Xperia Z manual now available

by XB on 27th February 2013

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The Sony Xperia Z has already launched in some select markets but it is expected to see a wider release from tomorrow (28 February 2013). For those that already have their handsets, you may want to check out the user guide, which is now available to download. The manual is for both the C6602 (HSPA+) and C6603 (LTE) versions of the Xperia Z and clocks in at 131 pages. You can download the English manual below, or if you would like to download the manual in a different language, click here.

Xperia Z Manual

  • Purusharth Dwivedi

    iam reading it even though i dont have this phone yet…….lol

  • AsadMulla

    I have pre ordered mine from Phones4u and hoping to get it tomorrow. Please dont delay it now.
    just got an email from sony mobile saying if I buy from them I can also get a free pair of headphones.

  • Ah great. Reading the manual to keep me going before I receive my xperia z tmrw. It says in there to charge your phone for at least 30 min before you power on the device for the first time. Something 99% of people that won’t do and will complain about battery life lol. It also says that after that how often you charge your phone whether fully or not should not affect the charge cycle or battery life

  • Which colour did you get? Spoke to phones4u. Their warehouse received stock yesterday. They despatched some handsets yesterday. The ones that were preordered before the 5th of Feb. The rest they will despatch today. You will get a pair of free headphones if you were one of the first of a thousand to preorder. Check their website. If they are still advertising the headphones it means you will definitely get them. What tariff did you get

  • Xperia Z released tmrw. Pope resigns tmrw. Coincidence.. Meh. He probably preordered the Z and no longer has time to serve as the pope

  • seems blank on Timescape…

  • lol, I’m soso. :D

  • I can’t remember who said that orange UK were not getting the Xperia z. But things have changed due to popular demand Xperia z is coming to orange.

  • cp2020

    According to Sony Mobile UK carephone warehouse, o2 and 3 networks ran out of free headphones.

  • So that’s 3000 preorders achieved

  • MrSwede

    Anyone know WHEN they shipping it to Sweden?
    Is there any site with realeases and such?

  • Ziich

    does anyone know if it will accept 64gb sd cards even though it says it will only support 32?

  • And so has phones4u

  • Guest

    mines shipped today with the free headset

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  • ron3000

    mines shipped today i’m so pumped lol

  • Mine too. Just tracked it via royal mail. Guaranteed delivery before 1pm

  • ron3000

    i wish it was today lol

  • Hahaha me too but I’m thankful it wasn’t delayed to Friday or god forbid next week. I just got an email too saying its at the depot now and the headphones are with it too. I shall take a sleeping pill tonight to make the night quicker lmao. BTW what colour did you opt for

  • AsadMulla

    Getting mine tomorrow. White form Phones4u Vodafone Upgrade. Got an email to say its been dispatched.

  • AsadMulla

    I got a pair.

  • AsadMulla

    Phones4u said they would send the headphones after 28days over the phone. Will have to wait and see tomorrow.

  • AsadMulla

    Free handset £29 per month Vodafone. Phones 4u. Headphones included. White

  • ron3000

    i got the purple jus wanted a something different what color u got

  • ron3000

    man that sucks

  • Me too before 1pm but I should have it by half 7. The royal mail depot is round the corner from mine. Infact I’ll rob the depot tonight. I can’t wait lol

  • When did you predorder. They were out of headphones this morning

  • Chose white then went for the black one. I hope I haven’t made a mistake

  • That’s not true. I got an email stating that both the phone and headphones were despatched and I’ll get them both tmrw in one package. Mine was an upgrade maybe that’s why as I can’t cancel my order

  • Did you order from o2 Ron as they had purple exclusivity

  • Was it an upgrade. I got it on orange for 28.50 a month free handset and headphones and 32gb memory card

  • ron3000

    yea i jus want tomorrow reach now lol

  • O2 are ridiculously expensive. What does your email from Vodafone state

  • The email they sent me. Good news! We are pleased to confirm that your new Sony Xperia Z handset, has today been dispatched from our warehouse and should be delivered to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1pm tomorrow.

    Your Royal Mail tracking number is: xxxxxxxxxxxxx and can be tracked on the Royal Mail’s website.

    In addition to your new handset you will also be receiving a pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones worth £299 as part of our pre-order promotion.

    We hope that you enjoy your Sony Xperia Z. If you’re looking for any handset support on how to get the most from your new phone, then head over to our website.

    Thanks again for choosing Phones 4u.

  • it will

  • AsadMulla

    same email here but no other saying I will receive headphones together. Phones4u Voda upgrade

  • I just got mine. Headphone and handset were in one special promotion box. You should get yours today too

  • AsadMulla

    Same. Thinking about selling the cans as I dont use them

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  • Couchy

    Does anyone know what the speed symbol is at the top of the screen as I can’t find it in the manual?

  • Ronnie

    I forgot to charge it for at least 30min before turning it on… what should I do?

  • Nothing. I don’t think it really matters. You won’t be the only one. Just charge it for 8 hours for 7 consecutive nights and you’ll be fine. My battery life is incredible

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