Xperia Z takes the piss

by XB on 8th March 2013

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A recent survey revealed that a quarter of men sit down on the toilet to pee, just so they can carry on using their mobile phone. The survey was carried out in the UK by Sony and O2, so no doubt both used the opportunity to highlight the virtues of Sony’s new water resistant flagship, the Xperia Z.

With the Sony Xperia Z, you obviously don’t need to worry about any ‘accidents’ that may take place whilst using the phone and urinating at the same time. To prove the point check out the video below (not affiliated with the above survey). It is wrong on so many counts and before you ask, yes it is real. [NSFW]

Thanks anonymous!

  • reptile64

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!

  • reptile64

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

  • cp2020


  • crazychef

    ok did this guy really just piss on his phone? talk about really proving the capabilities of the phone.

  • George

    hahahahahaaa come on it’s so disgusting!!! I’m surprised XperiaBlog put this here :P i wouldn’t piss on my acro s no matter what :p

  • SonyFan

    Xperia Z Display!!!… here at 1:44 you can see that the last time kernel was modified was the 17th January…and the Internation Version is 13th January…u can see that the xperia z has deep blacks in that video…so lets hope sony will update the kernel so we also have good colours

  • Unknownymous

    Uhhh why would they do such a thing? That poor XZ…

  • Ali Alkhazal

    So, they piss in their hands O_O

  • a_rex

    next what you gonna shit on it !!!

  • metalhead

    serously why an earth would someone do this cause its totally disgusting and wrong


    Who the fuck would piss on the phone??? ..

  • APai

    That’s Just Gross! #EPICFAIL
    well, DUH! water’s good enough. what a dumbass, somebody get him a diaper!

  • Hope he didn’t forget to wash his hands :-)

  • Cp2020

    Play angry birds

  • goldenblls


  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Russians report that Z gone down after using in sauna. Shitty resistance

  • Xlash Andraid

    Question: Would Xperia Z also resist cum?

  • m

    hopefully they wont make a game out this. HAHAHA!

    on second thought.. a game that involves using water…

  • Reese

    Puke…this will make me think twice about touching someone else’s phone ever again!

  • Sammy

    ewwwwww….. I doubt he is pissing with such good force :D :P lolxx

  • Mafmap

    XperiaBlog, WTF?! You guys are obsessed with the toilet .

  • Marco Antonio Maza Hernández


  • uidesigner_sony

    Ohhh my …! I would fire that idiot who posted it on Xperia Blog. I can only say right now(just come to my head): it’s American, I thought farting is cool there, but now we can see, it is a new fashion. Well Done USA! One more piggy movie, COMEDY!

    To If you do NOT have any news, do NoT post something like that, please!

  • uidesigner_sony

    One More, congratulations to LADIES!

  • Anna

    I wanted to see was how the black after the Kernel, but the link you posted goes to the home page of YouTube. =/

  • kiikooo

    Im selling my Z now

  • SonyFan
  • Team6

    I know this guy, he is an anti sony guy! He allways made Videos against xperia products! Now he also is peeing on xperia z!
    What im most suprised is that xperiablog puts this on blog! You guys are more disgusting than the freak who made this video

  • Whisperer

    Adrianisen :D

  • lol

  • Someone

    It would sound funny if the phone got damaged and he sued Sony because they said Xperia Z is water proof while it couldn’t handle a piss :P

  • Moe

    it’s not like he pissed on your Z, why would you sell your Z? it could protect it against thugs who might piss on your phone :)

  • Angel Morales


  • Angel Morales

    Come on guys this happens to everyone, you go to take a piss and “Accidently” piss on your phone!

  • Anna

    Really the black appears deeper and less greyish, but will be that screen of Japanese version also does not help? Since the screen of the Japanese model is somewhat better than the West.

  • kiikooo

    haha i never knew that was something we should be worried about.

  • adsada_arc

    anyone else think this is fake?

    really disgusting either way, but lets get down into the details:

    firstly, the stream of piss is pretty large and abnormal for the normal stream coming from a penis (experience ha)

    also the distance from his hand to where his penis is is pretty close and so if it is real his hand would be attached to his body with no arm

    also if one hand is holding the phone, his other hand holding his dick, there must be another guy filming? now thats just gay

    and why would someone do this when you could so easily fake it with a bottle of water?


  • reventon

    and the flow rate is obviously unrealistic

  • Fraulein

    No, that’s IP69

  • Carlo Lim

    This is absolutely disgusting. Why do you have to piss on it? There are a lot ways of proving that XZ is waterproof. (Like dropping it in your bathtub)

  • Carlo Lim

    Yeah same here. I can get a picture with my acro s underwater, that proves enough that it is waterproof. No need to pee on it

  • Xlash Andraid

    LOL hahaha

  • some one verry pissed off @ sony

  • pavel

    OMG!!!)))HE is FREAK!!!

  • Bayhas


  • Cheng

    OMFG… it’s just for humour isn’t it? mean piss-proof? come on dudes -.-“…

  • turner

    it’s water resistant not steam resistant. steam can get through tiny holes. i thought russians are intelligent people.

  • APai

    yeah. it’s very odd that the news is still here! it’s really cheap, not worth hosting it here.

  • Excellent


  • JG

    LOL crazy!!!

  • Giannikosmo

    So it’s piss resistant!

  • Alvin

    But you’re right, there is also IP69 and IP67 certification, that water, dust, and sand resistant

  • Andrew D

    Shows how fucked up people are….and what they all do to make this phone pay off.

  • AsadMulla


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  • SonyFan

    i just bought the Z today…display is good…deep blacks…but onscreen-buttons are grey…but with an update the problem should be solved…

  • ryq24


  • T-X

    some one very pissed off lagdroid

  • Wustpisk

    If this phone is anything like the Xperia T, pissing on it is all it deserves …

  • razec

    Da Faq? he even got his **** captured? O.o

    I can’t believe how desperate people can get just to win attention =_=

    on a bright side, Z is doing a great job taking the piss =_=

  • razec

    Slimy sh*t-proof he’d say afterwards… ugh gross!

  • ProWeirdo

    Impossible to operate the phone underwater! Look closely on the video!

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  • A

    let alone his hand …. sick dude

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