Xperia Z: What are your first impressions?

by XB on 28th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z launched in the UK and other European countries today and has been available in other markets for a few days now. As the handset is now filtering into people’s hands we wanted to ask those who have the phone, what are your first impressions?

Is it much bigger than you expected? How do you find the performance compared to your previous phone? Are you upgrading from a previous Xperia – if so, how does the new flagship compare? Are the documented display issues warranted or blown out of proportion? What niggles do you have and what do you love? We’d love to hear your initial feedback below.

  • Andrew D

    Same as Xperia S . No big difference, except the size. Other than that , its basicly the same.

  • you bought it ?

  • I bought it and it is the best

  • Ohh….Sony! Please launch the Xperia Z in India…..FAST! I’m dying to get my hands-on!


  • Seriously?

    Forgot to buy a pair of glasses for your eyes with it?

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Its really best of Sony so far but still needs improvements, m sure now Sony is going in right direction. Upcoming Sony Phablet will be mind blowing.
    I just spent few hours with XZ as bought today only, my only complain is placement of speaker – its horrible !!

  • Maxman

    I played with it a little in a german Telekom-Store. My first impression was absolutely great ! It doesnt feel that much bigger as the Galaxy S3 (actually it is`nt) and the Design is a non plus-ultra for me. Surprisingly the display did`nt quite catch me, not because of the lack of contrast but more because you don`nt recognize the sharpness as much as i thought. In your everyday-use I think you woul`dt find much of a difference next to some 720p screens in terms of ppi.
    I defenitly want to upgrade from my Xperia P but the extremly high price is still bothering me…

  • Too expensive – main impression.

  • me 2. Can’t wait to get it in India..

  • Do you ever used something other than land phone?

  • Mikiko

    Rather dissapointed. I paid €650, and for the price, here are some things Sony can improve:
    1. Bravia Engine. Display is not it’s best quality as we know by now, just compare it side by side with the Xperia S / Acro S.
    2. Front Facing Camera. It may be 2MP but when actually using, the low light is a major downgrade compared to S / Acro S
    3. Speaker. There is one speaker and it is located on the lower right hand side. Holding the phone for most tasks covers up the speaker.
    4. Live Wallpapers. Sony took away the pre-installed Cosmic Livewallpaper from 2012 series. I understand 2013 has a new theme, so my recommendation is make a new live wallpaper or make the previous one available.
    5. Noices. It makes a weird loud noice when it is docked and I turn on the screen. Still trying to figure out what the cause is.

  • Andrew D

    I didn’t buy, I was smart enough to take a sneak peak at it for a few days, and found nothing special. Really nothing. Basically I’m good with my Xperia S.
    If you want a phablet buy it. But keep your dumb comments to yourself. Only a looser would spend money for the Z

  • Andrew D

    No, I’m not buying something I already have. My Xperia S is also fine and compact

  • natenkiwi

    The best comment so far…thankss

  • Andrew D

    An Indian smart ass.
    Youse have electricity over there?

  • roeshak

    The display isn’t as vivid as the Xperia S but it definitely is much sharper.
    The performance is also a lot better than the S. The guy at Tesco mobile said it was the first lag free android device. We’ll see if that continues after a few days of use.
    he also called the Xperia T a very ugly phone which I totally agreed with lol.
    Don’t know if it’s down to calibration or whether Sony actually use a cheaper display in their big screen devices because the colour tone seemed very similar to the T’s. The S, acro S and V are have richer color displays.
    let’s see if their calibration tool once released allows users to saturate more the color scheme.
    The trouble is, the more saturated a tft display is, the more the wash out is when you tilt the phone. My S washes out badly when tilted and maybe that’s why the color tone is cooler on the T and V. So users don’t notice the same degree of wash out.
    Fingers crossed, we’ll see an ips display used next year but this year I’m afraid guys, forget about viewing angles, the colors are very cool on this device. Almost iPhonish to be honest.

  • Ha! You spelled loser wrong.

  • roeshak

    If you think the Z is the Same as the S, then you”re either trying to console yourself or you’re just blind.

