Xperia Z: Which colour are you going for? [Poll]

by XB on 27th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z is available in a choice of three colours – black, purple and white. Sony has done an amazing job of making all three variants look amazing, the purple in particular appears to attract both men and women equally. To nail our colours to the mast, our preference goes with classic black, although the purple came a very close second.

So we wanted to throw the question to our readers, if you have already purchased the Xperia Z or are about to, which colour did you go for and why? Please vote in the poll below and let us know your reasons in the comments below.

Which Xperia Z colour is your favourite?

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Pictures via IT168.

  • DragonClaw

    Beautiful pictures. These phones look so awesome.

    About the poll, well, I would vote all if I could.

  • After my white XS, I’ll return to the XZ true black color :’]
    ps: I dream of a red XZ…

  • azmadu

    Purple if I can get one, otherwise black, or maybe white :-D

  • i have the black one since friday

  • I would love to own the purple to go with this watch

  • My preorder was black, I like it best though a deep red would of been lovely

  • cp2020

    Share your desire, red would be excellent. Black is next best.

  • Z

    Already own white S, so this time Z will be black :)

  • Fahim Faisal

    Isn’t there any poll that says, ‘don’t have enough money’ ? :P

  • ravi kanyal

    purple color for me …:D

  • azmadu

    Oh, and the reason for purple as a preference is because my current phone (HTC Sensation) is 3 tones grey/dark and I’m feeling like a splash of colour is needed. I used to have a purple Sony Walkman (4GB NW-S600) which looked really nice and it’s the same colour as is being used on the Z.

    Plus it’s one of the colours on my current Walkman (NWZ-F805) in the active wallpapers so I thought yep I might as well go the whole way with a purple phone which will also match a pair of my shoes too :-)

    Ok that’s enough about my purple stuff :-)

  • Ak

    Purple one for sure!!…bcoz black phones are pretty common……..

  • paul_cus

    Finding it really tough to pass up the purple.

  • paul_cus

    Thinking the same. The purple seems to be kinda elusive, so I’ll settle for black if it comes down to it.

  • Aokde Gharra

    lol does that watch say android :O?? and what brand is it?

  • Bayhas Kana

    I would buy all 3 for my household to replace our IONs, if Sony realeses a LTE band IV flavor of the phone, otherwise, no LTE carrier in the US is compatible with Z :(

  • Ziich

    the first one that gets state side i dont care what color i just want a phone please. Please Sony dont leave us hanging

  • Keon Fraites

    They’re all great colors, but I’d choose black because it just have that sleek feel and too see it all black when the screen is off just seems right.

  • Purple only for me.

  • White

  • ArsenalFan

    I pick black
    but I think it’s work like a “finger print magnet”
    and white show finger prints less

  • ruz

    I’m happy that purple is the least voted, because…

    (I will buy the purple.;))

  • ????? ???????

    white one. but i hope it have white front face , like ZL.

  • Jo Kensy

    Definitely white!

  • azmadu

    Shurrup!! Who asked you to come on here and brag???


  • azmadu

    Yep, see the purple is for connoisseurs like ravi and everyone else that wants to stand out from the crowd. (^_^)

  • metalhead

    Roughly how long do prices on flagship stay high for

  • Ramy Ayash

    Can’t decide. They all look beautiful.

  • I like blue but there is no choice so I’m going to black

  • jag

    Just got the black one yesterday. And it is so beautiful!! I can’t sleep because of it! Haha! It’s already 1am here in SG and still can’t stop looking at it. Huhu! Still need to work later.. I hope I can sleep now.. Bad xperiaZ!! Haha

  • Ziich

    Have you tried putting in a 64gb SD card?

  • Yes, the brand is Android

  • Cloud_Connected

    Same problem here: beautiful white Arc S but the black Z matches the monolithic tv design…damnit -_-

  • Nezar

    Too bad they all look black from the front. When you lay your purple Z on a desk, no body would know it’s purple because the front is still black. Sony, when are you going to do things right?

