Is the Xperia Z overpriced? [Poll]

by XB on 7th March 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The Sony Xperia Z is widely touted as the company’s best smartphone released to date. The phone’s unique selling point is no doubt its water and dust resistant capabilities. Yes, we have had other water-resistant Xperia phones in the past, but none that look as sleek as the Xperia Z and wrapped in cutting edge specs.

The Xperia Z looks like a premium handset thanks to its OmniBalance design and use of glass, however the handset is priced accordingly. Looking at pricing in the UK, we have never had an Xperia phone costing above £500. Last year’s flagship, the Xperia S could be bought for around £400 on release, whilst the year before the same applied to the Xperia arc. The Xperia PLAY has been the most expensive to date at £450 on launch, which was released at the same time as the Xperia arc.

The Sony Xperia Z on the other hand costs £529 on the official Sony site and around £525 at Amazon. This is easily over £100 extra compared to the Xperia S and Xperia arc, when they originally launched. Sony has made a number of comments about attacking the premium segment, which will help to drive margins and this is evident in the retail cost of the handset.

The question we have for you today is, does the Xperia Z cost too much? In the current economic climate, is Sony making a big ask of people to pay so much for a phone? After all, one can argue that the Nexus 4 changed the perception of value in the smartphone space – offering good specs for a relatively cheap price (£239 for the 8GB version).

Or does the price, reflect the premium materials and build quality? After all, the 16GB iPhone 5 costs a similar price at £529 and they continue to sell by the bucket load. Doesn’t Sony’s price point deserve to be in line with Apple’s? We’d love to hear your views below.

Is the Xperia Z overpriced?

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  • ??

    I wouldn’t say it’s overpriced, but it’ll be nicer if it’s a bit cheaper

  • saif

    big no in India

  • Cliff

    I voted yes and only because my thinking is that Sony is trying to be number 3 in the smartphone gain and they have quite a hill to climb. So why not undercut the competition a little by pricing your flagship below the norm…

  • von

    Early adopters are the one who’ll actually pay such price while most people would just wait for it to drop. And it will drop dramatically bec. that’s how Android phones have actually become so its not really a big deal if Sony started with such a high price.

  • PRo

    Yes, a BIG NO !!!! :)
    Jus 4k(72$) costier than Note2

  • Well should be atleast 3 different choices on the poll.
    On the range of expensive.
    No, the price is fair

    It should have been cheaper since its not better than todays smartphones.

  • sonny

    those who said no are just fanboying/fangirling. just the comparison of the xz and htc one alone gives you a hint.

    if xz ends up becoming more expensive or even at the same price level as the galaxy s4, i will really have to rethink my being a sony fan.

    the yen has weakened. the specs used on xz are not at par with the ones used on the latest flagships. the display is apparently inferior (some got better displays but many not). the battery is mediocre. the camera results are uninspiring with the stupidly aggressive compression and noise reduction. why should xz be priced that high?

  • I voted No.

  • roeshak

    For me they’re all over priced. The nexus 4 is indeed a game changer. That handset is slowly coming back into play after the stock problems it had because of high demand. £525 is a lot to ask considering consumers can get a similar specced device for over £200 less. Apple iPhone 5s haven’t sold anywhere near what the 4s did.
    I think the Z should have been priced around the £400 to £450 mark. The same goes for the HTC and Samsung devices. Even that when you consider the brilliant nexus 4 is still high.
    The over £500 price tag of these phones point to the manufactures losing touch with reality. I paid £350 for mine on a £10.50 a month contract because I wanted a second line as well. There was no way in hell I was going to shell out that much for it.

  • In India it is not at all, a device at only $750 is a lot better than prices as compared to other part of world…

  • Tham Lulu

    Use your plastic if u cannot afford it!

