Display comparison: Xperia Z against Xperia T and Xperia V

by XB on 27th February 2013

in Xperia T, Xperia V, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Want to see how the Sony Xperia Z’s display compares against the Xperia T and Xperia V? Well have a gander below. The pictures will just add to the Xperia Z display controversy, with some reviews pointing to washed out colours and poor viewing angles.

Taking the pictures at face value, the Xperia Z clearly looks inferior to the Xperia V that has much better contrast levels. However, what we don’t know is what brightness setting was used on each phone. Also, it is worth pointing out that the Xperia Z is a demo rather than retail unit. We imagine that this debate will continue to run as the Xperia Z starts hitting peoples hands.

Via xda-developers.

  • posamkata

    Xperia V win

  • Nabil

    Isn’t it supposed to be the same screen technology on V and Z ? I see a hell of a difference

  • i dont trust all the shit that i saw here, i preffer have it in my hand or saw it on youtube, there is always people doing bad about sony, SONY is not stupid and please is a full hd panel how could the people believe that

  • afzal

    Xperia v wins .. Very deep and high contrass. Maybe because the screen sizes.

  • e.d

    why Sony didn’t use the same display in Z?
    V is waaaaay better than Z and T.

  • Moisis XperiakiasT

    V and T

  • Alex Ruiz

    The Xperia V design with the specs of the Xperia Z would be the perfect phone.

  • goldenblls

    I’ve seen the screen in the 3 Store and the screen is amazing. I don’t know. All this shit about viewing angles has now been blown way, WAY out of proportion. 95% of the time you will be looking at the screen STRAIGHT ON.

    Why are people going on and on about viewing angles like it’s a primary feature for crying out loud? Xperia Blog, you’re making it worse!!!!!

  • A load of bullish… Try it for yourself. Don’t believe this as its a lie!

  • a

    brightness set on 100% on all phones..its trusted source theres no reason not believe this pictures…maybe it would be better to take a shot from 90 angle not that way becouse T a Z are starting to lose colors…

  • Team6

    Its a lie, i own the xperia z, and its not true! the m**fucker who did this, adjusted the brightness of xperia z to the maximum, and in the other hand he adjusted the brighntess of xperia v to the medium

  • waynesworld.tamplin@gmail.com

    Z wins it out right, no prob’s. I have one in my hand. Better quality around.

  • Team6

    Dear, Moderators, today i received the xperia z and i have to say its a great phone, but im here to report a bug that i found on it,
    The bug its in the camera app!
    IF you open the camera app from the fast menu (without unlocking the phone) some functions will not work like: burstmode and the frontfacing camera!

    i also can make a video if you want!

  • a

    all phones are on 100%….when you have only Z display looks ok for you, but when you put V next to Z it looks display on Z is crap

  • adsada_arc

    it’s a feature some users are concerned about, and if they want good viewing angles then they have their reasons. So what are you saying? You’d rather XB and everyone else who is a Sony fan cover up any issues? Many reviews have stated their opinion, and from experience with past Xperias it is believable.

    Of course you’re free to have your opinion, but don’t complain about criticisms other people want to air, geeez man.

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    It’s either:
    Radically different brightness settings.
    Or Photoshop manipulated photo.
    My vote goes for second guess, as saturation on V looks absolutely unnatural and extremely contrasted. This is graphic designer speaking.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Well, as I’m not rich, and after seeing this, meditating and thinking deeply, guess I’ll get Xperia V or T, both should be cheaper now, and because I really don’t need a lot of power in a phone. I rather to go for the Xperia Z Tablet, wich is confirmed to come to my country (Xperia Z won’t be here).

    Of course Xperia Z is great, but as I said, I’m not rich to spend more than $650 in a phone. Also, I don’t want to sell my soul to the stupid cellular companies and get tied to a 18 month plan with very expensive charges just to get a phone.

    Anywaw, I’m sure this test may vary under other circustances. Xperia Z owners and future owners, don’t let this to take you down, you will have a very great phone, just enjoy it and be happy with it.

  • waynesworld.tamplin@gmail.com

    Z wins it out right!!!!

