New Xperia Z TV ad campaign draws on iconic Sony products from yesteryear

by XB on 26th February 2013

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Sony is using the emotion of much-loved products from yesteryear as a basis for its new Xperia Z marketing campaign. Clips from the TV advert include watching the Apollo launch on a Trinitron television, roller-skating whilst listening to a cassette Walkman, filming a historic moment such as the fall of the Berlin Wall on a Sony camcorder and playing Gran Turismo on the original PlayStation.

The ad then moves to the present with the introduction of the Xperia Z in the middle of the Holi festival in India. The festival offers a great background to show off the handset’s features with its use of vivid colours, coloured powder and water proving no problem for the Xperia Z.

The video was directed by Tarsem Singh of Immortals fame and uses David Bowie’s ‘Sound and Vision’ track which has been remixed by Sonjay Prabhakar. See the video below along with another that shows actual video footage from the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL smartphones that were taken whilst filming of the ad took place. The new campaign will launch from March 2013 and span 20 regions across TV, print, digital, out of home and retail.

Via Sony Mobile.

  • weeeeooo

    nice advert

  • just awesome! :)

  • Max

    Amazing advert.

  • Cool ad! Now bring it to our TV screens!

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    Being an Indian,I am disappointed by the success of Samsung….Samsung making all same looking kachara(trash) phones,and stupid people buying them…….people are soooo stupid,they getting exited about Galaxy Grand and Samsung is like”super awesome 5inch display like never before with super fast dual core processor” and people are like”Samsung is soooo innovative,Samsung soooo awesome”…….soooo stupid

  • truely awesome :)
    Sony has the great legacy in tech world and whenever someone says that Sony so always person think about something premium and out class :)

  • My country India is always colorful and beautiful

  • faysal

    Sony Mobile’s head of Xperia marketing Mr. Calum MacDougall said at MWC

    “We have seen really good pre-orders. We had the first stocks available
    in Germany in Berlin at the Sony store and sold those out in two hours.
    In France, we sold more in one day in our online store than we sold in
    12 weeks in mobile devices…

    It (the Xperia smartphone) sold
    over 150,000 units in its first week in Japan, taking a 24 percent
    market share straight away. It may be a bit too early to say but the
    first signs a very positive.”

  • m sacha

    unfortunately there is also a very sinister/dark side to india too…

  • ProWeirdo

    Not all can afford expensive Xperias, Samsung makes phones almost the same, but decent quality and cheap. CHEAP. Don’t call people dumb, if YOU’RE buying expensive phones.

  • ProWeirdo

    Umm, XPERIA readers really care about India…

  • Koko

    Every country has its dark side buddy, some get highlighted a lot some dont.

  • Koko

    Unless u Hv a Korean relation u need to b disappointed, don’t get it y being an Indian ur disappointed in Samsung.

  • u pie of shit….

    i think he is referring to samsung’s manupulation of indian customers ……………

  • u pie of shit….

    xperias are not at all expensive…..take for egs Xperia p which is better in almost all terms than galaxy s3 mini still s3 mini cost way more than xperia p

  • ShinOrochiX

    Samsung smartphones are not bad, from my xperience ;-) they are more reliable than Sony smartphones (in terms of hardware and software) but Sony smartphones are designed to perfection-unlike Samsung Galaxy handsets which just don’t appeal to me.

  • welll comparing xperia ion n samsung s3 we know tht whos more costly n whos nt…….one thing most imp abut mobile is display n sony is bst at it…. samsung is jst like apple make costly product n ppl wil buy dem bcoz its costly nt bcoz what its features are…….dere is a thing called desgin n ppl in india n
    know nothin dey r jst follwers so never use dere own brain to buy what sey actually want dey r like u r buyin samsung i will olso do d same ….bt anways time of samsung n apple is over its time for htc n sony to rise bcoz quality n inovation does matter n nw indians r learning abut dese stuff :P

  • !ncredible !ndia & SONY!

