Xperia Z versus HTC One: Which design gets your vote? [Poll]

by XB on 26th March 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

XZ_HO_1There is no doubt that two of the most attractive handsets released so far in 2013 are the Sony Xperia Z and HTC One. The Xperia Z has what Sony calls an OmniBalance design with glass front and back, dominated by straight lines and a slim chassis. The HTC One is constructed from an aluminium unibody, which allegedly takes 200 minutes to construct each one. It also includes micro-drilled speaker holes on the top and bottom of the handset for its dual-speakers.

There is no denying that both handsets look great and have a premium feel given the materials used. Our question today, is which design do you prefer and why? Please vote in the poll below and let us know your reasons in the comments below.

Xperia Z versus HTC One: Which design gets your vote?

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Pictures via Tinhte.

  • Jiakushi

    I like the HTC One design, but i love the Xperia Z design…….

  • I have a question…in this release video there was this realistic spider…where can I download sth like this on my Z?

  • faysal

    xperia z is more pro minded design, blending in every single corner and htc one is more, look at me! look at me! minded design. just dont like the front speakers design on htc annoying as hell.

  • Xlash Andraid

    It’s only me or I dectect some iphone inspiration in the HTC One? (ugh…)

    Xperia Z of course, all the phucking way.

  • jmcomms

    I think HTC has the nicer design, but it’s the Xperia Z I choose to use for many other reasons. Credit where credit is due for HTC.

  • reptile64

    The pathetic copycat! Z10 + iPhone5 + Xperia P! … and this huge camera hole on the back… like hardcore porn :P

  • fuhfuh95

    Sony Build and UI with Samsungs internals and HTC’s screen = Happy me – Much like 2012 still no perfect phone for me..

  • Wolf0491

    Probably not best website put this poll lol? Biased some maybe?

  • pfan

    Couldnt agree with you more. Although i am liking the new Xperia SP, i am not into flagships anyway i am more than happy with a ‘mid-range’ phone :)

  • I wish Sony would make a phone with dual speakers…That would be a winner for me since Sony is already amazing with sound…they should implement that with the loudspeaker

  • Ridhwan

    Xperia z design were more elegance and stylish than HTC one :-)

  • XZ, frame is made from glass fiber polyamide (has any manufacturer used this in their design)
    HTC One, frame is aluminum (everyone has used this in their design)

    XZ, glass every side
    HTC One, Plastic edges (not All aluminum)

    XZ, you can drop it (no issues)
    HTC One, (can you drop it / issues???)

    XZ, water / dust proof
    HTC One, No

    Just a few comments on design

  • Rai hemanta

    Sony is always best in design

  • malih

    Xperia Z is beautiful, in terms of pure look, it’s the winner,
    but in terms of looks+comfort, HTC One is better (although the Z does have better power button placement).

    I have held the Xperia Z demo unit in my hand, and I can say I’m not impressed, just like people have been saying, the sharp edges really bothers me, seeing reviews and impressions on YouTube I can safely say I like the HTC One over the Xperia Z.

    I especially like the speakers design and placement on the HTC One.

  • Smokescreen

    I have a Z, and I love it, it;s a thing of absolute beauty.
    But this round goes to HTC, what a piece of work.

  • Eugen Hannibal

    Xperia z

  • xperia Z has the best design I have ever seen, perfect in the world for me. I love Sony all the way. (y) :D

  • John-Mark Christmas

    I’ll say the HTC One. The only thing better on the Z is the power button placement.

  • Michael Hofmann

    I don’t like how the HTC has a plastic strip running around the edge it’s not an aluminium uni-body like the Xperia P for example, which rather detracts from the devices look and in particular the way it feels in the hand. It simply isn’t Omnibalance, unlike the Xperia Z.

  • Michael Hofmann

    Although the HTC One’s volume rocker is really nice, mainly because it’s design is the same as the Xperia Z power button.

  • ok I looking forward too. :) that’s should be sucessor of my stereo speakers xperia live with walkman – the next walkman phone. :D I agree, the sound on my lww is very great ever! since 2012 I not yet see some of stereo speakers xperia yet…. but the XZ already best for me now. :)

  • John-Mark Christmas

    I made mention of the power button with regards to ease of use when powering on the handset. It would irritate me to always have to power on from the top of the handset

  • The minimalism of the Z just gets me every time I look at it. So clean…

    That and HTC’s button layout kinda irks me. Otherwise, I do find it to be a beautiful device.

