New Jelly Bean firmware (9.1.A.0.492) certified for Xperia T and Xperia V

by XB on 1st March 2013

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A few days back we brought you news that a new firmware version (9.1.A.0.492) had been certified for the Sony Xperia TX (LT29i). This is the much-awaited Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Xperia TX owners, who are still waiting for the new firmware despite the Xperia T and Xperia V enjoying it for a number of weeks.

Well it looks like the same firmware is due to land on the Xperia T (LT30p/LT30a) and Xperia V (LT25i) too judging by the PTCRB website. The Sony Xperia T is currently running 9.1.A.0.489 firmware, whilst the Xperia V has 9.1.A.0.490. Given the incremental update number, we expect this update to concentrate on bug fixes.

Hopefully, it will at least rectify problems that users are having with the Walkman app. There is currently often a long delay between songs when the screen locks. A current workaround is using a different media player entirely such as Google Music or PowerAmp, but most want to be able to use the Walkman app with its sleek UI. Hopefully the problem with the app will be sorted in this new update.

  • This make sense …. Sony learn so quickly …

  • APai

    …about time, the Xperia T fw is really buggy. I hope the fw for other phones don’t have the same bugs as the T did.

  • khashi

    xperia s???please herry up sony

  • Andrew D

    Hope they make a move soon for the Xperia S

  • I’ve not had too many problems with mine. Sony definitely improving on the software front!

  • Herman

    I finally realised why Sony will deliver the Xperia S’ Jelly Bean update later than other devices:

    The ones owning an Xperia S considering the Xperia Z as an upgrade probably can’t wait for the update for their Xperia S and therefore they will buy the Xperia Z. That’s extra money for Sony :)

    And the ones patient enough to wait for Jelly Bean weren’t buying the Xperia Z in the first place. And they still get amazing new Jelly Bean features for their year-old phone. That’s quality for customers :)

    Seems like the best thing Sony could do, looking from their perspective.

  • yeah really nice way to treat your last years premium customers :/

  • Andy

    It doesn’t make sense. If someone is frustrated that his 1 year old device doesn’t get updated fast enough why continue with Sony and not go for other oems? Sony can’t afford a policy like that.

  • Herman

    Think about it: if the Xperia S had gotten Jelly Bean at the time the Xperia Z arrived, the ones who were initially considering the Xperia Z then thought their Xperia S felt like a new device, running Jelly Bean, thus not necessarily wanting the Xperia Z anymore.

    From Sony’s perspective it makes sense, although I obviously would’ve wanted the update sooner too.

  • afzal

    Do you facing any issue running ur xps with ics? Mine running smooth and its a year already the warranty already in valid for some user. Just root the device and play with a ics + jb os makes by xda. Totally awesome

  • aj

    i really dont agree with you….irrespective of getting timely updates or not….there is a big different between xperis Z and xperia S specs and Xperia Z is a monster phone

  • SEPI

    Bye bye Sony
    I will change my TX with s3 on this week
    Sony, make shame

  • The only major bug is the JB + maps wakelock problems which plagues all kinds of different JB handsets…

  • Waiting jellybean 4.1.2 for my Xperia Acro S

  • APai

    sadly, although i like what sony did with the JB release, it has a few bugs that’s annoying me. I can live with it, but its a sub optimal experience.

  • APai

    these are some of the issues I have
    photo orientation, random reboots & walkman – skipping tracks

  • Waiting here

    i disagree with you sir.. first of all have you ever gone to settings menu on ics?its the laggiest(dont know even if this word exist) menu ever…… even xperia x10 mini has smoothest menu on ics (minicm9) also the phone app takes ages to open (almost 3 seconds) now you will tell me that i am a spoiled kid ,but if you want to call someone fast you will curse that firmware!but your second opinion i think is the best….ive rooted my phone months ago and ive seen my phone perform really smooth and fast with cyanogenmod…..
    sent from my xperia s using android 4.2.2

  • AsadMulla

    I think die hard fans of sony want the flagship regardless of whether the previous handset they owned is updated. Talking from my point of view, If my XS was updated before the Z came out I would have still bought the Z

