Xperia Z supports 64GB microSD memory cards

by XB on 27th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Mobile spec sheet for the Xperia Z says that only microSD memory cards up to 32GB of storage are supported. However, Sony has said that this is the case for most Xperia phones, yet the handsets have always supported larger 64GB cards. Therefore, we were never worried that the Xperia Z will not support 64GB cards and the screenshot below proves this.

The Xperia Z will need to format the 64GB card to FAT32 (from exFAT), but once done you can use the card without any problems. It is worth noting that there is a 4GB single file limit when the card is formatted in FAT32.

Thanks resus!

  • Herman

    This is great to hear!

    Yet it’s a shame that the maximum file size still is 4 Gigabytes. I can’t really put a 720p movie on my Xperia S, let alone watch one in Full HD glory on the Xperia Z.

  • I already knew it…I´m the one who told them in germany to list it in their description…that´s why I already put one into my Z :D

  • mabz23

    You can put 720p in SXS I put it in mine and watch it all the time

  • DStyle

    Agree. I also saw the specs for the Japan model in DOCOMO website that it does support 64GB card.

  • Nad

    How do format the card on the Z. Can you format it on the PC?

  • Put the SD card into the phone and enter the program memory usage page and it says to reformat the SD card. This is the best way, there is serveral ways to convert and format the SD on the PC, best way is through the phone.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I fail to see the point in publishing the specs as 32gb max while it supports 64gb. And why doesn’t the article question that ?

  • ymy07


  • Adrian

    I wonder if 128GB works?

    I tried to format my 64GB card with Ext2,3 and 4. But my Xperia Z could mount it and only saw a empty sd.

  • lovebmw

    my T has 64GB mirco sd why wouldnt the Z?

  • seb

    They want to avoid trouble with unexperienced users putting an sd card with the wrong fs in their phone and complaining that it doesn’ work

  • I format mine in ntfs and no problem

  • Format it to ntfs

  • To use files bigger than 4gb then format the card to ntfs! Simples!

  • Ntfs!

  • Adrian

    Dont work. No support for that.

  • jmcomms

    Manufacturers only seem to state what cards have been tested, but it’s odd that Sony missed out the 64GB cards because they’ve been out for a while (and as discovered, work fine). I don’t think Motorola said the Razr i supported them either, but I can confirm it does just fine.

    Now clearly the phone should be able to work with any microSDXC card, which means it will work with 128GB whenever they come out (not sure if they have yet?) but I bet Sony won’t be saying that either. Ironic, as to say that you can expand the phone by 128GB (even if it might be a while until they’re out) gives the phone quite an edge over anything without a card slot, or only support for non-XC cards.

    [I’m aware I could have probably said the above in about half the amount of words; sorry!]

  • Format the card on PC and then try it!

  • Ex fat for Sony as ntfs isn’t compatible!

  • Sorry getting it confused with my Asus tablet which supports ntfs!

  • APai

    it’s a shame that a manufacturer does not have half and a few guys to spare – to test if 64gb works or not – the sony talk forums are filled with requests from sony to confirm whether 64gb works or not – or if class 10 works , how hard is it ?

    nor do they confirm a few other things like whether phones like Xperia t have gorilla glass. stupidity i must say.

  • Does any one know the best software to split a movie onto 2 halfs???

  • Bluerain

    -_- What an old news. My friends Xperia Acro S can handle Sandisk Ultra SDXC 64GB Micro SD Card. . . .

  • Coolkid

    This’s what I’ve been telling everyone… When T,TX, Tablet S support 64GB/128GB, why can’t Z…??? By the way, Dude, do you have 64GB SDXC or SDHC…???

  • lynx

    32gb is sdhc maximum, 64GB schould be sdxc!

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  • tuern

    well put it on the phone’s memory then. move some of the contents to the SD card if you don’t have enough space. why bother splitting. i assume you won’t be keeping those 4GB files for a long time.

  • sonny

    thing is X ZL can so why can’t Z have that similar privilege?

  • Coolkid

    Yes… Right… So it can even support 2TB SDXC, if it’s produced in the future…:)

  • ProWeirdo

    ok, the tests of Xperia Z made me disappointed, but now.. I want it!

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  • ProWeirdo

    Maybe they don’t feel like getting extra money?

  • Ryan Liao

    My SO-02E supports Microsd 64GB with exFAT. I put in 2 files (4.5GB, 4.6GB repectively) of HD movie and play them with built-in movie player it works great.

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  • I popped in a 64g Scandisk kat 10, let Z format it and voila. No problems at all.

  • so if i get a 64gb card how do i format it to fat32?

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    mkv toolnix ;)

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  • Ivan Tommasini

    how did u solve the problem Adrian?

  • thanks

  • Z

    Does SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 64GB will work for Xperia Z?

  • tracy

    this phone does not suport a 64gb sd card as i bought one and i have put it in and my camera keeps closing down.

  • lukasb

    almost all Xperia form 2011 (including play) and up, works good using 64GB FAT32 microsd… even sony spec sheet said 32GB is the maximum size.

  • Tim

    you say ”fomat to FAT32” to the card.

  • gallean

    i just got an xperia Z and would like to know if the exfat is nativly compatible or if i still need to root my term ? (it’s in sfr hands so…i can’t test it right now)

  • Am I joking?

    and it’ll respond to you shouting FUCKOFF MUTHERFUCKER!! :D

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