  • that’s why i have Sony ever since 2008 , from the first ever owned w960 2008, to Xperia Ray 2011, to Xperia U 2012, to Xperia S (current one).

    Its a Sony <3

  • that’s right! the htc is a cloned design from these trio u mentioned!

  • Steven

    the worst of all, they are copying porsche blackberry P9981 and porsche P9522 as if nobody would it

  • Sorry HTC, but the ONE is ugly. Really ugly. Materials are good, but design is meh.

    But of course, this is very subjective.

  • Alan Choy

    Totally agree, i believe sony does the best designs but htc has best screens :( HTC has better speakers too, but sony has better clarity. Samsung is shit everywhere but the internals

  • themanspirit

    Why isn’t the Xperia ZL included in this poll?
    As a result while I voted for the Xperia Z, for me its the XZL that is the best design so far this year.
    Smaller than XZ, with finger print friendly, easier to handle rear.
    Bring on XZL speaker and battery test!!

  • HTC back same with xperia S back

  • Of course please bring back cybershot also

  • Babylonbwoy

    Back of HTC looks like Xperia S back, and I already had an Xperia S one year ago!

  • Leong chun kuen

    Sony is the best forever!

  • Gavin1995

    HTC one’s design is a copy

  • cryosx

    it merges the best traits of those 3 phones to make one hell of a sexy phone! ;D

  • Nice, i owned p800 since 2004, x8 2012, neo v 2012, Acro S current.

  • cryosx

    but with metal. and that’s just the back. then you got the tapered sides and the front with its dual speaker setup.

  • cryosx

    if sony is the only thing in your world sure. but when you open the doors and recognize the merits of the other companies you realize that sony hasn’t been particularly great these couple of years.

  • Al272

    In the third pic, the xperia z has its on screen buttons hidden. How did you guys do that??? That would really make the phone look better. Help me out?

  • JG

    Both looked beautiful… How I wish I could get my hands on the Xperia Z white. Been wet dreaming with this phone for a long time now…. too bad, 9more days left before I can get a hold of this Beaut.

  • arenaflour

    i think many like the htc design when the screen is turned on. thanks to the new layout of the homescreen. it becomes ordinary with the screen turned off. xperia z looks better with the screen turned of…sadly. i really hate the people who designed the xz homescreen. they made it look awful especially with the gray and seemingly washed out colors.

  • InspectorGadget80

    XPERIA Z DUH IS BETTER than HTC ONE even though they have metal. BUT SONY ALWAYS have the best beautiful designs than HTC

  • vortex0307

    Ask this question on sony blog, sony win. Ask this question on htc blog, htc win lol. But im gonna vote for xperia z anyway.

  • Sony Mac

    Sony wins hands down. Clean industrial design…. ’nuff said.

  • Xperia Z

  • Nezar

    From the back the xperia Z wins, with it’s elegant white design, but you look at the front and you’re shocked to notice it’s black!!! A phone with different colors on the front and the back is a total style chaos. It’s like a phone with no identity. Sony, you try and try every year but you still can not get it right…

  • I don’t fancy the fact that HTC One is totally segregated into 3 different parts, the bottom, the screen and the top. Unless they can actually be separated into 3 different parts for some cool feature then I don’t see the design rationale to it

  • lol

    That black screen actually helps when you’re watching movies considering a full white screen would be helluva distacting.

  • Crusades

    Burn the witch! >:D

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Xperia Z is best design BUT HTC One has got: Best Screen, Better Speakers !!
    Why Sony cannot compete in Screen Quality with HTCs (let it be Butterfly or One) !!!

  • hansip87

    Can’t choose, both are quality design :) But as for any Sony fanboy inisde out, surely Xperia Z for me (if i had money would be better :p)

  • Sholih Rmd

    both have equally great design, ones of best in the history of smartphone design. I’m not surprised to see a lot of people saying that htc one design is a copy, because there are too many fanboys here

  • xzzzzz

    Have the poll in HTC blog and see if the result is the same? The result is meaningless.
    Anyway I vote for XZ for its elegant look, the two speakers on HTC look terrible!

  • Nick

    I do like the clean, square look of the Z over the HTC. Though, I do prefer the look of the ZL. With the slightly smaller bezel it just looks a little sleeker and it does away with the glass backing which I’m not big on.

