Xperia P Jelly Bean screenshot leaks

by XB on 28th March 2013

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xperia_p_jbSony is working hard to release the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update across a number of 2012 Xperia handsets. The Sony Xperia P (LT22i) is expected to be updated from the end of March according to the official release schedule, therefore it is probably no surprise to see a leaked screenshot appear.

It shows the Xperia P on Android 4.1.2 running firmware build number 6.2.X.X.XXX, in line with what we expected. Interestingly, the kernel remains at version 3.0.8, rather than being updated to 3.4 like seen on newer handsets. However, as the pic is from a test ROM, there is a chance that the kernel may be updated before release.


Via xda-developers.

Thanks Domino!

  • WOOHOO!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  • Yusuf

    Excited for Xperia S!!

  • Bluerain

    Lol. Kernel 3.0? Not 3.4? ~_~

  • Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly B

    Xperia S JB ????? today is 3/28
    we want know updates times sony?
    i dont sony what are you doing WTF?
    SAMSUNG Galaxy S2 note is 4.1.2 To updates very long time

    if sony3/29 3/30 4/1 not updates sorry sony byebye SAMSUNG is good

  • spencer

    Waiting for xperia ion’s update!!

  • Good, don’t come back. :D

  • Mid april!

  • Võ Ph??ng

    And Galaxy S2 will release 4.2.2 from Samsung. Xperia S is never ! :(

  • Carlo

    Sony screwed it up for their best selling Xperia S, so basicallu Sony sucks. As for Samsung, it sucks anyways . . .

    Apple is better, maintains balance

  • mountain

    Lucky you. I am still waiting for Eclair on my T68i!

  • Andrew H

    Excellent! Can’t say how much I’m preferring my X P over previous HTC one V, so getting the latest os will be perfect.

  • phantom_p

    Indeed… this means still no usb 3.0 support?

  • math

    We dont want screenshot.
    Its already end of March, so just give us this rom!

  • prateek

    When it will be released i. Cant wait

  • Mitu

    Background suggests we’re gonna get full featured update including updated UI (as V and T got, and in oppose to system-only update for J). Can’t wait :)

    Would be nice to see the kernel update. However, it’s not crucial for me.

    I’m wondering, if P might get Android 4.2 update. Seems possible, but not entirely probable. For 5.0 don’t I even hope.

  • Mohammad ali yahyazadeh

    I hate from Sony
    I have xs we want fast update and stable Rom .
    But now after 7 month we have problem with WiFi camera speed and ….

  • Kristoffer

    Hopefully it’s not like the Xperia J. Anyway, can’t wait!

  • Been said before,you want updates quickly,get a nexus. ALL other companies are going to be slower. Imo
    Sony are relatively good.

    Good work

  • Xperia sola and u must have jelly bean from sony.

  • Phuong Vo

    ????????? with xperia s

  • Apple is better, maintains balance

    dafuq I just read o.O

  • spencer

    So long oTL

  • Sheikh Masud

    Wonder how SAMSUNG does something pretty fast that SONY can’t. Disappointing! I’m excited though.

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  • Jerry Berglund

    Samsung dont have many different plattforms to update and only updates their flagships. Sony update four different plattforms and within this four platforms there is slightly different hardware.

  • Carlo Lim

    Simon speer is right! If you wanna have a quick update switch to NEXUS! (or that ugly plastic phones) Let me tell you, if you switch, you’ll lose an elegant phone!

  • Carlo Lim

    Besides, every time Sony release an update it comes with beautiful and great apps, (which other brands doesn’t offer)

  • Carlo Lim

    We have the same name, but you’re wrong. Lol! If you hate Sony, why are you here then? Go to iTunes!

  • Carlo Lim

    I’m actually contented with the ICS in my xperia acro s, didn’t have a problem so far. BUT, I’m also waiting for the JB, (who wouldn’t want JB in their phone?..)

  • Carlo Lim

    Oh, I know, iOS USERS wouldn’t want JB, cause they CAN’T HAVE IT,! WORD YOW

  • EowynCarter

    Sola not updated. And the ISC firmware have some bugs..My hope is the some dev can get something working out of the Xperia P version…
    Else, we’re screwed, sony won’t fix anything..

