Xperia Z display goes up against the Galaxy S IV

by XB on 14th March 2013

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GSIV_XZ_2In the next few hours Samsung will unveil the next iteration in its Galaxy S series. Not that there’s much left to reveal given the raft of leaks we’ve seen today including hands-on pictures, videos and even a quasi-review. Chinese site IT168 got the scoop from what is believed to be a pre-production unit.

Inside the lengthy preview of the device there are a number of comparison pictures of the Galaxy S IV’s display against the Xperia Z. There’s one unflattering picture showing the handsets black levels, which is always going to be unfair comparing the TFT LCD of the Xperia Z to the AMOLED of the Galaxy S IV. There’s also one camera sample comparing both handsets along with the iPhone 5. You can check out all images below, while you wait to see what Samsung has in store later today.

Via IT168 [via GSM Arena].

  • hamidreza

    ya samsung use oled panel but oled is suks only xperia z

  • Looking at the images the xperia z has better gray scale definition and better colour graduation

  • nfs2010

    That’s one ugly phone – typical Samsung :D.White looks shitty compared to XZ. Amoled colors are off as well – only good for watching cartoons.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Well I can only say the outside of the z is better, but we all have to agree the specs of S4 is better than Z. No?

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    The Z still looks better, the screen on the S4 looks darker,
    Could be the brightness though.

  • Just wasted an hour of my life watching stupid actors dancing around the s4 lol they needed the theatrics to make the gimmicky features look and sound incredible. I’m glad I bought the Z. No one has that much time on their hands to use all the features Samsung just packed into a piece of plastic.

  • Adeel

    S4 specs arn’t daily use friendly, every feature inovated is good but is not for daily use,,, i can live with out those features. XZ rules

  • AsadMulla

    Shows how creative Samsung are. They copied there own S3 and it looks just as bad. The S3 was never a good looking phone. If the S3 was a looker then you could say why change something that aint broke. XZ is now officially the best phone of 2013.

  • metcarded

    So The S4 is even dimmer than the S3? The S3 is already impossible to see anything outdoors, the S4 seems like it will be impossible to see anything in a well lit room. Vlad will probably still give the screen a 10/10

  • sigh! if only the z had come with a display like the htc one’s and a snapdragon 600, this game would have been wrapped up


    XPERIA Z the big winner, Enough Said!
    Thanks SONY for making this STUNNING phone!

  • Gc

    Xperia Z will always be winner Will because reason is that its water proof and you dont have to worry againts tge water..

  • I wish the world can see into the typical samsung bs, pentile AMOLED is garbage no matter at what res.

  • H1 of 2013 maybe, Sony and every others still got flagship planned for H2.

  • The c680 released in 3rd quarter will be that phone! Believe! Sony 2013!

  • jag

    it should be Samsung Galaxy SIIIS. hehe ^^

  • jag

    yeah… still xperia Z for me… it’s just like a refreshed SIII phone.

  • Julio Spinoza

    Nop, usually the AMOLED screens are like that, not even the brightness, thats because the AMOLED turns off the pixel to reveal a “true black color”, the big problem about the AMOLED, according to me of course is that blue-green colors you can perceive if you put the telephone in an not 90 degrees angle. BTW,the Xperia colors are more realistic, the samsung screens are over saturated

  • Julio Spinoza

    exactly, I changed my beloved Xperia S for a Samsung S3, and to be fair, I dont use the “special features” of the phone, and now, after the reveal of the s4 i think that samsung is following the same direction of Apple, the same phone with “something different”. It is decided, my next phone is the great Xperia Z

  • Lester Cruz

    Just finished watching the samsung galaxy s4 launch at radio city new york and now i’m gonna give my first impressions. I’m gonna start this off first to the hardware down to the software side.

    1. Design- I tell you,it’s like watching an iphone5 launch in terms of the design. Basically it’s just an s3 just got bigger in terms of screen size. Samsung is boasting that it’s a lot thinner than it’s predecessor having a thickness of only 7.9mm. I’m not so impressed with this because it’s just the same with the sony xperia z that’s also 7.9mm thin. I expected it to be a lot more thnner given the fact that it’s not waterproof compared to the sony xperia z. I’m also not impressed that samsung did the same story with the materials used,it’s all plastic all over again so don’t expect that it will look premium and sturdy when you’re holding it.

    2. Camera- It will sport a 13 megapixel back-illuminated sensor so it’s very obvious that sony is the one providing this beacause it’s a patented technology from the company. We won’t be expecting it to be the best of it’s class as sony is not dumb to provide a sensor to their competitors which will beat their own implementation on their own flagship phone. Front camera is a basic 2 megapixel shooter that is also used by other manufacturers so nothng new with that.