  • saif

    XZ< iphone 5,bb 10, htc one (note 2 price has dropped)

    It you want XZ at discount 4k discount then checkout

  • akshit

    the quality is execellent but sony should release a plastic version of it for those who can’t afford premium device

  • Mohamed Samir

    In India it price as galaxy s3 so its not overpriced in India but compare to countries its definitely overpriced

  • Shaf

    Its costing just US$650 in Saudi Arabia. So I’d say its quite cheap…

  • big no , when a company give such a premium device to distinct from other , I will buy any thing to get it . even sony vaio , alot of people think they are overpriced but you pay for what you get with SONY

  • spiderpig2894

    In the Philippines, the Xperia Z price (526GBP) is almost the same as iPhone5 16GB (509GBP).

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also priced at (493GBP) on its release.

  • Clearly there are a lot of stupid people about. Iphone 5 is £530 on launch. Hell most top phones are about £500+ on release. Try shopping about to find a cheaper price. In the UK you can get it sim unlocked for £460 online. £450 on PAYG from 3. There was also a deal at Asda if you pre-ordered it for £500 you got it sim free with wireless Sony speaker,dock and a case!

  • Mahesh

    In India u can get the Xperia Z for £460.5 & the Xperia ZL for £424.1 & the Xperia Z Dock for £21.6 :D, which is way more cheaper than any othr country and 1 more gr8 thing is both the Xperia Z & the ZL is available here :P and all the above mentioned price are MRP and the final price would be much more cheaper :D

  • Mahesh

    I Voted A BIG NOOOOOO because i am IN India :D and am proud of it :P

    Here u can get the Xperia Z for £460.5 & the Xperia ZL for £424.1
    & the Xperia Z Dock for £21.6 :D, which is way more cheaper than
    any othr country and 1 more gr8 thing is both the Xperia Z & the ZL
    is available here :P and all the above mentioned price are MRP and the final price would be much more cheaper :D

  • PowerSonic

    Hmm looks like yes in US and Europe but no in Asia….

  • dime

    I think the price is ok Xperia z has everything in my country it costs 37000 = 600 € ,but in my country also now have old Sony’s phones and there is no cheaper Sony phone mid range even Xperia v hasn’t come only Xperia t,j. Hurry up with new realeses, And if I want to buy new phone and I don’t want to give to much for a mobile I can’t choose phone from Sony company… I have Xperia s and waiting for JB update :)

  • Xlash Andraid

    YES, it is.

  • Christ

    Overall,for me it wasnt over is just bcause of the SONY previous phones with lots of issues and problem…so with this kind of price which is similar to iphone price..people would rather choose iphone due to their quality which is less prob…if xperia z is truly fine and nice…sony should lower down the price abit to regain those customer faith in sony again…so maybe nx time..customer would buy SONY phones even with a higher price .. :D

  • Daniel Dean

    I Think the Xperia Z is a cutting Edge device and deserve its price. Why people spent lot for other devices like Iphones and think the XZ does not worth that much ???

    For me, the Xperia Z is just as good as Iphone 5 or other high end device, but plus, the Xperia Z is sexy, durable, and include lot of amazing features and fonctions. So I Voted NO, and was one of the first to have it on its launch in France. And cherry on the cake, it was delivered with a free Wireless Speaker SRS-BTV5 !!!!!
    Thanks a lot SONY !!!!

  • for me the price is fair if we compare it with the Iphone that as lower specs, even if latter the price will drop, and then i will buy it, the xperia S works just fine for now.

  • Well, in Malaysia the Xperia Z cost RM2199 at a Sony Centre so the price is the same as the time where the Galaxy S3 was newly launched. Well, I guess it’s fair.

    But I’m not getting the Z. My eyes are on the ZL and the price is RM1899 which is highly acceptable for me.

  • uidesigner_sony

    Yes overpriced, despite there are 2 cool gadgets included: dock station and headset.
    Furthermore it is not a flagship device Sony C670X – is that one. Please, do not be like purse-proud apple.

  • jmcomms

    I wanted to vote that yes it is overpriced, but also that it’s fair! If you’re going to try and make something a premium product, playing on Sony’s strong reputation (even if it has been dented in recent years) then you need to keep the price up.

