PhoneArena says 5-inch Cyber-shot and Walkman Xperia phones coming in Q3

by XB on 29th March 2013

in Rumours

h_cyber-shotPhoneArena is currently reporting on a rumour from one of its tipsters regarding three new Xperia handsets due later in the year. The tipster says that these models are separate to the ones reported on earlier this week (Xperia A, Xperia UL and the ‘Togari’ phablet).

The first is a 5-inch Cyber-shot Xperia that will sport Carl Zeiss optics and come with a CMOS image sensor similar in size to the Nokia PureView 808. The second is a 5-inch Walkman Xperia that will include an integrated amplifier chip. The third is an iPhone competitor that will come with flagship specs in a smaller form factor. The tipster appears to describe the phones as “parallel flagships” due for launch in the third quarter.

All of this sounds something to look forward to if true, but we can’t help but think this reads like a fanboy’s wishlist to us. We have not heard anything about these devices from our own sources. That’s not to say there isn’t any truth to them, but if there is, we haven’t heard about them yet. We’d take all of the above rumours with a mountain of salt.

Via PhoneArena.

Thanks Ben Nasim and swapnil!

  • jjghj

    Is PhoneArena accurate with leaked info?

  • Rishi Rathod

    If this is true then 2013 is surely Sony’s year! Watchout Sammy!! ;-)

  • uzman

    Woaw..! Cyber-shot and walkman..

  • Cybershpt and walkman are my wishlist. I tought about it before few months. I just hope this is true

  • Issac Gonzalez

    Didn’t Sony said their Xperia phones will represent Cyber-Shot and Walkman in the same phone? You know, an all in one. That being said, I highly doubt that this will happen.

  • Issac Gonzalez

    They usually report whatever information they recieve. I highly doubt this is real.

  • reptile64

    iPhone competitor… that’s what they were sain about Xperia Z….. I’m ashamed to put my Z on a table with an iPhone because of it’s terrible viewing angles….
    Sony leave the bull….t and make an all in one phone with the best camera sound and design to shut some mouths!

  • Kati

    EPIC !!!!!!!!!

  • Ninja

    This is what we need Sony, the best and perfect flagship phone.

  • lovebmw

    well thay have to miss it up somehow! like no shutter button perhaps! they know how not to make our dreams come true! there has to be something missing

  • grandmasterflash

    Sony, why don’t update your Xperia S flagship before thinking to release new phone ?

  • why the fck i always read this kind of comment on every article? Seriously, Its ANNOYING!!

  • If it’s real then my prayers have been asnwered, and if it’s not..then it should be! Makes sense and is in line with Sony’s promise to have Xperia phones integrate all their greatest technologies

  • Yeah rumors on phonearena are copy and paste from esato. The camera phone will have a .5 inch sensor for its 20megapixel camera

  • SonyFan

    Oh gosh! 5 inch phone again? its so big for phone. Hopefully, this new super xperia phone will have a near-bezel-less edge-to-edge display.

  • mike_b

    why make them 5-inch phones this doesn’t make any sense, neither of these features require such a large screen 4.6 should suffice for the cybershot and 4.3 should work great for the walkman phone that will also make them easier to fit in with sony current lineup.

  • Reese

    Salivating at the thought of flagship specs in a smaller form factor. Talk about a niche that NO ONE ELSE (aside from Apple) is filling…

  • SomeBody

    An audiophile oriented product with a 5″ display? So If all I want to do is listening to high quality stuff I need to carry a brick with no battery life,. I highly doubt that Sony has gone mad after all these years, so these rumors are likely to be fake.

  • CerealD

    why not a cybershot and walkman phone with above mentioned specs combined in 1 phone? If there is room for a 808sized cmos sensor, there should be room for the amplifier chip as well. and if this is a wishlist i would prefer a ccd sensor.

  • SomeBody

    According to the source of the leaked info:

    “This one is a direct iPhone competitor in a small form factor and small screen size with camera and other specs same as xperia cybershot.”

