Xperia SP and Xperia L European pricing revealed

by XB on 18th March 2013

in Xperia L series, Xperia SP

sony_xperia_sp_4-copySony announced two new Xperia handsets to its stable this morning: the mid-range Xperia SP (C530X) and entry-level Xperia L (C210X). We are especially excited about the SP which offers some decent hardware in a great design with customisable transparent bar. Official RRP pricing for this handset in Europe will be €419, which seems to be a decent price compared to the Xperia Z (C660X) with a RRP of €649.

The Sony Xperia L is an entry-level handset with 1GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch FWVGA display and 8MP Exmor RS camera. The Xperia L will retail for a RRP of €299 when it arrives in Europe. We’ll bring details on UK pricing as soon as we have it.

Update: The above is the official pricing for Germany. However, we have word that pricing in Netherlands will be even cheaper. The RRP for the Xperia SP in the Netherlands is €399 and the Xperia L is €279.

Update 2: Sony Mobile Italy says the Xperia SP will cost €399 with the Xperia L at €299.

  • Hell yeah, red Xperia L for my gf for sure!

  • dime

    Xperia sp nice phone with good spec. and nice price … i ‘ll buy this phone

  • absolutely

  • I am afraid they need to get the Xperia T out of the shops first, it’s just €350, and it has almost the same specs.

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  • galafix

    Very nice pricing, especially for the Xperia L!

  • adsada_arc

    I don’t get why people who want a mid range phone, instead of going for the Xperia SP, get last years Xperia S or T instead. These phones have the same or better specs and can be picked up for a cheaper price than the SP?

    I guess the main reason is that stunning hardware, but if that doesn’t matter to you then the Xperia S is there with a smaller screen but better camera and is cheaper

  • solidpig

    Time to upgrade my Xperia P to the SP now.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Because there will be futute update of newer deviced, as Xperia S user I can say, that newer models, such as P and Sola have much more better displays in aspects of contrast and brightness, white is real white on them and not yellowish as in S, Battery is also dramatically worse. Camera? Are u kidding, SGS3 with 8mp has brilliant photos

  • Farhad K

    unfortunately the samsung galaxy s 4 with £530 price will win !!
    Sony xperia is still too expensive
    In this situation they will stay below apple, samsung, htc, lg and even chinese !

  • Farhad K

    unfortunately the samsung galaxy s 4 with £530 price will win !!
    Sony xperia is still too expensive
    In this situation they will stay under apple, samsung, htc, lg and even chinese !

  • Personally, I like the more squared design of the S and the U. I just wished they released it with the spec of the SP and I would totally buy one.

  • Because software update, man

    And I don’t think any camera over 10 MP makes any different for me anymore (except for a proper camera)

  • paul_cus

    The L is cheap enough, might have to get it.

  • arena

    sony apparently does not have intentions of getting rid of those ugly displays. why? if other manufacturers can do it with similar prices, why can’t sony do the same? i’m really baffled. i have to admit viewing angles are not an issue with me but i want sony to sell more. i want sony to gain new customers. those who have been used to good viewing angles.

    can anybody care to explain why sony prefers those washed out displays? is it cost cutting?

  • kopoloa

    L has a better design than Z. Should have make it into the flagship model with better spec

  • What will be Indian Price ?? Plz rply

  • Sony choose this screen because it produce colors closer to real life and better visibility under sunlight. Bad viewing angle is not their concern as you can hook up the screen to a TV.

  • White Walker

    Why are these so expensive? The entry-level Xperia L is in the same range as a Nexus 4. Honestly, what do you expect people buy when given the choice?

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  • abhiraj

    what is the price in india??

    when is it launching there??

  • lolsomany

    low end device also high price…. i thought it gonna price 279 usd. if it sell in my country with this price, i better buy cheap china smartphone

  • Nexus 4 is subsidised by Google when bought from Google!

  • low end? and galaxy s3 mini what is it? this is mid high (sp) and mid low/low (l)

  • hamboy

    Xperia S lacks a microSD slot. I like the Xperia T, it is very similar to the SP but I have read very negative reviews about its battery life.

  • hamboy

    lol chinese

  • White Walker

    Ok. Then how about Sony subsidizing an Xperia when purchased direct from Sony? No matter what the excuse is, the bottom line is that their current pricing is not competitive.

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  • DrazenDodig

    How does T have better specs than SP? It doesnt… and price will probably be the same as Xperia T has come down to around €390 Euro and MSRP for SP is €399. SP has more features, larger screen, 50% larger battery and in will probably be sold on Amazon for €30-€40 less than T.

  • DrazenDodig

    Just like Xperia T doesnt sell at its €600 MSRP, Xperia SP wont sell at MSRP…

  • tru

    Really disappointed, am waiting for xperia sx international. May I know weather Sony release this handset or not?

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    wowww i love this smartphone dude whats the price

  • rajesh

    I really want this cell … can anybody tell me the expected price and launching date in india … thanks

  • lolsomany

    L is J successor u know, J is low end device so with L, Look at numbering C2XX this tell us that L Is low end device. I didn’t talk about SP because i know sp is C5XX mid high, sony will bring C3XX as mid low and C4XX as mid range, entry level is C1XX aka Xperia E

  • lolsomany

    E/E Dual ~ C1XX <- entry level

    L ~ C2XX <- low end

    ? ~ C3XX <- mid low

    ? ~ C4XX <- mid

    SP ~ C5XX <- mid high

    Z/ZL ~ C6XX <- high end

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  • Palle Petersen
  • lolsomany

    the SoC sony use it is not latest, but still sony sell this phone with premium price, sony can’t win with this phone in country such as india, china or south east asia because many china brand put latest hardware and sell cheap although the after sale service is bad as sony

    this 4 company will sell cheap china smartphone in my country with better spec except processor

    i only want to know xperia L price because i want compare with this 4 smartphone price. and 1st time in my life china company win it.

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  • DeLorean75

    Me too. I also have Xperia P.

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  • Nice post.. Thanks.. :D

  • BloodThirstyJon

    And why should Sony subsidize the SP? They are in the business of making money, not charity.

  • MyLive

    Until now I still have live with walkman.. And I think I like xperia L.. I don’t want to talk about hardware or spec.. I like music, and now xperia L offers best quality from Walkman like clear phase, etc.. and from camera department it has exmor RS though still 8mp.. But I think it’s enough for me.. And what I like most about SONY over others is the UI which looks exclusive.. Well at least that’s how I feel.. I don’t even think to change launcher coz it’s all just perfect for me.. Which I couldn’t get in another brand.. Especially chinese.. No offense..

  • fayaz

    plz tell me the indian price of sony experia sp

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  • Kiotu

    nexus 4 only cheap in US, the rest of the world suffers the real price.. it’s around 500 USD here..

  • Ashish


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