Sony says Xperia Z now available in 60 countries; reaffirms commitment to premium segment

by XB on 25th February 2013

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We were somewhat surprised that Sony Mobile did not announce any new Xperia handsets during this morning’s MWC press conference. Obviously we got the global Xperia Tablet Z announcement everyone expected, but it was the first time that the company has not announced any new handsets at MWC since its Xperia Android adventure began.

In 2010, Sony Ericsson announced the Xperia X10 mini and Xperia X10 mini pro at MWC, in 2011 the Xperia neo, Xperia PLAY and Xperia pro were announced and last year saw the introduction of the Xperia P and Xperia U.

It is not as if there weren’t any rumours either, the Xperia SP (C530X) specs have already been widely leaked along with a number of images. Then there are other model numbers we’ve come across including the C210X (Xperia L), C360X and C550X.

We suspect the reason behind the MWC no-show is to not dilute the marketing campaign around the Xperia Z. Some people may have been sitting on the fence and waiting until MWC to see what else Sony has in store lower down the Xperia range. Those announcements will still come of course, but at an ad hoc date in the future and perhaps without much fanfare either.

Right now, it’s all about flagship Xperia devices and to this end, Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai reaffirmed the company’s intention to “further enhance the premium mobile segment”.

“In the past year we have worked hard to integrate mobile into the heart of the Sony business and placed all our Android smartphones and tablets under a single brand – ‘Xperia’. It is a premium brand with a consistent user experience across every device and a great example of what we can achieve as ‘One Sony’,” said Kazuo Hirai earlier today.

Sony Mobile looks to be taking a departure from its 2012 strategy of releasing a wide range of phones to suit all budgets to one that is focused on higher-margin flagship devices. This doesn’t mean the company won’t release low or mid-range devices, but marketing dollars will probably be focused on the high-end devices such as the Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z.

Sony Mobile confirmed that the Xperia Z is now available across 60 countries and 140 sales channels, the widest ever for a Sony Xperia smartphone.

It also said that it has received strong support from a number of global operators. “The response to Xperia Z from our customers since launch has been incredibly positive. We highly recommend this smartphone to our customers. We are delighted to learn that both products will be available globally, allowing others to benefit from Sony’s premium mobile entertainment experiences,” said Kaoru Kato, President and Chief Executive Officer of NTT DoCoMo.

  • Patrick

    What about the Xperia ZL? Release date?

  • jag

    Good job sony!! xperia Z will greatly benefit from this strategy and so as Sony itself.

  • Aokde Gharra

    sony, please please please, support world-wide software services such as music unlimited movies unlimited etc etc! i would love to be a subscriber!!!!!
    can’t wait to see what sony has for H2 2013 since i might upgrade to H2 flagship.

  • Great Sony… 2013 is year of Xperia’s

  • Ziich

    stateside realese date please sony?

  • love Sony the best! :)

  • lovebmw

    first time i am not completely confused on what phone i should get from sony, but still confused weather z will have us lte or not

  • Now if they could only explicitly list all the countries the phone is available. US??? :)

  • please add the list of countries in which it’s launched.

    and to others – i read today that xperia Z has LOW CONTRAST RATIO. Is this a deal breaker ? because phones from other manufacturers had more than double the amount which xperia z has. it’s even lower than the xperia S :worried:

    and will xperia ZL have same contrast ratio ?

  • rickiking

    Pre-ordered the Z, few more days. :))

  • Olorin Oromis

    Agreed, what is with Sony avoiding the US?

  • If only sony use the snapdragon 600 it would be perfect. I know few mhz wont do much. But knowing the latest should be available, Sony still lagging behind just by a bit…

  • PRo

    No buddy I donno why these reviewers dont use der mind, as Sony has placed this display to give Users dynamism adjusting the contrasts and Colors…… Uh can actually adjust it by “DISPLAY CALIBERATION” !!!!!

  • harbinger2020

    Us americans here are getting shafted….

  • Rahul Joshi

    I really doubt the statement of Xperia Z being available in 60 countries… There is no update on India launch yet..

  • Peter Griffin

    Z in US and Canada??? And all you ZL lovers – -go fuck yourself.

  • I think that is is great that they did not announce other phones. Sony needs to stick with 1 – 3 phones a year and continue to develop those throughout the years to come. The Z should stay the way it is as far as design and the hardware and software needs to improve throughout those years to make it the best that Sony has to offer in a smartphone. The Tablet Z was a great announcement and works well with the XZ. Looking forward to owning them both in the white versions.

  • Just received confirmation that I’m receiving my black xperia z this Thursday in the UK. Can’t wait!

  • Greco

    Just got an Xperia T, the phone is great, Bravia Engine really makes a difference in the pictures!
    The camera ain’t outstanding
    for an 13 megapixel but I hope that when jelly bean is released for the phone, improvements will be made.

  • PRo

    Jelly Bean has already released…. Isnt it available in ur Country ???

  • pre orders started in india 10 days ago , in most of the retail stores & at sony centres (10k advance) delivery date is march 5th to 15th !