    So the small iPhone competitor will have the same camera. That means that either the smaller Xperia device is thick (it wouldn’t be an iPhone competitor if it were true) or the bigger Xperia device ain’t that thick. If the bigger one (=Cyber shot phone) ain’t that thick, then it can’t pack a big camera module. Basic logic ;)

  • Lucian

    cyber shot xperia with carl zeiss optics and CMOS sensor sized as 808?? Damn, I wasn’t planning to buy new phone that soon… I want it!!

  • Lucian


  • phillip

    Hehe. I never felt shamed to bring out my xperia along with friends iPhone.

  • bigshynepo

    You had me at “CMOS image sensor similar in size to the Nokia PureView 808″…

  • farhan


  • Wow! About time Sony! Next step hire more software and distribution employees!

  • baloosh

    want cyber shot walkman dosent matter since our current xperia have it

  • Those are just software,they have nothing special in the hardware department. Maybe not for the camera but Z & ZL camera will be no match if this rumor is true. Same for Walkman Xperia since it will have a integrated amplifier chip

  • Himanshu

    Hi friends.. My xperia ion is facing problem with games. Most of the games goes into pause mode.. Any solution.

  • I’m totally waiting for the third one! Finally, a small phone with high spec. I really hope it’s not just a rumour. :’)

  • shanefalco

    review (by professional guys) of photo and video created by xperia z: sony is worst than blackberry z10. Sony learn!

  • Felipe Pimenta

    The idea of being an iPhone competior is on size and such, not being a top tier phone.

  • danzel15

    Atlast!!!! A Walkman phone.. This should be good…

  • Xyor

    They combined the music games cameras in u1 u10 u100 to unlimited entertainment. Are they going to separate it again? Please don’t…

  • jjghj

    Thanks! :)

  • i have iphone and xperia z but i never feel like you. xperia z is better in any aspect.

  • my friends are envious of my Z although they have samsungs and iphones

  • Sony has successfully put Full Frame sensor in a compact camera that is even smaller than the Nex 5, so I think it would be possible for them to integrate everything in one thin phone. Now, the problem will be it’s price.

  • afzal

    No shame at all to put my xperia v in a glass of water in Front My iphone Friends.. They just Wow..!! just Because The Viewing angel You Felt Shame? Get Real dude..

  • kalyan

    That’s because of the frustration of users.. We love our device so much… And we simply can’t digest the fact that it has so many bugs and at times we show this frustration on every other article… so, perfectly justified…..

  • Angel Morales


  • rickiking

    It could be a fanboy’s wishlist but Sony has the technology to do these. These i should say is very possible.

  • rickiking

    watch out for the next phone from other manufacturer (dont want to mention the brand from South Korea), with washing machine and refrigerator function. Lol

  • meld

    Yes, if no more TFT display surely 2013 is Sony year

  • reptile64

    Stop make such comments! Are you all retarded in here?? He love Sony but we don’t need to praise them for everything because they are monitoring those forums and they see that we are stupid enough to buy their next phone no matter how shitty will it be! It’s not your dad’s company! They need our money and we need good products! Now shut up! All of you!

  • n, u kno? e.g. the latest walkman phoneis really awesome on music focus, my xperia lww got stereo speaker, light effect… :) so I just looking forward to see sucessor of my lww. Sony did it, sony best! ;D

  • Sonnnyy . i bought my XZ and got a headset with it the Sony mdr-1r. beautifull headset
    i also got 2 wires with it a normal headset cord and 1 with controls on it for volume and calls while headset is on. all good stuff. no my problem is that the cord that gives u control only works on I phone.@#?? wtf.. yes only on iphone . it doesnt even work with the XZ it came with. i love sony u can even call me a fan. but things like this is why sony will keep lagging behind. are u giving me a hint to go buy an iphone? why do you make products that work on apple but not on your own devices. apple never made anything for sony if i can remember. i had 2 XZ’s bricked(SOD) waiting on the 3th replacement from carrier. all that i can handle but sony acting like a iphone or samsung fan , thats the end of my android existence btw. update is preventive not currative u need hardware ajustments after SOD

  • i buy my XZ cause i like it not to compete, and as for iphone. everyone i met wanted to have my XZnomatter what phone they had.ashamed cause of viewing nagles lol ur funny u don’t deserve a XZ. im from holland btw

  • reptile64

    Yes I deserve a better Z, a Z that nobody with HTC butterfly a Galaxy or an iPhone will come close to me and say “oh.. your display sucks mine is better”! Understand what I mean now?

