SmartWatch gets a big update adding new watch faces, notification previews and more

by XB on 20th March 2013

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smartwatch_thumbnailSony’s SmartWatch has received a big software update in version number 1.3.28. The update adds six new watch faces including some wacky options (see below) for a bit of fun. The watch can be woken up with a double tap, wrist motion or a ‘my gesture’ movement. Other improvements include notification previews (allowing you to see snippets of messages), categorised searching to browse through around 200 SmartWatch apps and improved battery level indication.

All is not perfect though, as many users are reporting that the double tap function is not working correctly after applying this update. Hopefully, Sony releases a bug fix shortly in what is otherwise an accomplished update.


Via Sony Mobile Product Blog.

  • azmadu

    Looks nice. How many people have one I wonder?

    They’ve also updated the Smart Wireless Headset Pro, but I’m not sure I like the new updates and I’m having connectivity issues when multi-point is in use.

  • quero compra um so que nao achei para compra lugar nenhum podem me mandar um site ?

  • Also headset Pro get update … but these watch faces make drain battery so fast ( 12 hours )

  • APai

    apple will come along, improve upon the smartwatch here and there and claim they’ve invented smart watch (…cue applause from media and usual ifans :P )

  • since the update my Smartwatch gets Connection Drops every few minutes with my Xperia Z… the Update was released last week on wednesday and i just had it a few hours on my S until i got my Z one day later… but on the Z it is unusable and another user i know has the same issues (already before the Update) so it seems it is an issue between XZ and SmartWatch

  • Double tap is definitely not working, FB keeps asking me to log in on my phone, double tap, wrist motion or a ‘my gesture’ movement doesn’t work either.

  • Smartwatch pre update works fine with my xz

  • Feanor

    I was thinking the same, therefore I bought a smartwatch to show to people that smartwatches existed before Apple ‘invented them’. However I will give it to Apple if they come up with a more accomplished device. The Sony Smartwatch is good enough for me but there is some severe cost cut measurements going for it. I would gladly pay up to €150 instead of the €85 that it now costs to have a better screen and a few other improvements.

  • ProWeirdo

    How much mAh SmawrWatch got?

  • Feanor

    All gestures work for me but they are quite difficult to manage. Douple tap works if you make an unnaturally strong double tap and it was exactly the same before the update. Pressing the button is more convenient. Bringing the wrist in a horizontal position to activate the screen is also quite difficult, it needs an accurate flick of the wrist. The problem with Facebook I used to have too, but it disappeared after I… well logged in in Facebook. The Smartwatch seems to require a special log in.

  • Cool

  • Mikiko

    I completely agree that the SmartWatch has some potential and that the screen needs some major improvement. Would be nice if Sony pre-empted the Apple IWatch and released SmartWatch Z or whatever they wanna call it around the same time

  • Alex

    Loving this update, installed it the other day and the stability with the connection is much better. Sadly though, I can’t seem to find a use for this gadget (maybe cos it was free with my XS) – I believe if the screen was just a little bit bigger and better quality display then this would be an awesome useful device!

  • I would have loved my smartwatch more if it was just… thinner. I dislike how big it is, and if you imagined it without the clip, it’d be a lot slimmer, and frankly, a lot sexier.

  • so can you send it to me for free? Because i found using for this gadget, but money….

  • Carlo Lim

    Well, the Double tap is working. (depends on the new watch faces I used). The battery is still great. I hope there would be more new faces though. A speedometer style would be cool.

  • Warnaud

    On my side it improved the battery life, it’s more responsive, so I start re-using it. However I have a big issue: no more notification from any app … calendar/email/k9notifier/rss/twiter … nothing :(

  • Hopefully Sony can learn from this model and release an improved one for when Apple and Plastic Sam bring theirs out!

  • Alex


  • Cristian Grigorescu

    If you buy a Xperia Z you get a free smartwatch, in Romania :D

  • PLEASE give us a white analogue watch face with date in battery safer mode! The battery can hardly last a day and the blue/ green faces just look plain UGLY!

  • updates

    updates, updates… about android smartphone: is sony going to split screen on new phones or google will do it first

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