  • Avinash

    Japan US cold war maybe?? just a thought..

  • jj

    buy unlocked…only carrier that you would see it on it crap hole AT&T anyways…thus I buy unlocked! and yes i’m on crap hole AT&T : )

  • Kaostheory

    I want the Z, but has the ZL even been released? Haven’t heard any news, maybe if they’re smart they will just release the Z everywhere.

  • penubag

    How can I buy unlocked? Which link did you use?

  • Hi’s all about optimization! I have an xperiaT and my co worker has a samsung plastics S3… Guess which device is faster? Yepp..the Sony..dual core. ;-)

  • paul_cus

    Right, but the HSPA+ model isn’t available yet.

  • Same to you!

  • Sometime Aprip

  • April

  • Please go and try it at a retail location yourself

  • I changed my xz to the black version

  • If it shipped with the 600, it wouldn’t arrive till´ April at the earliest. June probably since Sony likes delivering their products optimised.

  • DStyle

    Still waiting to be available in New Zealand.

  • jjghj

    Just release a 4″ or less premuim phone and you will make me happy Sony!!! Not everyone likes 5″…

  • crazychef

    still waiting for the availability in the united states

  • izuaf

    where is the announcement of Xperia SP and Xperia L ??

  • How come the change?

  • jag

    Yeah! I was hoping for that too. Maybe they should include asia in their services

  • jag

    2 days to go! Woohoo! Excited kid

  • JG

    How about in the Philippines? When?

  • thanks for your reply :) don’t have technical details that’s why i asked. don’t know what made users to vote down on my comment , i just asked a question.

  • that’s the thing, don’t know when it’ll be available.

  • themanspirit

    Both Telecom NZ, and Vodafone NZ websites are showing the XZ as Coming Soon:
    Sure hope Sony NZ release it in all three colours, and make the Dock available sametime too.
    Not long to go til the XZ launch next month.

  • agree with you since playstation store not available in indonesia, i can’t get the best of sony from my acro s

  • Rahul Joshi

    It is not available on any online store and on the website also it is just Coming Soon. There is no pre-order information anywhere online, not even on their Twitter page.

  • Well you mentioned the black was nicer so if I don’t like it I’ll have someone to blame lol. I spoke to this nice lady at phones4u customer services and as she’s seen both colours, I asked her opinion and even she suggested the black was away nicer option. It also looks nicer in the YouTube videos…

  • At least I think you said the black was nicer but you say you’ll opt for the white one.

  • jag

    haha! i can get mine tomorrow Feb 27!! ^^ hooray!! now still need to choose if WHITE or BLACK

  • Jerry Berglund

    Dont think that it is a good idea. If I cant by afford it, I cant kinda buy it. Would love to see a smaller version ov XZ

  • Where will you be ordering yours from? I just called up phones4u. They just received stock! Which means I would have got it tmrw but they can’t as the release date for the UK is Thursday. One more day wont kill me. Please do let me know which colour you end up getting

  • jag

    the release date of the phone here in Singapore is really on Feb 28 too. but to make the one who preordered first happy, they said that we can pick the phone tomorrow together with the freebies. ^^
    i’ll get mine in one of the carriers here. i dont know about other telcos here if they will also do the same thing. still dont know which color.. wahuhu!

  • we want this in kenya

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  • H-R-K


  • Ziich

    why does sony hate the us so much

  • jag

    Hey xperia bro! I got the black one.. It’s beautiful!! Really!! It’s a lot more beautiful than the demo units in retail shops (of course! Should be! Haha)

    Black like the lake at night. Awesome! ^^

  • Heyyy bro. Its 4am here lol and should get mine in 3 hours time! Can’t sleep :(

  • jag

    Haha! Same with me too when I’m about to get mine. And also last night.. I can’t sleep too because of too much beauty of my black Xperia Z.

    Are you decided about the color. It took me 30 minutes in the counter because i can’t choose which one is better because all colors are great

  • I did get some sleep. I chose black too. It is out for delivery. I am waiting for the delivery man to show up. I don’t have to go to the phone store. Omg today is the day. Can’t wait

  • jag

    u wont regret it bro! just put some anti-finger screen protector so you wont worry about smudges. the phone is real looker!

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  • I got mine straight after I last replied to you! How do you move apps to SD card. Seems to be no option

  • jag

    Nice! ^^
    I can’t find it either. I’m thinking that there won’t be any move to SD options because of the internal storage?
    What firmware version is your phone? Because i saw an update in my pc companion but haven’t updated it yet. I’ll try later when I get home

  • Well if you have a memory card inserted you can only move videos pictures and music in the storage menu. FW ver is 10.1.A.1.350. I need to check PCC. What about yours. Email me. Its easier.

  • jag

    aah i see.. glad to know. ^^ mine is the same FW but the PCC says that i have an update available. haven’t tried it yet.. i was too bc yesterday. any news about it?

  • no update available for me. i have the same version as you. i wonder what your update includes. please do let me know!

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