    3. Screen- They’re using the same super amoled display used in the s3 with a resolution of 1920×1080 and with a pixel density of 441 ppi on par with other manufacturers’ flagships such as the htc one and the sony xperia z. Expect it to be sharp and detailed but given the super amoled’s disadvantages,it will be oversaturated in terms of color reproduction and it will be bluish to look at. Don’t say that i’m being biased here because my wife used to have a galaxy s3 and i myself noticed that flaw. Super amoled plus display from the previous s2 is better but it has a shorter life span that’s why samsung opted for the pentile super amoled display instead.

    4. Gesture control- Now you can navigate the screen without actually touching the display,one exmaple is when you’re viewing your pictures. I don’t get this,a phone is a personal device so why not touch it directly? Not unless you’re a farsighted person and you wanna use your phone from afar,haha! Kidding aside,samsung is telling that this feature will let you use your phone when you’re hands are dirty or wet. Don’t you think it would be better if they made the phone waterproof so you can simply wash it when it gets dirty.

    5. S-translate- I can say that i’m pretty impressed with this one because let’s just say for example that you’re outside the country and you’re talking to a local folk that doesn’t speak or understand english,simply type in what you wanna say and the phone will instantly translate it to your desired language via the speaker so the local folk will understand you. And when the local folk responds via the phone’s mic,it will translate it back to english. How cool was that huh? But unfortunately,you will need data connection when you’re using this feature just like with iphone siri’s case. And personally,i won’t benefit from this one because i’m not travelling. Hehe!

    6. Dual cam- This feature will let you use the front and back camera at the same time like for example when you’re recording a video. You’ll get a picture in picture effect because the face of the person recording the video will overlay the screen. Yeah it’s cool but i don’t like something that will cover up a portion of the main scene that i’m recording.

    7. Group chat- Just a pure gimmick,you can talk with more than one friend or relative but they all need to be using galaxy s4 just as you are. So get ready to buy all of them a galaxy s4 to use this feature. Hahaha!

    To wrap things up,the galaxy s4 will run android ver.4.2 jellybeans,bluetooth ver.4.0,and lte data connectivity. What surprised me is that samsung didn’t announced the processor that they’re using,i was left hanging for a while only to realize that the program is already finished. Samsung made me look like a fool on that one,grrr! And next time put a person that won’t get nervous in presenting such an anticipated device. Their executive Ryan Biding stuttered all over the place whle talking,i suggest him to do a lot of rehearsals next time before the actual presentation. Regarding the program as a whole,it’s like watching a musical. Why not explain all the features straight to the point next time? I like the orchestra though.

    Thanks for having a minute reading my post,this is just an honest opinion from a gadget enthusiast like me. Haters hate,i don’t care. Just do your homework instead.

  • jag

    +1 for your effort.
    +1 for the Fanboy comment
    +1 for the great opinion there and i agree… they did not have the wow factor there unlike what the xperia Z did to the whole tech world.

  • Putra

    Xperia Z (y)

  • DragonClaw

    Only thing is, Apple’s “something different” is a fifth row. Samsung tried some good things here.

    But yes, SIV is an SIII with an OTA Update. Nothing more. All software features. And those are features that were attainable by third party software.

  • samsung is in problems, this sgs4 isnt a miracle or something similar, poor desing (same of s3), many people was waiting to see what they have for take their XZ!

  • Cou

    Even no waterproof id still choose Z :)

  • s4 powered by octa core chip..which is double quad core..but z still the best..

  • DragonClaw

    Specs on paper doesn’t matter. SIII used to lag too. Sometimes too much. [Just Google it, you will know]

  • Basharca

    Samsung and ugly are two words you’ll never be able to keep apart. It seems it’s their fate to live happily ever after :)
    I was shocked that the S4 had an identical design to the S3! Seriously Samsung? Did you run out of ideas and are waiting the new iphone to copy them as usual.
    Deep respect for Sony for having the best designs in the market.

  • m

    Seeing all flagships in the H1 of 2013, all I can say is “Sony, its your time”.

  • Did@

    On Xperia blog always win Xperia ;). In real life Xperia Z display suxx it only looks good on paper and in this sponsored tests. Old Xperia Arc has 100 times better display than Z. This HD is not visible for normal eye

  • kurtdean

    Are u blind? its clearly that xperia has better screen than s4. Maybe u’re trolling

  • i think samsung dont have enough design engineers…agin same design ..

