Xperia Z and Xperia ZL goes up for pre-order in India

by XB on 6th March 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z is due to be formally announced for the Indian market later today, but retailers already have the handset up for pre-order. Flipkart is pricing the Xperia Z (black, purple and white) for INR 38,990, whilst the Xperia ZL is listed for INR 35,990 (black and white). No specific release date is listed, but the site says that the estimated launch date is for the third week of March.

Another retailer, has all three colours of the Xperia Z up for pre-order for INR 40,000 which it says is the RRP. The site has a more specific release date of 12 March. We’ll find out firm details on pricing and availability later today.

Thanks Sharique and Yasser!

  • in indonesia, Xperia Z Pre-order Price Rp7.000.000; bonus : Sony power bank & Leather flip case…

  • testor

    cheaper than expected

  • pavan

    Sony u rOckin:)) thanks for releasin both z and zl n yea prices r cheaper than xpected ‘m waiting to buy xperia z:)

  • fidfidelis97
  • fidfidelis97

    about 768.9 US$

  • fidfidelis97

    no bonus for pre order in india ?, in indonesia you will get indosat starterpack with 12 months free data plan upto 1GB/month, sony power bank 3500MAh, exclusive flip leather case

  • JG

    How come it is much cheaper in India?

  • Anonymous01

    That’s how this company will capture first position in smartphone market i guess only factor lacking was price ,this is so aggressively priced it could make it very big in India and to Katrina kaif as brand ambassador ill take Sony to next level in India .Just one last thing to Sony plz leave omnicom and join hands with wpp..

  • Anukul

    this is going to be a big ad campaign!

  • Fahim Faisal

    We have Xperia Z and ZL unofficially from 3rd March in Bangladesh. :)

  • aks316

    Is the display of Xperia Z very bad? Some tech sites saying it is amazing and some saying its not that good.. I want to buy Xperia Z.. Please help.

  • jag

    the display is awesome! more likely when you are watching movies and youtube. the Bravia Engine 2 really boosts the quality. ^^

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  • aksbat

    Then why sites like gsmarena saying that display has poor contrast? I was very sure i want to buy Sony Xperia Z but now i am confused because of the display issue.

  • shaf

    Its much cheaper in Sony World in Saudi Arabia. Its costing just SAR 2500. USD 650.Already available. Its with international warranty…

  • Its very easy mate just try the handset out yourself before buying it. I have one and its amazing!

  • aksbat

    Hows the display? Better than iphone5? Better than htc one or butterfly?

  • jag

    if your are not sure about it. then wait for the htc one or whichever phone you want. then compare and buy which phone got you most.

    but what i can say as having this phone for a week is just “pure awesomeness”.

  • aksbat

    I am comparing this phone to iPhone 5, Htc one and Htc butterfly. I hate samsung and lg phones so i am not comparing them. Rest of the brands i don’t care. Which color do you have? Just because of the display issue i am having second thoughts. I am a big Sony fan. Is the display really bad? Is it as good as iPhone 5 or Htc? I have been collecting money for this phone. I am little disappointed with the display issue.

  • jag

    I am not disappointed about the display. The review is just making it look bad. If you care enough about the viewing angles then go with the ips screens. But the Z isn’t that bad with the viewing angles. I really don’t get why they whine about the poor viewing angles.

    my total experience with this phone is just so amazing. It can handle everything you want it to do, Watching movies is an excellent experience, camera is awesome too! And the sound quality (with headset is still the best since w800.. The speaker is not so good but can be forgiven).

    Plus you can watch in the bathroom too.. (if you know what i mean. LOL!)

  • aksbat

    I don’t care about the viewing angles but what about the poor contrast? Sony is my favorite brand overall so i want to buy Sony Xperia Z. Htc, Apple and Sony are my favorite in phones. Which color did you buy? Can you post some pictures?

  • The display is very sharp and i love it! It slightly washes out when viewed at an extreme angle. The question is are you gonna use your phone at angles and not on centre? At the end of the day your eyes will be the best judge. Wait till they have it in store then go and try it out. In my honest opinion the Iphone 5 screen has better viewing angles but that doesn’t mean you won’t like the Z display!

    Don’t forget some sites are already biased!

  • The contrast looks fine to me but again your relying on hearsay. Let your own eyes judge and then decide.I went to store and tried the phone out for 20 mins before buying mine!

  • waiting is over finally my dream phone is here

  • aksbat

    Which color did you buy? Frankly i am either going to buy Sony or Apple so my concern is if the display is as good as the iphone 5. They both are the same price.

  • I bought the white as the black one attracts finger print marks. My friend got the purple one and even that one is beautiful. I’m gonna Get the ZL when its released in Red and give Z to my wife!

  • Lucky Star

    woohoo…its starting to go all around Asia…Malaysia also got the SXZ & SXZL…..pre order online now:DD

  • aksbat

    I care about the contrast so is it as good as the iphone5? I dont care about the viewing angle.

  • aksbat

    Hows the white one? Apart from the viewing angle is the display as good as the iphone 5?

  • PRo

    Its non-lte version…..

  • hans

    As seen by yesterday’s comparison, the gray bar of international version plus stock grayish black wallpaper made almost every reviewer saying poor contrast. So, please check it for yourself in the store, Other comments is useless when you have prejudice about it.

  • aksbat

    Hmm true..

  • PRo

    These arent true. Wait for 4.2 update and you vl receive DISPLAY CALIBER…… It is nthing but sony has provided us the room for adjusting color and contrast on our own….. yahhh dats true dat viewing angles arent that great, but they arnt bad either !!!!

  • jag

    I picked the black one and its beautiful! All black in every corners ^^
    I don’t have enough good pictures to show, but the hdr video is amazing even behind the sunlight. Very detailed!

  • aksbat


  • aksbat

    But will the display get better after that? I will compare the iphone 5 screen with Sony Z and than only i will buy.


    i don’t know but most gadgets are cheaper in the middle east. must be the lack of VAT.

  • namest

    or they have other versions of the display. it’s become apparent that there are different displays used for different batches. some have them looking as good as the htc one while others have problems with the viewing angles.

  • afzal

    Malaysia have both xperia z rm2199 and xperia zl rm1899 . Good price taq

  • yeo weekian

    Hey can I ask you all a question, I bought the xperia z in singapore, but I didn’t put on any screen protector, cause I heard Sony has already put 1 on top. Is it true?

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  • Adam Iskandar Soh

    The pre-applied sheet protects glass shards from flying out in the event that you break your screen. It also has a small amount of shatter resistant properties. But it is very prone to scratches.

    I recommend buying front and back protectors. Alternatively, you could use the phone as it is. Then change it when it gets too scratched.

  • fidfidelis97

    every person has different needs, if you travel a lot, you will think power bank is more important than headphone and docking station, but if you but if you more often at home maybe you will think headphone & docking station more important than powerbank

  • Strange

    wow. the Z is cheaper in Msia than in Sg. Hmmm…

  • pavan

    Some Online retailers r offerin Sony headphones n premium case with pre-order!!

  • Hi Hans, is it possible to have a black bar instead of the gray? I just hate that gray.. Thanks!

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