  • ruf feez

    sony must brave them them all and must have resource to do marketing like samsung. this sp was totally second to none at his ultimate advantage of pics quality and hd recording. as we are completely in internet world why not sony push all boundaries how this sp can help the world to entertain audience in the world of fb or instagram. fb should be better if pics all taken by sony ..don’t you all think so. market it brilliantly. classic detergent advertisement always show the x brand and x quality. why not compare the phone just like this. people of the world can completely understand the superb sound,pic and video of xperia z!!!!!!! enough said!!!!!

  • now the galaxy s3 mini..THAT’s a test of dumbness..the phones specs suck but people are so hyped up about the s3 that theyre buying this coz it has the same name..its proof people dont really think about specs

  • Hannad Ahmed

    This song…..<3

  • ProWeirdo

    1) Calling is most important, maybe not in smartphones, but still that’s your opinion. Xperia Z costs on presale 2800 Polish zloty, about $850 in my country.
    samsung has similar specs and better price.

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Holi looks so colorful. Wish to go to India and celebrate!

  • Jade

    I totally agree with you.

    Because Samsung is extremely popular. When they showed the flexible amoled, people are “Wow, samsung is amazing! Koreans lead innovation!!” But don’t know Sony was the first one who invented it.
    Im a Filipino and i live in philippines. Nowadays, people here especially youngns don’t know what is Sony. They dont buy xperias because they think it’s unpopular so they ending up buying samsung or iphone cuz theyre mainstream.

  • F*ck off Sammy fanboys

    Similar specs??!!! You must be crazy!! Samsung have NO similar-to-Xperia-Z specs phone. The only phone which can compete with Xperia Z is HTC One, Asus PadFone Infinity and LG Optimus G. Stop being so biased. Xperia Z is TWICE the performance of S3 / Note 2

  • ValueChanakya

    Amazing, an Ad with Lot of India and the phones not released in India yet despite being released in 60 countries.
    Also their previous phones Xperia T, TX, etc. have not been released in India too.
    And Sony has a lot of fans in India.
    hope they release both Z and ZL at attractive price points if they are really serious about India.

  • indiantechsupport

    indians are smelly and they are like monkeys with lipstick markings on their forehead. haha. fuck you all indians in this forum!!


    eat rotten onions smelly dudes!! haha. make an atomic onion an stink the world fuckers!!

  • yourindianpimp

    yeah incredible and stinky!

  • Michael B. Marzan

    For me Sony! When they create phone they dont simply create A phone that looks like the same which is what Samsung has been doing very very dissapointing same old stuff plastic cheaplike material back The same old design nothing new unlike iphone or other phone manufacturer they make sure that’s its stunning! Not only in the inside but aswell as design. SONY a known electronic giant has perfected this ingenuity. SPECS are the only good thing about samsung but when yo hold it and feel it you dont feel its premium worth compared to Sony, Iphone, HTC

  • Michael B. Marzan

    If only I have money I would not buy Samsung anymore its just cheap and tend to be a mass production phone, like almost everyone has it, its value is very low. If I have money I will go for Sony all the way! Or if not Sony then HTC will be, but samsung no no no its cheap, it feels cheap, it feels dissapointing, and i dont want to waste my money

  • Shubham Mutreja

    i agree with u
    heres a intresting story of me and my friends……….
    i own a super sexy powerful cute phone names XPeria MIni Pro sk17i
    my 3 friends own a galaxy grand (shit) we decided to take a benchmark and compare our phone haha all those were laughing because they had quadcore and dual core processor of 1.5 ghz and u know mini pro has single core 1ghz
    we played subway surfers and everybody was shocked!!!!!even me!!!!!
    grand hangs and lags severly and had a non playable freme rate despite having quadcore
    and my mini pro didnt lag at all and then i was laughing!!!! we also tested screens
    mini pros bravia was unbeaten of coure man they had oversaturated tfts
    then camera they had 8 mp new camera(2014) i have 5mp NON exmor r camera
    again the end was same my mini pro wins that battle!!!!!!!
    funny to see that samsung 2014 cant beat old school 2010 from SONY!!!!!!!

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