  • arif

    No wow at all … The only way you can make people say ‘WOW’ is to take your phone (xz) and jump into the pool

  • meld

    lol, octa core is marketing gimmick
    actually it just 2 different architecture SoC who never active at the same time
    So basically it just same Quadcore, maybe with little bit better battery life because have 4 low power core

  • what? xperia Z display clearly better than S4.. i’m not sony fanboy since i have z, iphone 4 and tab 8.9 so for me Z still better than S4

  • Z

    or maybe galaxy s3 advance??

  • Z

    Oh now can record sex scene in the toilet

  • jag

    haha! yeah! if i were samsung… i would never name it as S4 because there is really no big difference than the s3…

  • Lester Cruz

    thanks man! i’m won’t get mad if you noticed my fanboy comment because it’s just normal for a sony philippines comment like me,hehe! but hey,i bought a galaxy s3 for my wife last year because back then,i was impressed with that device. three months went by and she decided to replace it with xperia tx because she’s not satisfied with the s3 particularly with it’s camera. i don’t mind buying consumer electronic products from other companies as long as it’s impressive. right now i can proudly say that the sony xperia z is the best out there as of the moment.

  • Lester Cruz

    what i meant was that my fanboy comment is just normal for a sony philippines employee like me..

  • jag

    Aah.. Don’t worry kaibigan.. We are on the same side. Hehe!
    For me, i was really impressed with what they’ve done with the note 2.. But as a Sony fan.. I’ve waited for the Xperia Z and bought it of course. And knowing the sgs4 now that they have announced it..? I’m still sticking with my Z.. It is still the best for me.

  • DStyle

    Shouldn’t called Galaxy S4. It should be Galaxy S3S, like iPhone 4S.

  • The S4 granted has some great specs, and will bang on about impressive benchmarks etc if ur into that thing but as a new phone it really only upgrades on the s3 in terms of higher res screen. All the software features for me any way or gimmicky. It hasn’t come with the wow factor I expected. I get my Z tomorrow. What’s it wow factor. Waterproof. A practical addition not a software gimmick. As for s3 owners upgrading to the 4 purely braging rights not as big a step up as could of been

  • namet

    just wait for the prize and decide if you are really willing to spend for all those “new” features. i will really buy one if it turns out to be less expensive than the xperia z or htc one.

  • pickabo

    don’t worry. sony announced that the xz was meant to compete with the galaxy s3 and iphone 5. they will definitely release a new device to compete with the 2013 flagships of other manufacturers.

  • reayaher

    they don’t seem too interested in making the s4 big because they consider 4 to be an unlucky number.

  • sonny

    if it’s ok for you not to have waterproofing then pick the zl because it’s smaller but with the same 5″ display. plus it has an IR blaster and dedicated camera button. it also adds some 40 mah to the battery.

  • Kaif

    Yea i thank God for sony..if it wasnt for sony we will never have phones with excellent design and specs and features!!!!!

  • Lester Cruz

    Haha! You’re a kabayan pala,have you bought it online? I pre-ordered directly from sony phils.because where entitled to a special price of only 25,200php. Sad to say that i have to wait until the first week of april to receive mine. I myself waited for the galaxy s4 because i wanna choose which one to buy because like what i’ve just said,i’m willing to buy from other brands as long as the device is impressive enough. But seeing what samsung has to offer,they didn’t manage to change my mind.

  • Z

    And ZL looks more premium than s4. Z and ZL are both winners. But i checked the white paper of both xperia Z and ZL…in Z, the batt is 2400 typical, 2330 minimum. While in ZL, batt is 2370 typical and 2300 minimum. So it means Z has more batt than ZL??

  • rus_media

    Samsung always follows iPhone. This time iPhone 5 is similar to iPhone 4, so S4 goes to S3. Conversation complete.

  • Sanjay Negi

    Sony Xperia Z coming with water proof technology and on the other side Samsung Galaxy S4 have some features like eye scrolling, which makes it better.

  • Sod

    So right!!

