with dents or glass with unoticable skuff marks and glass being stronger than gorilla glass I have dropped my Sony mini ii pro they are built for drops another unique but important feature does htc allow for lanyard straps look at all of Sony products can hang around the neck has holes for a strap also lanyard is unique get a phone call press a button to disengage phone from strap also reconnect easily.

  • xperiancer

    But not when the build quality is sub par. I’ve used HTC before, and they don’t have good durability. I get small lines just for putting them on the table or taking it out my pocket. The HTC One’s aluminum body is only the inside, just like the Z. The outside is just brushed up aluminum and it will get chips for even the most moderate use (look at the iPhone 5 and their “uni-body” aluminum too). I’ve bought many Sony phones, and not one have had durability issues.

  • roeshak

    Well the HTC One is available for pre-order at Clove for £510 vs £522 for the Z. To be perfectly honest, considering the more expensive display tech and cpu, I think Sony need to respond to that by dropping the price of Z somewhat perhaps to £500 because you can be sure the One’s price will probably fall to that sort of mark very shortly.

  • Guarulhos

    Typical response from a sony boy !

    Presented numbers, facts and evidence !

    And you had curses and ironies !

    I’m really not have arguments ? Shut up troll boy !

    P.S: Xperia Z Has a Trash Camera (Plastic Lenses, 1.1 Micron And Poor Led Flash) !

  • xperiancer

    Wow, how ignorant are you? I just gave you the evidence and facts. Where have you been on earth to not know about iPhone 5’s aluminum issue? What in my display explanation do you not understand? Should I draw a picture book for you to understand? Bigger screen = less DPI. Smaller screen = more DPI. Talking about same resolution here. In any case they’re not completely comparable like how YOU compared it. Go to GSMArena to look at the sample pictures. They already have it up. Even XDA has sample images, and it’s on par to an 8MP.

    Why don’t YOU give me your evidence and human language explanation on the Plastic Lenses on how it affects it’s performance on the Z. Give me a sample that your HTC One is better if there’s any out there. Unless you’re just subjectively thinking it’s already 10x better from just reading a spec sheet “troll”?

  • Unter

    Wow, you went full retard with that comment. DSLRs have much much bigger sensors than cell phones, it is not an apples to oranges comparison. You’re a f*cking loon and an illiterate, Alreyandro Versosa.

  • Jnel

    Those are all marketing terms…

  • hey unter i did not compare dslr to smartphone,,you abnormal mongoloid dick licking asshole,read before u reply..or just stfu and suck my dck

  • unter could u just gtfo and suck my dck? or maybe see a doctor maybe youre having a clot in your brain,that if you have a brain,,i doubt you dont have any.

  • AlexBurnout

    For sure, man

  • AlexBurnout


  • LancerEX

    from the way the Xperia Z performs on video reviews and demos, it’s more than enough for basic or even the most graphics intensive apps out there. unless you’re the type of person who always say “OMG my phone has the higest score in quadrant!” or “Nahh your phone’s CPU’s so last year!” :|

  • mics

    sony should put a full frame SLT lens on their coming phone.

  • LancerEX

    Agree! or introduce an Xperia that’s more inclined to “photogaphy” rather than sky rocketing benchmark scores/ultra slim body :)

  • risky yo!!

    my friend was a huge fan of HTC and got two phones for himself and his dad even after my relentless advices to get sony phones after a year he compared both his phones to my 2 year old xperia arc while mine was going strong his had issues like yellow tint weak body etc.. and i have dropped my phone on consistent basis never clean it up …. so what i have to say is that i will stick with sony as it has earned my trust

  • aram muhamed

    but sony is water proof this is the best for smartphone i like sony

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  • Robert Tan

    The main reason I have for switching to Sony’s XZ is that I want to try out its flavor of Android, which is purported to be the thinnest-applied UI of the lot. Also, I like XZ’s design better than HTC One’s. The ‘front speaker aluminum strips’ design just isn’t my taste. The “loud sound” of HTC One isn’t my cup of tea, as well. Also, I have an issue with phones that have curved backs.

    Having said the above, the specs of the HTC One are indeed formidable. But I feel that Sense UI, eventhough it has now been updated, is still strongly present in that phone. There’s nothing wrong with Sense, of course. But the Android world is so expansive, it would be a shame not to try other flavors. That’s one of the beauties of Android, you can actually choose from different kinds of UI ecosystems.

    Think about it, most of the time, it is the smartphone’s UI that you interact with. You interact with it more than you do the camera or the apps that are installed in the drawer. So far, I’m liking what I see in the promotional videos of XZ. It’s that feeling of understatedness about the XZ that I like. Or probably it’s just my personality. But hey, people have different personalities, and I’m sure our personality is that strong driving force that ultimately directs our choices.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    No fighting under my comment. jeez.

  • HTC RULES. Said no one ever. Screw the Apple, Blackberry, Sony copy cat. SONY Xperia Z is the right choice! Its like a Nexus 4 on steroids but with the good ol’Sony looks. Im buying this over the HTC One. And plus, Im japanese, y wouldnt I?

  • Why even bring Samsung into this picture? They dont deserver to be in this xD

  • My GSIII sound quality bumping from the rear is pathetic. Front facing amplified speakers to me will provide a much better experience. I’m still getting the Xperia Z, but I’m concerned of the small sized speaker that is blocked by your right hand.

  • I’m not really feeling a hard coded flipboard UI thats running all day. I already have flipboard that I can customize as I see fit. I don’t see why I need it embedded into my homescreen. The quick video 20 clip gimmick is pretty cool though.

  • This has already been tried and tested. I’m not sure it can get any easier.
    1. Plug in your 64 gig card
    2. Click format
    1 minute later you have 64 gig extra storage.

  • Do you think the Xperia Tablet Z’s design is just a square slab and isn’t innovative as well!? Thinner then the dam iPad mini

  • jag

    Yeah.. The speaker is a bother. Good thing im left handed! Haha!
    The placement of the speaker should be st the bottom but i guess it’s the design wise thing that’s why it ended up there at the side

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