    The problem that has affected Sony (Ericsson) in the past is that it starts selling something at a premium, but then the price quickly falls. Sometimes this is outside of its control (in the past, for example, it was often down to grey importing) but whatever the reason – a sudden price drop harms the brand and annoys early adopters who swear not to be ripped off again… and that harms sales of the next flagship product.

    Let’s wait and see what the phone costs in 30 days from now.

  • Z

    Here in Malaysia the release price is MYR2199 which is equally £470.4, €540.3, $707.7

  • Herman

    It’s not overpriced, it’s a fair amount of money for what you get.
    Still, it’s expensive. And that’s a big deal to many of us.

  • For Bangladeshi People, Hell No! It’s Toooo Overpraised :'(

  • APai

    the trouble with sony in India is that the prices remain as is in the sony showrooms – from whenever it is launched until they discount it 6 months down the line. samsung and other mobile phones adjust prices according to demand. so sony fans are shafted. one way to avoid it is by buying grey market phones from ebay, without warranty.

    sony, do something about it.

  • Kaostheory

    People pay for more for design. Apple has the highest margin because they have the best looking phone (personally I don’t like their lack of tech and therefore would never buy one). Oakley is a brand that is a good example of a product I’d pay more for the design. The question is, is the Z a designer phone or just another android.

  • cokey

    All high end smart phones are over priced when you consider there shelf life which is a year or two. Think about the things you could do with the money you spend on a phone holiday new clothes games console etc.

  • PRo

    All Indians are Happy to comment here :) Thnx Sony. I am getting one……

  • LancerEX

    For a student like me, the price is somewhat high, but the iPhone 5 is still more expensive :)

  • sweth

    When comparing with Samsung fones it’s not….wonderful design,build quality and priced same as a cheap plastic samsung

  • Fahim Faisal

    No, it isn’t.

    Just I can’t buy. :(

  • Kregore

    I find the ~630EUR price as normal giving the quality of the phone. What I dislike is how the price varies from a country to another. There are some European countries where the price gets as high as 700EUR. I got mine with a 2 year contract though, 38EUR/month :)

  • Alex Ruiz

    It depends. Considering the economic climate, yes, it is overpriced; considering the specs, no, the price is fair. If you are rich, no, the prices is fair; if you are me, yes it is overpriced.

  • gunboat_d

    i would accept a big ugly ATT logo for a 199 or 299 price tag. but for that to happen, IT HAS TO COME TO AMERICA!

  • 75K in pakistan, better to buy Black berry Z10 or note 2 cheaper here

  • namaku

    In Malaysia, i have to wait till March 15 to get this Z.the price is 2,199.00 MYR=707.586 USD.poor marketing here

  • It’s really overpriced in Russia. What’s the hell it is being sold at 1000 $??!! While in Europe it costs much less.

  • Fd

    dont know maybe just a LITTLE overpriced.. In our country it costs like 800$ ..and ZL costs like 750$.. But iz okay i know its worth it..

  • paul_cus

    It’s overpriced. I’ll be going with the Xperia V, which is also waterproof. Not really about the money, though. The V is more manageable in size, so that tips it. But it’ll be nice to save hundreds of dollars while I’m at it.

  • Cerunnos

    No… The price is fairly in line for a new high end handset. Note, Galaxy, iPhones, Nokias all sell for about the same price. The previous series were sold at a cheaper price because while they were the “flagship” of SE/Sony, they lacked specs compared to other competitors (Arc/S were a generation behind). The Z however, is fairly up to date, and boasts premium materials (well.. aluminium and glass) rather than plastic. So no, it is not overpriced.

  • Kyoo

    Goodluck with the V, hope u get a wonderful unit…almost the perfect phone…with gr8 features n dsign

  • Up

    Congratulations, why? How much is the Z in india? When converted to us $??