  • thiru

    Am not going to xperia z due to big screen. I ill upgrade ray when international sx or ray2 comes to market.

  • ryq24

    An honest review. No choice but will wait for s4.

  • Oz

    Sony should use OLED Display with its next flagship smartphone and tablet

  • name

    O V E R P R I C E D!!!!

    just when i thought sony would be more aggressive this year. the device is undeserving of that price. is that how much waterproofing cost?

    inferior display (per 2013 standards)

    camera that does not outclass the iphone’s (when it should given that sony is supposed to be an expert in digital imaging)

    certainly not the best of sony in a smartphone. i would really disagree with that marketing tagline. if i would agree with that, that means an admission that sony is an inferior tech company.

    i’m really frustrated with sony now. i think sony will lose a fan in me soon. i’ve been busy defending the company in many forums but i think i can no longer defend them with their pricing. just injustifiable.

  • ok why commenting then if you haven’t bought it ? from the description they want feedback from “those who have the phone” their first impression not from someone who haven’t like me and you… and if you are happy with your Xperia S then that’s good but saying nothing special about Xperia Z well first of all it’s not bulky as Xperia S, it has micro SD,full HD all round from screen and main to secondary camera,HDR video,burst mode,water resistant,slim and sleek design and all this Xperia S doesn’t have .. so if this doesn’t make it any different from Xperia S then it’s your opinion but next time please before you comment read the article first not only the title :/

  • Frankly, I am sick of all the buss about Xperia Z.

  • Andrew D

    Like I said, I’ve had it for a few days as a test device and like I said, I’m good with my Xperia S. In my opinion, it’s like you said but I didn’t like it and definitely not paying another 600 bucks for nothing that special . Each his own. Each his own.

  • xperianame

    IGZO displays from sharp are even better. that’s what apple is targetting for their next tablets and smartphones. sharp is japanese. why can’t those jap companies cooperate to rebuild their tarnished brands.

  • elghuraify

    So guys you don’t advice me to upgrade from my Xperia S? I will terminate my contract with 90$ and get the Xperia Z with 300 free minutes and unlimited data! Dose it worth?

  • reptile64

    What about the contact sync photos? Do they appear in HD or shitty like the Xperia S? For example when I use Google on my PC and add photos to my contacts they sync in low resolution but when I tried CM10 on my Xperia S all the pictures were HD and beautiful upon sync!

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Now, reading all this reviews I’m decided not to upgrade from my S. Especially ’cause it has more vivid display.

  • Carlos

    Simply the best one, is the best mobile ever ;-)

  • Herman

    I believe I’ve read somewhere that it depends on the Android version.
    As in, if I’m not mistaken, Android 4.2 should have this fixed.
    The contact photos were low-res by default, which 4.2 would have improved.

  • reptile64

    But the cyanogenmod 10 is based on 4.1

  • Chris

    It is 2GB RAM. Think about all the widgets and running apps that you can install without ever lagging the phone. Probably 720p to 1080p doesn’t seem much to you but is when you view real text and not to forget it is a 5″. You are entitled to your opinion but saying no difference is just way too much. I see a lot of videos and the Z is just snappy. The only problem I feel is the camera though……took quite a while to boot up but its worth it as it gives better image quality overall.

  • Herman

    If I were you, I’d wait a little longer (if you don’t have infinite money that is).
    I’m also a proud owner of the Xperia S and I’m quite the tech enthousiast ;)

    While the Xperia Z is much better than the Xperia S, there isn’t too much different either.
    The Xperia S still works great for me. I don’t have any problems with it now whatsoever.
    I was super excited about the Xperia Z being water resistant, and while that is indeed very useful I don’t see myself paying hundreds of extra euros (dollars to you) just to make my phone waterproof. In that case, why not go for the Xperia V?

    But really, although the Xperia Z really is a great phone and although I would love to have it too, I won’t recommend you buy one. Mostly because the Xperia S is just a one year old device and you know Sony (or another manufacturer) will have its next flagship device announced in a couple of months.

    And we all know how much we wanted to buy that particular device when “all of the downsides of the Xperia Z have been fixed with that phone”.