  • Arie

    Because people want 100%, they paid a LOT for it

  • sfordesign

    for those who keep defending xperia z’s screen: just stfu and accept the damn fact! viewing angle is important if you want to share something with your friends or colleagues, but if you are a loner, xperia z’s screen is definitely fine for you. so chill!

  • jag

    hmm.. using the Z right now.. and i dont have any issues about the display at all. it’s amazing! the real thing is a lot lot LOT better than the demo. believe me! ^^ dattebayo!

    and about viewing angles..? the display still looks good when viewing it on my desk. (near the keyboard and flat on the table. there are no fading or something they say that is horrible. i dont know about other fones that uses IPS screens… but my Z’s display is great! and the whole phone is super!! loving it!!

  • if V has 2G ram, I would buy it

  • You can tell from the shots that some one is deliberately trying to make out the Z as having the worst display. I’ve got the Z and T and they nowhere near as bad as those shots. Clearly the brightness settings have been tampered with. There is no way the V screen is that better when in fact they are one and the same!

  • Get the cheaper ZL!
    Tablet Z is best android tablet on market!

  • nidou bossy

    the V is being biased by the photos poster! i’ve seen Z display in a video which more accurate to tell if the display is the best of Sony so far, rather than seeing a suspicious photos taken by a regular user and not by a professional comparator!

  • Yeah course they are! What magical display is in the V eh??? Same one! Obvious to anyone brightness has been altered on the devices!

  • Have you tried it??? I received mine this morning with my free Sony headphones! When the brightness is about 40% there is no problem until extreme angles!

  • My T never looks that washed out
    when seen from angles? Why? I’ve had it 4 months. So you explain to me why the V with the same panel is different??? Did the other 2 phones see a ghost?

  • Genius! Your right! Stupid Sony!

  • nidou bossy
  • dubaiboy

    This is insane! I saw the actual display of xperia z and it is the same as good in v!!!

  • Cheng

    Ok, I have a Xperia S and yesterday I discovered (I know very late-.-) that ONLY during low light or its during night time, I will have a bit washout when watching at 45 degrees. Now I understand the washout problem people talk about. But for me its only during very low light or night time…. while I understand people CAN think this as a problem, it still NEVER will be a deal breaker for me. Choosing a phone is a lot lot more than just viewing angles. Like a job, it’s about the whole package. Viewing angles only counts like 5 to 10% for me…. Im much more interested in the other features like Camera upgrade, resistances, stamina mode, throw mode, and also design which counts maybe already 50% for choosing a phone. I have experienced the Z in real for 3 times but only during day time (at sony style), so I cant sa way how it is during night time. Need some people to test it out comparing S versus Z same brightness in low-light. Nevertheless the angles are again never important enough for me not to choose Z. Z is just tooo sexy in many many ways!…

  • Marten

    it seems like the difference is in settings.

  • Thats because you are in “Quick Launch mode”, It’s not a bug, it’s more like a limitation.

  • turner

    because if other companies why can’t sony do the same? i really hope they use sharp’s newly developed igzo in the next release. i don’t really understand why they’re settling with those ugly displays when they can just use a better one. igzos consume less power. they can also be implemented in higher resolution. they may even be flexible.

    sharp’s igzo displays will allegedly be used by apple. sharp is japanese. sony is japanese. why can’t they help each other restore the made in japan brand. they’re letting themselves getting beaten by newbies.

    i’m still a sony fan but i really hope sony does something about displays. you can’t really argue which one is better if your phone is laid side by side with the htc one or even the older htc flagship.

  • testor

    well if you’re product is really good. you can’t really do something to make it look bad. look at htc one’s display. i like it very much though i don’t have plans of getting it. makes you really think why can’t sony find a similar display supplier. apple does not have their own manufacturing facility for displays but they’re getting good displays. i don’t really understand what’s the use of having JDI for sony.

