Sony Ericsson Windows Phone ‘Jolie’ prototype hits eBay

by XB on 28th February 2013

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Do you remember that Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype that was doing the rounds a while back? It was first leaked back in March 2011 and the last we heard from it was last June, when it was captured on video. The slider handset, codenamed Jolie, was being tested by Sony Ericsson whilst considering whether it should adopt Windows Phone.

Only a few prototypes exist and one of these has made its way to eBay. The seller says that the device is fully functional including an early Windows Phone 7 build. The handset features 16GB of storage and an 8MP camera. Bids are currently up to €156, but with eight days still left on the auction, it’s likely to sell for much higher.

Via WP Central.

  • Herman

    Hmm, maybe I should start collecting smartphones now.

    I would love to have this one, as well as all of my older (unfortunately sold) handsets of Sony Ericsson!


    this phone will definitely gonna suck since there will be no firmware updates that will hit it

  • Spaun_Studio

    SE style…nostalgia. I want in my collection )))

    ?????? SE…??. ? ?? ???? ???? ? ????????? )

  • ShinOrochiX

    Been a long time since last rumoured.

  • It’s a collectors item, not for daily usage.

  • jjghj


  • Micro$uck

    flop OS..

  • nidou bossy

    looks so crappy as it runs winCRAP

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Speaking of old phones, I thought that it might be interesting to see which phones Sony fans used in the past. So here I’ll start the thread hoping that you’d follow suit :)

    I got my first phone in 1997 and it was a Panasonic G500. I’m a brand-loyal guy so my next three were also Panasonics : G600, GD92, X200. Then they stopped making phones and I switched to Sony Ericsson with T650i and it was followed by a lovely W995. Since last April, I’m a happy Xperia S owner.

    They were all nice phones and I loved them all :)

    By the way, I guess I can’t stick with my usual 2-year-per-phone usage period this time. The new Xperia Z is simply too tempting!..

  • Herman

    That’s an interesting idea!

    Let me tell you all my (hi)story of phones:

    My first phone had an orange screen and was made probably by Orange. I have no idea what it was exactly.

    My second phone was the Sony Ericsson V800, which I got from my brother. I loved it at the time. I couldn’t stop playing simple java games on it!

    After that I bought the Sony Ericsson K800i. That was when I started growing up and understanding more about it. In the end I loved it for its camera. And that’s how my interest in photography started.

    As I was getting interested in photography (still as a young child) I decided to get a Sony Ericsson Satio. It was a huge improvement and I consider the Satio my first ‘real smartphone’. I was in love with it. But then a disaster struck me. I wanted to take a photo from a bridge and because of a horrible case you had to push from the bottom, I dropped it in the water. And yes, that’s probably why I’m super excited about water resistant phones ;)

    I decided to buy a second hand Satio again but it just didn’t feel right.

    Because of that, and because Symbian s60v5 just didn’t really work great, I wanted to have the Nokia N8. Best cameraphone I have ever owned. Even though it might seem like it didn’t have much advantage over the Satio, it felt like a luxury product to me. Great camera, great OS (from the moment Symbian Belle came out) and I just loved it too.

    But like after every phone, I wanted more. I wanted to play games my friends were playing, I wanted to have a phone with a higher resolution screen, I wanted something fast and capable;

    I chose the Sony Xperia S

    It has everything I want apart from the waterproofing. Of course the camera is much worse than my previous Nokia N8 and about the same as the Satio regarding stills, it’s the best phone I could wish for at the time.

    I can’t afford myself to buy a similar phone with the only advantage being water resistant or having a tiny bit of a better camera (I consider the Xperia Z’s camera to be just above average, while the Nokia N8 scores well above average to me).

    I’m curious to see what the future will bring us. I’m waiting for the PureView running Windows Phone. I didn’t get the Nokia 808 just because it didn’t have a popular OS. Maybe if Sony figures out how to bring superb camera quality like their digital cameras to their phones, I will definitely stick to Sony. Otherwise it’s just wait and see which of the two favourite manufacturers will make the phone best suited for me.
    I’ve never really wanted Samsung or HTC, or anything else. It’s either Nokia, for (build)quality and camera, or Sony, for a very well-balanced phone overall.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    That keyboard is really nice looking.