    So yeah, if I were you, I would wait. I am waiting for the next flagship too, with my Xperia S. Because my Xperia S is still a very good device and it can do anything I want it to do except for cleaning it with water ;)

  • Herman

    It could’ve been fixed with Android 4.1 though, now that I think about it.
    Because I assume your stock Xperia S is still rocking 4.0 :)

  • James

    It is obvious that many here are trying to justify to them self’s that they don’t need to upgrade either because they don’t have the money or they haven’t had there current device long enough and that’s fine, but to say the Z is no different to the S is a lie I have both. for almost a week now I have been using both and my conclusion is that the xperia z is miles better in every aspect from the speed to the camera design, battery, display, speaker, to the UI who ever wanted the Z will love it trust me use it for a least a week and who ever doesn’t like it then I believe they already made up their mind not to like it before hand because of the over the top expectations.

  • raheemdot

    Hey man many phones have problems on launch. I’m sure it will become much better through updates etc. I love the phone right now! :D

  • These seem like issues that can be easily corrected. I have owned from the X1 to the XPS and these are the same comments I have heard throughout the history of SE / Sony. Nothing new here. But still great comments. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great comment

  • Alex Ruiz

    I agree with your idea of rather buying the Xperia V. In fact, I’ll buy it because I’m not rich either. Besides, the Xperia Z is too big for me. The good thing is that, In the store, the Xperia V price has come down almost 250 dollars with the Xperia Z release. =)

  • reptile64

    Thanks for your interest but I prefer to receive an accurate answer from an Xperia Z owner! ;)

  • thegermanguy

    Its Design is very nice, its very fast and so much better than my old Xperia play.
    But in the screen where i See wich apps sucks the energy i have a process called mediaserver and its listed with 40% battery consumtion and thats very Bad because the battery Live is very short because of this.

  • just see I have 5 votes up and your comment have 3 votes down.. If you think that xperia P and Xperia Z are same but the size only.. You haven’t seen them in your eyes..

  • if you are happy with your phone, dosen’t mean the others phones don’t have any improvements.

  • Feanor

    I finally played with the Z. I must say I was extremely disappointed by the screen. Coincidentally the Sony Centre I visited had for the first time also the V. The V had indeed a much better screen, more vivid, with richer colours, higher contrast and deeper blacks. Viewing angles were also better. I was hoping that all the negative comments about the display of the Z were exaggerated but now I have to confirm that the screen has indeed low contrast, and extremely poor viewing angles. I normally wouldn’t care much about viewing angles but in this case the screen washes out extremely only after you tilt the phone ever so slightly. I think the screen seems equally bad or even worse than my 2 year old arc and miles away from the one of the V. Of course the resolution is fantastic but who can tell apart individual pixels on the S or the V anyway? It really pains me to say that Sony made a fantastic phone and messed it up with this display. From a user point of view it’s a bearly acceptable display and in comparison to the fierce competition, it really cannot keep its own. I’m very sad.

  • Go and just buy an Apple product! If you want a cheap phone don’t set your standards so high then. It’s like saying I want a Ferrari but I only got £10000

  • Frankly I’m sick of your stupid opinions!

  • Lol! It pisses on the Xperia S. Horrible performance and lag!

  • So what’s the difference between Note 1 and 2? S3 or S4? Your just a troll!

  • It’s £450 pay as you go or £480-500 for sim free!

  • It’s nowhere near as bad as you are making it out!

  • I’m on my 2nd day and what I like about it is that how thin and light it seems and its nowhere near as big as I thought it would be considering the screen size. Very fast and buttery smooth! I’ve put a matt screen protector on it and it seems the display viewing angles got slightly better! Love it! Especially putting it in water to show to my friends!

  • eisuke

    What is all the fuss?
    I upgrade my XT to Jelly Bean only last week, but it’s AMAZING!! I was really dissappointed with the last ICS update and really wanted to chuck the phone into the bin. Laggy, buggy and the camera was just aweful. It’s all fine now. Smooth as butter. I don’t see why anyone would need a higher spec phone than XT. Honestly, why wait for XZ or S4. Loads cheaper too.