  • jag

    Nope.. I live in singapore for the meantime (work).. That’s why i had mine since Feb 27. But yours will be cheaper huh? Lucky you ^^

    Yep! No regrets with my Z! enjoying these small apps now!! They’re so useful!! Especially the smallsms, but it’s not for free though hehe

  • Agreed to be honest I was expecting Samsung to blow me away
    Like they did with the innov8. This is just a major software update. Oh well we’ll just see what they bring to the table when the note 3 is announced. Most tech sites are bashing the s4 already

  • lolsomany

    dual quad core

  • Life

    Oppsiee I dropped my Samsung G S 4 on the water !! OMG!!! Its crappier

  • lolsomany

    *with sarcasm*

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    8 cores like 4 penises, cool, but for what? (c)

  • rus_media

    Or may be S3 Plus

  • rus_media

    Samsung doesn’t have enough design engineers. Sony doesn’t have enough software engineers…

  • phantom_p

    Guess I can be considered as a Sony mobile fan, but that said I don’t get all the hate the S4 gets. It looks much better than the S3, despite the same basis for design. Sure the Xperia Z is prettier, but that glass back is one big fingerprint magnet which takes away somewhat from it’s superior design. 8 cores might sound like a gimmick but I’ll hold my judgement until we’ll see how it affects battery life. Removable battery is a big bonus imo and I do wonder why Sony couldn’t add a removable battery for the Xperia ZL. The S4 has a lot of sensors too (barometer, temperature and humidity) which might allow you to draw up your own weather forecast for example.

    Depending on the pricing, it’s a close call between the S4 and the ZL. At least for me :)

  • hey you guys, where to pre-order Z in the Philippines? I want the legit Sony phone, not the ones bought from online multiply shops. LOL

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  • Lester Cruz

    sony mobile ph will launch it on the first week of april,it’s only two weeks away from now..

  • GSIV is just another overhyped smartphone like Iphone5. Xperia Z and HTC One is much better.

  • SXZ

    Congrats to samsung!!
    They biuld in so many new innovations!!

    13 mpx-camera – SONY got first

    5″ Full-HD-Display – SONY got first & the colours are more real by the SONY!

    Cable free charging – oh just a moment…i think i heard it fom SONY…last year!!

    7,9 mm thick – isn´t the XPERIA Z as thick?!

    you see…SONY biuld in the real innovations!! AND they use an new design. they have ideas!! they don´t have to wait till Apple shows them new designs :-D
    i think…the SONY is much better, it´s WATERPROOF, have fucking good DESIGN an…it´s a SONY!! ;-)
    god please give samsung some own ideas!! and THANK YOU FOR SONY!! 0:-))

  • And I see on YouTube, even in almost all videos, Sony and HTC fanboys and even some of Samsung fanboys didn’t like S4’s design

  • In Indonesia here, too, pre-order price is priced at just 721,25 USD, but normal retail price is at 747 USD, shipping starting yesterday ( March 15 ), available in black, white, and purple

  • bigshynepo

    eye scrolling…phttt. I’ll take waterproofing any day of the week. I bet waterproof phones will be the “new” thing in 2014 but of course, Sony is already on the ball.

  • Sony Xperia Z is only phone that standing out with water resistant feature!

  • ryq24

    To be honest, I think S4 win slightly but I am still buying the xperia Z. Going for the under dog!

  • This is exactly like Iphone 4S to Iphone 5 upgrade Apple did. S3 to S4 is exactly the same. Most of the features are gimmicks and can be implemented on other devices by apps or software upgrade. Only Sony got a standout feature which is water dust resistant. If Sony can improve the upgrade handset due later on in the year they will have great year!
    If Xperia Z had two speakers one on either side instaed of one it would make a huge difference. Improve the battery to 2600-2800 mhp. Also use a display with better power consumption and viwing angles etc.

  • Did@

    On Xperia blog bad worlds about sony is trolling but fanboys must be blind do not see in real life this low quality Xperia Z display ;)

  • ProWeirdo

    If you look closely you can see that Amoled has excess of colors. Xperia’s more realistic.

  • twit

    oops! dropped it on the floor. major crack.

  • One word Pentile. Samsung never gets better

  • Is there a new Samsug Galaxy? I’ve only read about new specs that are barely the old ones with an increased version number and no new design. Very ugly phone as the previous one.

  • jag

    Nice! Did you pre ordered already?

  • jag

    Yeah! What a shame for samsung.. People are so disappointed with it

  • Ah I see.
    Thanks for the info.

  • Ney

    Oh cmon grow up and stop hating >_<
    I'd be blind if I said that S4 looks the same as S3.

  • aThingOrTwo

    But they are hiring to catch up.

  • anon

    i thought htc was the first to bring Full HD display out with butterfly…

  • About that “S-Translate”, know that every Android device that runs Jelly Bean has Google Now and Google Now has a translate option when you’re out of your country. No innovation there. Just check latest Nexus 4 or Google Now ads on Youtube.
    And yeah I agree with some other points :)

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