Upcoming ‘PlayStation App’ will act as PS4 second screen

by XB on 21st February 2013

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PS4 LogoAmidst all of the fanfare last night for the PlayStation 4 launch, Sony confirmed that a new application called “PlayStation App” will be heading to Android and iOS devices later this year. The main purpose for the app will be to allow smartphones and tablets to act as a second screen for the PS4. In many respects this sounds very similar to the Xbox Smartglass app.

Whilst it will not enable remote play (that is being reserved for the PS Vita) you will be able to use it for specific functions such as having a game map on a second screen. Other features include being able to purchase games remotely as well as watching other gamers playing on their devices. At this stage, we don’t know whether this app will end up replacing or work side-by-side the PlayStation Mobile app. Expect the PlayStation App to launch in time with the PS4 at the end of 2013.

  • DragonClaw

    What a year 2013 been already. The Xperia Z, the PlayStation 4 [it’s powerful], the N-Vidia Titan, Google Glasses, and so on…

  • Sony4Ever

    What operating system does the PS4 use? …FreeBSD like PS Vita right?

  • don’t freak me out till ps4 availability :D

  • They did not show any of that. Just few demos and few new services. More to come in E3

  • jag

    Loving the concept of ps4.. Together with xperiaZ and ps vita.. This will be awesome!

  • you guys should watch Watch Dog demo on youtube, it’s no longer a game, it’s something else, very close to real life.

  • jjghj

    I was thinking this too! There’s 3 different trailers online, 2 old and now this new one. I really like the teaser one where it explains what (and how) everything is connected. Its kinda scary how true it is (tinfoil hats at the ready haha)!

  • mgsdude

    Correct! It will have FreeBSD :D

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