  • HTC one design = I phone 5 / Blackberry Z10 design :-(

  • utsav shah

    Xperia Z for the Originality in its Design!
    We all know HTC one’s design reminds us of two phone.

  • Khiem Diep

    Ugh, sad to say but HTC One looks a lot better. Xperia Z is just a rectangle, kind of boring.

  • Chee Siong Lee

    I cant choose. Both are nice but I own a Z….

  • xhsjdfufh

    I’ve voted for the Z, however the One in black is more compelling than the silver in my opinion. All of this said, I’ll be looking at getting the One over the Z come upgrade time. It would have been the Z had it not been for the ‘sleep of death’ bug, a problem which my Xperia P still suffers from – I won’t be stung twice!

  • Wolf0491

    Hey I own a Z so it got my vote guys but was just being honest about it. Not sure why that would get downvoted lol

  • One of those being the p

  • Ajish kumar

    i own a sony xperia z and iam very impressed with this phone.

  • cp2020

    Don’t like white phones….but my black Z….well that’s a different story. Z wins

  • For design. YES

  • Sad

    U dont like huge camera hole on the back?? —xperia ZL user :(

  • OK

    Its ok, we get down voted sometimes

  • uidesigner_sony

    Xperia Z wins: since HTC has the silver corners from Iphone 5, It will scratched during 2 days of using.

    Sony: please, don’t use chrome effect anymore, ask some xperia 2011 users, they are annoyed!

  • I owned K700i, i can’t remember the model name, X10 mini 2010, Xperia ray 2011, Xperia S current.

  • batongxue

    Gosh, some sony fanboy just put out a thread inviting people to come here,

    Turns out this is just a sony fanboys’ paradise in which they keep pretending the xperia is the best.

    Go on, you fanboys enjoy it.
    I am outta here. Some top comments are really disgusting.

  • batongxue

    Don’t kid yourself.

  • batongxue

    Xperia, turned to a dead brick? Oh yeah. Enjoy it.

  • reptile64

    They could do better than this! And it still has its flaws because of the many details, sorry but I vote modern minimalistic Sony design language!

  • afr

    let’s face it…both are lovely

  • Giuliano Carletti

    Problem solved with the last update

  • @xperiablog: How about XZ vs. XZL poll??

  • Pun Loken

    both looks amazing

  • ryq24

    Duh! Asking that question in a Sony blog. Bet htc won hands down on htc blog!

  • AsadMulla

    This is XPERIA blog so its bound to be biased. I definitely vote for XZ and I have one also but I do think the one is decent even though its a copy of other phones.

  • del.

    Yeah! Sony is the always best in design but The Xperia Z ‘s display and user interface so fucking lame.

  • Xperia Z!

  • roeshak

    Z for me all the way. It looks more grown up and sophisticated.
    The one looks a bit too juvenile to me like a youngsters phone.
    I know the Americans are going crazy for the HTC design but Americans are Americans. Very childish in many ways and they’re anyway drawn to anything that is flashy.

  • feres13

    Sorry to dissapoint you but the sides of the Xperia Z are made of plexiglass

  • feres13

    I love the Xperia P’s design so i voted for the HTC One, i held the Xperia Z in a store and it’s just too damn big and flat and unconfortable. HTC did a better job with the rounded back and the 4mm edges.

  • Rony

    Design is awesome, ya it is one, it is HTC One.

  • rickiking

    I also like the built of htc one, but xperia z is unique and has class. So i voted for Xperia Z.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Lol, obviously the Z will get more votes here.

  • Mazin Hanna

    Guys let us face it, HTC ONE is the best design ever, don’t think emotionally for SONY, most of websites nominate HTC as one of the best ever designed. Asides, aluminum body, the HTC has it is own applications while SONY didn’t improve that much with it’s applications.

  • Hi

    HTC clock font is -.-

  • batongxue

    Told you not to kid yourself

  • kust0r

    They’re both very good devices, but HTC lacks some originality. If the matter would be design only, I’d choose Z for the more honest and clean design.

  • bkh

    Yep, if you want a business-like phone that’s appropriate in formal situations then really you have two choices – xperia or iphone. But also, with it’s durable build quality, big screen and media capabilities, the Z translates well into a good phone for the weekend and the commute – something which gives it broad appeal. The HTC, with it’s “beats audio” graphic, and mini-stereo speakers is more for the school bus. HTC should make a pro version to appeal to a wider demographic.