  • What kind of silly comment is that? I mean, you have flooded the page with your comments and complain about one comment that I have made?
    I just wanted to express my disappointment about the fact most posts in this site lately are mostly about Xperia Z, the phone I am not going to by (too big, too expensive etc, but this is not relevant). Fail to see anything stupid about that. Of course, you can have your opinions, but this by itself does not grant you any rights to call it stupid. I would suggest you to improve your manners, at least when you are in public.

  • blitz_arc

    Just some minor issues,definitely not stopping me to get one next week!

    Upgrading from the old beauty, xperia arc. =)

  • There is always a better phone coming out! Just the buy the one you like!

  • Why are you on this thread idiot? It’s for people who want an Xperia Z or are thinking of buying an XZ. There is very little buzz over the XZ compared to IPhones and Samsung. So maybe you should go and let them know first!

  • You certainly ain’t got a XZ!

  • Maxman

    About the cosmic flow wallpaper ? Despite the fact that it`s not pre-installed : Has anyone tried to install it via the apk file on the Xperia Z ? This may sound silly but it has been my stock LWP for a while now and I really don`t want to see that it`s not working on the Z after i already bought it.

  • Team6

    I got it yesturday and Im going to say this: I had xperia x10, xperia arc, xperia s, now xperia z
    The difference between xperia z and xperia s is like the difference between xperia x 10 and xperia s
    The xperia z is from another Planet :-)

  • sidneylopsides

    The screen looks great to me, easily better than my T. Viewing angles are decent, again, better than T. It’s incredibly sharp, photos look smashing. The camera is a step up, vastly better colours in low light. It just doesn’t always launch very quickly. General performance is brilliant. It feels very well built, and I’ve already tested the water resistance.
    The caller id picture is High res now. There are loads of little new features I’ve yet to try, like in call equaliser and slow speech.

  • Wolf0491

    I want to upgrade from my Ion to t his but they don’t have one with LTE for US yet.
    has anyone in US imported one yet?
    Would love to know what kind of download speeds you get.

  • Herman

    In that case you’ll be spending a lot of money you could’ve easily saved.
    Would you really buy every new flagship that has this tiny improvement over the current one? Can you really afford that?

    Instead, try to think whether you really need something this particular device offers. If you for example have to have a device you can clean with water or that you can use while in the bathtub, go for it. If it’s more of a gimmick to you, then wait until something actually revolutionary for you releases.

  • HTC One!

  • Have you even read my comment? I said there is always a better phone comming out which is a fact! Technology waits for no one! I then said buy the phone you like! I’ve bought a Xperia Z and I’ve also ordered an Htc One but I won’t buy S4. Their products have never interested me!

  • Herman

    Have you even read MY comment? You seem to forget we aren’t all rich.
    If you carelessly buy every phone that you like, you end up with lots of phones which are quite similar but are just a little bit better than the previous. You can’t easily sell them without losing a lot of money too.

    Like I said, it’s best to only buy a device when it’s actually worth the money. As the Xperia S still offers everything I would like to have in a phone, would you recommend me to still buy the Xperia Z because yes, I do like it?
    I won’t, because I know it’s not going to be a great investment.

    I would personally try to change phones over the course of two years. Because it takes about two years for a new flagship to really offer something new.

    Would you have bought the Xperia T after you had bought an Xperia S because it was faster? I wouldn’t and didn’t, because the only thing it’s much better at is its processor. And you will still pay for the entire package.

    Just think about what you buy, if you work hard for your money.

  • Ziich

    If you have an xperia s what is the point of getting the v? Personally I don’t upgrade my phone until my current one is broken or unusable. I currently have the iphone4 from the release date and like the xperia z because of the similar design cues that made me buy the iPhone 4 in the first place

  • Ziich

    I understand that this phone is not for everyone but this blog is called xperia blog and the xperia z is the most recent xperia device released so what else do you want them to talk about?

  • Ziich

    Well since you had it for a few days can you tell us what you diddn’t like about it?

