Here’s how you take off the Xperia Z screen protector (& Sony logo too!)

by XB on 25th March 2013

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Xperia Z screen protectorThe Sony Xperia Z has a shatter proof sheet applied to the front of the display, pretty much like all Xperia phones released to date. One of the interesting points about the Xperia Z though is that the Sony logo is baked into this screen protector rather than etched onto the glass. We’ve already discussed this previously, but at the time we weren’t sure if the same applied to retail devices. Well it looks like it does, so if you want to see how to take this sheet off (along with the Sony logo) then check out the video below.

  • lovebmw

    I hope no one sticks a Samsung there and claims its there creation of that beauty.

  • i want to knw…how to remove the samsung on the market ? :) plzzz give me a tips

  • Why would you ever want to remove that protective sheet off the display is beyond me. Not to mention scratching it with an actual knife. I wonder what this guy will do next if the display itself will start getting scratches. I personally applied these extra protectors included in the box to the front and back, so they get scratches and get easily replaced when necessary.

  • Funny, you would think that the extra Protector would have the Logo on it

  • Herman

    Step 1: Remove the protective sheet off the display
    Step 2: Install a custom ROM that looks a lot like stock Android
    Step 3: …
    Step 4: Enjoy your Sony Nexus Z!!

    Please note that while a Sony Xperia Z can easily be turned into a Sony Nexus Z, the opposite is not quite as easy.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    We think alike.

  • This is an update from a previous post:

    In my opinion. This is why the Z’s touch screen failed after being hit by a hammer

  • One

    only retarded people do this.

  • Madsham

    Some people really do take the it to the next level and for what??? To put a vid up ‘ooh look what I can do’ good luck pal,I appreciate my Xperia as it is, custom rom yes I can go for that, taking a shower with me Xperia yup that too, but dropping a sledgehammer and scraping it with Stanley knives is for the nut house,

  • Why any body would do that I like Sony Logo and I am proud to be Sony fan

  • yeah and as you can see already in the video without the sheet you can see every touch you made…he will have big problems removing these

  • haha your right I didn´t even noticed that…now I know it can probably take more

  • Madsham

    Yup as bad a finger-print magnet the Z is now its even worse, mind you no fear of him taking the Stanley knife to the unprotected screen………:-!

  • Let’s get retarded

    Uhm, why?

  • fucking stupid video as the owner!

  • Lunkz

    Step 3: Don’t let it fall to the screen or you have a mosaic screen effect.

  • Keon Fraites

    I like the sony logo, however the shatter proof shields preinstalled on the phones are quite easily scratched so I’d take it off and use the plain glass seeing how well it works with my Xperia S

  • Jakub ?echá?ek

    Because if you don’t remove it will make you screen hammerproof. Well actually it wont, it will only hold the pieces of broken glass together

  • Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly B

    where? Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean sony ????????

    today is 3/26 wtf sony?

    SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 note is 4.1.2 To updates very long time


  • Why

    Too bad there are so many retarded people out there.

  • Freestylar

    they give you a scratch protector film in the box, put it on over the shatter proof sheet and then when it scratches the protector over time replace the protector only, and that way the shatter proof coat does not get scratched up. is not that hard to figure thats what sony was intending by giving them to you in the box, this guy on the video is a twat.

  • Precisely, I don’t see why people find this so hard to comprehend.

  • scratch resistant screen is covered with a NON-scratch resistant anti-shatter laminate sheet to protect the glass that doesn’t have an oleophobic coating to reduce the dirt and grime.

  • malih

    the display itself is scratch-proof, I did the same thing to my arc S when my shatter-proof is scratched, also my friend’s Xperia S too, several months after: not a single visible scratch to this day.

  • TechGuyChris

    Who wants to buy me an Xperia Z? You can send money to paypal via lmao. Haha, seriously, i’d really appreciate it if someone did that lol. I want one so bad =)

  • Xperia S Owner


  • Sparks

    When I emailed Sony a out the arc, they told me the protectors supplied in the box were extra ones. I can apply them if I want but putting 2 layers on might affect the screen responsiveness.

  • Step 1.5 Unlock bootloader and install custom kernel for awesomeness of double

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  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    I have Xperia S for almost a year now, screen protector was removed just after buying. Not a single scratch, my screen like a virgin.

  • I scratched my Xperia P, and i appreciated a video like this (with the Xperia Play, i believe). If not, i wouldnt have learned that there is a protective film on top of the screen. I removed it and it looks beautiful again, and no scratches since then.

  • When you remove the film, there’s still some of the glue on the screen, and it feels a little weird to the touch. After a while, it behaves like usual.

  • Madsham

    We’ll done got that, if it’s a case where you have your screen and it’s got scratched thru wear an tear, when you removed it did you replace it with a new one? however if you’re just doing it for fun then imo your off your head, as is yer man above Stanley knives an sledgehammers are mad……plain mad….lol

  • Lucian

    oh come on… Stop with this S2 bull***t. Here, look how many countries are still waiting for S2 JB update:

  • Didnt replace it. It got scratched through wear & tear. I don’t worry too much about my phone. It bothers me more to use protectors than a scratch here & there (but not a single scratch since i took it out). Actually, i didn’t look actively about scratches in the surface, but when this site (or GSMArena, i dont remember) posted something about the logo printed on the film instead of on the screen of the Xperia Z i looked if mine had the same film.

  • kust0r

    Some videos show that would be more greasy catching.

  • Anukul

    sony shouldn’t repeat this mistake. logo printed on screen protector! is that for trolling or what ?!