  • Ashua

    Do you think the two leaked phones are Linked to the Other Two Leaked Handsets The Xperia. Dogo And gaga So The 4 Inch Version Must Be The Dogo With Cybershot Camera And Gaga Been The Bigger Version! Reason Why Is Because The Articles About The dogo And Gaga Only Mention Hardware, Battery, Ram And Storage, But never mentions Which kind Of Cameras, The Amount Of Megapixels On Each Handsets And The Audio Software I Think These Two Have To Surely Be Linked To The Two Rumoured Cybershot Phones And Walkman Here Which Would Be Great If They Are Linked! And Also The Gaga And Dogo Are Water And Dust Resistant As Well! ;) this Is Good

  • It will happen as Sony are unifying all their hardware departments under one Sony! Give it time and you will see the great Tech Sony will produce!

  • No those phones are not linked. It even says in the original article!

  • reptile64

    I wish mine were too….

  • howboutno

    How bout you shut up? :)

  • anonymous

    Viewing angles, Highly overrated

    Please come up with a new argument please, its getting fucking cold now hearing that shit

  • anonymous

    If being fuckers is your defination of justified then yeah, its so fucking justifed

  • anonymous

    Sounds like a pretty weird glitch, maybe you should go get it replaced from the store

  • reptile64

    Use the phone and then tell me Mr Anonymous! Even the slightest bend of the phone is causing colour distortion! >:(

  • reptile64

    If you work for Sony then…ok!

  • Eureka

    I dont understand why? Why does Sony not make just one perfect super phone? (Cyber-shot + Walkman + Bravia engine + PS Mobile are all in one Xperia phone)

  • howboutno?


  • anonymous

    > Implying that I should care about silly viewing angles.

  • anonymous

    No seriously though, your friends need to get a check-up if they nitpick over something as trivial as viewing angles.

  • lolhammer

    And why do you care so bout what others say?

  • anonymous

    Then get new ones

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    with a Nokia 808 bulk?

  • reason

    Oh cmon guys, stop trolling the poor guy already :/

  • thisis4ch

    Downvoting all who disagree, real mature there.

  • the Xperia Walkman is meant to be an Xperia Full HD Flagship that can play music in a completely different level. What you are saying is a Walkman that can make phone calls.

  • MR. X

    I think that full HD 4.3-inch display is optimal.

  • azzido

    Please deliver one smartphone with botj Cber-shot and walkman, add snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB of ram, close it in the Xperia Z glass / waterproof design ! Then… shut up and take my money!!! Again :D

  • If this is true,i’ll gladly change my xperia z with cybershot xperia / walkman. Current walkman in xperia z is not enough.

  • SomeBody

    I got your point, the phone would be like an Xperia Z ‘Music Edition’ or something like that, which is perfectly fine. What is illogical though is that why would Sony make a down-sized Cyber-shot phone and not a downsized Walkman phone? The Walkman F is a pretty capable product and many people would be happy with it as a phone (so all Sony has to add is an antenna -> people don’t have to carry a separate phone). A camera oriented product wouldn’t benefit from a smaller screen (like a Walkman product), because:
    a) You need the screen for monitoring & touch capture
    b) large phones have better “overall phone size / camera module size” ratio -> more space for battery -> bigger battery -> better battery life.
    c) in a large screen you can show the results on screen (unlike with my 808 PV where you need an HDTV to show other people what the camera is capable of)
    As a summary I think a big Cyber-shot monster and a small audio beast would make an awesome combo, but a small Cyber-shot phone where I have to tap a small screen to capture a photo and an over-sized Walkman where I have to use both my hands just to change track is kinda lame.

