Sony Mobile to launch handsets with MediaTek chips?

by XB on 22nd March 2013

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MediaTekDigitimes is reporting that MediaTek has landed orders for its chips from around 20 companies including Sony Mobile. The report says that these companies will look to roll out devices based on its quad-core MT6589 solution during March/April. Now this is quite a broad statement, so don’t expect all companies to release devices as early as that.

All 2013 Xperia models announced to date run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, but there is a possibility it could be planning on releasing new models with the budget MediaTek chip later in the year.

  • Iram Ali

    Very good!

  • Hoping Sony also will release phone using intel and Tegra 4

  • Someone

    What’s the difference? I mean does it make device price cheaper?

  • I really hope this is sarcasm

  • Why? The Mediatek chips are very decent, performance is as good or better than similar priced chipsets.

  • as long as Mediatek is WILLING to provide the necessary source + binaries for proper AOSP/Custom ROM support then YES… But i heard they are NOT.

  • Sam

    Bad move I guess, is Mediatek an Indian company?

  • i think chinese…

  • ShinOrochiX

    Possibly, generally phone manufacturers give budget phones MediaTek chips e.g. LG Optimus LX II series.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Lol whether it’s Indian or Chinese it doesn’t make a difference. :-S

  • FlowXT

    The point is a cheaper price for the SoC. This chipset uses a Cortex A7 design like the SoC of the original Xperia X10, except there are 4 cores and it is manufactured at 28 number for a considerably improved power efficiency. The performance should be comparable to the “little” part of Galaxy S4’s BIG.little chip set. Good for battery life and non demanding tasks, but no reserve for heavier uses.
    BTW most MediaTek chips are used in handsets designed on an ODM basis, where Foxconn takes control not only of the devices production but also the entire design and development process.
    The strategy of Sony is to focus on development of high end LTE smartphones, while outsourcing development of lower end models to ODMs.

  • Someone

    Thanks for the info :-)

  • It is supposed to be used in mid to low end phones. So no objections on how well they perform.

  • vinay setty


  • Rajendra

    Mediatek is a very cheap chinees stuff

  • salsa

    You fool india is technologically growing country,grow up man grow up

  • howard

    mediatek dual core chip is better than the NovaThor chips. the single core motorola razr D1 with mediatek scored 2558 points in quadrant, while xperia U dual core scored around of 2800. also the mediatek chips costs 3 times less than the qualcomm chips.

  • derp

    he didn’t say it was bad because its Indian, he just asked if it is….

  • Yup, add this

    A Galaxy Grand/Canvas HD RIVAL from SONY is inbound, most probably

  • Sam

    Hello Mr. Salsa, I just asked if it is an Indian company, also I’m an Indian from Mumbai and I know how great we have progressed in contrast to China.

  • hgykkihy

    hahaha dont take Mediatek! the chip has curry and parata inside! and smell like onion like indian not taking bath

  • Sony Very Good,But Chips Mediatek Very Decent

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