  • Xlash Andraid

    I clicked in thinking that it was a site… LOL

  • Alex Ruiz

    I just got Xperia V too. I’m very happy with it and more because finally I could updated it to Jelly Bean. I like de Xperia Z but, here in my country, the difference between V and Z is 500 dollars. I know, is ridiculous because thats the price of the Z in another countries!

  • saif

    lol that implies we can’t completely rely on technology.

  • saif
  • Nexus 4 is subsidised by Google otherwise that is a £500 handset!

  • CeccoFF

    It was much easier to declare the advantageous quality / price of Xperia models in comparison with other brands …until now
    This report seems begin to stand out more like the competition.
    high price and a lot of quality … but do not overdo it!
    My Xperia:
    2010: Xperia X10 499€
    2012: Xperia S 499€
    2013: Xperia Z 649€?, i can’t! (perhaps, when the price will drop..or wait 2014)

  • Kdroid

    The maximum retail price in india is 38990/- rs which is about 700$ and 475£

  • Ya big no for the best phone

  • compared to the iphone 5 it’s price is certainly fair

  • arena

    i’m just glad it is competitively priced in india. india is a big market. it should deliver good sales figures. china seems to be a difficult place especially with all their peoples’ misplaced and misguided patriotism/nationalism.

  • arenaflour

    not really subsidized. just sold at near break even. apple does not make money on the gains from the handset. they make money through google ads and the enhancement of the google brand.

  • japs

    and xv happens to have a better display. just look at the comparisons here. problem is the reported death bug and small battery.

  • i think price is right for this sort of smartphone, nexus 4 is no doubt a great phone for its price but has build quality issues and another thing is that google has subsidized its price look at optimus G same specs like nexus 4 but has higher price

  • in my country xperia z is available for 650$

  • Biotechnician

    This new xperia device wasnt overpriced but no WOW! factor, Many people thought that Sony’s Xperia needs a real cool innovations, some new something fresh and different. Firstly focusing on the software is exactly what Sony needs to do.

  • Avinash

    Here in India? Nope.

  • No iPhone deserves what it’s worth for what it gives… XZ is fairly priced.

  • Is it available anywhere else for such a discount? I have already preordered the white version form Flipkart but would definitely love to have it for 4K cheaper. Is the white version available anywhere for a discounted price???

  • paul_cus

    Thanks, appreciate that. Looking forward to it.

  • hamboy

    I think it is. It’s over £200 more than the Xperia T in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, the Z is a better phone than the T, but £200+ better? Nope

  • give me the link to the shop please

  • saif

    yes indeed at INR 35091 on site by sony mobile india
    Remember to use coupon code “MARCHON” which will entitle you with discount.

  • I’m living in Pakistan where is available through an online store and offering for 650$

  • Harry

    Yes it’s expensive but in India I would say it’s launch price is quite competitve… It’s almost 39k on flipkart, one can get it in market at 36-37k which is only a little higher than note II where as note II has a bigger screen, Z has full HD display, water resistance, premium material… So IMO the price is quite OK…. The price will come down in a couple a months….

  • Nope. Here in malaysia the Z cost RM2200 (us$1=rm3), the ZL cost rm1900, HTC butterfly already cost rm2400, so will the HTC one and still cheaper than Samsung charge for their flagship. Stupid LG sold the nexus 4 @ RM1650 (US$550) here. So if I opt for the nexus 4 + the stupid slimport hdmi donggle it is more than the price of the ZL with MHL donggle.

  • Game changer to the 5 country with Google subsidies. Here in the rest of the world. Nexus 4 is stinking expensive at just us$100 less than the ZL. I

  • tushar

    prices for sony compared to samsung or lg for specs are too high ,
    big no from me even support of sony in india is b@#$t sorry sony always like ur phones but gets my thumps down when my friends ask me about sony’s support


    Z costs 540€ (699$) here in the Middle East , I’d say that’s a damn fair price for what it has to offer

  • DStyle

    It is overpriced in New Zealand. Furthermore, no color selection, only comes in BLACK. Very disappointed. Sony Japan should seriously look into the management of Sony NZ if you really want to compete with Apple and Samsung.

