Xperia SP and Xperia L priced in the UK; to launch end April/early May

by XB on 22nd March 2013

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sony_xperia_sp_black2We already have a sense of European pricing for the Sony Xperia SP (C530X) and Xperia L (C210X), but now both handsets are available to pre-order across a number of UK retailers. Starting with the Xperia SP and its 4.6-inch display, aluminium frame and customisable transparent bar, the cheapest we could find it for was £320.99 delivered from Handtec. Delivery dates vary, but the consensus appears to be that it will launch in early May.

The entry-level Xperia L has a 1GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch FWVGA display and 8MP Exmor RS camera. Handtec came in cheapest again for the Xperia L at £233.39 delivered. However, both Clove and Expansys were close behind at around £240. The Xperia L is expected to launch towards the end of April.

  • AsadMulla

    good to see that Sony are reusing good ideas like that of the transparent bar and Arc shape.

  • jjghj

    Yay!!! :D

    Now it’s just which one to choose, will have to see the size of them first in shops maybe…

    Goodbye my Mini Pro, you have served me well.

  • I thought as new parts come out, phones are supposed to use the old parts and get cheaper? The L seems barely better than my U at more than double the price I paid for it brand new and sim free.

  • Well I still keep and protecting my mini pro even after I got my Xperia ion since it is my legend Xperia phone and we have a lot of memories together

  • Quark Gluon

    I think Xperia L is significantly better than Xperia U.
    – 4.3″ over 3.5″ display size,
    – 8 MP Exmor RS with HDR for both still and video, over just 5 MP camera,
    – 1 GB of RAM over 512 MB,
    – 1750 mAh over 1320 mAh battery,
    – JB and new stuff out of the box, over ICS for the rest of your life,
    – Krait processors over Cortex-A9 (this one is just my assumption),
    – Bluetooth 4.0 over 2.0,
    – MicroSD Slot,
    – full flegded NFC including one-touch for miracast,
    – WiFi Direct.

  • kust0r

    Indeed. But I’m not sure the larger screen could be considered an improvement. Jus my two cents

  • jjghj

    Yes, I do prefer the smaller screen size, its just personal preference…
    The Xperia U was near perfect (and that coloured light bar is just cool!) however, the one thing that stopped me buying the U was no MicroSD slot, that was a deal breaker, I need 16GB.
    This is why I think I will get the SP, even though its larger than the L that light bar makes up for the big size, because if i’m going big, I might as well go big!

  • jjghj

    Oh totally! I’ve never got rid of a phone, not even my first phone (still works) and i’m not about to start. I’ll just put it back in the SE box, next to my X10 Mini Pro and C510 :D
    Oooooooh, that reminds me, this is going to be my first Sony phone, how weird…

  • Yeah I Want to Buy Xperia SP £320.99

  • Anmol

    will xperia sp be launched in india and if then around when ?

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