  • Luxsaan06

    Love it soo most :-)
    upgraded from the Arc S

  • asunder

    mixed opinions it seems, shame the XL isn’t available everywhere

  • DrazenDodig

    cool, thanks!

  • Alex Ruiz

    You are right. I forgot to say I’ll buy Xperia V because I have an Xperia Sola. In my case the upgrade worths it.

  • reptile64

    Me too! X1 to XS and on Monday I’m getting my Xperia Z no matter what I hear here! I DON’T CARE! :P

  • mkonline

    Got my phone today and so far loving it except for one issue. The screen is great, no lags, camera is fine (havent tested low light) and it looks stunning. However the top half of the device is getting warm to hot fairly quickly, near the NFC mark. Has anyone else had the same problem? I am very happy with the phone but concerned with this issue. Please advise.

  • nadeem

    getting tomorrow..cant wait anymore…

  • Ziich

    yea i honestly thought hey would. i mean they already have a 5inch oled screen in the playstation vita it has the resolutions of the iphone 4s and it looks great

  • ashad im with you, if you wants something just pay for it, and dont think how spensive is, sony is sony and always is spensive, me right now i cant pay the price but i dont say shit about the brand i just wait a couple month when the phone will be more shipper!

  • name

    of course i will never buy an iphone. i am a sony fan. i’m just complaining about the price and its disconnect with the specs. i will wait for a better device from sony with a better price. i can’t abandon my jap tech preference.

    based on my experience last year, sony was not as expensive as samsung. their low-mid range xperia mini was packed with good specs that handily beats every other device in the same price range.

    that’s why i’m really bothered with sony’s pricing especially with the kind of display they’re using. that’s not going to sway buyers who have been used to amoleds and more vibrant super lcds from other companies.

  • jag

    Better said!

  • jag

    It does get hot there.. But i think it’s better than the whole phone getting hot

  • jave

    why can’t sony fans accept that there are defects in the product. i am a sony fan too that’s why i’ve been reviewing a lot of tests as shared by xz users online.

    the display was analyzed scientifically and was proven to be inferior to htc’s butterfly
    the camera’s stabilization has a problem. it skips in some cases as shown by blunty on youtube (blunty was invited by sony to do some CES coverage and he was sent a sony review device)
    nobody has done an actual drop test on concrete and i really expect xz to fail.

  • jag

    Maybe you’re playing with the demo unit.well anyway, it’s your opinion. I find my Z pretty grea though. ^^

  • philippe

    the difference between s and z is that s is kind of fashionable phone but z is the phone with premium feel. and regard to performance, when s released, its performace was already lack to competitors, but z is quite different its difinetely on the top runner. I think that is why sony so confidentely give letter Z to this phone as it is always reserved for their best product like Vaio z or walkman z. I am a S owner, S is good, but not great. i havent used V or TX, but the white TX looks quite elegant and sport a better duel core than S, so if z is too expensive, maybe tx or v can also be considered.

  • Sam Cobra

    Upgrading from my old htc desire to xperia z. Now (2013) we have a true SONY smartphone!

  • Dude, Xperia Z is still part of 2012 flagship. Only that it was announced at the very start of the year.

  • jag

    did you buy the phone? how can you say all of this? where did you get all your “first impressions”??

  • jag

    dude… why are you in this blog anyway? and FYI, xperia Z is the only Flagship this year, so it would all be Xperia Z until 2014. dont read the blogs or just endure it… for 1 year. hehe!

  • hhmmmm, I’ve been thinking twice purchasing xperia z, it’s such a beauty though compared to my current 4-month old xperia TX, maybe we should wait for the 2nd half’s flagship from Sony, but I’ll definitely buy a Tablet Z once it’s out in the market.

  • dereknobuyuki

    It would be interesting if Sony Mobile had two product lines with staggered 6-month product refresh life cycles like makers in Japan used to have…
    For example, the large device Xperia Z launches as a Spring product, then gets a refresh in Autumn and Spring and Autumn and Spring, etc….
    However, at the same time, a smaller screen like the SX and the Ray gets launched for the summer season and gets it’s product refreshes in Winter and Summer, etc…

    That way, they can focus on only 2 product lines but still have new fresh things to offer every season even if the refresh is sometimes only just new colour options.

