Xperia NovaThor support ends with CyanogenMod 10

by XB on 2nd April 2013

in Android

130111novathorThe four Sony Xperia handsets (Xperia P, U, go and sola) powered by the ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500 chipset are unlikely to see CyanogenMod support beyond CM10 (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean). Free Xperia developer FXP confirmed as much on a post at xda-developers. We can’t imagine this will be an issue as we’re sure that a stable CM10 ROM would be enough for most people.

FXP NovaThor

Thanks Ben!

  • Someone

    No one can blame them, NovaThor devices really gave a big headache for FXP team :-/

  • Ambroos

    And for Sony. When everything you do depends on Qualcomm libraries and is made for them, switching to standard ARM designs can be very annoying.

  • Very well said man they only depends on qualcomm library and they keep on their bad reputation when it comes to updates it came to the point that users are pissed ics is lame of them all still not stable firmware that runs only 300hz

  • Xlash Andraid

    Guys: Xperia A and UL are being rumored. I provide to you a link with the info, but it’s in spanish, try Google Translator or ask to me if you want to know something:

  • hadi jarehan

    I think Sony made a mistake that produced NovaThor chipsets for 2012 devices. They should focus on Snapdragon chips. In these days there are two kind of chipsets that rule the world of smartphones. Snapdragon and Exynos. Even Nvidia can’t compare with them. The HTC One X was an example.

  • leave exynos out, because developers hate exynos, should be only tegra & snapdragon, tegra best known for graphic, snapdragon best known for speed, ST-Ericsson best for battery life, but recently st-Ericsson is beginning to dissolve, hence support end. HTC one x & xperia v trump S3 easily, exynos is the worst soc among all

  • yuskhanzab

    for me, they are a great developers!. and yes, no one can blame them for their work. at least they are supporting us sola and u users to get jellybean.

  • Amin

    2011 Out
    2012 Out
    then what remain!!!
    above phones really need support because official support ended for them, not Xperia Z or T

  • 4sqd87q4d

    Where is the jelly bean update for Xperia S ?

  • XS

    maybe people move to Samsung!! The support roms is great.
    I have a XS and Sony like money, but dont have support!!

  • Check inside your ass, might be there

  • Michael chen

    Not quite like cm rom,it does lack of a little bit of sonystyle.

  • lol… CM developers could ignore Samsung devices because of fragmented Hardware (S4) and Samsung open source policies…

  • malih

    please troll the Sony forum about this instead of going off topic,

    when the article is about Xperia S, then troll away

  • paul4id

    No, they made the mistake in not supporting ST-Ericsson enough. It was better than the crappy Mediatek that they are now replacing it with. When Sony bought ought Ericsson’s stake in Sony Ericsson, Ericsson really should have made it conditional that Sony use a decent quota of ST-Ericsson chips.

  • Evita

    Last year, they no have no choice. Remember Snapdragon S4 shortaged through half of 2012 and looking at Qualcomm when come to support priority of Snapdragon S3 these day. It’s dilemma for Sony whose not own an soc design.

    Both are developers unfavorable, Exynos and Tegra

  • Fraulein

    To be competetive, no. Sony did they right choice regarding their support for the ST-E platforms. What more should they had done? Make a u9500 phone? Not much to gain.

    I agree that the platforms are really good designed, with much better documentation and developer tools than QCT. But ST-E were notoriously bad at keeping schedule, and the key features of u8500 often had showstopping bugs. For me, it’s kind of a love-hate relationship.

    In this development speed, QCT has much more to offer.

  • -shaMe-

    If you’re blaming FXP.. I’d say go get a life :)

  • Prashant Satyanarayan

    for that matter of fact i think s2 has more roms that sony xperia p/u/go/sola and and SGS advance, SGS3 mini put together even though exynos may not be open source.

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  • Can the Xperia Blog give any EXACT DATE for Xperia Go Jellybean Update???I’ve been hearing “VERY SOON” answer since last two months and it is more than enough now!!!This is such an unprofessional attitude on part of Sony Xperia Team.If you can’t provide any exact date then atleast don’t announce it on public forums!!!

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Hi, i have my xperia Sola with the ICS oficial update, i have a big
    problem, the in-call earphone volume is very very low. I can’t hear the
    other person when i call. I need to fix that, the cyanogenmod rom can do
    that? Someone solved this?

  • ong

    Other dev such asTeamCanjica is building cm10.1 for Sony novathor devices

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