  • yh i did it will take 10 days to repair and send back to me, i got a samsung as replacement :(

  • no i dont, its a waterproof phone but i dont go around flinging it in water everywhere i go. maybe im wierd but when i watch a movie ,clip or read something from my phone i also dont feel the need to tilt the phone in order to see how good viewing angles are , i look at the screen straight(normal ppl do this). i dont believe u own an XZ. ur just another hater trying to blablabla about the XZ . go buy a BB x10 or htc one and be happy

  • roeshak

    If you believe that crap then you’ll believe anything. Just because someone put up a chart doesn’t make what they’re saying true.
    Sony seems to have a lot of haters about. I think it’s because Sony’s occupying the position in the market most of them would love to see HTC in.
    We’ve got iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and Z10 in stock at work and anyone who tells you that either of these devices has a better camera than the Z is a damn idiotic liar.
    The Zs pictures and videos in good light are outstanding with very little noise and as long as you take low light shots with one of the low light shooting modes eg night portrait, night scene, or gourmet, you’ll get pretty decent results too. Better than most other phone cameras.
    I’ve seen a lot of stuff on the Z that’s convinced me that they’re people out there deliberately trying to tarnish its reputation. I’ve heard it being described as plastic, seen display comparisons with the HTC One where the reviewer deliberately turned off bravia and much much more.
    There’s a lot of love for HTC in the tech community especially with it being the first android manufacturer. Some don’t want the company to go under and so the Z is their obvious target as they see it as usurping HTCs position. Don’t believe everything to see, hear, and read on the net.
    The Zs camera is in truth the best besides the 808. Use shooting modes and not superior auto or normal camera all the time and you’ll see it’s brilliance.

  • You want to buy a new phone for *one* app on your current phone?

  • Integrated amplifier chip, better earphones with phone, larger and better speakers on the phone, larger battery, smaller screen size, more equipment (for bicycle, armband …), maybe wireless speaker in package -> great Xperia Walkman smartphone. They would be able to make a very good marketing.

  • well i think it’s not one app because walkman in xperia z just like normal music player, nothing special. i have xperia z and i never use default earphone from sony because it’s not good enough.

  • Marketing.
    One can have stronger audio possibilities and be called xperia walkman and other photo possibilities and called xperia cybershot. People would easier remember that names than xperia pz (for example.). Problem is that they can’t use same name twice so this two would have to be great smartphones to gain much users to sony (or they can adopt “same name every year” like apple has with ipads)

  • von

    Sony is a company you just want to really love but is kind of hard to really love! The Xperia Z has just been trashed by the S4 at GSMArena. Yes I love the XZ but their arguments are REAL especially with the battery!!!!! And now THIS?!! They are planning to create different phones again to cater their technologies instead of integrating all of it to one phone?! Where basically back to the time Sony started to lose everything.

  • trashed? it’s obvious genius, how can xperia z won when snapdragon 600 against snapdragon S4??? but i’m really proud to have xperia z rather than buy iphone 5

  • Markac

    I hope the cybershot phone has a larger sensor and a proper Xenon flash to go with that Carl Zeiss lens. I really miss the real flash I had on my earlier SE phones. LEDs are quite puny in comparison.

  • still need a vita phone.

  • xperia z mini?

  • YoureaFag

    6 faggots just up-voted this post…gayy

  • lolhammer

    S4 sucks. Nuff’ said

  • Wtf? TFT is what makes Sony phones great. What do you want them to switch to?

  • Zomb

    GREAT? Oh man R U fuckin kindin me?

  • surethom

    Yes Yes Please a Cybershot Phone with Xenon flash, please, with a battery OVER 3000mAH as xenon uses a lot more power

  • surethom

    Agree, lets hope it will have a Xenon flash & battery over 3000mAH aswell for extra power.

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