New Jelly Bean update for Xperia T/TX pegged for early April; will bring Walkman bug fix

by XB on 19th March 2013

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Xperia T firmwareNew firmware (9.1.A.1.138) has been certified for the Sony Xperia T (LT30p) and Xperia TX (LT29i), which Sony says will arrive in the week commencing 1 April. The firmware will introduce Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean to Xperia TX owners, who have patiently been waiting for the update. It will also introduce a fix for the problem people have been having with the Walkman app on Jelly Bean firmware.

People have reported issues with the Walkman app freezing when the display locks, with long delays in between songs. Another firmware version (9.1.B.0.411) was also certified on the same day, but we expect version 9.1.A.1.138 to see a wide rollout.

Xperia T Walkman fix

Xperia T firmware

Thanks Silas and ??????!

  • Angel Morales

    Finally jelly bean for my TX!

  • Sony, get your shit together and update all your phones (that ARE getting an update) already so nothing can come and bite you in the ass. Then you can roam free with new phones and software

  • Xyor

    The jelly bean on TL doesn’t have that issue

  • Did you get it ?
    I mean is it now available to xperia tx

  • LawSH

    Hope so… I have been waiting so long.

  • foxy

    jb for tx. at first they said feb,then apr.good job sony

  • sad

    Wtf where the hell is jelly bean for Xperia p Sony iam fuckin big fan so heary up bringing the update other manufacturers even LG has rollout jb even for l7 shit!!!

  • Reason accepted. Hope Sony will keep the promise.

  • Sandun Siribandu

    U know what.. F**k JB update for TX…

  • AnP

    They need to hurry up with respect to bringing 4.2.2 asap to all the these handsets! In hardly 2months we might see the roll-out of Android 5.0! If we don’t get 4.2.2 NOW, the wait for future updates and support will only become even more delayed. Hope Sony’s listening! The bug in the Walkman app on Xperia T forced me to install a 3rd part music player app!

  • thats y they havent listed ur TL..simple as that?

  • same here..

  • Kiran

    I can’t believe that sony is very ignorant on their updates and yet they want to be on top 3. At this rate i don’t think will be even on top 5. Good luck

  • Kiran

    Well i don’t know hard how it could be to customize a rom for TX, there are better developers in XDA than the top asian mobile company(sony). Sony is just trying to force their 2012 users to buy their newly released devices.

  • Kiran

    First of all, Sony released their first 4.1.2 after 8 months of official jellybean release, so we can expect 4.2.2 by the end of this year and 5.0 in 2015. Oh and don’t forget Sony don’t update their one year old devices. I doubt that even Z will get 5.0 Lol.

  • SEPI

    True, Sony forced me, so I never buy any Sony phone again.

  • SEPI

    “Android 5.0 coming to Samsung Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II”
    Waiting for JB 4.1.2 for tx….

  • ymy07

    April is not Q1, Sony! NO MORE Sony products for me!!!

  • ra3al

    The JB update for Xperia P will be available before the end of March, as announced earlier.

  • James Earley

    Sony are already 4th.

  • N xperia L which came after Z will get 5.0 lol..

  • Chris Anderson

    I think one or two need to grow up and get a sense of perspective, seriously ;-)

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  • People keep writing this rubbish. But they’re still here. Did you even read why there’s a delay?

  • sin

    Sony always lie
    Has been released a new machine did not take good care of the old user
    Next time you buy a new machine may not buy Sony mobile phone
    Now updated with the TX delay
    No Sony any apology

  • Somehow I don’t have this ‘Walkman Bug’ with my T. The problem I’m having is when I select an app or shortcut, it doesn’t always select. You have to try a few times sometimes before the app opens. Anybody else experiences this?

  • APai

    another really annoying bug is the auto-orientation of the images in the album. it’s truly messed up. I thought sony had given up on fixing these issues!

  • ymy07

    I’m here because still have my TX… and yes, i know the reason for the delay… but TX is 99% same as T. 2 month for software upgrade is too much…

  • APai

    better a proper version than a buggy one ?

  • APai

    vote with your wallet. no one forces you. really, if you feel burned – do not buy from the XYZ manufacturer. I’d say there’s no single phone maker unaffected by bugs, software/ hardware issues.

  • how abt acro s? T.T

  • This is the results of your, and others stupiditi on update hurrying. What brings us a JB? A lot of bugs. Why ICS was not good for us? No bugs, faster phone..etc, eweriting was good, and now..?

  • Mahdi

    I am angry too ! but I do not think J.B gives us anything new in UI specially ! so let’s forget about the update and just enjoy our phones instead of waiting for the crab update !

  • simmedia

    How about Xperia V???


    Need glass???

  • khalis

    Is it avialable for Xperia GX too ?????

  • simmedia

    How about the Xperia V?

  • what the hell with you sony

  • SL

    Fu** the Walkman issues.. What about all the other problems! The constant freezing, spontaneous restarting, draining battery.. Total rubbish!

  • Jesse

    Yes i did, but i performed a firmware reset in pc companion and its working properly now

  • Alex

    O, it`s good, but it`s not such important, as problem with Ambient Light Sensor on Xperia T, which does not work well on JellyBean (on ICS works good).
    Try to run test of Ambient Light Sensor in Service Menu on Jelly Bean – will get 0 value under different ext. light. So the problem is: Autobrightness works when the light increases only and does not work after turning off the ext. lamp (for example) – display does not change the brightness level down. You can change brightness level down only turning off and then on display by the power key, or waiting when the display will autopower off/dimm itself. It`s not right….
    O, my sony ..X_T…(((

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  • mousalgf

    my xperia T reboots randomly since i updated to JB.
    Tried flashing all in vain.
    any ideas to sort this please.

  • Angel Morales

    NO! I have been waiting but still nothing???

  • Miguel

    when will the update start to roll out?

  • phil

    I have a Xperia t and still no update to jelly bean could be down to t mobile,they beat Sony at being dead slow

  • sean

    I already received the update and it’s so cool.. lot of changes.. the camera now has the superior auto, HDR and effects. The camera now is totally great. No more lags on walkman and more options/settings installed. Very smooth on UI. No lags seen..RAM now has larger memory unlike the previous update. My xTX now is totally great..

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  • Alex

    Hm.. How about autobrightness with ALS fix… ? How about too slow display dimming down&up after opening &closing a shutter or while apps are updating data. Why do programmers not test ALS in Service menu ? When does Sony plan to fix those bugs ?

  • CODmw

    Hi guys , can anyone please tell me, if you know, when the jellybean update is available for sony xperia T on T-mobile/EE network

  • Mauro

    I can’t update it, it keeps turning off when I try to update it and then it stops detecting my phone WTF do I do?

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