  • That is why i bought Xperia V …

  • Odin

    i love sony & i buy xperia z …… but xperia is poor in viewing angel
    sony must think about new display for handset

  • no, sfordesign never see xperia z in real life. he just bashing xperia z based on youtube video

  • Again, a photo or video will not make for a good comparison. Only your eyes should judge.
    For anyone wondering if the viewing angles are good, go to your local retailer and check.

  • Ahm

    V and TX > Z > T
    Sony have done a great job with the V and TX, hopefully we will see this kind of high contrast in full HD goodness H2. Side note, you can raise the color contrast using some apps, I recommend Color Adjuster from Play store

  • PRo

    Can uh tell me abt camera ??? Can uh post Samples…. I want to purchase it but has lots of confusing :(

  • jag

    Haven’t really tested the camera yet. Tomorrow i’ll be testing it when i go to Gardens by the bay here.i want to see it myself too if night shots are great or not.

  • thor

    even worse when you put it beside htc one. i’m really frustrated with sony. they’re supposed to be experts when it comes to displays.

  • APai

    what is that clock on the T ? anyone ?

  • Fanboys, fanboys everywhere

  • OMG screen size it has nothing to do with contrast or brightness… Stop saying nonsense

  • It is proved that SONY is using different panels and displays, stop saying nonsense

  • LuckyStar

    this is completely biased. there are many photos on the net that shows the XperiaZ having a perfect display. besides, dont they have the sme screen?

  • The screen in the Xperia Z is made by Sharp.

  • afzal

    more bigger screen to offer there will be more place to add led backlight to support projecting light thru the sizes layer ( causing over bright display ). get it?? or you still slow to connecting between knowledge and commonsense?

  • afzal

    more bigger screen to offer there will be more place to add led backlight to support projecting light thru the sizes layer ( causing over bright display ). get it?? or you still slow to connecting between knowledge and commonsense?

  • Shooo

    Shut the f*ck up and get outta here

  • Santi Roggio

    I have a Xperia T but the screen is not like those pictures. Fake!

  • asshole

  • Stanin

    It isn’t fake. Author of this comparison is a Sony fan. He is author of czech Xperia fanpage.

  • Ahm
  • APai

    thanks dude!

  • afzal

    sory bro… iam using xperia v and being sony fans since x10. :)

  • goldenblls

    I’m not denying people’s right to be concerned and people can air them as freely as they want.

    However, the vast majority of those that are whining have never even seen the phone in real life, they are judging the phone and regurgitating opinions formed from viewing a few pictures they have seen on the internet, which is completely and wholly different.

  • goldenblls

    I’m not denying people’s right to be concerned and people can air them as freely as they want.

    However, the vast majority of those that are whining have never even seen the phone in real life, they are judging the phone and regurgitating opinions formed from viewing a few pictures they have seen on the internet, which is completely and wholly different.

  • goldenblls

    I’ve a feeling that others will have the same opinion when (if) they buy the phone themselves.

  • goldenblls

    I’ve a feeling that others will have the same opinion when (if) they buy the phone themselves.

  • I have the Z and I don´t have any problems…it´s better than every other display in my life

  • Simão Lúcio

    This shots are taken in perfect front of the device

  • adsada_arc

    but we are discussing poor viewing angles here, which you yourself have agreed exist. I’m not saying for one minute that the quality of the Xperia Z’s screen when looking straight on isn’t great, I have no doubt that it will even more beautiful than my Xperia S. Being blown out of proportion? Maybe, but many reviewers have stated the same findings, so for Xperia Blog to ignore these issues would be terrible biased journalism, much like you find over at the Apple fan sites.

    Regarding the actual quality of the screen, the images above are trusted, and its not at all saying the Xperia Z is bad, but when compared to the Xperia V contrast levels are poorer. I’m a Sony fan and it goes without saying I want them to do well in the phone market, but I can also accept when there are findings that show issues with the phone, no phone will ever be perfect.

  • bkh

    They saved some screenshots on the T and Z just after 8.00 am. Then they edited those screenshots (increased the brightness) to make them look washed out. Then, they reloaded those modified screenshots on the devices just after 12.00 noon and took a photo of them next to a V, which actually is displaying its homescreen.