  • Whats the point of asking this kinda question on a blog where most of sony fans visit ?
    obviously its gonna be XZ

    anyway design-wise I’d take XZ any day as a neutral observer

    spec-wise HTC One(not due to processor but mainly due to the display,for a 1000$ phone[yeah XZ is around 1000 bucks here:/] XZ display is not that impressive at all :/)

    feature wise I’d again take XZ any day,specially for features like waterproof,walkman etc…

  • Babylonbwoy

    I was just talking of the back, I already have XZ, so I did my choice !

  • Babylonbwoy

    so why u here ! I never go to HTC/Samsung/Apple website to treat them as “fanboy”. You don’t like it ? Good, stay the fuck out of here, it just simple as that.

  • HTC one is good looking but I’ve always preferred Sony designs! i like the new power button it makes the device look so distinctive from the rest. I want an xperia Z so badly

    for me
    Xperia Z

  • Dave

    Xperia Z is more original in design than HTC ONE, HTC Looks like iphone5 (but not so beautiful).

  • I have Xperia Z In fact I love it so much it is best phone I have been. Before I had Xperia S. But it was not so good but if I want to talk about design I vote for HTC because smaller and they made its corner very nice it is bent and looking not like Xperia Z square no looking more cutest

  • surethom

    This is a Sony Xperia blog so I do expect the Xperia to get way way more votes, but as a Xperia S user, I do prefer the HTC hardware design, it looks way sexier & cooler than the Xperia’s which all look similar,”

    Finally a phone that has the speakers on the front so you can hear the music While looking at the screen,

  • no, my xperia z never had a problem .. keep it up retarded troll

  • YoureaFag

    Your comment is disgusting, fag

  • Gorga Naibaho

    First of all, this is an Xperia-centric site. Second, its buyers will of course vote for the Z – if they didn’t, they’ll be buying the HTC instead. We have to admit that a phone’s design plays a huge role in determining whether to buy. Disclaimer: I do have the Xperia Z in purple. Great device overall, if only the camera can be a little better when zoomed.

  • anchovypizza

    Umadbro? Fucking retard

  • Whatisaname?

    Roses are red, Violets are blue,
    You’re an idiot
    And so is your post


  • Anonymous

    HTC one = One of everything copied into a phone

  • ProWeirdo

    Exactly. Compare Xperias. That’s obvious that the Z’s gonna win, it’s XPERIAblog, not Phonearena or other OBJECTIVE website.

  • Iamobjective

    Phonearena and objective? yeah right.

  • batongxue

    Keep pretending! Sucker

  • batongxue

    You fanboys invited!
    Enjoy yourself in this evil cult

  • batongxue

    Oh, genius, watch it.
    You might become the POW of the Japs

  • batongxue

    Same as you, douche

  • Whatisaname?

    So why are you still here? :)

  • 4chananon

    A douche is still better than a fag :)

  • anonymous

    Did you not say you were leaving? Back for more?

  • YoureaFag

    Shut up, fag

  • chingchong

    ching chang chong ching ching chong

  • Anonymous

    lol, the fucking china-fag is mad. Go back to working in the mines for my Warcraft gold, slave

  • umad?

    Why are you so mad? Rumad? Umad arent y? :D

  • bye

    Good bye

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  • gametian

    A Japanese brand made in China?

  • great choice ;)

  • vik

    I got an experia z but instead of 550h standby time as mentioned it gives me only 35h standby time and instead of a 13 mp camera it is 12mp
    it also heats up like hell when used
    I gess it needs loads of refining
    it is a fuckedup model
    again I got made in china
    help if you got give me your specifications I can compare

  • Ace

    Found answers yet? I want it too

  • Aidsser

    iPhone inspiration? Are you trolling or just retarded? The iPhone never ever had any metal at its front like the HTC; instead its front has always been covered by glass – just like the copycat Xperia, which doesn’t look good at all.

  • Aidser

    I think you mean the Xperia. The iFail 4 was the first phone to be covered by glass, and the entire phone looks as handicapped as the entire Playstation series always did.


    Xperia: Copy of the iPhone except for its much worse performance
    One: A true beauty without any compromises.

    Impressive that some people actually like the Xperia design (if they aren’t trolling or just fanboys, of course). To me, it looks like nothing but an upsized creditcard with rubber moldings all around.

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