Xperia Z: Pre-order Update for Asia and Australasia

by XB on 10th March 2013

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xperia-z_header1The Sony Xperia Z has launched across most of Europe, but it is still yet to appear in other regions. We thought we would provide a quick pre-order update situation for some of the key regions across Asia and Australasia. We’ve updated the pre-order status to the best of our knowledge, so please let us know any corrections in the comments below.

Xperia Z: Pre-order Update for Asia and Australasia


Sony Store – A$749 pre-order with no confirmed launch date (end of March expected)
Harvey Norman – A$733 pre-order (no date specified)
Vodafone Australia – Available from 13 March (various price plans)
Optus & Telstra – No firm launch dates although expected by the end of the March

Hong Kong

Now in stock most places for RRP of HK$5,698.


Sony Store – Launches on 12 March for RRP of INR 38,990.
Xperia ZL will cost INR 35,990.


Pre-order for Rp 6,999,000 at Blibli. No specified launch date.


Sony Store – Launches on 15 March for RRP of RM2,199
Xperia ZL will cost RM 1,899 and launch on the same day.

New Zealand

New Zealand Telecom – Pre-orders now open; NZ$999 PAYG and various pay monthly plans. Release date 14 March.
Vodafone – Pre-orders now open.


The Xperia Z is available in the first week of April for P 32,490.
The Xperia ZL will also be out on the same date at an SRP of P 29,990.


Already released for sim-free price of S$ 988. Also available on numerous carriers.


Now in stock for RRP of NT$ 21,900.


Launch details are expected on 13 March.

Thanks to all that have helped with this list!

  • reptile64

    Available everywhere in Greece since March 4, price range €659 to €699

  • Arif

    For Australia, the unlock version is available/in stock at, and prices range from AU$680-750

    I ordered mine from expansys, phone plus a sony smart watch for only $756

  • that’s parallel import

  • James

    Just got an email from Vodafone NZ and it’s avaliable now.

  • got the email too!

  • Xperia Z online pre-order alrdy out of stock.

  • Sam

    In philippines, ZL costs P29,990 according to Sony mobile PH. Also available in the first week of April.

  • Yep.. In indonesia xperia z price around us $699 with tax :)

  • as an update for the Philippines, Sony Philippines said it will arrived first week of April but actually Xperia Z is currently available in the grey markets and in some online retail store which costs you for about P29,000+($713+) and some online shops even costs you for about P33,000+($800+) but this time you get a choice of bundle to choose from which are smartwatch, smart headset or wireless speaker. see the photo below. Cheers guys!!!

  • SEPI

    Jb jb jb jb jb jb jb…

  • Quark Gluon

    With free exclusive leather flip cover, Sony power bank, and 1 year internet data. Even though it’s the non-LTE version and the free internet data quota is questionable, I think it’s still an interesting deal.

  • i prefer earphone / headphone and docking when release not from or maybe nfc speaker.

  • ToharLalua

    Indiatimes shopping one of the official online partner for sony in India has a monthly discount coupon going on, on their site, which makes the effective preorder price to INR35091 or USD649. I have already preodered mine :D

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    ZL, Malaysia! Yay :)

  • Price is quite high for Indian Market…!

  • Price is quite high for Indian Market…!

  • spatch

    For those considering any of these Australian sites, please note that only model C6502 is for sale, and this Xperia ZL does not support any LTE bands. HSPA+ only. The LTE model is C6506.

  • ep

    good way promoting your store sir. way to go before kim henares starts filing cases against your online store. hope she doesn’t find you. we need less expensive sony products.

  • JG

    Where did you get this info? I’m very interested.

  • Quark Gluon

    Yeah. Erafone and SCM are clearing the Postel certification, we will see what they can offer pretty soon.

  • So Indonesia will get the C6602? I need that version for import to Canada because of the pentaband 3G

  • afzal

    Great news.. Malaysia got both device.. Thanks sony

  • LancerEX

    No warranty from Sony is a deal breaker for me. I spoke to an employee in a service center in SM Mall of Asia and they said that they wouldn’t accept phones bought from unauthorized resellers :(

  • LancerEX

    In the Philippines, CMK Cellphones (authorized reseller) also listed the Xperia ZL at P26,950 and the Tablet Z at P29,200. :D

  • Saint

    i just got email from two different online store in Indonesia, they confirm that it will be C6602, the non-LTE version..

  • Peter Sharpe

    for where?

  • that’s better.. i think indonesia is not ready for LTE ..with current techs, there’s lot things to do.. even in jakarta, you can find blank spot, no signal..

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam

    Xperia P, S, T & V :))

    still need A, I, H, M, N to fill in :>

  • rend2688

    March 26 release on Telstra (Australia). Well, thats the dates from suppliers.

  • just wanted to add its here in pakistan aswell for 73000 rupees

  • Peter Sharpe

    oh ok thanks

  • Krit

    Hey Sony what about Thailand , not in your sight?

  • Quark Gluon

    Yes, C6602 confirmed.

  • Xionsky

    Hey! It’s not even released locally for both Superphone and Super Tablet.

  • Retail price of ZL (RM1899) at Sony Stores is cheaper compare to the retail price of Galaxy S3 (RM1999) at Samsung Stores.

    The ZL shall be in my pocket.

  • LancerEX

    They’re labelled “Coming Soon”! :P

  • Xionsky

    30k for a Tablet… Is it the LTE Version?

  • LancerEX

    Yup! Still cheaper than the Galaxy Note 10.1 which was priced at P32,990 when it was first released before :)

  • Tommi

    Finally I got my own preordered Z from teknikmagazinet (Finland) and it came with DK26 and with SRS-BTW5 :) 645€ was the total sum with shipping cost.

  • arenaflour

    it has already gone down to around 33k in other stores in india. it’s in the news.

  • How come CMK became an authorized reseller? Is there an official statement? All I know is that they sell phones with NTC sticker, compared to others unlike KS and DBG.

  • LancerEX

    2 weeks ago I called Sony Mobile PH’s hotline to ask for the nearest service center in our place. I bought my Xperia ray at CMK last year, and I asked if they’re an authorized re seller. They said yes. :)

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  • The Z is also already available in Indonesia from retailers at Rp. 7,500,000. However, the launch event with bundles is due at the 4th of April. The Blibli preorder is also expected to ship by the 18th of March.

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