    In Japan, that’s the way things have been going for a while until they realized that smartphone product life-cycles were too long for them to keep up and consumer buying behaviour started to change. However, every season carriers still launch their seasonal line-up of new phones and most companies try to have something to offer every season (even if it’s only new colour options at times)

    You could get your SX or Ray successor and always have something new to look forward to on a regular basis.

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    I used cm10 and cm10.1 on my xperia s
    The thing is you have to fix it from then remove your google account from the phone then add it again and sync .

    Removal of account and adding it again is key.

    As you can see from the article its the problem with google sync so first fix your contacts×720-but-google-sync-continues-to-clobber-it-with-low-res-mush/

    And then they fixed it

    Hope I helped :)
    So the problem was google not sony it has nothing to do with sony :)

  • Roman

    It would have been by far the best phone on the market, if not the display and slightly disappointing camera. I am still very satisfied with look, feel end performance. After Z S3 looks like a cheap Chinese toy.
    Sony is getting there…

  • reptile64

    When I change a photo from the Google site it automatically syncs with the phone in HD on CM10! I do not have to delete the account etc! But there are reports that the Sony Xperia jelly bean firmware still can’t retrieve the HD pictures from Google!

  • Keion

    Guys watch this video plz…………..

  • me too

  • wow good sir even me being a sony fan didnt knew z had all those features lol :D

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    oh. I had to delete and enter the account again weird :/
    No matter. Ah that I didn’t know. btw why not ask in the xda xperia z forum I’m sure you’ll get a reply maybe with screen shots too.!

  • accourding to all the reviewers Xperia Z is a much bigger upgrade to xperia S than Xperia T… and me…coming from a xperia S to xperia T and now hopeing to get a xperia Z … find that Xperia T was a big improvement over the xperia S imo… the snappier processor…small apps and the fact it never lagged despite being a dual core was a very big + …not to mention the camera… so i am guessing Z would be a far far superior phone

  • you my good indian Sir have put it in a rather well way :).. no point in arguing with that racist bastard

  • sectos

    Had it for more than a week now and my last one was a htc one s.

    So screen : colors are a lot less vivid than on amoled, contrast a bit worse too, all in all the image is washed when you compare head to head. in every day use doesn’t bother me, especially it’s a huge definition improvement (htc had the pentile amoled which is simply bad, even the icons on the desktop are not neat).

    Performance, while it runs everything smoothly, once launched, android remains android and crappy app remains crappy app, so some lags are still present. Th one that really bothers me is launching the camera app after a long pause (so app killed by android) : 4-5seconds to launch, wtf sony!!!!

    bottom line, it’s a beautifull beast, size it’s ok (well, i do have big hands :D), works better than the best out there, but if you have a last’s year premium phone, this one won’t bring anything new for you….well if you have a last’s year premium phone, you’ll probably buy a new one this year too, and the next year etc…. :D

  • All the flagship premium device are roughly £500 on release! Iphone 5 was £530 for the base model! What do you expect Sony to charge for such a high end device? Don’t mention the Nexus 4 as that is Subsidised by Google

  • the speaker is a major issue. really disappointed -__-
    but still I’ll buy it next week:)

  • two words – FUCKEN AMAZING

  • and pakistan QQ

  • Daniel.I

    The screen: it’s ok, but the competition at MWC was looking better.
    The design: it’s very nice, but with it has some issues. Only one speaker, that can be covered and completely muffled in some cases. It’s a fingerprint magnet. For many users it will be very hard to use it with one hand.
    OS and UI: Very nice and fast. A blast in benchmarks.
    Other: Fast charging (1.5 A) and better than average headset.

  • what really has me worried now is the display… most of the people r telling me its not that good :S

  • Amcd

    Received my xperia z yesterday. Changing from Galazy S3. Xperia looks and feels brilliant. Easier to hold and use with one hand v Galaxy. Screen not as vibrant as Galaxy but more detailed. Faster than S3 – no lag. Very happy.

