Xperia TL now receiving Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update

by XB on 1st March 2013

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AT&T owners of the Sony Xperia TL (LT30at) will be glad to hear that the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update has begun to roll out. The latest update brings firmware version number 9.1.F.1.120 to the handset.

As well as stock Jelly Bean features such as Google Now, the firmware update upgrades Sony’s Media apps, introduces a new home screen allowing up to seven home screens, has improved camera functionality and revised app tray organisation. The update is available to download now from PC Companion or Sony Update Service (SUS).

Xperia TL Jelly Bean

Thanks Cameron and @YourManAdrian!

  • PowerSonic

    hmm… so wats next?

  • Czechu

    When we can expected Jelly Bean on Xperia P?

  • Czechu

    When we can except Jelly Bean on Xperia P?

  • J├ínos Jenei

    When we can except Jelly Bean on Xperia u?

  • esc_sequencer

    Why TX is the last one in Jelly Bean update ;_____;

  • Sandun Siribandu

    Oh come on SONY bring it to my TX….. Can’t wait anymore….

  • nfs2010

    Too late! I flashed LT30p Jelly Bean onto my TL (LT30at) about a month ago and it runs like a champ without ATT garbage. Also kept the ATT baseband so LTE works fine as well :-)

  • dngkhoi

    When the TX update 4.1.2? Wait wait wait….

  • moe

    What about Xperia ion for at&t any news on the update


    Im eagerly waiting for JB for my XP. But can someone detail the features of JB by Sony

  • Herman

    [Insert “when will Xperia S get” comment here]

  • SMF

    Wait & wait then wait…, Xperia TX

    We are angry (& sad) for bad developers supports for TX

    sorry bad EN

  • curtis


  • The update has made the phone so much better! :D I love it! :) That screen shot is of my phone :P Hahaha I love that I could help the guys at Xperia Blog out :)

  • nuno barroso

    How is ur network icon, stock or just like att 4G and lte. Can u send me the file. Thanx

  • nuno barroso

    Tried to update mine and it says i already have the latest update.

  • nuno barroso

    Looking for a way to flash my att lt30at with the lt30a to get rid of all the att stufg, and to have all the original sony rom.

  • nfs2010

    Network icon say ‘LTE’ when it’s available which can also be double checked at Settings – > About phone – > Status – > Mobile network type

    Here is the link to the firmware (thanks to XDA!)!lsFxwaZC!dNjQSl1S4pAuMWXj9Aw7YDGnHvEG49y6CCAl-uIBpaQ

    You need flashtool

    DON’T forget to check the ‘exclude baseband’ option before you start flashing the LT30P firmware. It’ll load 4.1.2 LT30P on top of the existing ATT baseband of your LT30AT (Xperia TL) . After flashing, update you access point with the following:

    Name: ATT

    APN: pta


    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Port: 80

    MCC: 310

    MNC: 410

    APN Prot. & roaming protocol: IPv4

    Leave everything else ‘Not set’ or unspecified.

    Be careful if you’re not familiar with flashing. It may brick your phone if not done properly. Good luck.

  • nfs2010

    My post just disappeared. Here it is again:

    Save your ATT access point first – write it down somewhere.

    Download the LT30p firmware and flashtool!lsFxwaZC!dNjQSl1S4pAuMWXj9Aw7YDGnHvEG49y6CCAl-uIBpaQ

    Flash the firmware onto your Xperia TL (LT30at). DON’T forget to check the ‘exclude baseband’ option before starting flashing. It should keep your old ATT baseband unchanged. Be careful if you’re not familiar with flashing as you might end up bricking your phone. Good luck.

  • rudefyet

    Ditto, I got nothing

  • I sent them mine a few minutes too late, tho my update software pic made the post

  • me too -__-

  • Drockk

    Waiting For XperiaTX

  • XperiaPro2

    The Jelly Bean update is live as I updated yesterday. Just to let you know that after updating and rebooting, the phone will go into a repair state. The icon is a white triangle with a wrench and screwdriver crossed with a progress bar underneath. DO NOT WORRY. Everything is fine, the phone is just re-configuring the filing system to work with jelly bean. This can take from just 3 minute to as long as 5 hours. Luckily for me this process only took one hour. After this is done the phone will reboot and you are good to go. And, no it will not show the triangle stuff again. It will boot as normal. I love this phone more than ever with jelly bean. Everything is fast and smooth. Perfection.

  • ProWeirdo

    How about Xperia S (greatest flagship few months ago) getting finally Jelly Bean?! It’s not that old! It has just few months!!!!

  • ProWeirdo

    Zaraz po Xperii S, lub troszk? przed ni?. Czyli pod koniec Marca/na pocz. Kwietnia.


    Waiting patiently. XP

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  • FRKD

    well….it’s not available for my TL using At&t in CA…..

  • Blade-Tek

    This “upgrade” also changed my mms, contacts, and phone log screens to colors that I DISLIKE and proovides me no option for my old color setting nor an option to or select my own shades of color. I think also that my old ‘James Bond’ phone is reacting slower even in home screen changes. Also changed the “icon arrangement and SWIPE TYPE” for the lockscreen.

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  • rus_media

    Sony stated that, Xperia S will be the first to get JB. Now what is happening?

  • Herman

    Where did you get that intel?
    As far as I remember Sony told us the Xperia S would get it later than most other phones.

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