  • Herman

    For me, broken is broken.
    The only way how I would benefit from such screenprotector is when I drop it face down and try to pick it up.
    Even if my screen’s broken in one corner, I would get a new one. Maybe not as expensive, but I couldn’t live with a cracked screen.

  • James Earley

    I’m proud to have the iconic Sony logo at the top of my Xperia Z. And proud to be a Sony fan.

  • Freestylar

    i have always put one on over the anti-shatter layer and never had an issue with it. my X1, Arc, Arc S, Xperia S and now my Z, never had sensitivity issues with sonys own screen protector or the aftermarket ones, its probably just a standard response to most questions. “yes you can do that, but it might affect ___ about your phone.” seems a liability cover to me.

  • APai

    disappointed with sony and it’s utterly pointless shatterproof sheet. what’s the point of the whole exercise ? how many people are injured by shattered glass ? the larger need is gorilla glass, which was not supplied in bulk of the devices. people need gorilla, oleophobic coating. not some shatterproof glass – it’s as if phones were exploding all over, and people needed something to stop all that flying glass. pointless.

  • Freestylar

    agreed, if you want a real life test, put it in your pocket with a set of keys and some spare change and run on a treadmill for 10 mins with it! then show us how the screen cover looks. personally i dont keep a stanley knife of a hunting knife with its blade out near my phone often, let alone in my pocket where my phone lives, and i definitely dont use my phone as an anvil!

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  • the sony logo is for me 1 of the best thing on the phone, especilly now they kicked erricsson out why remove it did u see the result ?

  • I have removed the shatterproof sheet as it was horribly scratched up and really struggled to realize why as it has ‘dragon tail’ scratch-proof glass. Realizing the pre-installed protector was shatterproof but not scratch-proof i quite easily removed the shatterproof layer and the phone looked brand new, i applied another screen protector to stop the phone from being a dirt magnet and bish bash bosh, a phone that looks brand new :) So what it hasn’t got a Sony logo, it gives the phone more of a ‘one piece of glass’ sort of look, so if you’re thinking of doing it, i wouldn’t think twice about it :)

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  • I removed d screen protector by mistake.. I never knew that d sony logo would cm off.. Now i regret y did i remove it.. However it was full of scratches. . Im disappointed by sony this time

  • nils

    is it possible that the screen quality looks better without the protector than with it

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  • ithehappy

    Stop your kiddish fanboysim and be practical. The time you spent to write the above lines should have been spent in writing a complaint and suggestion to Sony that why on earth would one put the logo on a protective screen, that’s what’s beyond me along with your blind and moot comment.

  • TROLOLOL, as if writing a complaint to Sony would magically get my handset replaced with an unit without a Sony logo applied on the glass instead of the protective sheet. :D Seems like this logo is a matter of life and death to some. Get a life instead.

  • Ney

    I was talking with Sony Xperia Support (Poland) about removing the ASF (Anti-Shatter Film) from Xperia Z. They informed me that this won’t void the warranty of whole device, but Sony doesn’t recommend removing ASF by the consumer. The display will lose it’s shatterproofness. In addition, as they say: “the anti-shatter film has a positive effect on the sensitivity and accuracy of the touch screen”.

  • i hate that shit

    I got the Xperia z the screen is shit it get easly scratches i never gonna buy a Sony phone.My next phone is Samsung s4

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  • NickE

    Best phone I have ever owned.
    But seriously some of the posters here are morons.
    “one of the best things about this phone is the sony logo”
    get a life. do you actually define yourself by the brand of phone you carry?
    pull off the crappy protector and ditch the logo. The phone looks better with out it and when someone looks at your sweet as phone and has no logo it is only sony who are loosing out.
    your phone is maximum awesome with or without a brand name on it.

  • Jim

    I think it was a bit cheap putting the Sony logo on the film, just got my screen replaced from a crack and hence the logo has now gone. Not bothered too much but if I want to sell the phone, it may put people off.

  • audi4444player .

    There were none in my box :(

  • Steve Sanders

    You can always get a third party screen protector.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    And will be scratch too. I mean why not make it a like what they do on Xperia SP. They used Oleophobic Gorilla glass. DOn’t you love the feeling of the real glass without any third party screen protector??

  • Steve Sanders

    Well, it feels good, but I’ve gotten used to matte screen protectors. Probably because it repels oil from fingertips and my face, and smooth.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    You are not the only customer. I mean, With oleophobic glass, you can choose not to use screen protector. This is one of the thing I hate about few Sony devices. But still love Sony.

  • raja

    I have removed Xperia z shatterproof gaurd with logo ..Where can I get new one with logo…

  • varun

    Does sony provide the same kind of protector for the back glass?? Can it be removed?? Is there any video for the same??

  • ansh

    and what about removing the screen protector on the back??will the sony/xperia logo peel off of the xperia z ultra???helpp required urgently

  • tase25

    Okay great. Now how do I replace that laminate with the Sony logo?!?!

  • David Nielsen

    Have you had any other problems with the phone 10 months later?

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  • Sam L.

    do you also removed it on the back?

  • Vivek

    My xperia z original screen protector has got many scratches on it’s screen and as shown in the video above, if I remove it then the SONY logo will also be removed, which i don’t want. Can I buy a new original protector with the SONY logo over it?

  • David

    True.. Why would sony put a log on the screen protector and not embedeed on the device itself.. That’s stupid.. But hey, there’s the z3 coming out and it looks sexy..

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  • Alexander Alex

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  • Tamizh Selvam

    I need sony logo, does this have any way??

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