Sony Japan planning new Xperia phones? SO-04E and SOL22 models spotted

by XB on 21st March 2013

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SOL22Sony Mobile Japan looks like it is currently working on new Xperia handsets. Two new models have recently been spotted in Picasa, the first is the SO-04E which would be bound for NTT DoCOMo and the SOL22 for AU by KDDI. Little else is known about the models right now, but hopefully we’ll hear more information soon.


Via RBMen.

  • XcDcS

    They are making phones like I’m changing my underwear.
    Just chill, we got the Xperia Z/ZL now :D

  • Keon Fraites

    I see a reduced price on Xperia Z in the near future :D woot!~

  • Aokde Gharra

    Probably the japanese versions of SP and L…

  • Could be a refresh Xperia Z to 2014

  • Fuad Jalil

    Hmmm, the red dot in the reflection on the mouse points to two things, the phone has a red eye reduction secondary light or the picture was taken with a camera,

  • Ashua

    I think This Might Be The Xperia Dogo Which Is Most Lightly Waterproof Version Of The Xperia Sp With Quad Core Processor qualcolm Snapdragon S600 Chipset Probably Because this Would Have given Sony. Enough To Customise The Original Design And Hardware! Time to update The Processor and A 12 Megapixel Camera And A 2 Megapixel Front Face Camera! Can’t Wait For The announcement! :)

  • lovebmw

    And they still have not said if the z coming to the U.S. or not HAHAHAHA

  • Ashua

    I don’t know what To Do Either Way a Little Long For This New flagship 2 High End Flagship Or Get The Xperia Sp Or Get The Z So Many Choices So this A Good Time To Be A Sony Fan! long Live Xperia And Go Sony!

  • paul_cus

    So many phones. My head is spinning.

  • gerter

    Ok, few things about rumors
    Look at numbers of present models:
    Xperia E – C150X
    Xperla L – C210X
    Xperia SP – C530X
    there must be some mid-range C3xxx and C4xxx =)

  • I think that the biggest mistake from Sony is to produce a thousand smarts every year. There are so many that I never know exactly difference btw them.

    If they dont do that they can put all the inovation in ONE phone… The Xperia Z could have had the Floating Touch from Sola, for example.

    And would be great if they stick with one name and start to put I, II, III just like Iphone and Galaxy cuz we would understand that is a top smart and intend to keep and improve the experience of the previous Xperia.

    And c’mon!! Sometime they will finish with all the letters from alphabetic. lol

  • erets

    i can’t imagine how filthy your underwear already is.

  • XcDcS

    Figure of speach, alltho, I get your point ;)

  • they are not making thousand smarts every year, only 8-10 a year, its not so much

  • shitcunt is making thousand smart

  • FlowXT

    1) It would be very unusual for Sony Mobile to announce a global version before a Japanese one.
    2) The Japanese smartphone market is not very price sensitive, it makes no sense for Sony to launch models with lower margins there. Carrier subsidies play a big role.
    3) Most smartphones launched by Sony in Japan have been developed domestically and have Japanese codenames. And waterproofing is expected of all phones. Those two factors are why ‘Yuga’ has launched in Japan while an ‘Odin’ hasn’t and won’t ever.

  • hans

    I’m not that into Floating Touch technology, it actually bugs me when i tried it on Sola. Too sensitive to be useful, and you need proprietary API i guess, which limits the apps that can use it. I’d rather have Nokia screen technology (the Clear Black and Anything-is-capacitive-to-be-recognized-as-touch screen) to be applied to Sony’s :)

  • That’s up to the carrier isnt it?

  • It’s not hard to remember phones

  • Anonymous01

    I think that the biggest mistake from Sony is to produce many smarts phones just for Japanese market very few of them make to others countries. There are many phones, I will never know exact difference between the phone of international and Japaneses markets. If they want to increase the sales of there hand sets they definitely have to release them in others countries to ,sets like gx ,sx and acro hd .

  • Iram Ali

    True! They should concentrate on a handful of handsets each year. No more than 6-8. This way updating them all won’t be a problem!

  • FlowXT

    Here’s the link to a KDDI execs statement indicating a 5″ inch device in the vein of the Xperia Z –

  • amsaKANNA C

    SOL22 == sola successor?

  • FlowXT

    Another reason why this can’t be the SP or the L is that the resolution of the image is bigger than what the 8MP sensor can capture – 3920×2204 is closer to 9MP, the width alone alone of 3920 pixels is larger than the maximum width of 3280 pixels that the sensor in the SP or the L can capture.
    Also, a focal length of 4mm corresponds to a ~1/3 sized sensor, while the SP and L use a smaller 1/4 sized one.

  • FlowXT

    No, just the operators codename. Xperia V was SOL21.

  • amsaKANNA C


  • it was an open goal man he had to shoot ^^

  • XcDcS

    Suppose :D

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