Xperia Z torture continues – gets stabbed, cooked and hit with a hammer

by XB on 17th March 2013

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Xperia Z HammerFor the life of us, we can’t understand why some people go to extremes with their new mobiles. On Youtube you’ll find plenty of videos showing mobiles being blended, microwaved, dropped from large heights as well as other inventive ways to try to destroy their handsets. At least for the rest of us, it gives us some clue as to how well built they are and how much stress each handset can handle.

Look at the videos below as cases in point. The Sony Xperia Z gets stabbed at in a knife test and if that’s not enough, another video shows a very heavy hammer being dropped on it. As you can imagine, the glass-backed Xperia Z doesn’t fare too well. Both these videos come from the Youtuber who literally pissed on the handset, he obviously doesn’t have much love for the handset! The last video shows the Xperia Z faring surprisingly well to a cooking pot of food. Check them all out below.

Thanks Felix, Rammstone and Zaynal!

  • Somebody should drop a hammer on his head

  • ZZZ

    y would anyone do such a thing to their phone.. and say “it was an easy phone to break”
    Retarded people!

  • Zzzz

    Y would anyone do such a thing to the phone. ans say “it was an easy phone to break”
    Retarded People

  • rafal / poland

    it’s so ridiculous, I wonder when someone will put the phone deep between buttocks and will report on what it’s like…

  • My xperia z screen test. The blacks are black for those complaining lol let me know what you guys think

  • I had Xperia Arc for two years and a half and I had never had an antecedent that broke the screen. Now I have my lovely Xperia V and I don’t think I will go into problems like these -_-

  • So, he knows that his head is easy to break lol

  • viva_xperia

    it’s funny this video just came out after s********* introduced their flagship with ugly face. I believe this idiot has paid by them.

  • He should try this on samsung, if samsung S4 did it, i won’t buy sony again. that stupid idiot should be samsung fans.

  • xperialover

    shattered film was peel it off ?

  • sxp

    coz he wants to influence people not to buy XZ.
    and after dropping the hammer, he said “its really really cool”

    somebody ask him to drop the hammer on S4.
    and do people put knife-sharp products in their pockets ? coz before harming the phone it will harm YOU!

    that proves he is a complete retard.

  • Choaib Kanouni

    My small heart can not stand

  • what a waste of a powerful device… what a waste of >650$….

    atleast they should have given the device to a developer… he/she would have done wonders with the same device…

  • Babylonbwoy

    Half a salary gone to being stupid on social networks… Rich kid…

  • dimos

    1 and a half salary here in greece

  • His father works for Samsung, and he’s notorious for being a Samsung fan. Reviewers should never be biased..

  • i wanna kick his ass

  • viva_xperia

    ha….ha…ha…….even worse his face like zombie, and i believe he hasn’t have brain. His head just empty because he need samsung exynos 5 okta to implemated in . And by the way, this idiot so skinny why he don’t drop the hammer in his face and i will said ” it’s really really cool”.

  • MemeMaster

    Well, the screen is really good, got it myself and I dont really understand ppl whining about about it.

  • I know and for that reason I found a video on YouTube with lots of blacks in it’ downloaded and played it back on my z then took my canon out to record it and uploadit just to sshow people these tech sites are talking a load of crap. My YouTube videon doesn’t look half bad

  • ?????

    Yeah, cos it`s totally empty.

  • Paul

    …for trying to fool people. He removed the shatter proof sheet. Test surely would have shown something different results if he would have left it on the screen before the test.

  • Someone

    I’m having the feeling they are doing that just to grape more viewers to their videos !! You know Sony didn’t mention the phone is hammer resistance and water proof phone doesn’t mean pee on it, some people are crazy !! -_-

  • wtf

    epic retard is epic

  • wtf

    I got a feeling that most of so called tech sites are samsung biased. And I just cant understand all that crying about viewing angles?! wtf?! who in their wright mind is looking at phone from angle? :D

  • gazelle

    oh u put it in a stew? it is waterproof? u wanna clean it? y dont u just use water instead of tissue paper. -.-“

  • jag

    One word! Stupidretardsamsungfanboywhowantstomakexperiazlookbad!

  • Basharca

    regardless of this unreliable test. This jerk removed the Sony protecter to make the phone look even worse, haven’t you noticed that there is no Sony logo on the front?! This tells you that he did remove the screen protection intentionally :)

  • nameofthewind

    Or maybe apple’s

  • And then haters are gonna be like… “Xperia Z is not hammer proof!”

  • Jerry Berglund

    God, I feel ashamed for all swedes, because two of the clips is made by a swede who is kinda bashing all phones that comes from Sony. He’s a Samsung-fan of some sort.

  • Jerry Berglund

    I think he is a Samsung-fan

  • Nice observation.
    without shatter resistance screen protector it is bound to get shattered!

  • louise10

    u telling me that piece of sticker can prevent the screen shattering from the same test?

  • ProWeirdo

    This idiot talks too much.

  • lolhammer

    It took 1 upgraded giant sledge-hammer and 2 videos to get the same destruction on the XZ screen than any other phone, goes to show how awesome it is.

    Vid maker is a fag.

  • Quark Gluon

    Come on, his videos are not even worth mentioning.

