Xperia ZL now shipping in the US

by XB on 26th March 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia ZL Available USThat was quick, just yesterday we saw the Sony Xperia ZL (C650X) go on pre-order in the US with an estimated release date of 8 April. Well the black version of the LTE SKU (C6506) is now in stock at $759.99 with free delivery. The white and red variants remain on pre-order due on 8 April, but if you can’t wait then you can order the black version right away. We still cannot see the HSPA+ version (C6502) listed on the site to pre-order yet.

Xperia ZL Available US

Thanks Primo and Scott!

  • sonia


    -ex-sony fan

  • Wow…way too expensive….better I travel to Indonesia and buy the Xperia Z there…more cheap,and travel price when sum up with the Xperia Z also isn’t too expensive

  • mountain

    Cool, they have the red version on sale!

  • lovebmw

    I wonder how many people people will end up buying it… perhaps testers? way too expansive….

  • So, my perception is correct.
    Sony makes the price higher outside of Asia.
    Here in Malaysia, the ZL is cheaper than the Z and other top smart phones.

  • feres13

    No carrier availability? Sony won’t be able to compete with Samsung or HTC or even Apple in the US market

  • Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly B

    where? Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean sony ????????

    today is 3/26 wtf sony?

    SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 note is 4.1.2 To updates very long time

    oh no

  • jag

    Haha! There’s a bot in this blog

  • Ziich

    I think that applies to all smartphones for example iPhones are the cheapest in the states (@$650) whereas in the UK it costs $803(£529)

  • Lietuvis

    I agree. Where?

  • Ziich

    Yes I wonder why maybe we will see a later version on Att or something. Doesn’t matter to me though was gonna buy it unlocked anyway. Still waiting for any news on a C6606 (xperia z) of not I’ll just get the hspa+ version

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  • Strange to have it unlocked in US

  • eresgs

    and when you get home the customs bureau will look at your belongings and ask for taxes some of the items they find. they do this in the philippines. they tax anything electronic bought from another country. they always assume you intend to sell it.

  • Yep.. You’re right :) in indonesia zl only cost $650 and Z around $750 both unlocked

  • XperiaBlog

    Please stop trolling every thread with the same off-topic comments. Last warning before the ban-hammer comes out.

  • Moe

    finally the mods are going to take some action against trolls.

  • C’mon. That ain’t nothing:
    $11,199 Pesos = $903 USD

    And you only get the SRS-BTV5 “free”.

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  • Iram Ali

    Guys if you want it a lot cheaper try the following retailer!

  • Iram Ali
  • Christian Hizon

    Of course PRE-ORDERS Are expensive it’s like getting the item first before anyone does.

  • harry1384

    Expansys USA is offering it at $ 679.99 but has no stock at the moment

  • Ares

    Just wait until the last day of march
    sony said that they will release it on last week of march. And if its april 1 then go troll.

  • That’s harsh then…

  • The Mod have spoken!Lol…

  • Wow, that is a great price

  • Adrian Casillas

    Without carrier backing and with those prices, this phone has no chance. It’s a real shame. I was thinking about getting this phone, but not anymore. Sony doesn’t really seem to care about the U.S. market. If they did, we would be getting the Z, not the ZL. Oh Sony… :(

  • Zaimi Saleh @ Yazid

    The mod have mouth too..

  • Xperia Z in Malaysia,the cheapest one I have seen is RM1799,which is is around 600$or maybe less after including tax there and there…

  • But then again, I prefer buying it at a Sony Center because of the advantages in Warranty. I don’t mind paying more for the warranty.

    I own a Xperia ZL by the way.

  • Robin

    I just a email confirmation from that my Xperia ZL has shipped. Shocking since it had an eta of 4/12.

  • Mark

    It’s to expensive.. here the cheaper:

    Sony Xperia ZL Price In USA, Amazon Buy Online Best Price

  • Mark
  • Mark
  • Robin Griffin

    FedEx will deliver mine tomorrow.

  • Adrian Casillas

    I just ordered one on ShopBLT. They got it in stock ahead of schedule! Saved $200 Haha

  • What colour did you get? Also tell us your experience with the retailer etc etc!

  • Post a follow up of your experience and price paid etc!



  • Adrian Casillas

    I’m getting mine today via FedEx. Super fast shipping! :)

  • Hindsight

    A word of caution. If you buy from Expansys USA you will have a negative warranty experience lasting 6-8 weeks or more.

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  • asdas

    and lose any warranty that you’d get from an autorized retailer like newegg? no thanks

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