Bridge for Mac updated to v3.2; smoother syncing, improves support for latest devices

by XB on 27th March 2013

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sony_bridge_for_mac-1024x820Sony Mobile’s Bridge for Mac software has been updated to version 3.2 which, amongst other things, brings improved support for the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL flagship smartphones as well as full compatibility for the upcoming Xperia Tablet Z. Sony says this latest version works more efficiently with Mac OS 10.8, with less lag, has smoother handling of media meta data and intelligent Backup & Restore.

Other features include Contact setup which auto sync’s contacts across different accounts (social, enterprise and personal), Xperia camera import (intuitive importing to a folder of your choice) and Xperia Transfer, which has been previously detailed. The update will roll out over the coming weeks.

  • Gabriele Sartoretto

    Updated right now to 3.2 (3202), the only improvement i can see is that now there’s a picture for my Xperia Z.

  • Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly B

    where ?Xperia S JB 4.1.2????

    today is 3/28 oh no WTF

  • Lucian

    It will NOT come sooner with you spamming around.

  • CM10 already have for xs for along time, if u really want… F*** u! @@@

  • Flo

    Sony Bridge for Mac (Installed on OSX Mountain Lion) take all of my memory and left me with only 30-50Mo of free RAM. If someone had the same problem and have a solution to fix it, please help me.

  • LawSH

    Does not work with TX. Rolling back to 3.1.1

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  • William Tucker

    I have the same problem with Lion. Completely unusable.

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  • Flo

    Thank you for your answer, but, also with all previous versions I had the same problem. And like you say, it’s completely unusable, expect clean the memory all the 30sec, but…

  • Cobus

    Version 3.2(3202) could not see my Xperia Active (Android 2.3.4, build 4.0.2.A.0.69). I tried to restart my phone, disconnect and reconnect the USB link, change the USB cable to no avail.

    I went back to version 3.1(3118), which cured the problem (with the same USB cable).

  • 3.1.1 works fine with my Xperia Z, 3.2 just hangs while retrieving information from the XZ. rolled back to 3.1.1 worked fine again, updated to 3.2 again hangs while retrieving. Now back with 3.1.1

  • George

    These comments below are very useful for a would-be Xperia Z buyer. Please can someone comment on the following …

    Does Sony Bridge for Macv 3.2 have any functionality such as an Android Playstore App Manager (download etc.) or an SMS send/delete/save option ? In this regard both Airdroid and Wondershare score big points as free apps.It is also not clear if videos taken on the phone are transferable to iPhoto as with photos.

    MBP late 2012, HTC Desire

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