Xperia Z sees new firmware (10.1.A.1.434) rolling out

by XB on 22nd March 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z 434 firmwareThe Sony Xperia ZL (C650X) received the 10.1.A.1.434 firmware update hit handsets last week and now it is the turn for Xperia Z (C660X) owners. The same update is rolling out on the Xperia Z (C6603) although we’re not aware of any major changes. You’ll also be glad to know that existing root methods continue to work in the new firmware.

We expect the changelog to mainly consist of bug fixes, but we don’t know whether this corrects the Sleep of Death (SoD) issues some have been experiencing. If there’s anything you’ve noticed, please chime in below.

Xperia Z 434 firmware

Image via xda-developers.

  • Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly B

    Xperia S
    Jelly Bean???
    where sony????

  • in the next week

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  • Seriously, will you stop with your complaining. It’ll come when it’s ready. SONY have already told us the date so why don’t you shut up and be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Don’t like SONY’s update schedule and want latest firmware, get a Nexus. Simple. I don’t mind updates. Because I like the product itself. There’s no use whining about it on a public webpage where SONY do not own it. Either wait for buy a new damn product.

  • i have a question…my stamina mode isn´t working…what can i do?…i don´t want to set my Z to zero

  • wht u mean by not working?
    what is ur problem exactly

  • rohanj

    No sign of JB for sony xperia go .

  • normally when stamina is turned on it would show that in standby the akku would last some days when full recharged but it doesn´t make that anymore…just some hours 11 when full

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I’m Xperia S user and I got tired from another S users complaints

  • krisham

    This is the procedure to solve the stamina mode problem, whenever it stops working..

  • I got it on my Xperia Z in Singapore today.

  • where can i find this app the people are talking about?

  • ShinOrochiX

    Just wait. It’s probably going to be crap anyway-the same way the 2011 Xperia’s got a crap ICS. Sony always give older phones a cut down version of a major android build.

  • SEPI

    Xperia blog:
    “Xperia TX Jelly Bean update to land in March”

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, we who owns XS kinda wants the phone to work, so would be much happier if we got at least bug fixes. Something we havent got since september last year.

  • My XS has been archived for the XZ, when the update comes then it comes. Move on to something else.

  • try this method

    Go to apps, all, then ”Extended_Standby_Controll”

    Force Stop , THEN, clear DATA, then Restart phone by holding Power and Volume up botton until the phone vibrates ONCE, then release the buttons.

    You will have to go back into Stamina Mode and apply your settings again

    It worked for me

  • Worked for me

  • The answer is simple. Custom ROM’s my friend. There’s great ICS ROM’s out and some pretty good / close to JB ROM’s. SONY has a habit of being a bit buggy with releases BUT that’s exactly why XDA Developers there are for. If you are afraid of losing warranty, unlock bootloader, flash custom ROM, re-lock bootloader. Done, warranty still valid. (Y)

  • can any1 confirm if this will bring the colour calibration tool to xperia z?

  • mayt

    I’ve noticed that sometimes when you lock the screen, the backlight stays on…this sometimes happens when unlocking too, the backlight comes.on but no screen. Apart from that no problems my end!

  • Johnerz

    I found that the preinstalled new and weather app was stopping stamina mode from working properly due to its constant use of mobile data. Stamina mode will allow apps to continue an existing download/activity. I disabled the apps automatic use of mobile data and I now only have to charge my phone every 48hrs! : )

  • dimos

    no warranty will not be valid if you relock bootloader….sony will know that u unlocked it because to unlock your phone you give them your imei and if you send it to repair you will have to pay
    also you lose bravia engine but this is a fix…

  • adsada_arc

    lol you realise that this time next year Xperia Z owners will be doing the same thing with (knowing sony) probably 4.2 haha

    and I disagree, I think its perfectly reasonable for people who bought Sony’s 2012 flagship device to expect the update. Its not the issue of the slow update scheduled it’s the fact that despite being a major flagship device it has been kicked to the back of the update queue by Sony and other cheaper phones are getting the update before it.

    I’m sorry, but high end phones should get priority, seeing as these are the phones that people paid the most amount of money for, it’s only fair.

    Plus the fact that early adaptors of the Xperia S were promised “ICS soon after launch” yet were again treated with the same treatment and kicked to the back on the update queue (all of the 2011 Xperias, arc, neo minis etc. got ICS before it)

    so it’s understandable that XS owners are getting frustrated with having to always wait the longest for major updates.

    Lastly I do hope that Sony do read feedback on fans sites like this and XDA developers etc. so there is every chance that Sony will learn from feedback and improve in these areas where users are not happy.

  • afzal

    Oh man here we go again… You do read the news regarding the update for xperia s right? :-)

  • afzal

    I think the guys mentioning rooting the device. That will not brake the warranty.

  • Wolf0491

    Only thing I have noticed is the presence of the file commander app now. Unless I was blind to it before.
    And why to xperia S users complain in each topic on here lol? It’s impossible to read worthwhile comments. You will get your updates in late April most likely if not then you can complain.

