Australian Xperia Z pre-orders open at Sony Store

by XB on 21st February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Pre-orders for the Xperia Z have opened in Australia via the Sony Store website. The Xperia Z is priced at A$749, which is exactly what was expected. However, you’ll be charged an extra A$9.95 for delivery. There is also only the choice of a black Xperia Z right now.

There is no delivery date outlined, although we understand that stock is expected towards the end of March. There doesn’t appear to be any promotions associated with the off-contract deal, but these may appear once we hear about carrier pre-orders. The handset is expected to be carried by Telstra, Vodafone Australia and Optus. Optus recently pointed to availability in mid-March.

Thanks @theXperiance!

  • e.d

    when in middle east?
    im eagerly waiting.

  • lovebmw

    Early March, Abu Dhabi

  • e.d

    what about the price?

  • M Usman

    Just ordered my Xperia Z white for 28.50 a month! Free handset (129.99 handset fee waived by phones4u as its an upgrade). free sony mdr-1r headphones included at a retail price of £300. 600 mins unlmtd texts and 1gb data. 2gb if your under 24 like me. Free sky sports to stream live on mobile and free TV. No data charges incurred. All from phones4u. Just letting my fellow UK buddies know as its an amazing deal! Delivery for 28 Feb!

  • Guest

    Just ordered my Xperia Z white for 28.50 a month! Free handset (129.99 handset fee waived by phones4u as its an upgrade). Those free headphones. 600 mins unlmtd texts and 1gb data. 2gb if your under 24 like me. Free sky sports to stream live on mobile and free TV. No data charges incurred. All from phones4u. Just letting my fellow UK buddies know as its an amazing deal. Delivery for 28 Feb!

  • kiikooo

    i really wish i could understand why sony does not have a phone like this on ALL regions of it sony store websites. I mean there isnt even a preorder or anything on the Canadian website :S.
    Im ordering from eBay unfortunately..

  • hm
  • dubaiboy

    you can pre order thru jumbo electronics for 2499aed but they will release non LTE version.

  • m sacha

    that is a good deal!

  • M Usman

    trust me its an amazing deal! I couldn’t believe it when he said that. i’m guessing it was an upgrade that’s why. but I’m sure anyone can get it. you just have to fight with the person over the phone and if its a lady, just sweet talk her and magic happens. i didn’t think they would waive the 129.99 fee. but 7.50 bill credit every month to 28.50 is just incredible. the even better thing is that i called up orange and as a loyal customer, they added a further £5 for loyalty which makes it £23.50 a month. I think its the cheapest deal ever. I just hope I get it on Thursday as promised

  • ardere

    Preorders have been available in Sony stores in Melbourne for the last 2 weeks. Why is this news???

  • Sergy

    Please Sony bring the Xperia Z to Estonia !!!!!!!!!

  • Cp2020

    Just pre-ordered mine after reading your post [ not that i wasn’t going to get it anyway ] and I got it on a similar deal to yours. Got the black one for 33.50 a month 900 mins unlimited txt plus 1gb. Fella knocked off 99 quid handset fee. He also said that it looks like I’ll be getting sony headphones with it cuz they still got vouchers for them left. Absolutely brilliant deal i think, thanks alot for the hint m8. What did U actually say to orange to get the loyalty bonus cuz getting that would be like icing on the cake?

  • M Usman

    Tell them I recommended you. We will both get some cashback. Once you get the handset. Call orange and just say to them I was promised if I stayed with orange that you would give me a five pound loyalty discount. Do you think black is nicer than the white and I swear recommend me that I recommended you and let’s see what else they give us

  • Cp2020

    I just went in the phones4u shop last friday and there was a bloke promoting Xperia Z, had both black and white samples [ i literally had them both in each hand at the same time ], compared them and i prefered black one but fingerprints are obviously much more visible on it after playing, now white is just not my color so would never buy white phone but i must say…it looks stunning.. even for me. If You like white U won’t regret it. About the Orange…that’s good thinking right there i really wouldn’t mind. Live in Manchester

  • M Usman

    Ah sorry I was talking about telling phones4u I recommended you and the guy I ordered off of said we both would get benefits. Worth a try if your up for it. I’ll give you my contact deals if you want. I’ll also help you out with orange loyalty if you want. They can be fussy at times lol. Do you mean your upgrade isn’t due til the 5th of March. As long as you get the headphones I guess

  • Cp2020

    Well I only went to find out what my options are cuz i knew my contract isn’t due til 19th april, I kind of hoped i would be able to secure it somehow [ free headphones + high demand + global sales indicate possible shortages in some areas for a while]. I told him the i am like 56 days away from upgrade [ contract due 19th of april ], than he put me on the phone with another guy who said once i get to 45 days I’m ok to upgrade and if I want I can pre-order now but he can’t release it until I am 45 days away, which is 5th of march…I simply agreed and at the end he said if i recommend someone whom they will successfully sign the contract with they give me 50 pound. I imagine it won’t work now cuz we both pre-ordered already. And yes Orange can be fussy, thats why i was surprised bout your deal as well…i guess anything’s possible

  • M Usman

    Are you upgrading from the arc. I had 45 days left too so just got it in time. I just wanted the headphones badly although I already own a pair of Shure se530,s. Maybe it won’t work but would’ve been worth a try. I hope it comes for you soon enough though. I can’t wait til Thursday lol and I hope there’s no delays. Phones 4 u were clueless about the release date lol. Good choice though hehe let me know how it goes

  • Cp2020

    Yes I officially upgraded from the Arc but I switched to Xperia P red [ couldn’t resist it’s beautiful design ] and thath’s what I’m currently using. Need more power now and really wanna put this 5inch screen to the test. I will still keep my XP for a backup tho. Phones 4 U are often misinformed about Sony brand and their phones [ don’t know about other brands ] . When i go there I usually know more than them, including details about official releases and phone specs…You will definately get it before me so enjoy it and I will try with orange, U never know. It won’t hurt to ask. Thanks again for all the intel, that was very usuful

  • M Usman

    Same for me. I got the s and will keep it as a backup too. Your right about knowing more. I always know more than p4u and carphonewarehouse and that tends to piss them off lol. I just don’t want to wait longer than Thursday to get it. Oh and your welcome! Anything to help other people out. Just glad I could be of help

  • Wait to see the Kogan, Mobicity, Expansys etc prices before buying it straight from Sony.

  • Nick

    Preordered (in person) a Sony Xperia Z after visiting their Australian website. They did mention it would be in during this first week of march.
    I did head to their store for a play around and put the Xperia to a few tests, it truely is flawless in design and elegantly operates any function smoothly.

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