  • DStyle

    I’m trying to get my hands on the Purple Z in New Zealand but local telcos here only offer BLACK. There is no consumer buying power here. Sad

  • rickiking

    They all look beautiful. But still pre-ordered the black.

  • Team6

    I received mine today :) its a wow Phone

  • James Earley

    Pre-ordered mine in black since it has the whole understated classy looks that Sony products are iconic for. White and purple are nice but black is better.

  • psyche

    where’s the option for “I’m not getting an Xperia Z (zed?) because Sony didn’t include USA LTE bands and clearly isn’t interested in the USA market.”

  • psyche

    and the tablet too!

  • Jam

    I thought Xperia White looked so premium. :3

  • psyche

    Speaking as the only American who buys Sony phones.

  • psyche

    I switched phone companies from T-Mobile to AT&T to be able to use Xperia P (from X10) on 3G (not 4). Moving from t68 to t610 to w800 to w880 to w910 to vivaz to X10 over the last 10 years. All of these I had to purchase unlocked because Sony can’t seem to play with USA phone providers. Everyone of these products was better than anything else available (expect Vivaz, it was awful). Very disappointed that I can’t spend my money of Xperia Z. You think Americans will settle for second best (ZL)?

  • Leo-Dora Pongan

    black because its classic & formal – as always, my Xperia X10 I have is black :)

  • Irene

    Writing this from my white Xperia Z :)

  • Irene

    I wanted the purple but it’s too bling. Black is boring. White is classy yet gorgeous.

  • Cheng

    I have a black Xperia S, and one thing I like Z to stand out so much besides all the specs and functions is PURPLE~~ I mean we dont see any purple phones on the streets for other brands….(or almost none). I think pruple is too cool. I have seen the real thing and its not that bling as everyone thinks la~~it’s just sexy..only if you look at the back it’s shiny. not that “girlish” as people think,
    If I get the phone (still waiting for more time to see and maybe how Sony will publish during 2nd half year), I will get purple for sure ~~~~ too sexy too pretty~~~

  • Cheng

    just wow~~~ although I dont need the watch if I have Z haha~~~

  • JG

    singapore has the z? how come? how ’bout in the philippines?

  • JG

    sorry, i started with my envy. I will go with white!

  • Adam Iskandar Soh

    It’s out in SG already? I thought it will arrive 1 March onwards. O.o

  • Adam Iskandar Soh

    Definity getting the black one.

  • Ameer Zul

    when will it be release on malaysia. this phone is sexy ?_?. can’t wait to get one

  • jag

    i registered in singtel last time then they emailed me that i can get the phone by Feb 27. but they will sell it publicly on march 2. i dont know about other telcos.

  • Adam Iskandar Soh
  • Adam Iskandar Soh

    I see. Lucky you! I just hope that i can recontract by the time it’s released. Thanks for the info

  • jag

    your welcome! we are all brothers here in xperiablog… so im glad that i can help a bit.

    there were only a few people getting the Z in singtel at NEX Mall.. but atleast i saw 3 or 4 people getting it when i was there. hehe! ^^

  • purple

  • Ameer Zul

    thank you for the info dude and wow, this phone isn’t cheap -.-

  • MyLive

    They’re all looks stunning..

    Black looks elegant..
    White looks sexy..
    Purple looks catchy..

    Could I have all of them?? hahaha

  • Purple rain, all the waaay

  • the 6606 variant is for the US with Rogers/AT&T LTE bands.

  • Syed

    You are not only the American. I have bought Sony Xperia White X10, White Xperia S, and now White Xperia Z is on it’s way from I’m a Xperia White fan long before any other company was making White phones.

  • they wanted to make the screen as big as possible dont take cheap shots it was the right decision why would they compromise that just cause u want to see the colour on the front be real lol

  • Saint

    you got those xperia z in what price jag?

  • Dean

    Do what I did buy from fairbuy I got purple on the way to Auckland :-D I’m a straight guy and don’t give a s**t what other people think lol

  • jag

    i got it for S$218 for 2yr contract. 3GB of data plan only.. argh! so frustrating to control my data now.

  • zac

    Most probably till the next flagship is out.
    or after a small facelift or ugrade to the current flagship.

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