  • AsadMulla


  • AsadMulla

    One other thing, 4.0.4 on XS and 4.1.2 on XZ. not a massive difference. Home launcher, Lock screen can be ported to XS. Google now not a big deal

  • ethana

    where is xperia duo?
    there is xperia T-V
    Then xperia Ray-Duo? (radio) haha

  • afzal

    Does 3second delay means that much for you? You must be a person with a huge bisness to handle even every second delays u count. The lagging still survive even you are upgrading ur os into the highest level ( currently 4.2.2 ) even a human have it flaws and what do you hope for a device mades by human? Open an apps before you touch the icon? Dont be so over acting kiddo. If you running to much apps in once and u still mad at the os think again. The smartphone cant be smarter if the user itself dont put some effort to be a smart user.

  • Because the Nexus 4 is using the S4 Pro chip, porting and optimising for S4 Pro and even ordinary S4 phones is less work than for the S3 chip.
    Different teams work on the different platforms simultaneously, and since the NovaThor is made by ST-ericsson, 100 meters from Sony’s Swedish offices, you can probably imagine how they work together quite closely.

  • waiting here

    its really annoying waiting this all this time when you are in hurry,…and yes in jelly bean delay is minimized.. i paid 500euros, half of a salary to get this phone and i wanted a fast phone…… i didnt asked it to open the apps with lightspeed nor make me a coffee… i just want the damn basic functions to be quick enough(messaging,dialler,photos)…..

  • sauber

    this is not good..
    what time to update sony xperia s to Jelly ??????????????what time????????

  • afzal

    Actually dialler and msging very responsive but it will normally getting lagging due to data saving like how many msg inside ur inbox. Task kill also will effected dialler n msging cause it need to restart the apps. You can see the diff from day one u used the device. Its perform very well until severl month of usage its will slow down. Not because the os but the data it kept for that time of period. Many user mention cm work very well less lagging its because their running less bloatware compare current os frm sony. unless we talking about software error . Like notification not blinking or the device kept rebooting to often. That might be the os bugs.

  • Nezar

    4.1.2 ? You would think by now Sony should post 4.2 since it came out last November.

  • Hope they fix the Walkman volume issue on Xperia V, it has become ridiculously low after the Jellybean update, and the keyboard doesn’t appear sometimes after touching a dialog box to type. And lastly of course, really appreciate it if they did something about the battery life

  • Ir Wan

    I’m joint leaving for Sony device…but I dont want change my tx to Samsu device…

  • roeshak

    You conveniently left out the big performance boost that’s called project butter

  • Ravindra

    I could not update my Xperia v with the computer internet was.crap so.I.just waited for the update to appear on my phone and when it did I downloaded it using data. But since.u updated it every now and then when u click an app it.would load for a.second.then.go.back to the home screen when I phone it says that does.not.exist.could me?

  • SMF

    Xperia A, Xperia B, Xperia C,……
    Xperia AB, Xperia BC, Xperia CD……

  • LG Optimus

    I hope for Stamina and Bravia Engine 2.

  • AsadMulla


  • hbse

    Anybody receiver Toys update yet?

  • Musadiqkhan

    I am waiting for the update so it could fix up the bugs.

  • anonymous

    For xperia tx? What took so long!! Please faster realese it..

  • Walkman bugs are known, but I don’t consider them major issues imo. I have yet to have a random reboot on .489 or .492.

  • APai

    I wouldnt bother too much about the walkman as i have shifted over to google music, and trying other players. but it would have been nice if the player worked as usual. it’s not a big deal. not yet on .492, it however upgraded to 489 again, rather oddly :/

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  • Alex

    O, it`s good, but it`s not such important, as problem with Ambient Light Sensor on Xperia T, which does not work well on JellyBean (on ICS works good).
    Try to run test of Ambient Light Sensor in Service Menu on Jelly Bean – will get 0 value under different ext. light. So the problem is: Autobrightness works when the light increases only and does not work after turning off the ext. lamp (for example) – display does not change the brightness level down. You can change brightness level down only turning off and then on display by the power key, or waiting when the display will autopower off/dimm itself. It`s not right….
    O, my sony ..X_T…(((

  • lp

    9.1.A.1.138ECOMar 18, 2013

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