  • kemalkem

    i got it on my Xperia Z in Indonesia today

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  • Xyor

    Don’t complain like the ICS is not working…there’re phones out there working fine with gb


    Didn’t solve the following problems after upgrade, use the Xperia Z original camera application capture photos uploaded to Facebook photos will reverse, again please correction and update as soon as possible, Thanks so much

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  • Just flashed this on my XZ via Flashtool. Will report on improvements tomorrow! I wasn’t suffering from Sudden Death issues but wanted to try it out anyway. Plus it’ll be a good install as NL and Nordic countries always tend to get the updates first lol. It has a new kernel too so that should be interesting. Hopefully the colour reproduction of the screen will be better. btw i saw a youtube video. bravia engine in videos and photos cause the picture to lose a lot of detail and makes the picture looks less sharp. Funny that as I thought Bravia engine was supposed to make the picture look better. With it turned off I can see a massive improvement. I hope Sony fix this in an update. For now Bravia Engine is off! saves battery too which is a bonus. Also installed the screen calibrator. Changed the settings a little and the screen has better colours and viewing angles are improved!

  • Carl

    What about the S? The model that came way before the Z? Why do users have to wait so long for that?

  • zamaraii

    new firmware for xperia v too. listed on ptcrb website: 9.1.A.1.138 on Mar 20, 2013

  • S users please remove urselves i need info on Z not S ur clouding the page ….sleep of death(sod) means the phone wont urn on nomatter what i tried. so how willi update my XZ . btw i send it for repair

  • thanks it worked

  • SK

    i’ve hard reset my phone about 6 times. The reason was that the stamina mode would stop responding. My phone would last for 12 hours max. with very little usage.. Even the battery event manager would report that i’ve got 12 hours of standby on a 100% charge.
    After reset the event manager with Stamina Mode “on” will claim 4days and few hours of standby.

    I believe that the stamina mode has been bugged.. The same story after every reset. This time around, its showing me a day and 18 hours but draining like anything on standby, I’m quite sure that it will start to diminish after my next charge and again last me few hours until i choose to do another hard reset of the phone.

    I’m sick and tired of personalizing it over and over again.. I might just return the phone..

  • its called eco mode controller not the other name which they mention in the blog!~

  • atb

    It would be nice if you could tell what is new in that update becourse i have my xz since one mounth now and no problems at all but it is always good to know what this update includes by the way i have the nordic version there is no update avallible yet so it woulb be nice if you can tell what this update includes

  • It doesn’t include anything new. Just better battery life is all and now it has even more bugs. Wish I hadn’t flashed this fw version

  • atb

    Thanks for the answere so that firmeware isnt that good at all then i wont update it when get the notefication some time next week maybe better wait for 4.2.2 update and update it via update service

  • Loy Arwin Bagaoisan

    im using xperia Z black C6602 and experiencing no problem at all… its my 4th week now. and it lasts 2 days … however battery only drains fast during gaming and constant 3G connection… i never used nor activated stamina mode… (saudi arabia)

  • No Sleep of Death over here on my Sony Xperia Z

  • i agree. if someone told me what i told you i’d wait for 4.2.2. most tech sites are saying we should get it by the end of april. so maybe in a weeks time. 2 weeks top. can’t wait :) my phone heats up alot after fw update too. they need to fix that!

  • jag

    5hrs passed but still my battery is on 75%… Getting better and better! Wahoo!
    I noticed that my walkman app is frequently crashing after the update. But somehow overall performance is faster now.

  • Guest

    Here is the screenshot

  • Jaggg my battery is still 75% for the past 8 hours as I was sleeping. Stamina mode off so yh not complaining about battery lol. But I played n.o.v.a 3 for 20 minutes after charging it and it ate 15 percent

  • jag

    Haha! i thought mine is already better.. ^^
    Yah.. It would really drain a lot because that game will eat all the phones resources.

  • Grr I just dropped my z and dented and damaged the corners. It slipped out my hands from a metre above the ground. Thank god its insured. They will charge ,me 50 pounds and replace it for me

  • jag

    Woah??! Is the damage bad? Gud thing its insured. But how about the screen and the back?.. Where they broken too? We should be careful handling this beauty ahe

  • I’m just surprised how the all four corners have become chipped and dented. Its like sometimes cut the corners with a knife. They will replace it for free for me

  • jag

    All four corners?? That’s one hell of a drop

  • Just got the update today

  • Kenneth Holmqvist

    Haven’t dropped mine, but it cracked by being in my chest pocket when i was driving home on my bicycle. I have tried to add the picture but it didn’t work so i have a link to it here:

  • Silvano Rossi

    hi guys, i’ve a problem with my Xperia z.
    when i call the monitor dead and i can’t use the options of the telephone only when the conversation ended

  • Dr. Mark Moreno Guilfoyle

    I just bought Xperia Z and updated it… First after the update, there are many bugs but after I reset,format and restore to factory setting immediately after the update, the phone works normally… The battery saver is awesome although it is not last longer when playing games though… Xperia Z is the best and greatest smartphone I have ever had

  • ravaged

    i would leave my xperia z over night to find it wont turn on the next day (had to press volume down and power to reset it) i noticed that the backlight seems to be on quite often after the screen has turned off for a long period of time, it kills the battery very fast and i think overheats the phone, this causes the phone to turn off to save damage to itself.

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