  • Khiem Diep

    So glad to hear about another Panasonic user. The Panasonic GD87 is my all time favorite phone. great screen and camera for it’s time. OS was highly stable and responsive. I have too many phones to mention them all but notable ones that were great are Nokia 8850 and the Xperia Arc.

  • wtf … ist on 305€ Time 23;50

  • i have my first phone from sony ericsson T630, K508, T250, K530, R300, J105, nokia 2228 CDMA and last from sony Xperia Acro S…i love them all…

  • Jerry Berglund

    Interesting idea. Here is my mobilephone history. :-) It started in 1997 with the first mobilephone a philip Spark wich was the first phone with so called voicecontrol or voicecall. It never really work, because my voice was in a state of flux. lol. My next one was a Motorola CD 160 and god it was a boring phone and horrible interface like motorola always had those days. I had to sell it, because I hated that phone.

    Now I became a Ericsson fan, when I bought the Ericsson A1018s. I really liked that phone but the battery was really bad. I bought the Ericsson T20s after this one, and I really liked this chubby phone. It was kinda cute. lol. Gotten to now a girl during that time, that kinda nagged about that I had to buy a Nokia 3310 so that she could send me NOKIA smartmessages, so I bought this 3330. And that was a really bad phone. I hated that Nokia, so got back to Ericsson and bought the Ericsson R520m.that was a really good phone in a sense, but the stability wasnt that great sorry to say. But Ericsson gotten to be Sony Ericsson and I actually swapped the R520m to a Sony Ericsson T300. I liked that phone. It was great. But just when it became 2 years, something broke in it. Wasnt fun at all, so I needed a new phone. And I turned to 3Gphones… and the the operator 3 for the first time and got NEC e616. Wich in a way was a great phone but it wasnt that good when it comes to batterypower and it broke down quite easy. So the first version of the nec was kinda always swapped to the newer version NEC e616v when it got in for repair. But the had to bad specs to be really good. So When I had it for repair more than 3 times, i Three gave me the oppurtunity to swap mobilephone again, and I then chosed my first Smartphone. A motorola A1000. That was the best Motorola phone ever, and it was really really stable. The only phone I havent sent away for repair.

    After that Several phones passes by, when I got back to Sony Ericsson. I had Sony Ericsson K608i, K800, K850, W980, W902. During this time I actually never bought a new phone. I kinda made complaints about them because the stability of those phones were really bad. But I really liked the interface those phones had. But I sent for repair and efter a while I could make a complaint, and got a new phone. And that ended up for my next Smartphone NOKIA N95, and I made a new trie for 5800. But I never really liked Nokias Symbian version. It was awfull, and slow. So Next in line was all again Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. I also bought Xperia X10mins (2 of them) but my mother and sister got those after a while. Xperia X10 worked really well, until GB came to it, and it was not possible to use anymore. Well it did work, but the buggs were just awfull, so I once more made a complaint, and got the Sony Ericsson arc S. My plan was always to get an Xperia S, so after some months I got that one instead and mine sister got the arc S. So now I am here… with my Sony Xperia S.

    God I forgot a lil phone that I actually had for a cople of months before I had to return it. A Siemens S35i.

    Phone list:

    Philips Spark (1997)

    Motorola C160 (1998)

    Ericsson A1018s (1999)

    Ericsson T20s (2000)

    Siemens C35i (2000)

    Nokia 3330 (2001)

    Ericsson R520m (2001)

    Sony Ericsson T300 (2002)

    NEC e616/E616v (2003)

    Motorola A1000 (2004)

    Sony Ericsson K608i (2005)

    Sony Ericsson K800i (2006)

    NOKIA N95 (2006)

    Sony Ericsson K850 (2007)

    Sony Ericsson w980 (2008)

    Sony Ericsson W902 (2008)

    Nokia 5800 (2008)

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (2009)

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini (2010)

    Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S (2011)

    Sony Xperia S (2012)

  • idiot

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  • paul4id

    Sod that. What I really want to know is where is the Xperia Pro II?

  • Shubham Mutreja

    I previously had a (and still using) Sony Ericsson W350i phone
    that was the excellent one superb music quality
    Now I am using Sony Ericsson Mini Pro SK17i and it is awesome tooo

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