    Interestingly, notice the T and Z are not displaying the five little circles that indicate which screen you are on.

  • V DOESN’T HAVE SAME PANEL! V has 2 layers while Z and T has 3!

  • My god you’re right!

  • ZZZ

    Why would he photoshop them?

    note: those photos are made by reviewer and FAN of Sony phones.

    He mentions that in his opinion V has better display than Z or T not that Z and T are crap. He was happy with his T display till he got his hands on V and placed it next to each other.

    Settings / brightness used should be same from what he said.

    V has different technology used for display or not?

    he also made videos comparing T and V no so long ago and there was similar difference.


    from what i know he plans to put Z vs. V (vs. T) in new video soon

  • xperia s user

    the smallest one has the best screen (on the photos at least).. is this xperia v? but in real life I think all are good

  • vik

    ho culprits are all around to damage xperia z.asshole nice found bkh,there must be a truth in what ur saying.

  • … and i bought a T… now in my country T costs 40k while V costs 52k…. and i always wondered with T being the flagship y its cheaper….

  • i dont get it… what kind of geekish nerd wants to look at his screen from weird angles…. i own a xperia T which doesnt has the best viewing angles and yet i never complained about that as i m not retarted and dont want to look at my phone from weird angles….. back when iphone 4 was launched reviewers used to say ” perfect viewing angles is just a grimick as y would u want to look at your phone’s display from different angles and not straight on”…. and now these same reviwers are making this bullcrap

  • good job sherlock!! :D

  • my sister in law has a Samsung Galaxy nexus while i have a Xperia T… and we did comparisions of viewing angles and xperia T view angles were nearly as good as a galaxy nexus… so i doubt this is true

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    Wow, no kidding? They are using different panels??? I mean, wow… And I thought they are all the same.

  • Eldis Skenderagic

    He can be fan for thousand times, but this image is unreal. And also, Xperia V is probably my next phone, so I have every reason to defend Xperia V, not Z. ;)

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I must say that those washed-out images are highly annoying. I’m happy with the contrast level of my Xperia S display, even at the maximum brightness, and the only viewing angle I care about is straight-on. When Z hits the shops, I will compare it to my S and decide accordingly.

  • Xperia

    Thank u translator. I watched his videos many times but i dont understand a thing i just stare at the xperia phones

  • In my opinion the viewing angles is not very important because when I use the phone I don’t hold it from an angle guys, also I don’t want the people behind me see what I’m doing ( lol )

  • son of the bitch!!! go away pls. @@

  • this how the quick launch mode work, hey take ppicture suddenly, other have!? no…. @@ really not bug!

  • Team6

    Why there has allways has to be a shitty excuse?
    I dont care! When im in the App i want to be able to use all options

  • ZZZ

    New comparison video of P V T Z http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL1BWWvSPJk

    Colors on T and Z look better when looking on them directly , but they still have inferior contrast/saturation compared to P and V.

    PS: They have better colors, but Z and T have still great displays. Saw Z live today at Sony Store and display is pretty and live to bother anyone imo ^^

  • open the the main camera app it is really no problem! this not an excuse, that’s the smart of sony to make a mini camera app lighter to fastly open it then snap pic suddenly!!! or if so much problem for u , go for other that cannot do it than to open main camera app. :/ @

  • Ryan Liao

    Calm down everyone, either Xperia Z or Xperia TX or T has more than 2 sources of display, so the comparison will be different from different units. For example, my SO-02E looks better than my TX.

  • please update xperia t camera software its just like hell stupid color after taking out from phone to computer

  • abc

    Googling first before you said it is potoshopped..

  • Alex

    as variant – author has rooted phones and can use GX Home Launcher, it allows to hide indicators of screen (in settings of GX Home)…

  • the truth

    bullshit they trying to fool us

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  • -_-

    Foolish Analysis, since when you catch a screenshot even the five little circles appear in it… think again

  • LooL

    In my country they both cost the same, and I heard that in UK V does cost less than the T

  • xD

    Xperia Blog isnot the problem, but when people wanna buy some phone they just argue about which one is better even in the simplest thing ever…

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