  • Mad1

    Why stop there, shoving his beloved note 2 up his ass would be much more painful >:)

  • Anonymous

    Just goes to show how awesome DragonTrail glass is :)

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t matter, rigged shit is rigged

  • Anonymous

    Like any phone on this planet is….but, retards are going to be retards.

  • Sudarshan Rai

    Call the Mobile Cruelty Activists

  • Masahiro

    what doesn’t drop a hammer on S4 and cook an S4, just to know how tough S4 glass? Is it has better glass than Sony XZ?

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  • Ben-Amie Lim

    out of jealousy of this beautiful Z!

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Of course he is.

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  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    Yes ! it prevents the glass from shattering and making the set unusable .I have an xperia s that has a cracked screen all over but i can use it fully cause I didn’t take of the sticker.. Lets face it . any thing and everything can break nothing is indistructable .

  • popc0rn_maniac

    ‘it prevents the glass from shattering’

    Wowww, just wooowww

  • Woww

    Wowwwww, just woooowww

  • BoooLame

    Dumbass must be fucking rich or just retarded, maybe just the latter

  • do this with any flagship smartphone, and oh!, it will be the same shit!

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    Lol sorry my bad that didn’t come out right.

    what I meant was it keeps the glass in place even though its broken it doesn’t let if fall apart and make the handset useless I’ve been using my xperia s with a shattered screen since over 8 months no issues just see the cracks. and well can’t use the front camera cause the shatter covers its view :/

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  • Nakti Panchal

    Sony Xperia Z is awesome phone. What you think that in every
    morning you wash your mobile?? OR give it bath every day when you take bath. By
    the way Sony Xperia Z is amazing mobile from Sony with water and dust
    resistance feature is money worth.

  • he did this also to his Galaxy S3, and it breaks… easily..

  • jmcomms

    worse is that Sony only states it as water resistant, not water proof (thus covering themselves for someone like this idiot attaching it to the outside of a submarine for his next test). Nowhere does it say the phone is drop proof (or hammer resistant) either, so people throwing the XZ off a roof or smashing a hammer against it are not testing any special claims – they’re just being stupid to get more views.

  • jmcomms

    Possibly upset that Sony bought Ericsson out of the Sony Ericsson joint venture and therefore wants to get back at the company? (Ironic given Sony Mobile in Lund is still made up of plenty of Swedes that are still actively involved in the design and production of these new devices even today).

  • Babylonbwoy

    I don’t think that his reflection was so far, his brain does not allow it!

  • Maybe his AAAS is”hammer-proof”?!

  • roeshak

    These videos where all made by Adrianisen. He’s a Samsung fanboy but I have to say he doesn’t hate the Z. In fact I think he’s loves it actually. He’s done all sorts to the Z. Beer test, red bull test, piss test and more. He’s just an alcoholic who’s been having a bit too much fun with the Z. In fact days after the hammer videos. He’s got himself another Z. He couldn’t live without it lol

  • Bayhas

    What an idiot!

    Is it just me, or his accent is more annoying than his acts?

  • Pisser

    I am wonder if his face is water resistant enough to withstand someone pissing on it…

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  • lol

    To see S4 results, look at the back of the XZ after the first vid, thats what it’ll look like :)

  • wow

    Kid must be damn rich to waste such money easily like that *faceplam*

  • rickzmond

    i know the hammer and i recognize the voice. youtube user name adrianisen.. the person who did the hammer video is freak. not only sony, try to click on the video link and see all the uploader’s video.. he smashed a lot of phones regardless of the brand .. umm… sgs3 and gn2 breaks more easily than sz btw

  • ray

    My Xperia Z while inside the pocket struck a table, and ouch i now have a crack at the top starting from the corner where the top earpiece is located. The area above the crack no longer works (digitiser is gone!). Thanks to Sony’s non rotating camera interface, the camera menu option remains “upside down” so i have no way of now changing the camera menu. Love the design, but seems the ruggedness and software is still Sony pre-2012..

    Brought this as i love the sony design, and have the X10, neo, ray, Xperia P (the best of all) and the Xperia S, and the Z was the first Sony to have hardware that was more in-line the competition and a design far superior, but sadly my most expensive purchase was all wasted in just 5 days… not impressed.

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  • yes.. precisely that is what i am telling.
    here is video about what can a plastic screen protector can do.

    the thing is, the “crack forming” tendency of glass in not present in plastic.
    and even Sony says it is “shatter resistant” screen protector.

  • APai

    I’d imagine the same result with EVERY single phone out there.

  • Someone

    I hope Sony never releases a phone with heat resistance, or we would see people barbecuing their phones on youtube -_-

  • jmcomms

    Haha.. that would be so true. Might have to and register now. :)

    [Edit: Someone already has!!]

  • bobok

    another good phone wasted…

  • aaronji

    this is stupid…the first video is without shatter proof sheet..of course it shatters and become unusable…

    for the 2nd video…the shatter proof sheet is on it….of course it will scratch!!! the scratch resistant is on the glass not the plastic! u should test the knife on the phone in first video and the hammer on the phone in second video….crap

  • AW

    people are so thick … ITS A PHONE not a family heirloom

  • Nabendu

    and this is the biggest developer of Sony on XDA talking @doomlord :

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