  • mediamakesus

    Can someone tell me how to disable the media server completely to save on battery?


  • jag

    how’s your battery life bro? mine is 5hours only. hehe! i dont know what’s causing this draining even though i did not browsed alot this afternoon.

  • jag

    yah! no lag right? pure awesomeness!!

  • jag

    turn off all the media server functions in the settings if you are not using them. also turn off the throw function option.

  • bustedemotions96

    buy it from

  • steve

    I just had mine.jelly bean has a grey,almost washed out,background.its not the xperia.change your launcher to nova and their background is makes a world of as coal…..just try the black wallpaper to see how it handles blacks.its fully capable. I love it…….

  • I’ve been A/ B ing the Z and the Nexus 4 for 24 hours. Got to say the Nexus 4 feels better. The screen on the Z is extremely disappointing.

    The colors are washed out, whites when using the Browser are very yellow (unless you turn the brightness up over 70%, then the battery drains before your eyes) and BE2 just adds a horrible processed look that seems to make video more grainy. Nexus 4 feels smoother in use too.

  • shiva

    No actually sony is concentrating more on Thin Film Transistor displays which serve the purpose quite well because OLED may have deeper blacks but consumes a bit more power! and sony is known for its LCD displays rather the LEDs

  • Bill Lockhart

    I have Xperia Z and the display is awesome!
    Then again, I could be scientifically wrong as I don’t scientifically analyze the display everytime I use it.
    Now, as for XZ’s display being inferior to other devices out there, I am not going to argue with you on that.
    But the Xz’s having a slightly inferior display is not a defect.
    Also, [personally] I don’t think it matters as I don’t use my XZ next to an HTC device everytime I use it.

  • Bill Lockhart

    Got the phone.
    Is the phone impressive?
    Let me put it this way.
    I brought it to the office and 6 colleagues of mine came to work with XZs in their hands the next day!

  • Bill Lockhart

    Got the phone.
    Is the phone impressive?
    Let me put it this way.
    I brought it to the office and 6 colleagues of mine came to work with XZs in their hands the next day!

  • Bill Lockhart

    Got the phone.
    Is the phone impressive?
    Let me put it this way.
    I brought it to the office and 6 colleagues of mine came to work with XZs in their hands the next day!

  • ProWeirdo

    Waterproof is working, but you can’t operate the screen in water. Nice trick, Sony!

  • ProWeirdo

    Not possible to operate the screen in water, but it is waterproof.

  • ProWeirdo

    XperiaBlog deletes my comments about the Xperia Z, nice ;D

  • reptile64

    Ehm… you mean HD by selecting and cropping a photo directly from the phone right? Try to put an HD photo on a contact via and then see if your phone syncs it in HD! ;)

  • i understand you, you not are wrong at all!

  • thats the word, every flagship when is launched is spensive, the sgs3 is stiill 600 dollars on ebay!

  • Team6

    Well pretty good, much better than xperia s, i have the stamina mode on(whats app and Gmail), at 7 am i had 100% now its midnight and i sill havet15%

    By havy useage it won’t that long but still better than my previous xperias

  • I haven’t got the phone yet but there seems to be an overheating issue on the HSPA version released here in the middle east (
    It’s a good thing I ordered mine from the UK.

  • jag

    It’s working fine now. I did a factory reset then the battery stamina is now working. Now the battery is still 77% from 7am to awesome is that?^^

  • they have it in karachi… i am from islamabad have it but they r asking me to wait till wednesday :(..and i cant do that :(

  • roeshak

    Try checking to see if your weather widget is set to track your location. It’s a battery hog

  • Roman

    Today I met my brother, big apple fan. He has i5. We compared camera and display. Looking at same pics he found that image on Z looks more vivid and has more deepness. We came to conclusion that Z has a better image, as long as you don’t start moving the phone. As soon as viewing angles change Z starts to loose considerably to 5S.
    camera: here we made same photos during the day inside, outside and at night.
    – automatic mode of Iphone works better
    – pictures during the day inside and outside are better on Z, showing more detail. IPhone images look more washed out inside.
    – night. Here iPhone is a clear winner.

