Sony awarded Guinness World Record for Xperia ZL mosaic wall at MWC

by XB on 3rd April 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia ZL Video Wall_6

Do you remember that video wall that Sony Mobile featured at MWC this year? It comprised of 196 Sony Xperia ZL (C650X) handsets arranged in a 14 x 14 grid to show videos, but people could also interact with each handset. Well, Sony Mobile has officially been awarded a Guinness World Record for the largest animated mobile phone mosaic. Congrats to Sony and also to Visionmill who helped create it.

Xperia ZL Video Mosaic Wall

Xperia ZL Video Mosaic Wall

Xperia ZL Video Mosaic Wall

Xperia ZL Video Mosaic Wall

Xperia ZL Video Mosaic Wall

Xperia ZL Video Mosaic Wall

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • that’s an amazing achievement. sony probably weren’t aware they’d win an award for this. it is an amazing wall though

  • Jiakushi

    Wooow, great job Sony :D

  • SonyFan

    Go Sony go…on the right way ;-)

  • love Sony the best, pls keep up great work. :)

  • fantastic, good job SONY

  • mash

    It’s k.. What happ jellybean update(Xgo,Xs as your state

  • afzal

    Love sony

  • Here we go again….

  • Congrats Sony

  • yes yes yes
    that’s my sony :D

  • boosook

    yes, very nice, now we’d like to see it in the shops! :)

  • Ajish

    Congrats sony

  • Raiden

    Definitely this is the Sony year !

    Go go Sony !

  • DIme

    NIce :)

  • 1st rule of internet – Never fees the trolls

  • Herman

    I couldn’t even comprehend his comment…


    great job sony, but where is the jb update for xperia s ? or you want a guiness record for the waiting time

  • what samsung can do? lol

  • I think LG and Moto will beat Sony on Guinness record for the waiting time

  • Fraulein

    You were just awarded the world record for low IQ and off topic posting.

  • Madsham

    Fab we’ll done guys,

  • jag

    Congrats Sony!!^^ it really is an amazing mosaic wall. I want to touch it too.. Haha

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  • It’s not like there have been a gazillion posts about the updates hey? :P

  • Ahaha, yeah. :P
    But still. This guy… -face palm-

  • Herman

    Speaking of which,

    Whenn wil updaet cum out?!!11!?1!

  • dat resolution

  • admin

    What about the ics update for gb? Says there is but won’t update over pc..even. Oi need ota update or zip pls????

  • Gregg Lowden

    Good job, hope that does not represent total units they end up selling once S4 released. Day 7 with mine and thinking of sending back.

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