Xperia ZL to go on sale in the US for $759.99

by XB on 18th March 2013

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XperiaZL_FINAL_3We recently reported that the contract-free version of the Sony Xperia ZL (C6506) would be making its way to the United States courtesy of the Sony Store website. At the time, pricing and availability wasn’t announced, but the listing has now been updated to reveal the price.

For those interested, the Sony Xperia ZL will cost you $759.99, exactly as we revealed in our earlier post. We’ll report back when we have an idea on shipment dates. What do you think about the price – higher than expected? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks Josh!

  • lovebmw

    Too expansive when compared to the Z…the ZL is not water proof, and not as hot as the Z. oh well… i’ll skip the ZL stick with the T for now until we freaking know if we are getting the Z or not. FRUSTRATING

  • that’s expensive. in indonesia ZL price = $687 tax included while Z price = $770

  • Chris Brown

    Glad to see it available, but the price is way too high for that particular device..especially when an iPhone can be purchased for less.

  • Abdul Ghani

    i asked them that sony logo will remove if i remove the pre installed protector

  • nfs2010

    It is frustrating. How come they price it at $759.99? C6606 Z would cost over $800 then. I’m still hoping this is a mistake and actual price would be different when they start selling ZL. Or at least they are gonna include some good stuff like headphones, speaker, etc with the phone. We’ll see. But I’m not buying the phone alone for this price and will stick with my TL like you said :)

  • Xyor

    Is that means that the Z will be released above that? About 800 USD??!!! That’s crazy)

  • the_newtype

    My thoughts exactly.

  • TechGuyChris

    Ouch. That kind of just defeated my waiting for the Z. Way out of my Price bracket for a phone. :-( maybe I can buy it used or something.

  • WWWDot

    Odd thing is it’s cheaper in Canada, the Sony Canada site has it for 675.00 but locked to Rogers

  • Wolf0491

    I bought my Z for $780 so yeah it should have been at most $650

  • That is locked to Rogers

  • paul_cus

    Sony is crazy with that price.

  • SEPI

    TX JB Update…

  • boosook

    An iPhone is worth less. It has a small low resolution screen, less ram, less powerful cpu, 8mp camera which is now midrange… why should the zl cost less? Only because the iPhone is Apple? Iphone is a phone with lower specs, an obsolete machine with a dated os. It is the iphone which is overpriced, not the zl!

  • SEPI

    Android 5.0 coming to Samsung Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II

    Waiting for JB 4.1.2 for tx…

  • As great as it may be, that’s too much esp. when there’s only 16GB onboard. People will look at that with the price and compare to iPhone or others and say “too much.”

    Should’ve been $659 – or maybe a little less – to be considered price competitive.

  • hmm

    a malaysia zl is priced at $542

  • pavan

    It’s too expensive compare to India it costs around INR35600($650) and xperia z $700!!

  • That price is too much! There is no arguing about it. The Htc One and S4 are cheaper yet they probably got more advanced hardware. You can buy the ZL unlocked for 579-599 online retailers in the USA!

  • Basharca

    I agree this price is absurd. You should just order it online from overseas electronics for around $650.

  • Lol they don’t know what they’re talking about. I can assure you the Sony logo is printed on the protector. My z is now brandless

  • Your deluding yourself if you think that is a fair price for the ZL.

  • hamboy


  • Johnny

    Another fatal fumble by my former favorite consumer electronics company.

  • sony should fire every idiots and incompetents morons that runs Sony mobile in NA, at that price right after S4 and HTC one announcement it is suicide; might as well just withdraw from the market entirely. I preorder the ZL over any new flag ship that were announced but only because I was expecting 500-600 CAD like the Xperia S first released. Their Xperia brand is already dying in NA market, now it looks like they are trying too kill it off entirely. Or they are planning to sell that 5 ZL and make a couple k before they disappear entirely, if thats their plan then good luck.

  • kiikooo

    Its 670$ on Canadian store. Would have ordered if it was Rogers locked (although i AM using Rogers) and white.

  • CWeb

    they have it free if you sign up for a 2yr contract with ATT, but no reason the unocked should be so expensive.

  • Fraulein

    You know that this is not an official Sony site right? Complaining here won’t do anything.

  • Fraulein

    The article is about ZL

  • Angel Morales

    this is awesome i already got the z and now i will buy the zl for my collection

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  • afzal

    Wow… Xperia zl is us to expensive compare in my country malaysia which is also lte eneble device plus getting free pouch from sony… It might be the tax causing the price getting higher.