  • saif
  • sewboy

    Got it for 5490 kr (660 €) and the wireless speaker and the dock. so for me it wasn’t over priced.

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    Not surprising that the polyamide skeleton Xperia Z is significantly effective in a water bath or at best, a bath in the snow or cold temperatures …… to say that matters Xperia Z plays an important role for its standards IP 55/57 :)

    So, no, the price is for me (almost) an offering from Sony :)

  • Sony x Members In Austtralia can Preorder For 597 Which is Reasonable. (sry 4 Caps, Chrome Hating my tablet S Keyboard)

  • Sonynomore

    Not only is it overpriced, it’s not that great to look at either. Was waiting to see it in the flesh before I bought it….so glad I did!! Now getting a HTC One Silver, better looking and slightly cheaper.

  • penubag

    I would vote but I still don’t know the US price let alone launch date :( COME ON SONY!

  • farhan

    over priced?? lol… which other manufacturer is able to deliver a superphone with an open ecosystem, premium build quality, breathtaking display, stunning camera, endless functionality, waterproof and dustproof???

  • malih

    My point of why this is considered expensive.

    I’d say to price a phone at similar level to the iPhone (unlocked) is a bold move, and stupid,

    that is Considering the level of support Sony Mobile is offering their customers in my region and software support in general, especially seeing there’s already this LED issue.

  • LG Optimus

    IPhone 5 729€
    BB Z10 699€
    Galaxy S3 699€
    HTC one 699€
    Xperia Z 649€

  • It’s ~550€ in Germany here. Price is fair and it will for sure drop some more in the coming months. I wasn’t planning on getting a new phone before christmas, so…

  • Ziich

    Overpriced? Yes.
    Will I still get it? Yes
    In the us the iPhone 5 unlocked is 650$. If the z was around that price for an unlocked one I would have been happy. 750$ to 800$ is a bit high. Then if you want to get a dock and SD card and a case you’ll be out another 100$. And don’t forget our lovely friend tax! By the end of the day you be spending about 1000$

  • Peter Griffin

    couz nobody gives a shit if a few rich moscovites buy it, when the rest of the country is sucking their dicks to survive.

  • So how come bar the Google playstore that the handset doesn’t retail for £280???

  • jag

    You should try it first before you complain. Those who bought it, including me, voted “no” because we really think that it’s just a fair pricing because of the things that it can do. Also, support Sony!! Yeah!! ^^

  • hans

    It’s early price, so it’s expected. But In Indonesia, 7 million Rupiah for XZ is actually cheaper than expected, with even the GS3 still hovers around 6 million Rupiah these days. But remember, launch price is always expensive so wait for 1-2months than it will slide down a bit. With all those advancement, i think it’s worth the money, when these flagship phones of 2013 almost able to replace our daily computer. And what would be the price, when that Red Xperia ZL will come to here.. O my baby.. :S

  • Rahul Joshi

    It launched in India at Rs. 38,990 and above that, you can get it for few bucks less at the retail outlets. I guess India got it at a very competitive price. No phone with such specifications at this much price. HTC Butterfly is way too much costlier than this.

  • phillip

    definetely yes, There have been a group of poeple who think iphone is too small for doing anything else apart from making phone call, and galaxy is designless and shallow looking, and xperia z is perfect for those people and water/dust resistence is just a plus to that!

  • Nezar

    the iPhone can be overpriced with no problems because it’s a hot phone and Apple is an established leader with products always in demand. Sony Mobile is a different story. Sony needs to make it’s Xperia phones better known to the world and to accomplish this Sony needs to have its phones sell easier (cheaper).

  • utsav shah

    Atleast not for INDIA

  • Oh God, the wireless speaker costs a lot, it’s definitely worth <3

  • Shahzad

    Asad link Please. .. . I’m also from PAK….

