New Flashtool beta (v0.9.10.1b) adds support for Xperia Z

by XB on 24th February 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

We have already seen the Sony Xperia Z (C6603) release in a few select markets and it is expected to see a wider European launch over the next week. For those buying the handset on a carrier and looking to debrand the Xperia Z, then you will need to use Flashtool and flash the phone with the desired FTF file. The process of flashing the handset will be the same as any other Xperia device, however your current version of Flashtool (v0.9.10.1) will not work.

This is as a number of features have changed in the Xperia Z bootloader including partition changes. A new Flashtool beta (v0.9.10.1b) has been created to cater for the Xperia Z. This beta version is a heavily-slimmed down version of Flashtool, for example it cannot be used to create bundles. Expect to see a number of Xperia Z FTF firmware files pop up over the next week, a French version is already doing the rounds on xda-developers. The Flashtool beta can be downloaded from here.

Via xda-developers.

  • Andrew D

    Honest, This Xperia Z Is Getting A Little On My Nerves,
    Even More Sony…Whats With The Rest Of The Devices?
    All You Read In Here The Last Past Weeks And Months Is Xperia Z Z Z Z Z Z Z…
    Enough Allready…We Know, Its A Good Phone But Relax, Xperia Z Is Not The Only Xperias Out There

  • ZeroCools

    You should go ask on their forums not a blog that reports on Sony devices.

  • nidou bossy

    just chill

  • Andrew D

    im cool

  • I was thinking on buying this phone but it is too late now to be released in my opinion. I don’t want it anymore

  • I still think xperia Z is the best phone ever. :) go away haters!!! @@ you’re not welcome here. :P

  • nick

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  • Xperia Z is Awesome but I am still waiting for a xperia with S4 600 :D

  • When this phone will be available in Asia Middle east

  • Ryan

    And I’m waiting for Xperia with Snapdragon 800. Happy with my TX.

  • bratjt

    Will it support win8 ??

  • if u dont want it dont comment over here …tata bye bye

  • rest in peace bro :p

  • SMF

    I’m angry for long waiting for TX jb update )-;

  • Snapdragon S4 and Snapdragon 600 are the same CPUs… just renamed

  • If you don’t have something helpful to say to reply to me

  • guess

    You can Update your Phone Via FlashTool man ,

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