  • skrug

    The taxes in US and Canada is applied after the stated/shown price.

  • Troy Tian

    i really think this is a price error
    659 would be more reasonable as the pricing for Canada

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  • twit

    i hate this. i thought sony would be less expensive than samdung. turns out htc and and the s4 will be cheaper. what’s wrong with you sony? your display is not even as good as what the competition offers. how do you expect to gain customers now?

  • turner

    agree. too much of being a fanboy/fangirl. we can admire the company but we can’t be too patronizing not to point out the obvious faults.

    looks like sony intends to go towards bankruptcy. their shares slid 5% yersterday.

  • Raj

    Stupid Iphone 5 cost $700. $760 for ZL is reasonable.

  • Samuel Serafim

    S4 is much better Xperia tham Xperia ZL. Only Xperia Z can compete with S4.

  • harbinger2020

    Might as well order the X Z from overseas for that price

  • WTF ! On E-bay Xperia ZL unlocked is US $559.00. I already order one. Who is the dumb gonna buy it form Sony Store?!?

  • afzal

    Maybe the price mention already after tax. xperia zl in malaysia only cost rm1680 and xperia z rm2099 ( price not from sony store ) and maybe we get it a little bit cheap because malaysia are not charging any tax for cellular device.

  • Troy Tian

    The price was removed

  • boosook

    I can’t undertand, really. If you tell me that this price is too much for a phone, that you are not willing to pay such a high price or that you can’t afford it, I can agree. I won’t buy the ZL until it reaches a more affordable price. But when you compare it to the competition, the price is pretty much the same for competing Android products with similar specs, so why blame Sony alone? Either you write “those high end phones cost too much” or you file the same complaint even for samsung, apple, htc and BB.
    In particular, the OP was talking about the iPhone: we are always comparing every phone or tablet to the iphone or ipad, and we take for granted that they must cost LESS, but WHY? This new batch of Android flagships (htc one, xperia z/zl, galaxy S4) are much more powerful than the iPhone. They have bigger screens with full HD resolution, they have much powerful hardware (see the benchmarks… the iPhone 5 is considerably slower, it looks like a machine of the previous generation, so why cannot these products cost MORE than the iphone 5, considering that they are much more expensive to make as they use more recent and expensive hardware? Only because they do not sport the Apple logo?

  • Why is it expensive outside of Asia?
    Here in Malaysia, the ZL cost RM1899 ($608) while Z is RM2199 ($704)
    Something to do with tax?

  • abhi

    They have taken the price out from the Sony store web.

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  • lovebmw

    with U.S. LTE? i ordered a 3g Z today for 650.00 from Abu Dhabi, it is a ferrari with a cassette player LOL

  • Lil Dark

    Xperia z cost $725 new on ebay -.- wdf?

  • abhi

    they have taken the price out from sony store web

  • noname

    looks like Sony’s website has pulled that price? Better not be locked to exclusive network or I’m not interested in it anymore.

  • free

    At least Sony offers a warranty?

  • free

    Then it would be locked to AT&Turd.

  • noname

    It should be priced same as the iphone5 Unlocked. Xperia is international and has more bands than most others.

  • noname

    ZL that is .. Wish they wouldn’t delaay it anymore!

  • free

    $699 is a bargain if it’s unlocked.

  • szlevi

    It’s RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. I like my T and was considering an upgrade to the Z, giving my T to my wife – only until I saw the price of the Z and the ZL is even more ridiculous.

    Sony, once again, is becoming super-arrogant – with my wife we’ve owned the first Xperia X10 and X10 Mini, the Arc and Neo, and now the T and the Sola but none of them was anywhere near to this price, it’s just RIDICULOUS. T reached the max price point I was willing to shell out and now Sony just really screwed it up, I can definitely say. Royally.

    Well, it was nice until it lasted – time to see what’s up with the Nexus 4 or BB Z10…

  • szlevi

    No, it’s downright RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED. Anyone buying a phone for $700 is a clueless idiot.

  • Jimmy

    This latest blunder in pricing by SONY is going to have even more negative consequences. Sony USA only recently started offering higher end phones unlocked in the USA. When no one buys them at these excessively high prices, Sony will conclude Americans do not want their unlocked phones and they will stop offering them. That is a shame as they would certainly sell if the pricing were more reasonable.

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  • Oh, in Ukraine Xperia ZL costs about 900$…

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