  • Dime

    I guess it’s coming to S in a couple of days :)

  • LOL


  • No!

  • Yeah… They come in batch 2 of the update rollout for Sony!

  • Xyor

    Those kids are so immature, talking about why their device got released first, but is going to get update last…the ROM is not really how are they suppose to release it? Just take a look at T,V’s JB, full of bug, sudden dead, horrible camera. So we who have received the upgrade still have to wait until April to receive the bug fix rom. So technically we’re still waiting too. So keep claim, keep your mouth shut and go get yourself a Z

  • ????????? ??????????

    So, it’s only screenshot & what about real update? It’s the end of march already… ):

  • Stefen hawking

    yeah we bought S so that for update we throw it away and buy a z ???
    trying to be funny here ?

  • If you think about it it’s not Sony’s fault. They’ve spent time doing the update which I guess is already finished but the problem is to get it working with all the carriers and license it and etc. If you think Apple releases updates faster you’re wrong! Sony announces updates once they start doing them but Apple actually announces them once they’re done and ready to ship to your phones. Also Apple has only 3-4 devices that it needs to update and test whilst Sony, on the other hand, has more than ten devices and all with different hardware. So if you really want to brag about it then just don’t buy Xperia’s! If we talk about Xperia P, U and Sola, you need to understand that Sony’s is not guilty here because ST-Ericsson hasn’t released the drivers nor source for their NovaThor chip which is used in Xperia P, U and Sola. If we got our hands on the drivers and source last year, there would been jelly bean all over our phones. We need to wait for Sony to release the update for Xperia P in hope that we can get the drivers to make ROMs for both Xperia U and Sola.

  • Marco Antonio Maza Hernández

    Sony is working hard? Really? after 6 months than was release the 4.1.2? that´s no working hard, and the Xperia S when? Sony disaster

  • We just hope JB firmware has Camera, HDMI and Charger bugs fixed, also please no more noise in camera! It is not possible that my old Xperia Neo takes better pictures than my (brand-new?) Xperia P even with same camera sensor

  • Xyor

    No, XS was released one year ago with a promis that it will receive ICS after release, they did promise JB but without actually date given. However those devices that already received JB are promised “upgrade after release”. So it made prefect sense that TVTX suppose to receive their updates earlier. If you want the latest software, just get yourself a latest device,it’s just a phone, you are not going to use it forever right, so please save your precise time on complaining. You guys made this site so negative. As someone who used smartphone before iPhone, I will appreciate any firmware upgrade since the only way to get the latest firmware on Symbian or WM(or Windows Phone 7) is to get a new device.

  • jjjjjjj

    if you hate sony so much go buy something from another brand. stop blaming them ’cause no one forced you to buy whatever phone you have now. you shouldve searched for reviews before buying your gddmn phones dumbos

  • Mauro Baur

    Fare enough, let’s give them some more time to have a good job done.

  • The only way for Sony to redeem themselves is to ditch 4.1.2 update and skip to 4.2.2 like what they did to X10 (2.1 to 2.3 and no 2.2) or maybe even KLP (if the customers can wait)

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  • My Rooted ICS Xperia S is still doing great. :)

  • Finally!!

  • Xyor

    That’s right!! Both htc and Samsung offer updates only on android firmware base. Neither the UI nor new feature will be added. Sony, on the contrary, provide as many new features and UI as possible. Doesn’t this enough to even the delay?

  • MpDay

    “Over de telefoon”
    Dutch :D

  • roobs

    hmm but about your opinion about the galaxy s2? samsung did provide jelly bean well before sony. At the moment, the s2 is at 4.2 jelly bean and here we are still stuck in ics and waiting for the 4.1 update.
    Just hope that all the wait is worth it!

  • Xyor

    Yeah..only the JB…the Sony one comes with new UI and lockscreen new app…it will take more time

  • Héctor

    Cuándo,!!! Ya terminó marzo! Y jilly bean?siiiiii cuándo exactamente!

  • Carlo Lim

    Work with your english first, before you say something stupid.

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  • Yousaf

    ive got an Xperia P but no jelly bean update still

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