Sony holding MWC press conference on 25 February

by XB on 24th February 2013

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We can confirm that Sony will be holding a low-key press conference at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) tradeshow in Barcelona. The press conference is scheduled for 08.30 local time, so expect to hear about new handsets around then.

Sony Mobile’s official twitter client tweeted “Are you ready for MWC13” yesterday afternoon, highlighting that something new may be announced. Sony Mobile is not making a big deal about the event, so we expect the company to showcase some new low-end and/or mid-range handsets as well as the likely international announcement for the Xperia Tablet Z.

Rumoured Xperia devices

Sony Xperia L – C210X (C2104, C2105)
Sony C360X
Sony Xperia SP – C530X HuaShan (C5302, C5303, C5306)
Sony C550X Doga
Sony Xperia Tablet Z – C6907 Pollux

  • musumappa

    AM 8:30?
    PM 8:30?

  • dorian

    08:30 is AM

    20:30 is PM

  • I’ve been longing for this! Will I buy the Xperia Z on release in two weeks or not? I’ll know tomorrow.

  • XperiaBlog

    Correct – conference scheduled for the morning.

  • waiting for Xperia L

  • cincin27

    Me too. It will be my next phone :)

  • what about a livestream ?

  • King

    I hope it has super excellent design and decent internal memory

  • hope it will have the compact size of xperia E

  • veneticat

    Will it be live streamed anywhere.. Or will we just have to wait for the news…

  • Atx

    Compact size but good specs

  • veneticat

    What are the expected/ leaked specs for that phone..

  • Screen Resolution : 480 x 854

    Content Resolution : 480 x 791 (Due to On Screen Software keys)

    CPU : 1 GHz Dual Core Krait

    Chipset : Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 plus : MSM8227 / MSM8627

    GPU : Adreno 305

    OS : Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)

    Ram : 1GB

  • cincin27

    From esato forum, thanks to @randomuser specification Xperia L (C210x):

    MSM8227A S4 Krait 1 ghz dual core with GPU Adreno 305
    1 GB RAM
    4″ FWVGA 854×480
    5 mp camera 720p video recording
    8 GB min Internal (probably with memory card slot – microSD)
    Android 4.1
    1750mah battery

    And other info also from @randomuser:
    “C210X – J successor
    C360X – ??? successor. More of a successor to U + Sola + Neo L
    C530X – Xperia S/P successor
    C550X – Ion Successor”

  • cincin27

    4′ FWVGA 854×480 with on screen buttons

  • eff

    Yeah me too,but what I find funny is that it’s images are still not
    leaked while Z was leaked months ago.It’s highly unlikely that L is
    a bigger secret than the Z.

  • Maxman

    My God…Even more Devices to decide from. Right now I don`t even know if I should go for the Xperia Z or the HTC One..^^

  • Ramz

    that is an okay processor, yes or no?

  • Nabil

    Yes it is, for a low end phone it is really nice ! Better than my Xperia Arc S

  • exactly. me too having doubts about Xperia L tomorrow. the official images should have already leaked by this time. wonder why only Xperia SP pics leaked while no Xperia L pics.

  • Ramz

    waiting for any xperia with an excellent design with good , acceptable specs .. or else i will buy that xperia v and wish wish wish upon a star that i will never get a unit with the curse called ‘sod’

  • i think it’s the Xperia J successor. the round power button will be also there on right side. yup, lets hope for a compact size with less bezel.

  • eff

    It’s a pretty decent processor for this budget,krait on 28nm paired with
    adreno 305 can alienate any lag,at least with JB.

  • I hope Xperia L price not too expensive and very affordable to buy

  • Xperia L?

  • anshu

    Yeah.. check MWC official website…. But there is no name of sony having a press conference tomorrow…

  • Nabil

    L-ow end :D

  • cincin27

    Xperia L is Xperia J succesor. I hope that the price will be around 220-250 Euro

  • veneticat

    O.O wow those specs look perfect for me..I mean I don’t need an xperia z, its 5″ laptop replacement.( in my opinion) im looking for nice upgrage from my arc s around 4″ / 4.3″… I would get the xperia v, If it weren’t £400 import from USA

  • lovebmw

    C6606 will have to be announced

  • galafix

    08:30 AM on what date?

  • galafix

    Oh nevermind, got too excited.

  • Ryan

    3.00PM in Malaysia.

  • Ashua

    I hope the Dogo is announced is like the Z but a scale version of it 4.65 inches big! Can’t wait! :)

  • me tooo
    i hope price of Xperia L same like lumia 620… :)

  • Abu

    Link for Live Stream???

  • Loken

    videos of xperia tablet z r out! so theyre def getting announced

  • sexperia ;)

    Well even till now there’s not any phone announced by Sony. Are they going to hold a separate event like samsung? If not then how the hell are they going to announce new Xperias?!!

  • if Xperia L compared with Xperia P who will be better?
    I want t.o buy Xperia P but I want to know Xperia L is better than Xperia P or not.

  • Randomish

    The press-conference was all about Xperia Tablet Z. And that was it. Meh :/

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