  • Adam Iskandar Soh

    I completely don’t understand why people are willing to pay tons of money for an iphone but they think the same amount is too much for xperia z. Worst is they judge the phone because of the brand name sony.

    OPEN YOUR EYES. The xperia z is a premium device with a build quality that’s as good, if not better than an iphone. At my place, the retail price is about the same as HTC butterfly but not once did anybody say it is expensive. It’s sickening.

  • Xperia Z cost around 960 usd (

  • JG

    I believe that it is not overpriced, but the problem here is that, not a lot of potential buyers or wanna be buyers can afford it

  • Sailfish

    Fanboys Need To Stop Being So BIASED

  • PRo

    Its around 710$ :)

  • PRo

    Do you trust that Site ?

  • here in Saudi Arabia is much cheaper than in the US, UK and other European countries.
    it costs 667 USD (509 EUR or 443 GBP)

  • kN

    sexy design,sexy features……but the price is moreee!!!

  • Daniel Dean

    @Sailfish, Yes am a SONY FAN and I assume it. But am not BIASED as you are saying, ’cause among all am a techy guy. I’ve been using lots of gadgets and devices and as from today, No manufacturer has given so much on products launch like SONY or the late Sony Ericsson. Apple never gave stuff for free on product launch and they always want you to spend more money buying accessories, Gears etc…

    But take a tour on Sony social stream, and you will see how many devices, accessories and other gift they are giving to customers. This is for me the Big difference between Sony and Others.

    Am very happy of my Xperia Z, and the price is just OK for the kind and quality of device I have in my hands. I also appreciate kind gesture Sony shows by Giving a free Wireless Speaker to all the First 200 people that purchased their new phone in France. And if you take a look at this site,, you will see how much more SONY is doing for FANS and NON-FANS !!!
    Peace !!

  • saif

    If you don’t trust it then you have another option which is also listed on sony mobile india website

    INR 35091
    Remember to use coupon code “MARCHON” which will entitle you with discount.





  • Quark Gluon

    it’s human error.

  • saif

    not at is automatically hyperlinked.

  • Quark Gluon

    It should be “priced. it”. The auto-hyperlink works fine, it’s just the human that types it wrong.

  • Kuttan…
  • ToharLalua

    Thanks Saif, just used that coupon to get mine preordered, how did you knew about this code? thanks again :D

  • afzal

    Cant afford to buy xpz , go for xpv or xpzl :-)

  • daniel

    For sure iphone big price just because its apple. With that spec and material with no apple brand attach for sure the sale will be far drop down. About software error you can see how many times apple provide software update to fix all the problem, more then once. Talking about their built quality you can google it for yourself. Sony provide a good price taq for xperia z . If user cant afford it, there are also other to choose from like xperia v n xperia zl.

  • Kean2000

    ALL overpriced !

  • saif

    My pleasure,I read it on a blog.This coupon is applicable on almost all the products

  • tk_arc

    has someone tested if sol republic headphones are compatible with the xperia z?

  • Death Metal Diamond

    Exactly. How come people accept that fucking $700 (£500) is an honest price for a cell phone? It’s mental retardation at best. Worse still, in my country it hasn’t even been released yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be even more expensive (I’m thinking about $1,000) because it’s just how it is around here. People are now accepting such high prices simply because it has become the norm. I assume that, whoever accepts $700 as a “fair” price, doesn’t have to work his asses off mon-fri to get his hard-earned salary at the end of it.

  • jj

    Heck naw! I will just get it unlocked..and I have ATT

  • Ok, i think when c66xx with 7M++ IDR (680$). how about C67xx and c68xx ?

    10M++ IDR (about 900USD) :lol:

  • gunboat_d

    still feel that way considering the ZL is 750? So the Z is 800+?

  • heman

    I preordered and bought in hk$5698,, and I found I cheap then the htc butterfly,,how can I say it is overpriced:-)

  • Praveen J

    This probably is the most inexpensive of its class!!! I mean, Galaxy S3 costs much less but in India it comes with only 1 GB PAM…Enough said, I guess!

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