    Battery better on Z

    I am using Z for a week now, and I like it everyday more.

  • jag

    Have you seen this guys? The Z is built for this!

  • Gajit

    Had it a day. Sending it back. Awful.

  • sectos

    No lag? Did you launch the camera app ?:-D

  • Amcd

    Launching camera app is fine from the locked screen – a bit slower from the home screen

  • Akram Ahmed

    amazing…simply it’s a i phone and samsung galaxy s3 killer :D

  • BrookG

    Much more powerful than my Xperia Arc. I love the screen, I love the style of the device, I love the camera and I love the NFC speaker that I got with mine, but I don’t love how it won’t charge when the screen is on. On my Arc, if it was plugged in for charging, it would charge regardless of what I did with it, but if I plug my Z in for charging, it will only gain charge if the screen is off. When I plug it in for charging, the screen comes on! and then won’t go off until you turn it off! why!? That is an extra thing I have to do! Otherwise if I forget, it won’t charge!!! If I watch a film on my TV using an MHL cable the Z will slowly discharges because the screen is on, but I am not using the screen! This seems like a MASSIVE oversight. But apparently this is common amongst many recent android phones. I feel like the charge dock was a missed operability as it could have received mains power, but instead takes a USB cable! But otherwise I am very happy.

  • Marco

    After seeing all these comments,I still doubt want to buy Z or not.any suggestions?

  • Got the Xperia z Thursday, really like it, for me the only real issue is the speaker, and the jury is still out if its loud enough to be heard when it is my pocket, plus the vibration function I find a bit weak, but given the vibrate function is a mechanical movement, then with the reduction on dimensions this is to be expected

  • fraser

    love my xperia z except for the battery. Why does the phone come with McAfee preloaded which then stops the phone going into stamina mode? Battery life is awful without stamina mode on

  • worst camera every by Sony . its not 13mp nt even 8 .. may b 5

  • I’ve had the x10, arc, S, T and now Z. Always been a fan of xperia range the Z did not disappoint. Only slight grib I have is the notification bar is now a light black colour and not the jet black that was on the T. I hope they change this as it would make it look better.

  • beautiful wallpapers

    this site is so beautiful.this site included mobile information of sony xperial.different types of sony xperial mobile wallpapers are availible on this site.i like this mobile wallpapers site.

  • Ramesh

    I bought Xperia Z before a week.

    1. Heating up near at camera. It is really disappointing me. Just 15 minutes continues surfing is burning my hand (even after closed background process and running unwanted apps). 10 mins continuous call, My ear feeling burning heat. This is very worst case.

    2. Network data connection. Some times apps could not able to connect with net, even connection is enabled. eg, let your phone goes to 20% below in battery, it will automatically disable data connection(as per Settings). In this case, enable data connection manually and try some apps like FB, it is showing error in network. But connection is exist.

    3. Speaker position. Speaker is not in right position, coz your hand will move on speaker always and blocking the speaker.

    4. More Options. eg, In Samsung, go to message inbox and swipe right on any one message, it will connect call and left swipe, it will goes to message compose. Similarly in call Log has some option like this. But XZ dont have more options like this.

    5. Goto call option and try to call any numbers which not reachable/not exist. After VOIP voice message, it returns to home screen instead of showing dial pad in call option.

  • Ramesh

    1. Nice look and feel.

    2. Best camera quality.

    3. Good in water proof and dust proof. (Not checked in my mobile ;-) But impressed.)

    4. Very easy to use in single hand.

    5. Very good speed. I could not find drawback in speed anywhere.

    6. Nice battery backup. 100% at 7AM and 18% remains there at 8PM with all apps usage including net.

  • Laggy when playing rpg or tower defense games
    camera average but video is great with hdr mode on
    sound – meh
    performance – crap (even with its 1.5 snapdragon)
    screen -beautiful (even with its antiglare plastic over the actual lcd)
    design – great i like it
    battery – what battery??
    specs and apps – obvious, its android
    had it for about 3 weeks and
    had more fun with my note 2

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